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America The Free - Or Is It Under
The Bush Dynasty?
July 28th, 2002
by columnist
David Lawrence Dewey
"Reading provides knowledge...
knowledge leads to answers."
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This is a continuing series of in-depth columns.
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In Depth Special ReportReport

My fellow Americans, your personal freedoms and liberties that you take for granted are in grave danger of being eroded even further with the recent events in the House of Representatives last Friday. Members of the House voted 295 for and 132 against President Bush's Homeland Security Department. View results of vote.

President Bush is calling on the Senate to act fast to approve his Homeland Security Department. This matter cannot wait, you must act today! Contact your Senators NOW! I urge everyone to call their Senators offices NOW and say NO to this! God help us all if the Senate approves the creation of this new department and cabinet-level position and department.

What it means if the Homeland Security Department is approved by the Senate?

It will place the FBI, CIA, NSA and 22 other government agencies under the control of one man and one man only. As proposed by President Bush, this new Homeland Security Department Cabinet Secretary of the Homeland Security Department would have veto power over the Inspector General's audits and investigations. He would have the power to tell the Inspector General to cease all investigations into any of the agencies for wrong doing, especially against any wrong doing against U.S. citizens. It will also exclude the new agency from the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and whistleblower protections. This means that any records in any of these agencies would no longer be available under the Freedom of Information Act. Whistleblowers, in bringing forth matters of corruption or malfesense of any type would not be protected. It would not protect someone like FBI agent Coleen Rowley who wrote the damaging letter to Congress about the 911 defects within the FBI.

If you truly care about your civil liberties, I encourage you to read very carefully the information that you will soon read. And please understand what I am about to express to you. Once the masses relinguish the authority and control over those that are suppose to serve them, especially when it becomes as routine as it has, the people lose the ability to govern their destiny and lives. Once a nation of people forget their past, forget what they fought for and what they need to do to keep what they died for, that nation will soon perish and will no longer exist.

America is not only being attack from "evil" sources from outside of America, but from the "evil" within. I believe that the "fear" that has been placed into Americans about terrorist attacks has been used to allow for the destruction of civil liberties, a creation of a police state and most importantly, the consolidation of power to a select few.

I do not want to make light that we do not have a terrorist problem, however, my question is this? We have known of these terrorists since the late 1980's. Clinton, Elder Bush before him and Reagan knew of these evil men. Why, all of a sudden has this become such a danger? Make sure you read my column, The Facts of 911 - Who Knew What When

The attack on 911 was a horrific event for Americans. Many innocent lives were lost, but it was not the first time America was attacked. Remember Pearl Harbor, 1941. If all of this is true that no one knew, or could have known, then I can only come to one realization of truth. And that is, I have truly never been "safe" in America as I was raised, either by outside forces or within. Stop and think about what I've just said. Later on, you will understand why I have come to this realization. But I cannot for a minute believe that no one knew, instead, I believe there are those that did know. Their goal, world globalization and a one world government.

Please understand, I am not some fringe element columnist out in left field ranting about nonsense. Instead, I am an American who is proud to be an American. I have finally realized one thing over the course of the last year. The blinders had to come off before I could be open enough to see the truth. Therefore, in the material to follow in this column, I present information to you that you need to deal with America. You can no longer sit back and do nothing and ignor the truth. You can do with it as you wish. However, the destiny, the fate of a free America is in the hands of her people. I pray to God to gather the spirit within many so that many will see how they have been fooled.

Here is what you need to know.

The Bush Dynasty

We need to begin in the early 1900's to see the whole truth.

As World War I raged in Europe and the prospect that the U.S.A. would soon join the war, two Skull and Bones "Patriarchs", Averell Harriman who graduated from the class of 1913 and Percy A. Rockefeller, who graduated from the class of 1900 , paid special attention to Prescott S. Bush's class of 1917. Prescott S. Bush is the grandfather of the current President Bush. They wanted reliable men to help them play in the lucrative new imperial era that the war was opening up for London and New York moneycrats. Prescott Bush, by then a close friend of "Bunny" Harriman, and several other Bonesmen ( name of a club ) from their class of 1917 would later comprise the core partners in Brown Brothers Harriman, the world's largest private investment bank.

World War I created an immense amount of money for the stock speculators and British investment bankers who had just taken over U.S. industry. The Harrimans were the stars of this new Anglo-American elite in the early 1900's. Averell's father, stock broker E.H. Harriman, had gained control of the Union Pacific Railroad in 1898 with credit arranged by William Rockefeller, Percy's father, and by Kuhn Loeb & Co.'s British-affiliated private bankers, Otto Kahn, Jacob Schiff and Felix Warburg. William Rockefeller, treasurer of Standard Oil and brother of Standard founder John D. Rockefeller, owned National City Bank ( which later became "Citibank" and the Rockefellars are still the largest stockholders in 2002 ) together with Texas-based James Stillman. In return for their backing, E.H. Harriman deposited in City Bank the vast receipts from his railroad lines. When he issued tens of millions of dollars of "watered down fraudulent" railroad stock, Harriman sold most of the shares through the Kuhn Loeb company.

The First World War also helped to push Prescott Bush and his father, Samuel P. Bush, into the lower ranks of the "Eastern Money Establishment". In1914, National City Bank began re-organizing the U.S. arms industry. Percy A. Rockefeller took direct control of the Remington Arms company, appointing his own man, Samuel F. Pryor, as the new chief executive of Remington. The U.S entered World War I in 1917. In the spring of 1918, Prescott's father, Samuel P. Bush, became chief of the Ordinance, Small Arms and Ammunition Section of the War Industries Board. The senior Bush took national responsibility for the government assistance, control and relations with Remington and other weapons companies. This was an unusual appointment, as Prescott's father seemed to have no background in munitions. Samuel Bush had been President of the Buckeye Steel Castings Co. in Columbus, Ohio who were only makers of railcar parts. His entire career had been in the railroad business and supplying equipment to the Wall Street-owned railroad systems.

