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Occupy Wall Street
Will It Make A Difference With
Purpose, Order and Consensus?

October 23, 2011
Update November 15, 2011 - November 17, 2011
NYPD Shutdown Liberty Square Encampment
and Evict Protestors from Park
And....November 17, 2011
What Did It Accomplish?
by columnist
David Lawrence Dewey
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knowledge leads to answers."
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A DL DEWEY Exclusive - November 17, 2011
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Zucotti Park
November 17, 2011 Protests - - - Exactly, What Did They Accomplish?

Well Occupy Wall Street and Occupy in other cities... I believe you've done yourself in today. You have pissed off the working class by what you did today. Holding up subways, blocking traffic, causing hard working people you supposedly represent being late to work does not serve your cause. I am making this statement based on hundreds of emails I have received today from people in New York, Los Angeles and other cities.

It is one thing to protest about the important issues you have brought to the forefront which are on many Americans minds, however, whoever is, or what groups are thinking up these ways to protest, what are you thinking of? Today was the most stupid way to protest, causing problems for the very people you supposedly represent in your protests? What idiots are planning activities like this or teach people to lay down in the middle of the street?

I believe Occupy Wall Street, although you may have had 30,000 show up today in New York, I believe that after today, the support you are use to in New York is going to be greatly diminished. You might be able to get 30,000 out of a population of 8.1 million in New York City and that doesn't country nearby New Jersey, but I believe that may very well be what you will ever get now you've pissed off hard working middle class Americans.

But first and foremost, you must stop this pitching tents, blocking traffic, insisting on getting arrested just to have your 15 minutes of fame and start getting down to hard work of doing things like getting petitions signed like to have a law passed stating "Corporations are not persons and therefore do not have the same rights as a person." And please, when you are suppose to stay on the sidewalks, don't piss off policemen by getting into the street and blocking traffic, obey the laws!

When I first wrote this article on October 23, I was pretty much behind you, but after watching the LIVESTEAMS, reading the chats on LIVESTREAM, watch how moderators on those LIVESTREAM chats ban people for simply expressing their viewpoints, violating their right of free speech the very thing you are proclaiming you right of....I see alot of hyprocrisy, a movement that does not have much structure in the form of having specific demands you want changed and how...does not have a spokesperson or spokespersons. You have become like a runaway train that have no course. And runaway trains evetually crash. And for God's sake, stop doing what you are doing in pissing off the average American worker with stunts like you did today that caused many harding working Americans to be late for work. Or do not not care about that but only your childish desire to block a bridge for what purpose other than to tie up traffic. Please tell me, what purpose did it serve to block bridges. What purpose did it do to block traffic causing hard working people to be late for work.

Occupy Wall Street, please take the idiot hats off. You started something really good, but now it has become nothing but a childish three ring circus with novelty acts. You are not really accomplishing anything. And please do not proclaim that you stopped the ringing of the Stock Market Bell at 9:15 AM, Thursday morning, November 17th. They don't ring the bell until 9:30 AM. Please do not insult my intelligence with such direct lies.

For those of you that want to do something constructive like the woman that got 345,000 signatures and stopped Bank of America from beginning to charge a $5.00 a month ATM use fee, there is a Petition started on the WHITEHOUSE.GOV website. Below is the link. Go read and sign it. It is the 99% Declaration. Petitions can be setup at the WHITEHOUSE.GOV website by anyone. READ and SIGN:!/petition/endorse-wwwthe99declarationorg-which-petition-redress-grievances/Q6qYt2H9

This is the Petition below. It is to elect 435 Representatives to call for a National General Assembly to be held July 4, 2012 in Washington D.C. You can read more about the details of this petition at this website below, however, this is what the Petition says:

WE, THE NINETY-NINE PERCENT OF THE PEOPLE of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, in order to form a more perfect Union, by, for and of the PEOPLE, shall elect and convene a NATIONAL GENERAL ASSEMBLY beginning on July 4, 2012 in the City Of Philadelphia.

I. Election of Delegates: The People, consisting of all United States citizens who have reached the age of 18, regardless of party affiliation and voter registration status shall elect Two Delegates, one male and one female, by direct vote, from each of the existing 435 Congressional Districts to represent the People at the NATIONAL GENERAL ASSEMBLY in Philadelphia. Said Assembly shall officially convene on July 4, 2012. The office of Delegate shall be open to all United States citizens who have reached the age of 18. Election Committees, elected

Send an email to all of your family and friends to sign this. Let's get 40 million signatures on this!