The War Industries Board was run by Bernard Baruch, a Wall Street speculator with close personal and business ties to old E.H. Harriman. Baruch's brokerage firm had handled Harriman speculations of all kinds. In 1918, Samuel Bush became director of the Facilities Division of the War Industries Board. Prescott's father reported to the Board's Chairman, Bernard Baruch, and to Baruch's assistant, Wall Street private banker Clarence Dillon. Robert S. Lovett, President of Union Pacific Railroad, chief counsel to E.H. Harriman and executor of his will, was put in charge of the national production and purchase priorities for Baruch's board.

Percy Rockefeller and Samuel Pryor's Remington Arms supplied machine guns and Colt automatic pistols. Millions of rifles were sold to Czarist Russia. Over half of the small-arms ammunition used by the Anglo-American allies in World War I were supplied by Pryor's Remington Arms company, controlled by Percy Rockefellar thru Samuel Pryor. Seventy percent of the rifles used by the United States in WWI were supplied by Remington Arms.

Samuel Bush's, ( Samuel Bush is father to Prescott S. Bush, grandfather of President Bush ), wartime relationship to these businessmen would continue after the war. It would directly aid his son Prescott's career of service to the Harrimans.

Most of the records and correspondence of Samuel Bush's arms related section of the government have been burned, "to save space" in the National Archives. This matter of destroyed or misplaced records should be of concern to citizens of a constitutional republic. Investigations into who ordered them burned have been stopped. Unfortunately, it is a rather constant impediment with regard to researching George Bush's Elders background. He is certainly the most "covert" American chief executive that America has ever seen, worse than Nixon ever thought of being.

What was and who started the W.A. Harriman & Co. in early 1919?

William A. Harriman and George Herbert Walker started the W.A. Harriman & Co. W.A. Harriman & Co in a few shorts years became one of the largest international banking houses in the world. Its' headquarters were in New York. It controlled massive amounts of investments throughout the civilized industrial countries. This is the same Averell Harriman who went on to fame as the U.S. ambassador to the Soviet Union during World War II. He later became Governor of New York State, and as a presidential advisor who was greatly responsible for starting the Vietnam War.

Who were the Brown Brothers?

The Brown Brothers would become the world's largest investment bank. It was located in England in the early 1900's. First though, we need to find out who George Herbert Walker was for all of this to make sense.

George Herbert Walker was co-founder of W.A. Harriman & Co. He is the father-in-law of Prescott S. Bush. Prescott S. Bush married Walker's daughter, Dorothy Walker.

Who is Prescott S. Bush?

Prescott S. Bush is the father of the first Elder President George Herbert Walker Bush, and the grandfather of the present President, GeorgeWalker Bush. George's middle name is the last name of his grandfather's last name. We need to backtrack just a bit further.

During Prescott Bush's first college year at Yale in 1913, he and freshman E. Roland ( "Bunny" ) Harriman became fast friends. E . Roland, otherwise ( "Bunny" ) older brother (William) Averell Harriman had just graduated from Yale. For a few years, Averell became a Wall Street financier with his families financial clout. The Harrimans are also tied to the Rockefellars. Averell organized and started W.A. Harriman & Co. with Prescott S. Bush. Harriman then merged with Brown Brothers in 1931, creating the corporation called Brown Brothers Harriman. The largest world investment banking group in the world at the time.

Now that you know the relationship here, we'll move a few years ahead.

A personal agreement between Averell Harriman and Fritz Thyssen in 1922, W.A. Harriman & Co. (alias Union Banking Corporation ) would be transfer funds back and forth between New York and the "Thyssen interests" in Germany. By putting up about $400,000, the Harriman organization would be joint owner and manager of Thyssen's banking operations outside of Germany. Harriman also setup the "Berlin" branch of W.A. Harriman. Thyssen was a prime sponsor of Adolf Hitler and financed him into power and his war effort.

In 1924, Averell Harriman and Fritz Thyssen, the German steel industrialist who began funding Adolf Hitler in 1923, set up the Union Banking Corp in New York to handle funds supplied to it through Thyssen's Dutch bank for American investment. The purpose, to pay for munitions and steel made in the U.S. that the Germans were using in the war. Prescott S. Bush, became an officer of W.A. Harriman in 1926. Prescott was also a director of the Union Banking Corp from 1934 through 1943. According to government documents, "all of the shares of the Union Banking Corp., were held for the benefit of members of the Thyssen family." However, records show that Preston S. Bush was an intregral working partner of both Brown Brothers Harriman and Union Banking Corp. I'll explain this more in depth later. But for now, we need to move forward a few years again.


On October 28th, 1942, President Roosevelt signed orders to seize the assets of Union Banking Corporation under the "Trading With The Enemy Law". Union Banking Corporation was owned primarily by E. Roland ( Bunny ) Harriman and Prescott S. Bush. Prescott S. Bush is the grandfather of the current President, George Walker Bush. George, his 18-year-old son George, the future U.S. President, had just begun training to become a naval pilot.

Included among the seizures were the assets of the Union Banking Corporation, the Holland-American Trading Corporation and the Seamless Steel Equipment Corporation.

Union Banking Corporation was primarily managed by Prescott S. Bush. Futhermore, Congressional investigations revealed that the Fritz Thyssen's German Steel Trust which was Germany's largest industrial corporation had interlocked with Union Banking Corporation and produced a high percentage of Germany's national output of metal products for war machinery and explosives.