A DL DEWEY Exclusive - November 15, 2011
In Depth Special ReportReport

Liberty Square, (Zucotti Park) Raided By NYPD, Monday Night, November 15th at 1 AM
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Zucotti Park

Over 23,000 people were watching the raid by NYPD

In the early morning hours of Tuesday, November 15, at approximately 1:00 AM EST, New York Police Department descended upon Liberty Square in New York where the Occupy Wall Street movement has made its' home Since September 17th.

Since I wrote the column below on October 23, 2011, I have been watching the movement, visiting the LIVESTREAM chats, reading what people have been posting and how the Moderators of these chat rooms have been conducting themselves.

Last week, this below was posted on the Occupy Wall Street website, and the words, "train to do actions and civil disobediences" that I read were very disturbing to me. Over the course of the last two months I have been too many instances of civil disobediences of violence and outright disobediences of such things as walking, marching in the streets which they were told they were not allowed to do, to stay on the sidewalks. People standing/sitting down in the middle of streets daring the police to arrest them because they wanted to get arrested.

Zucotti Park

In addition, I have reports of infighting starting to occur within the hieracy of the movement leaders. I also have learned that Vlad Teichberg, a Russian Immigrant, one of the ones who started the movement in New York and who set up the LIVESTREAM video systems, (, ) to raise the protest movement’s profile not just in New York, but worldwide, his past may be in question. Teichberg makes his home in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Various media have carried reports that ten years ago Teichberg was a “former derivatives trader” who sold CDO deriatives, however, no one can seem to pin down at which bank or investment house he supposedly worked at. Finra does not carry any record of an authorised financial intermediary by that name, nor does the UK’s Financial Services Authority where he supposedly was a trader also. Has mainstream media outlets being artfully hoodwinked with this "storyline" of Teichberg? Or has Teichberg work in areas that did not require regulatory approval, such as the back office? In this YOUTUBE video, Teichberg proclaims how he was a derivatives trader and in his own words in the video, "Injustice has always pissed me off". My question for Mr. Teichberg is this. If he was a deriatives trader ten years ago and saw all this injustice then, why has it taken him ten years late to talk about it. And, what have you done with all the large amounts of money you made from your ill gotten derivative trading? In addition, one night in one of the LIVESTREAM chat rooms, some people were talking about how Mr. Teichberg was going around ordering people to do this and that and setting policy and many people did not like his attitude. It doesn't surprise me, he is from Russia and most Russians have that mentally of "control". And that is not me racial profiling because he is from Russia, that is a fact. Most Russians have this mentality of "control." Talk about a double standard and hypocrisy though how his ten years supposedly, if that is really true as a derivatives traders - - - it takes him ten years to stand up to "injustice" as he says in the YOUTUBE video.

When I first wrote my column on October 23rd, I was somewhat pleased to see that Americans had awaken to see the light and were starting to stand up and be heard. However, what I have seen in this movement the last two months, this is not how true democracy when its' citizens have grievances with its' government. The movement says they are using the Arab spring tactics of uprising, however, what they don't get, in those Arab countries where that occurred, there was no democracy like we have in the U.S.

What the movement started was a good thing, but in my opinion it has become a destructive force with no clear cut positive agenda to get things back on course except for chanting and beating drums. What is it really accomplishing to get such things as reversing the Supreme Court Ruling that corporations are a "person" and have all rights of a "person". Or what about getting effective banking regulations back? If it is corrupt politicians they are talking about, then you go about voting those corrupt politicians out using the democracy of their vote. You do not occupy a public or private park because you think that is peaceful assembly protesting. In Democracy such as we have..we have free speech and right to assemble peacefully, there are laws however that one must abide by. That includes not walking down streets or sitting in the middle of streets and tying up traffic because you want to occcupy Wall Street and deliver them a message. In Oakland California, protestors were going around setting fires in buildings, throwing bricks at police. That is violence anyway you look at it, not peaceful protest. Again, the bottom line in Oakland and Portland Oregon, the laws stated they do not have the legal right to "camp" in those parks, period despite the fact the protestors proclaim they have the legal right to assemble and protest. Yes, they do, but not to pitch tent cities in public parks.