There is a law known as the Trading with the Enemy Act. The U.S. government took over the Union Banking Corporation. The U.S. Alien Property Custodian seized Union Banking Corp.'s stock shares. All of the corporations stock were owned by either Prescott S. Bush, E. Roland Bunny Harriman, three Nazi executives, and two other associates of Preston S. Bush.

Listed below are the names of shareholders and numbers of shares each owned:

E. Roland Harriman, owned 3,991 shares. Roland was Chairman and Director of Union Banking Corp. This is the person known as Bunny Harriman, described by Prescott Bush as a share holder who didn't get much into banking affairs. Bunny was known as a playboy and jetsetter of the late 1930's and 1940's. Prescott Bush actually managed his personal investments and the bank.

Cornelis Lievense, owned 4 shares, President and Director of Union Banking Corp. New York resident who was the banking functionary and agent for the Nazis.

Harold D. Pennington, 1 share, Treasurer and Director of Union Banking Corp. Pennington was an office manager employed by Bush at Brown Brothers Harriman.

Ray Morris 1 share Director of Union Banking Corp. He was a partner also of Preston Bush and the Harrimans in other ventures.

Prescott S. Bush, owned 1 share, Director of Union Banking Corp. UBC was co-founded and sponsored by Bush's father-in-law George Walker who was the senior managing partner for E. Roland Harriman and Averell Harriman.

H.J. Kouwenhoven, owned 1 share, Director of Union Banking Corp. Kouwenhoven organized UBC as the emissary of Fritz Thyssen in negotiations with George Walker and Averell Harriman. Harriman was managing director of UBC's Netherlands affiliate bank which was under Nazi occupation. Kouwenhoven was an industrial executive in Nazi Germany. His company manufactured Nazi Germanys war machiney. He was director and chief foreign financial executive of the German Steel Trust.

Johann G. Groeninger, owned 1 share, Director of Union Banking Corp. He was also a Director of the banks Netherlands affiliate. Groeninger was also an industrial executive in Nazi Germany also producing war machinery.

However, on Nov. 17, 1942. The government announced that it was seizing only the Nazi interests. It was leaving the Nazis' U.S. partners to carry on business as usual. This meant also all the profits all of the participants had made from the war. So basically, the beginning of the Bush fortunes comes from profiting by working with and dealing with the Nazis.

The war mobilization conducted under the supervision of the War Industries Board, U.S. consumers and taxpayers showered unprecedented fortunes on war producers and certain holders of raw materials and patents. Hearings in 1934 by the committee of U.S. Senator Gerald Nye attacked the "Merchants of Death" -- war profiteers such as Remington Arms and the British Vickers company --whose salesmen had manipulated many nations into wars, and then supplied all both sides with the weapons to fight them.

During the period preceeding World War I, and in the war years 1914-1917 and prior to the U.S. entering World War II with Germany, the U.S. was still neutral. However, interlocking Wall Street financiers subservient to British strategy lobbied heavily, and twisted U.S. government and domestic police functions. Led by the J.P. Morgan, Britain's overall purchasing agent in America, these financiers wanted a world war and they wanted the United States in it as Britain's ally. The U.S. and British arms companies, owned by these international financiers, poured out weapons abroad in deals not subject to the scrutiny of any electorate, ( voters) back home. These same gentlemen, as as been described, later supplied weapons and money to Hitler's Nazis.


Rockefeller's Standard Oil was half owner of IG Farben the chemical and munitions company which formed the industrial basis of the Third Reich and which built and operated 40 slave labor death camps including Auschwitz. IG Farben likewise owned half of Standard Oil. Bet you didn't know that. Standard oil owned by Nazis!

Most of the world's current leading drug companies such as Bayer were once part of IG Farben. Today, Rockefeller's Exxon/Mobil (formerly Standard Oil) is the world's largest corporation, with his JP Morgan Chase and Citigroup. These two banks financed the Enron scandal.

Rockefeller's Chase Bank is also the main funding source for the Manhattan Institute. Remember this for later. Chase Bank has admitted to helping Hitler raid the gold reserves of invaded European nations and voluntarily liquidating thousands of Jewish bank accounts and turning the money over to the Nazis. Rockefeller's intelligence representatives, more or less overaseas bankers later became the CIA. It also imported thousands of former Nazis to the U.S. after WWII. Among them were major war criminals who participated in the war's worst atrocities. Some of the men who helped import Nazis to the U.S. and conspired to hide this fact from the American people later became CIA directors, Secretaries of State, heads of the Securities and Exchange Commission, presidential advisors and U.S. Presidents. This is fact.


Eugenics programs in the U.S. were publicly acknowledged by Hitler as the model for what eventually became the Nazi program of mandatory euthanasia. Eugenics was the forcible sterilization of more than 350,000 German citizens and ultimately the final the Holocaust. It was the Rockefeller family and their long-time business associates, the Bush and Harriman families who were Wall Street partners in financing Hitler, whose institutions and foundations inspired both the U.S. and the Nazi eugenics laws. What U.S. Eugenic laws you ask?

Laws mandating forcible sterilization were in effect in more than 20 states in the U.S. until the Holocaust temporarily gave eugenics a bad name. Eugenics based ideas have since come back stronger than ever under the guises of population control, the Human Genome Project, eliminating welfare and privatizing prisons, hospitals and schools, which are the preoccupations of the CIA sponsored Manhattan Institute where GW Bush get all of their ideas.

George Herbert Walker and Prescott S. Bush were active in the leadership of the eugenics societies that were popular among the wealthy classes in the first half of the twentieth century. Prescott Bush was the Connecticut director of the Mental Hygiene Society which originated at Yale University in 1908. The headquarters of the American Eugenics Society was also at Yale and also the home of the Order of Skull & Bones until its relocation to and merger in 1952 with the Population Council, which was founded by John D. Rockefeller and John Foster Dulles, lawyer for Brown Brothers Harriman.