If the movement truly wants to make a difference they need to stop this civil disobedience of camping out in public and private parks just because they think they have a right to, the bottom line is, they do not have a legal right to do that. All they have a right to do is the right to assembly in a peaceful fashion to air their greivances with the government. They do not have a legal right to set up tent cities on public or private parks.

Instead of all this ridiculous setting up tent cities, if they want to make change, then they need to do it in a truly democractic way. For example. They could start to setup up internet town hall meetings via LIVESTREAM to coordinate peaceful lawful marches. They could also get people registered to vote and also get behind candidates to replace the corrupt politicians they so disdain. Most of all, they need to have a spokesperson or spokepersons for hte movement. They need to work up specific lists of things that must be changed and provide what they need to be changed to and why. And when listing these, they need to do their research of the facts and state those facts that this is the reason why this must be changed because if caused this or that, i.e. banking deregulation of the mid 1980's opened up pandora's box to let the crooks into the banking investment mortgage business and that is why we had the 2008 financial meltdown. My point is, there is a much better way to go about this than what they are doing.

One of the most other disturbing things I saw was when I would watch the LIVESTREAM chats and watch how the many of the Moderators of those live chats went around acting like NAZO Gestapo agents and banning people to post their opinions. If you did not agree with the opinons of the movement, or stated your opinion about the movement, and especially did not agree with the mentality of it or the Moderator on at that time, you got banned from posting anything in this chats.

After watching all of this over the last few weeks since I wrote my first article, I have come to the conclusion that many of the people that have become part of this movement, are young people who do not have a clue of what caused the problems we have, not just Wall Street, i.e. banking regulations went out the door during the 1980's. Do they know what banking regulations we need to put back into place? They also do not understand that hard work gets you somewhere in America, and that includes having an education. There are many of us that put ourselves through college by working 2, even 3 jobs. Many of these young people want college given to them with FREE. That is not going to happen. The movement has also attracted alot of the homeless who, sadly many are alcoholics and drug users, and have no sense of reality and sadly are forgotten Americans that America has forgotten who frankly should not be thrown away like garbage. That is another issue that we must address. Many of the people do not know the facts of many of the issues. This is very apparent by the many unknowledgable posts about things in the LIVESTREAM chat rooms. I simply do not feel that many of these people have a clear cut sense of reality of the issues based on the facts, instead they are just angry that they have been left out as they perceive they have. You can't complain about things unless you have a solution or a demand to fix the problem. I have yet to hear anyone of the Wall Street protestors utter one word of a specific solution that needs to be done, i.e. what banking regulations should be reinstituted?

Hopefully with authorities shutting down these encampments, it will awaken the people in this movement, there is a better way to do it!

Now to my original column I wrote on October 23...

A DL DEWEY Exclusive - October 23, 2011
In Depth Special ReportReport

Occupy Wall Street
Will It Make A Difference With
Purpose, Order and Consensus?
© copyrighted - David Lawrence Dewey

The URL link to this article is:

Before I get to my current column, I want to stress that America should be purchasing products made in America to bring the jobs back home. I also want to share the following with you on how you can figure out for sure where a product has been made. It is by the bar code. I have written about this several times in my columns.

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ALSO - make sure you post your comments in the board about Occupy Wall Street and take the poll. You will have to register to vote on the poll. Click on MESSAGE BOARD above.

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Here we go again with corrupt banking regulations, actually a lack of banking regulations to prevent this.

Bank of America Corp. (BAC), hit by a credit downgrade last month, has moved derivatives from its Merrill Lynch unit to a subsidiary flush with insured deposits, according to people with direct knowledge of the situation.

The Federal Reserve and Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. disagree over the transfers, which are being requested by counterpartie. The Fed has signaled that it favors moving the derivatives to give relief to the bank holding company, while the FDIC, which would have to pay off depositors in the event of a bank failure, is objecting. Futhermore, Timothy Geithner wants the F.D.I.C. to guarantee literally all debts issued by the big bank-holding companies. Here again, taxpayers would be fitting the bill to bail out B of A. This only shows who truly has control in Washington. This is corruption at its' highest. America, start calling your elected officials in Washington and put a stop to this.

Three years after taxpayers rescued some of the biggest U.S. lenders, regulators are grappling with how to protect FDIC- insured bank accounts from risks generated by investment-banking operations. Bank of America, which got a $45 billion bailout during the financial crisis, had $1.04 trillion in deposits as of midyear, ranking it second among U.S. firms.