The Mental Hygiene Society of which Prescott Bush was a director was a project of the Order of Skull and Bones. This society "would gradually evolve into the CIA's cultural engineering effort of the 1950s, the drugs and brainwashing adventure known as 'MK-Ultra' anti-American project which poured drugs into the country and worked to fabricate the drug-sex youth culture."


It has been said that former President George Herbert Walker Bush and his three sons should be prosecuted for massive money laundering from the dope traffic, other illicit doings worldwide and for bribery. You need to read my column, Clinton and Mena Arkansas You will see how the Elder ex-President Bush was envolved in drug trafficking with Clinton in Mena Arkansas. Clinton's win as Presidency was nothing more than a payoff from the Bush family and certain world financial leaders for Clinton's help in the drug trafficking. At, you will see samples of the more than 300 secret reputedly authentic Federal Reserve bank wire transfer records showing massive amounts in and out of accounts that are reportedly those of the Elder Bush, his sons, and/or in which they have a beneficial interest and/or are the major owners of the entities involved.

Mr. Skolnick has been harrassed and arrested for not revealing the sources of his material by the U.S. Government. He has fought legal battles to keep this information on the internet for Americans. He has done a great service to Americans in bringing this information to light. In these documents, you will see that most have the secret authorizing code of Federal Reserve Chief "A.Greenspan". And don't get me started on the Federal Reserve. Did you know that it is not a legal government agency. It is completely independent and free from any supervision from Congress. But let's get back to those wire transfers.

What are the companies, corporations, or entities envolved? Martwell Investments and Pilgrim Investments just to mention the largest of many. The Bush family either directly owns or own substantial interests in these entities. The banks that were envolved? Marine Midland Bank, Buffalo, New York, ( Marine Midland Bank has merged with the British and Chinese royalty-owned, Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank ) Coutts Bank in the U.K., ( this is the Queen of England's bank ) Morgan Guranty Trust, New York, Chase Manhattan Bank, Banco De Exterior, Malaga, Spain, First Interstate Bank, Denver, Co., MidAtlantic Bank, New Jersey, Key Bank, Utah, Silverado Savings and Loan, Utah. Transactions between five banks accounted for more than $48,600 BILLION dollars being transferred in and over $47,170 BILLION dollars being transferred out. Leaving approximately 1.5 billion in cash for the these entities controlled by the Bush's. Yes, I said BILLION.


In 1978, Osama bin Laden's older brother Salem, once head of the wealthy Saudi family clan, became a business associate of the present President George W. Bush. Salem and Bush were founders of the Arbusto Energy oil company in Texas. Salem died in a mysterious plane crash in 1988, just like his father, but not before the Arbusto Energy Oil Company, became hugely successful. Bush appointed James Bath, a close friend of the Bush family for years, who served with him in the Air National Guard, and was his representative in Houston, Texas. It was in that year that Bath invested $70,000 in Bush's company, Arbusto. The same year, Bath bought Houston Gulf Airport on behalf of the Saudi Arabian multi-millionaire. According to the airport manager there, the runway is still owned by the Bin Laden family. The Bin Laden family also started San Antonio Aviation in San Antonio, Texas.

Besides its business ties to the Lone Star state, the Bin Laden family acquired holdings that range from waterfront condos in Boston to property in California to holdings in medical research firms and a U.S. private investment firm to which former President Bush serves as an adviser. The family's high-level connections were longstanding and well-known: The former President Bush visited the Binladen family in Saudi Arabia in 1998 and 2000. Public access to business registration, aviation and other federal records that might have provided more detail about the Binladen family's Texas connections has been restricted by various federal agencies at the direction of Attorney General John Ashcroft, in the aftermath of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

In 1998, Bush said the $70,000 investment in Arbusto( this means Bush in Spanish) was the only financial dealing he had with Bath who also represented Salem Bin Laden. The WhiteHouse has refused any futher comment on this matter. Could this be the reason why Osama Bin Laden turned against the U.S? Keep in mind that Elder Bush was Director of CIA ('76-'77) under Ford; and Vice-President ('81-'89) under Reagan; and President ('89-93). Elder Bush is a major investor ( 1 of about 450, all world leaders ), in the Carlyle Group. It holds ownership stakes in 164 companies and ranks as the eleventh largest defense contractor in the US. The Caryle Group further emphasises its pre-eminence within this web of deciet, and the somewhat disproportionate links to the intelligence services listed above is reflected in its ownership via BDM International which is a CIA-front company, Vinnell Corp. It has been operating under contract in Saudi Arabia since 1975.

In the early 1990s, Bath was a $50,000, 5 percent investor in two limited oil exploration partnerships controlled by George W. Bush. Bush's oil exploration firm eventually evolved into Dallas based Harken Energy, which was granted lucrative offshore drilling rights off the coast of Bahrain in the Persian Gulf. How did that deal come about? This deal was widely seen as an effort on the part of Bahrain's royal family to win favor with the White House. We all know the story about the shady financial dealings of Harken and the hyprociosy that is in that story.

President Bush's family played a central role in financing and the arming of Adolf Hitler for his takeover of Germany. They financed and managed the buildup of Nazi war industries for the conquest of Europe and war against the U.S.A. and in the development of Nazi genocide theories and racial propaganda.

How easily people forget the past.

In 1990, Neil Bush paid a $50,000 fine and was banned from banking activities for his role in taking down Silverado. This fraud actually cost taxpayers $1.3 billion. As a director of a failing thrift in Denver, Bush voted to approve $100 million in what were ultimately bad loans to two of his business partners. Bush failed to inform fellow board members at Silverado Savings & Loan that the loan applicants were his business partners. Federal banking regulators later followed the trail of defaulted loans to Neil Bush oil ventures, in particular JNB International, an oil and gas exploration company awarded drilling concessions in Argentina. What is interesting, JNB International had very little of experience in international oil and gas drilling. It probably helped that the Bush family had cultivated close ties with the fabulously corrupt Carlos Menem, former president of Argentina. The oils leases were later sold at a substantial profit to a major oil company. Finally, a Resolution Trust Corporation Suit against Bush and other officers of Silverado was settled in 1991 for only $26.5 million, yet Bush walked away with over 50 million. And the fine wasn't exactly paid by Neil Bush. A Republican fundraiser set up a fund to help defer the fines and costs Neil incurred in his S&L dealings. Friends and relatives contributed. However, then President and Barbara Bush did not, it would have been too obvious of what was going on.

Neil Bush is back according to Austin Business Journal. He is raising investment capital again. He has already raised 7.1 million from 53 investors underwriting Ignite, Inc., an educational software firm. He is trying to raise ten million in capital. Strange how the Bush's never use any of their money for new ventures, always someone elses. I wonder how many people will get burned this time.

In 1989, Jeb Bush and his wife Columba, traveled to Nigeria with a executives of M&W Pump, a Florida-based company that had been selling agricultural pumps to Nigeria. Jeb and Columba Bush were received by Nigerian President Ibrahim Babangida and celebrated by tens of thousands of Nigerians who turned out to see the son of the U.S. president. President Babangida expressed his interest in visiting the White House. Jeb promised to pass this along to his father, Elder Bush then President. By 1992 the Florida pump company had secured $74 million in financing from the Export-Import Bank of the United States. It was by far the largest Export and Import deal M&W had ever done in Nigeria. What is amazing is most investment bankers back then considered Nigeria a bad risk. "I didn't get paid for the Nigeria business," Bush told The Palm Beach Post in 1994. "I have not made a dime on business with Nigeria." Yet the Palm Beach Post found tax records that revealed Bush had earned at least $300,000 through his association with the owner of the same company. The owner of M&W, had a 50-50 partnership with Bush and paid Bush at least $300,000 for his participation in a separate venture, marketing agricultural hand pumps. Why would Bush suddenly find himself involved with a company selling agricultural hand pumps around the world? The Post asked that same question. Bush's reply was, "I know how to sell things, I know international sales. I know how to get people to put together tenders because I financed a lot of them when I was working at Texas Commerce Bank. Right, and if you believe that, then you believe that the Mary Poppins is alive and well.

In 1985, Jeb Bush interceded with officials of the Health and Human Services Department on behalf of Miguel Recarey Jr., the owner of a health-maintenance organization who later fled the country after being charged in what is believed to be the nation's biggest Medicare scandal. Jeb Bush received $75,000 from Recarey for a business deal that never materialized. Likewise, Prescott Bush, brother of former elder President George Bush, has been accused of taking advantage of his brother's sympathetic approach to China to negotiate business deals in that country." In addition, Jeb Bush before becoming Governor of the Sunshine State, was a close friend of Raul Salinas de Gortiari, and brother of former President of Mexico Carlos Salinas. Raul. Raul a leading member of the Mexican Drug Cartel is now serving a 27 year jail term for having murdered a political opponent. Again read me Mena column.

There has also been a great deal of speculation in Mexico about the exact nature of Raul Salinas' close friendship with former President George Bush's son, Jeb. It is well known here that for many years the two families spent vacations together. The Salinases at Jeb Bush's home in Miami, the Bushes at Raul's ranch, Las Mendocinas, under the volcano in Puebla.


Something very disturbing to me occurred on September 20th, 2001. President Bush announced before a joint session of Congress that he was creating a new Cabinet-level office of Homeland Security and named Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Ridge to the post. Bush actually created a "council" not a cabinet-level position as he stated in his televised address. This was very presumptuous the least on Bush's part. Why did he htink he could announce he was "creating" a cabinet-level position and moving all these agencies under its' control. No President can simply decide he is going to put various departments of the government under a new agency, council or department. They can create all the councils they want. However, when it comes to placing various government departments under supervision of a new Cabinet-Level position, that power is delegated to Congress, not the President. The real name of this agency is called the Homeland Security Council. You can read the executive order creating it at the WhiteHouse archives site,

Futhermore, President Bush issued executive orders September 12th, 2002 that basically stripped Americans of their civil liberties pertaining to unlawful search and seizure. These are frightening orders. Do you really understand what the government can take away from your regarding your freedoms and liberties that our Constitution is based on.


The following Executive Orders, now recorded in the Federal Register, and therefore accepted by Congress as the law of the land, can be put into effect at any time an emergency is declared:

10995 All communications media seized by the Federal Government.
10997 Seizure of all electrical power, fuels, including gasoline and minerals.
10998 Seizure of all food resources, farms and farm equipment.
10999 Seizure of all transportation, including your personal car, control of all highways and seaports.
11000 Seizure of all civilians for work under Federal supervision.
11001 Federal takeover of all health, education and welfare.
11002 Postmaster General empowered to register every man, woman and child in the U.S.A.
11003 Seizure of all aircraft and airports by the Federal Government.
11004 Housing and Finance authority may shift population from one locality to another. Complete integration.
11005 Seizure of railroads, inland waterways, and storage facilities.
11051 The Director of the Office of Emergency Planning authorized to put Executive Orders into effect in "times of increased international tension or financial crisis". He is also to perform such additional functions as the President may direct.

Pay special attention to 11004. This ones states that Housing and Finance Authority at their orders can move populations into "camps". In case you don't know it, there are huge concentration like camps that have built in recent years in various areas of the country, hidden in the boondocks. Furthermore, Bush has issued an executive order to prevent release of the presidential papers of his father's Administration and the Reagan Administration. Why? Is there something to hide?