In addition, President Obama has appointed Wall Street lobbyist, Broderick Johnson as a senior adviser for his 2012 campaign. Johnson, who volunteered for Obama in 2008, has spent the past three years lobbying federal lawmakers on behalf of Microsoft, Comcast Corp., FedEx, Ford and TransCanada as well as bank-holding companies among other corporate clients, according to public records.

President Obama... when are you going to get REAL financial reform done and not this watered down version you signed into law? Why don't you simply start telling the American people the facts and how elected politicians are screwing the American people in financial reform? Where is your TRUTH President Obama that you campaigned on that your administration would be transparent and would be truthful?

Now to my column...

I first want to begin with the wise words of Thomas Jefferson in 1802.

"I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around the banks will deprive the people of all property - until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered."

Jefferson also wrote:

"Educate and inform the whole mass of the people.They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty"

In any great movement that has occurred throughout history where the masses of a society have come together to correct the injustics of the society, there are three things that have always been seen in any successful movement. They are - Purpose, Order and Consensus. It was seen during the Civil Rights Movement with Dr. King and others.

When I saw Occupy Wall Street's ( website:> ) first day of walking protests, I was relieved to see that the American people had begun to wake up to do something. What the organizers of Occupy Wall Street started in New York is long overdue, I will be the first one to admit that. However, over the last month I have been trying to apply the three things that this movement needs to fulfill if it is to succeed in accomplishing what they started out to do. Let me begin with Purpose.


I get what Occupy Wall Street is about. This is where I do not understand where mainstream media is having such a headache to grasp, what their message is....yet I can understand why the major media has been reluctant to report on too much yet and I'll explain the facts and reasons why in a moment. Occupy Wall Street has also raised ear $450,000 dollars and it would be interesting to know what all that money is being spent on when it has already cost New York nearly $1 million in Police overtime pay during the protests. Is Occupy Wall Street going to have transparency on this and provide detailed reports of where the money is being spent? Have they filed for a non-profit status as well? These are questions the movement needs to answer to the general public who have been supporting them. I am asking this also, because in the early 70's during the early Viet Nam War protests, there were several groups that were protesting and were raking in thousands of dollars, however, it was discovered in some cases, a few were benefitting very well from the incoming donations.

The facts are very plain and simple... the American people are tired of the corporate control of politics in this country and that the wealthier are becoming wealthier and average Americans have become poorer because of corruption at its' highest level, which has been both created by elected politicians and allowed to continue by elected politicans. Occupy Wall Steet has found its' Purpose but I am not just too sure yet however about Order and Consensus, here is why.


I have watched countless hours of videos of the walk protests including where police in New York have in some instances aggrevated and even created negative and hostile environments and situations. This included antagonizing peaceful protestors into becoming disobedient in such things as walking down streets when they were not suppose to. Police accomplished this in some instances by the use of "nets" in hearding some of the protestors into uncomfortable areas and situations, much like herding cattle. People are not cattle. At the same time, I saw protestors using very vile cuss words at police officers who were jsut doing their job, not doing anything really to the protestors. The use of foul cuss words is uncalled for and to me only shows the intelligent level of that person.

The issue on the Brooklyn Bridge where hundreds got arrested is in question. Did the protestors need and have a permit to walk across the Bridge? If not, then they were in violation of the law. If they did not need a permit and if the police falsely led into the believe they could walk across the Bridge without problem, them the police were using entrapment techniques to break up the protestors. If I were Mayor Bloomberg, I would have a full investigation of the matter which would include represenatives from Occupy Wall Street to find out exactly what happened. Whatever is found and whatever group was at fault, then that group needs to stop those tactics, period!

I have been reading the Occupy Wall Street daily General Assembly minutes of the General Assembly Daily Meetings. What has bothered me the most concerning the same statement that keep showing up in the General Assembly minutes. The following is taken directly from the Occupy Wall Steet website. I have made a .pdf of all of these minutes just in case they are changed or taken down. The following is someone from the General Assembly answering a protestor. You can read all of the General Assembly minutes here yourself:

At this website for the General Assembly you can read about the various groups working on various issues:

It also appears by the postings on the various groups, they don't want anyone making any suggestions online, only at the General Assembly meetings. I find this somewhat restricting FREE SPEECH which they claim to be for.

Here are the very disturbing words being repeated in General Assembly meetings.