At this site, You can view all Executive Orders issue by President Bush. Pay special attention to ones dated December 28th, 2001, Sucession of various departments of the government.


There is another matter that is very disturbing to me. President Bush has given two different versions of how he found out about the 911 WTC attack. Pay special attention to those remarks in BOLD.

Here is his first answer on December 4th, 2001. The second one is listed next.

You can view both online at the WhiteHouse Archives as well at the URL listed above each quote.

PLACE: President Meets with Displaced Workers in Town Hall Meeting

You can view this also at:

QUESTION: What was the first thing that went through your head when you heard that a plane crashed into the first building?

ANSWER: THE PRESIDENT: Thank you, Jordan. Well, Jordan, you're not going to believe what state I was in when I heard about the terrorist attack. I was in Florida. And my Chief of Staff, Andy Card -- actually, I was in a classroom talking about a reading program that works. I was sitting outside the classroom waiting to go in, and I saw an airplane hit the tower -- the TV was obviously on. And I used to fly, myself, and I said, well, there's one terrible pilot. I said, it must have been a horrible accident.

But I was whisked off there, I didn't have much time to think about it. And I was sitting in the classroom, and Andy Card, my Chief of Staff, who is sitting over here, walked in and said, "A second plane has hit the tower, America is under attack."

Here is his second answer on January 5th, 2002.

PLACE: President Holds Town Hall Forum on Economy in California

You can view this transcript also at:

QUESTION: What was the first thing that went through your head when you heard that a plane crashed into the first building?

ANSWER: THE PRESIDENT: Yes. Well, I was sitting in a schoolhouse in Florida. I had gone down to tell my little brother what to do, and -- just kidding, Jeb. (Laughter.) And -- it's the mother in me. (Laughter.) Anyway, I was in the midst of learning about a reading program that works. I'm a big believer in basic education, and it starts with making sure every child learns to read. And therefore, we need to focus on the science of reading, not what may feel good or sound good when it comes to teaching children to read. (Applause.) I'm just getting a plug in for my reading initiative.

Anyway, I was sitting there, and my Chief of Staff -- well, first of all, when we walked into the classroom, I had seen this plane fly into the first building. There was a TV set on. And you know, I thought it was pilot error and I was amazed that anybody could make such a terrible mistake. And something was wrong with the plane, or -- anyway, I'm sitting there, listening to the briefing, and Andy Card came and said, "America is under attack."

First President Bush says he was sitting outside the classroom and saw the plane hit the tower on a TV. However, later, he says he is walking into the classroom and the TV is on and he sees it.

There is something wrong here and it is very obvious. The WhiteHouse has yet to explain this descrepancy to the media of which version is correct. My question is this. If he was sitting outside the classroom and there was a TV on...was there a TV on in the hallway of the school? No, there was not according to sources. The Presidential limousine has television and satellite phones linked directly to the White House and Pentagon. The following fact has been overloooked. It was not until the next day that the networks started televising the video showing the first plane actually crashing into the North Tower. NBC started transmitting "live" within one minute after the first plane stuck. NBC had a birds eye view of the Towers. Most networks caught the second plane hitting the South Tower "live", but this was not until 9:03 AM, when President Bush was sitting in the classroom in Florida. So, if the President was watching the first plane hit the tower sitting outside the classroom, it had to be "live." There was no way! No television network could have been televising "live" the first plane hitting at that time Bush says he saw it. And if it was "live", from what feed was Bush watching from? Was there a camera on the towers at the time of impact of the first plane from an intelligence agency that knew what was coming down? This leads to the question...DID SOMEONE KNOW WHAT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN?

According to Knight-Ridder News Media, the National Security Agency "monitored telephone conversations before Sept. 11 between Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, the commander of the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks and Mohamed Atta, the chief hijacker, but did not share the information with, the CIA or FBI. Condoleezza Rice is head of the NSA. Make sure you read my May column for information concerning this. When the NSA monitored their conversations, Mohammed was overseas and Atta was in the US. Mohammed was included on the FBI's Most Wanted Terrorist List when it was published in October because he had been indicted on charges of being involved in a failed 1995 plot to bomb 11 U.S. airliners flying over the Pacific Ocean on a single day.



Air Force Lt. Col.Steve Butler "has been relieved from duties at the Presidio of Monterey after publication of a letter accusing President George W. Bush of having advance knowledge of the Sept.11 terrorist attacks. The Presidio is a high security area where much of the NSA activity occurs. The letter accuses Bush of allowing the attacks to occur for political reasons. The letter reads in part: "Of course Bush knew about the impending attacks on America. He did nothing to warn the American people because he needed this war on terrorism. His father President Bush had Saddam and he needed Osama." Butler's letter called the president's course of action "sleazy and contemptible." However, Butler today will not comment on this. Did someone get to him?


Enron lobbyist Pat Shortridge met with White House economic advisor Robert McNally Aug. 15, the day after Enron president Jeff Skilling resigned. Was this to alert the White House that Enron could face a financial meltdown that could possibly cripple the country's energy markets? If McNally was tipped off to Enron's troubles it could mean that the White House had been warned several months earlier than it has previously acknowledged. It would also mean the White House received such a warning even before Sharon Watkins delivered her memo to then Enron chairman Kenneth Lay. The question is, what did the Bush Adminstration truly know about ENRON and when did they know it? Is this why the Adminstration will not release Cheney's Energy Policy meeting records.


Larry Klayman, chairman of Judicial Watch, has said administration officials said last fall that some White House staff members had begun taking the antibiotic Cipro on Sept. 11, weeks before the anthrax attacks were made public. Judical Watch believes that the White House knew or had reason to know that an anthrax attack was imminent or underway.

I urge every American, every one of my readers to write, call and fax your Senator to stop this madness that is going on in Washington concerning making the Homeland Security Agency a Cabinet Level position and the TIPS program. This must be done as soon as possible, before August 2nd, 2002 before the Senate adjourns. The TIPS PROGRAM is very disturbing. Adolph Hitler started the YOUTH CORP. Youths spied on their parents and turned them in to the SS, the Secret Police. You have to see the danger of this and the real reason why Bush is wanting this.

I will close this column with this inspirational piece that I received via email. I don't know who wrote it, but I believe it says it all.

I am an American

I am an American, if you don't know who I am, you should.
I have been around for over 200 years.

There are certain things that I believe.
I believe that all men are created equal,
I believe that they are endowed by their Creator withcertain inalienable rights and
among them are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness
(that means that you don't mess with those rights).

I do not tolerate those who would take freedom or liberty from me or my fellow man.

I would not accept a constitution that was not first amended to protect my rights and liberty from even my own government.

I was in Boston dumping tea to let a king know that I would not allow my rights to be infringed upon.
I stood at Concorde and at ValleyForge, preferring to die rather than give up freedom for myself and my posterity.

I stood my ground at the Alamo knowing that I would perish to gain freedom for my neighbor.

I have fought and bled for freedom on a thousand battlefields around the world, fighting to protect freedom for myself and mine or to secure freedom for my neighbor.

I do not fear those kings, or dictators, or nations or terrorists that would attempt to destroy my freedom or liberty.
They cannot stand before the determined onslaught of angry Americans.
I have defeated them too many times to fear them.

On September 11, I was not afraid.
I mourned those who died, and girded myself for battle, but I was not afraid.
I was determined,once again, to protect that which is so dear to me.

On September 12, however, I became afraid.
It was on that day that I listened while members of the government of the United States of America asked that I freely give up my liberty in order for them to protect me from terrorism.

This was the same offer that I have received from King George, from Hitler, from Mussolini, from the USSR,from General Santa Anna and from countless others.

For over 200 years I have thrown this offer back in the face of those who would offerit and thrown down the gauntlet before them if they would dare to take it up.

I do not need for you to protect me from terrorism, rather I need the freedom and liberty to protect myself and mine.
I have done this successfully for over 200 years.

Why do you think for even a second that I would give up freely to you what I would give to no one?

For over 200 years I have been willing to die rather than give up any of my freedom or liberty.

I HAVE NOT changed.

I have sworn to protect and defend our way of life and our constitutionagainst all enemies, both foreign and domestic.

Have I not proven that I will do that?

On a thousand battlefields around the world, have I not shown that I will die rather than surrender my liberty?

You members of Congress need to rethink your plans.

Hundreds of thousands of Americans have died around this world in the name of freedom and liberty.

How dare you dishonor their sacrifice by asking that I give up what they gave their all to protect for me?

The heritage given to me by my forefathers is that very LIBERTY that you have asked me to give up to you.

They have given me freedom and liberty as a sacred trust to hold and defend for those yet to come

and I WILL NOT shrink from that trust.

It was they who secured freedom and liberty for me, not you.

And you cannot take it from me as long as there is breath in me

And even then,


Consider yourself informed.

America was founded on the premise of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all. Our forefathers were very wise men, it is too bad that we don't have at least one like them in Washington now.

I want to share one last thing I received from a gentleman named John Linnell. John now lives in Canada and is now 74, but during World War II was in England. John lied getting into the English REMEAirborne unit about his age. John was just little over 17 when he made Staff Sergent with 28 men under him. This unit became the ultra secret SAS unit. The present U.S. Delta Forces were modeled after it. After the war, John became envolved with the intelligence communities, MI5 and MI6 in England. He passed this one story on to me.

"After the war, at one place I worked in Canada there were two Germans, one head of Drafting the other head of the Machine shop. Adolf from the machine shop was in my office one day and I spotted a tattoo on his arm. He had been in the Auschwitz concentration camp. He got there because his boyhood friend Wilfred Schwarzbeck (a Jew ) had blown the whistle on him and got him sent to Auschwitz. This was Hitler's YOUTH PROGRAM that caused his friend to turn him in. However, Wilfred ( the JEW ) spent the war years designing magnetometers for the Nazis. All the Jews were not in the concentration camps, many were working for the Nazis and did very well for themselves. Wake up America and see the truth!"


Some Senators are experiencing problems in receiving emails. Snail mail by U.S. Mail could take up to 4 weeks for the Senators to receive your letter. If you oppose the Homeland Security Act and want your Senator to vote against it, please call or fax before Aug. 2nd.

You can find your Senators contact information, phone fax numbers, easily by STATE by going

Simply scroll down, find your State and you Senator.

You can find a listing of your Senators and Representatives, which list email addresses, phone numbers, etc. on my site here. I urge everyone to bombard Senators offices by calling next week before Aug. 2nd and tell them "NO" to the Homeland Security Department. Please email me that you have and which Senator.

The creation of this new cabinet position must be stopped. I urge all my readers to click on this FORM and provide email addresses of your friends and family that need to read this column so that they can get envolved in the letter writing to Congressman. An email will be sent in your behalf to your friends and family listing this column and the website and why they must read it.

I would truly like to hear from you regarding your thoughts on this matter and whether you agree or disagree with me. So, please email me, you can use this form, Contact Form.

Also, if you have not read my column The Facts Of 911 - Who Knew What When,
make sure you do.

Also my June column, Homeland Security Department - Could It Create A Police State?

As I told you in my last column, in this column and in future columns, news and my comments on several different areas of interest will be included.