A: If you want to participate, in the civil disobedience component, you can talk to him - Kamil. You don’t have to be part of that, you can just go and support.

These words of the people at these General Assembly meetings more or less are promoting civil disobedience greatly disturbs me. Civil disobedience is not needed, period. There is NO justifiable reason for this type of approach in this movement.

We have a Constitution, a Bill of Rights that protects them and insures their rights to peaceful protest. If the protestors do not acknowledge this and work within the framework of the law, this movement is doomed, they will not get the attention nor the support of the majority of mainstream America behind them.

Despite what some of these protestors yell during protests, every society must have rules to go by, otherwise a society will not function. You can't scrap the whole system because of a few bad parts that have been allowed to flourish. If there is no order of things, there will be disorder and chaos. If there is a city ordinance against using bull horns, that there must be a permit to use one, then the protestors need to follow the laws that have been made. If the protestors don't like the laws, then change them. Protestors should not be going against local code laws such as that parks close at a certain time, or no camping in city parks etc. And they need to stop the ridiculous statements that such ordiances are unconstitutional and remember that most of the local ordiances were passed on the recommendations of local citizens in communities, a democratic process.

However, what I have found to be very inventive by the protestors to get around the bull horn usage, especially for their General Assembly meetings is the use of the "mic check". When someone says "mic check", this means someone has a message or something to convey, and others will repeat what is said so that everyone can hear what the person is saying.

LIVESTREAM EVENTS during the day and night.

Over the last month, I have watched many of the LIVE STREAMING of the Occupy Wall Street both during the day and late at night. Whether the organizers of people of this movement want to accept it or not, the people that you are letting speak on these LIVE STREAMING channels sets the impression of what people are doing this movement. Below are examples and these are the LIVE STREAMS I am talking about.

Occupy Live Stream 1

Occupy Live Stream 1

  • UPDATE 10-24-11
  • Since I put this article on the website on 10-22-11, I have received several hundred of letters from people that were visiting the LIVESTREAMS and voicing their opinions about issues and or were asking questions and their opinions on the LIVE chats. Their comments and questions were being cleared from monitors and some were actually banned from the chat feeds. These emails I have received from people were mostly people asking simple questions and voicing their free speech. It appears that the so called FREE SPEECH the OWS movement is preaching is not occurring on these LIVESTREAM feeds and chats. I have been visiting these LIVESTREAMS myself simply reading and watching and what I am seeing is a clear cut of censureship and it is being controlled by a select few and FREE SPEECH is not being honored by the OWS people by what I am seeing in these chats. I strongly, strongly suggest to the organizers of OWS that if you want to maintain the interest and support of mainstream working Americans you better get a handle on this problem, because it is huge! The monitors doing this banning of people are using the explanation that these people are TROLLS. What in the world are trolls? People simply voicing and exercising their FREE SPEECH? Hello OWS - if you allow this to continue - you are no better than those you are protesting against. Furthermore, I received over 400 emails from people that were asking the same question they said on the chats, "Where is all the money coming in going to?" Instead, these people were banned from the chats. I strongly suggest that you start answering that otherwise you will lose the support of mainstream America and you will have been nothing but an amusing amusement ride for a few weeks!

  • During the day LIVE STREAMS, I have seen that whoever is doing the LIVE STREAMING literally exaggerates many things to people that are at Liberty Square where the protestors have made their camp. For example, there may be only 700 people watching the LIVE STREAM, yet the host of the LIVE STREAMING will say, "there are ten thousand people watching this." They are leading people on at the camp. The protestors are protesting about corruption and honesty, I think they need to practice what they are preaching.

  • Another example is at night. One night, there was a young woman on the LIVESTREAM who had a total of 20 body piercings on her body, including her nipples. I know this because she told the people in the CHAT she had 4 on her nipples. Disgusting ! At the same time, there were people that were trying to start intelligent conversations like, " do you know the specifics, the corruption that caused the 2008 financial meltdown? - can't we talk about that instead ?" The people asking those questions to impart knowledge were completely ignored, instread childish rants such as down with this and that, start over , no good, and in between all these rants were very vile cuss words being used.

  • The people of the movement must understand one thing, you CANNOT throw out everything and start over. Just because the water is dirty where the baby is washing in, does not mean that you throw out the baby with the bathwater. You keep the baby in the tub which is a foundation and throw out the dirty water and replace it with clean water. I know that is a very simply analogy, but it is the truth. A woman on the chat one night stated that and one of the hosts said, "I can throw out both, I can always come back and get the baby." How ignorant.

  • First, there is nothing constructive is throwing out the foundation - our Constitution created by the people, for the people. Second, the protestors and all Americans must accept that the reason why the corruption has gotten to the level it has is because the majority of Americans I am sad to say have sat on their behinds for too many years electing self serving and even ignorant people into office. And last, if you do not know the specifics of why the corruption got to where it has, then you don't know what to do about what to change what laws to remove the corruption. That is why we have a Constitution and it is the best Democratic Constitution on this planet.

  • On another night, the hosts were attacking bankers who were vacationing in the Bamahas in their expensive Condos etc. etc. While that may be true, is that really solving the problems. Too many of the protestors are concentrating on how the 1% are living their lives, which is important, but instead they need to be educating the massives on how the 1% got their riches with specifics and details through corruption and back door deals with politicians. It is those facts that are going to make the difference, not that bankers are vacationing in their condos in the Bamahas.

  • There are suppose to be monitors on these live online chats, but as I understand whatever host is LIVE STREAMING can refuse monitors to monitor this sort of thing. This is a very bad decision on the part of the movement for many reasons to let these hosts do what they want. There must be guidelines for all to follow. No cussing, no talking about drugs, etc. etc. Instead, they should be using these LIVE STREAMING and chats on the LIVE STREAMING to educate people about the specifics of things of how we got to where we are today. Simply ranting that corruption and GREED has to go is not going to solve anything, or singing a hundred protest songs. I'm sorry, but mainstream hard working Americans do not want to listen to someone who has 20 body piercings on her body, that has tattoos all over her body and every ten minutes is singing a protest song as if she was on American Idol.

  • On another night, there was a young man playing another protest song about a frog eating the herb basiil mixed with words of down with the Federal Reserve. On another night, someone ask the hosts what there education was and host answered, "I don't need no education." How do I know that mainstream America does not want to listen people and these rantings? I have been getting thousands of emails from my mainstream America readers asking me to write about Occupy Wall Street and comments such as I have outlined here. Over the last two weeks, we have been tabulating a question survey from over 65,000 of my readers. These are readers that subscribe to receive my email updates when I have a new column up. Below are the results of this survey. The findings speak for themselves and the Occupy Wall Street should pay attention to these results and or conduct one themselves.

  • Some of questions that I compiled to ask my readers where gleaned from this website where they list what Occupy Wall Street should really be addressing with specifics. It is on this website:

  • The other things that disturbs not only me, but many Americans I have received emails from are the strange names of moderators. In these LIVESTREAM chats, the moderators have such strange names as if someone is smoking something or on acid or something. There is an issue of credibility with intelligent Americans despite how fed up they are with the corruption of reading comments and commands from someone with a name as if were named on another planet or from a hippie commune. Why is it they simply cannot have straight foreward names like Mary or John instead of somsething like MysticBlue? Am I or any intelligent middle American going to take what someone named MysticBlue has said as valid, and more importantly when MysticBlue has never heard of George Orwell's 1984 or the movie or doesn't know what deriatives which were major corrupted financial schemes bankers came up that caused the 2008 financial meltdown.

  • When there are monitors on the chat rooms, many times I saw over zealous moderators banning people simply because they were expressing their opinions, using their FREE SPEECH. This reminds me too much of George Orwell's 1984, where censureship by the few controls the thoughts of the masses. Occupy Wall Street needs to get a handle on this because if they keep allowing monitors of these chat rooms to ban people simply because the monitor does not agree with what the person is posting, you be lose many Americans over this. Here again, there has to be COMPLETE freedom of expression with some minor ground rules such as no cussing, etc. etc.

  • Don't the main organizers of the movement realize that people from all over the world are watching these LIVE STREAMS at nite and the impression they are giving other people around the world is this. That the protestors are nothing more than a bunch of uneducated spoiled brats with body piercings and tattos singing songs with lyrics as if they have been smoking something or are on an acid trip.

  • Regardless of what the organizers of the movement want to say, these are things of what I am talking about order. Impressions of how the majority of Americans take this movement will depend on these impressions of who is being seen. It will either make it move forwared or die. Plain and simple.