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In 2001, enough new wind turbines were erected to provide electricity to nearly 475,000 homes annually in the country. It has been shown that if wind farms were put on less than 1% of American land, they would provide nearly 20% of our electricity, about what we get from nuclear power or from oil imports. If we used 2% of American land, we could do almost do away with nearly every nuclear power plant and would not be dependent on middle-eastern arab oil or the purchasing of Russian oil. Why are we getting in bed with Russia anyway? Russia is building two nuclear plants in Iran. This would Iran the ability to manufacture the bomb. Iran provides safe haven and supports terrorists groups including Al-queda. In addition, Russia has clamped down again on many of their democratic processes and civil freedoms for Russian citizens. I thought our present adminstration has stated that we will not tolerate any country that permits terrorism to breed. Well...Russia is certainly creating the capabilty for one of the most terrorists nations on earth to start world war three. Could someone tell me if I am missing something here? And thanks to the present adminstrations cancelling of wind farms funding to expand wind farms with grants, we can kiss that goodbye. So. we will continue to have to worry about global warming, air pollution etc. because someone wants America to purchase oil from Russia. Hello Washington...anyone listening?

Also, if you have not read my column The Facts Of 911 - Who Knew What When,
make sure you do.



In October, 1998, I wrote my column, "Hydrogenated Oils-Silent Killers". I warned readers about the health dangers of these oils. I also explained that oils that have been hydogenated at high temperatures to fuse hydrogen into them, create various deadly transformed fatty acids and chemicals. Swedish reseachers have now identified a chemical, Acrylamide, a polymor type plastic that is used in the making of plastic and also a known carcinogen is a by product of baking or frying carbohydrates like french fries at high temperatures. The World Health Organization recently met with over 800 scientists to implement measures to validate the research studies. In upcoming columns, I will provide the latest updates, research and news on this. For the time being, I advise, avoid anything baked or fried at high temperatures, and especially foods containing hydrogenated oils.


You know those nano-probes you saw in the series Star Trek series Voyager that were put in crew members bodies? They could go in and fix almost everything that was wrong with the crew member? Interesting now because those writers of that show must have had visions of the future. Reseachers are presently developing several methods ranging from using killed virus genes to actual micro robots to be able to enter the body and correct gene defects and repair organs, like cleaning out clogged arteries or removing kidney stones. At present technology speed of development, these new miracles should be in use within ten years.


Romaine lettuce is a source of a natural amino acid called tyrosine, it counters depression.

Tomatoes contain the amino acid phenylalanine, which slows the breakdown of endorphins of your body's feeling good chemicals. This may be why arithritics avoid tomatoes.

Chicken is rich in tryptophan, an amino cid that converts to serotonin, a calm inducing brain chemical.

Green beans are rich in folic acid which also raises serotonin. The folic acid also protects against breast cancer, colon cancer and helps to lower homosysteine, a chemical that if high enough in your body has been linked to causing a heart attack.

Brown rice, ( not white rice ), is high in B-6. It helps to convert tryptophan to serotonin, which when eaten for dinner helps you sleep better. Whereas, a white potato is a starch that can elevate blood sugar and keep you up at night if you eat it too late before sleep.

The myth that you should not drink anything as you eat. Well...recent studies show that you should drink as you eat for two reasons. It provides moisture to the food to decrease constipation and the most helps to maintain your weight because incorporating it into the meal will decrease appetite and in some causes will help you to lose weight. And if you are drinking distilled water which has lost 100% of the minerals and trace elements, ( which is good because the body really cannot utilize the minerals in this form and in some cases can cause kidney/gallbladder stones and other health problems ), or reverse osmosis bottled water, you should be taking a liquid mineral and trace element supplement. This will insure that you are getting enough of these important minerals and trace element minerals like copper, magnenese, molydbedum, boron and others that have a huge impact on the immune system and other organs. You absorb nearly 99% in liquid form and the body is able to uses minerals and trace elements that re in liquid form. Liquids are assimilated directly into the bloodstream. However, tablet form of vitamins and minerals, you lose nearly 40% of it in the digestion process. You're more or less literally throwing about forty cents out of every dollar you spend on any tablet form of any supplement. Bottom line...get the liquids! You'll be more healthy and it will cost less in the long run.

Eating Right For Your Blood Type

Are you eating right for your blood type? There are four blood types, O,A,B and AB. Do you know there are certain foods you should be eating and some foods you should be avoiding because of your blood type?

For example, if you have type O, your risk factors for ulcers and inflammatory diseases such as arthritis increase if you eat incorrectly for your blood type. If you are type A, your risk factors for cancer and heart disease increase if your eat incorrectly. If your type B, your risk for slow-growing viruses that attack your nervous system increases if you eat incorrectly. If you are type AB, you have the friendliest immune system of all blood types and have most of the intolerances of type A and B.

Eat Right For Your Blood Type
I have said for years in my columns that what you eat is what you are.
If you have not read Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo's book, I strongly urge you to.

Eat Right For Your Blood Type
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If you are eating the wrong breads or grains, you can actually be setting yourself up for colon cancer. The wrong foods can cause a weaken immune system, causing excessive colds and flu, not to mention allergies that you think are not food. And you lose weight also if you eat correctly. It is all in understanding the bio metabolism properties of the body and how digests nutrients and if your blood type and DNA can handle those certain foods or not. It perfectly makes sense because of the evolution of mankind's various blood types and the evolution of our food supply. You'll be glad you read this book. You can order it by clicking on the cook cover above. It is $19.96 in hardcover, you are saving 20% and you'll receive FREE shipping from Barnes and Noble. Do yourself a favor today, start living for healthy by eating correctly! I can't stress this enough!

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If you have not read my column on Hydrogenated Oils-Silent Killers and Aspartame, Sweetness or Death, also known as Equal, make sure you do.

David Lawrence Dewey

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