The website, the Occupy WallStreet group are not fond of. Occupy Wall Street feels they are trying to hijack the Occupy Wall Street movement. I totally disagree. The Occupy Wall Street people would be wise to join forces with them because frankly, the website has a unique approach to the movement. Setting up a national delegation by state to vote on the specific issues. This to me is the most American way to have this movement accomplish what it set out to do, to correct what needs to be corrected. Occupy Wall Street must understand this now, that they cannot become the voice for the majority of Americans. It is Americans that are the voice. All Occupy Wall Street can do is provide the means to transmit that voice. And the only way they can accomplish this consensus of the American people is to put into place a system such as this website has put into place. Delegates would be elected at local levels to vote on national issues. Occupy Wall Street would coordinate what specific issues from the local delegates based on what those Americans nationwide what fixed or done. That is not going to happen if the Occupy Wall Street group keeps fighting and not listening to others, and especially in this case, take what whoever has come up with what is on the 99precentdeclation website as a starting point and go from there. Because frankly in my opinion, the Occupy Wall Street is a ship without a rudder at this time. They need a rudder to get on the correct path if they want what they started to have the result that is needed. If Occupy Wall Street keeps using this adage that no one is going to hijack the Occupy Wall Street movement and not begin the means to coordinate what the majority of Americans want done and not just those in New York - then the movement is doomed to fail.

The 99percentdeclaration group has a forum as well.


Any movement needs a spokesperson. This is something the Occupy Wall Street is ignoring. It does not have to be one person, it could be a 2, 3,, or even half a dozen spokepersons talking on different issues. They need to learn the power of issuing Press Releases and having Press Conferences, but to do this, they must have something to say. They must have specifics they want changed and they MUST have the majority of Americans behind them in a Consensus and Cohesive way - not how they are doing it now, nothing makes any sense except for "We are the 99%", Well, fine America has gotten that message, but what do the 99% want and how are the 99% going to go about making the changes. To do that, you must be organized, you must have people that truly know what they are doing and talking about instead of people going off in 100 different directions.

Regardless of the what the Occupy Wall Street feels regarding the what that website has come up with, the Occupy Wall Street should joining with them because they have come up with what Occupy Wall Street needs, Consensus. And the idea the group has of starting community grooups in every city to coordinate to elect delegates from each state for a representation in voting, having town meetings of what needs to be done in Washington is much better in my opinion that what they are doing in New York. And the idea of getting Americans in 32 states to call for a Constitutional Amendment to overturn the Supreme Court ruling that corporations are "persons" is the most viable solution to solve the power of corporate influence in Washington.

Occupy Wall Street needs to recognize that whatever they are going to accomplish it will take the "people" in a purposely, orderly and consensus manner to accomplish what needs to be accomplished. They cannot keep on the path they are on without unifying the people with the specifics that must be changed, and they can't do that if they don't know the specifics of what caused the problems. They need to really listen to what Thomas Jefferson wrote which I listed above.

"Educate and inform the whole mass of the people.They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty"

Occupy Wall Street is not educating the masses on the specifics so that the correct solutions in a purposely, orderly and consensus manner can be found that needs to be corrected in America.

Although I have been critical of Occupy Wall Street as I have outlined, I greatly admire what the early organizers have started, it is long overdue, but if any of the original organizers are reading this article, please truly consider what I have outlined in this article. I know that many of you are intelligent and educated, do not let the frustration, aggrevation and anger get the best of what you are trying to accomplish. Think with a level head. You must work within the system for now, but you must, regardless of what you want to admit, there has to be a change in how you are going about this. If you don't, the movement will die out because Americans will not see any substance in what you are doing. You are being noticed by Americans for the time being because you are expressing the anger, the frustration and aggrevations of Americans concerning their government. However and listen very carefully, if you do not come up with specific solutions of what needs to be changed to get the corruption and GREED out of our government, you will lose the support of the American people, because they will truly being to think that you are nothing more than a bunch of spoiled brats having tantrums.

Capitalism is not bad. It is the corrupt men that have made it bad. You cannot do away with capitalism. It is what provides the liberty and the freedom for the citizens in a just Democratic society, but what must be in place is to keep the crooks and corruption out of it. This is where the people decide what laws they want to protect them, not the politicians. You cannot destroy/dismantle the Federal Reserve. All of the forefathers of this great nation all greed that their must be a central bank to coordinate the funds of the government and of the people, however, read what Thomas Jefferson wrote in 1802, as long as the PEOPLE control it and not the politicians, it will work as it should and that includes regulations to control the banks. Laws must be in place to keep the crooks from opening Pandora's box as they did with the derivatives, high risk commodity trading, REIT mortgage back securites that were falsely inflated and outright crooked schemes that has taken away the wealth of middle class America into the hands of a few and which caused the financial meltdown of 2008 and a near depression, the 1% as Occupy Wall Street says. And everyone needs to accept the fact that what President Obama did by bailing out the banks, if that had not been done, we would be in a depression ten times worse than the 1930 one, there would be millions of people starving in this country and out of work. Let's give President Obama another chance to do the change he promised, however, he is going to need all of our help to force the politicans in office in Washington now to do what is right and needed.

Occupy Wall Street is correct that Americans must take the power away from the corporations that are controlling Washington and the only way Americas are going to do that is to elect politicians that truly represent the needs of Americans, and I am not talking about the people that are idiots from certain parties that can't even get the history of our great nation correct when she speaks.

Have Americans forgotten that they can WRITE IN candidates on election ballots? Hello - does this spark an idea for anyone?

Occupy Wall Street has gotten my support for the time being and I am rooting for them, but unless they develop a strategy to start targeting the specific problems with specific solutions, they will lose me and many other Americans I'm afraid who want solutions to correct the problems, not a bunch of yelling, screaming and nothing getting nowhere except for marches that are protesting issues, not solving them.

Within a couple of weeks or so, I will be posting the results of my survey from my readers.

If you want to educate yourself on the specifics of how we got to this point, below are links to my various articles. I warned in 2004 of what was coming concerning the mortgage financial meltdown and why. I have written about specifics and this is the education I am talking about that is needed that many Americans are lacking.

Below is a link to the documentary, inGREEDients. I worked with David Burton in the making of this film as content, creative and journalistic consultant. The documentary exposes how the American people have literally been poisoned with chemicals in the food supply causing heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Why - GREED ! I have been writing about the GREED and CORRUPTION in Washington for 15 years.

For everyone at Occupy Wall Street, despite I have outlined some things you may feel I am being critical about your movement, I am on your side as evidenced in the documentary, inGREEDients. I hope you will take my advice, I want to see that you accomplish what you have started.

Please send an email to your family and friends about this article, the link is - please make sure you copy it correctly into your email.

Let us spread this message around the globe so that others may awaken as well to the TRUTH...
For in the end, "Truth is truly all that matters."

Update ---- results of my survey with my readers is below

You can call your Elected Representatives at this Toll Free # (1-866) 220-0044 in Washington, D.C. - simply ask for the office of your Senator or House of Representative office or even the Assistant to President Obama and voice your outrage that the politicians in Washington have to stop the fighting and start doing things of what Americans what and not want corporations want. And tell them if they don't, they are going to be elected out of office in the next general election.

Do you remember Sam Walton, Founder of Walmart. He had these huge signs at the front of each store that said, "We only sell what is made in the USA." Within a year after his death, his heirs changed that philosophy that created jobs in America. The signs came down and Walmart started forcing companies to go overseas to make their products cheaper for Walmart. Result, the loss of over nine million jobs over the last ten years. Read my columns below about those facts. America is no longer the manufacturing giant it once was. Our own government even buys STEEL from China to make our military equipment.

It is facts like that is what I am talking about. If you do not empower yourself with the facts and details of what has caused the mess that this country is cannot provide the solutions to fix the problems. I've heard several of the hosts of the Occupy LIVESTREAM events state, "we don't need to know the facts." This is very incorrect Occupy Wall Street.

~ ~ David Lawrence Dewey

Results of Online Survey to a Random Selection of Reader/Subscribers to DLDEWEY's email article update conducted October 12th through October 19th, 2011 via invitation.

Total Number of Respondents: 62,415

(30) Questions from the survey were asked.

  • 1: ) Do you feel the Occupy Wall Street movement in New York is working towards presenting specific solutions for financial reform?

    96.40% - 59,045 participates of participants said "NO"
    3,370 or 5.40% of participants said "YES"

  • 2: ) Do you feel Occupation Wall Street in New York is getting the consensus of Americans from all across America of what needs to be changed.

    97.2% - 60,667 participates of participants said "NO"
    1,748 or 2.8% of participants said "YES"

  • 3: ) Do you feel that Occupation Wall Street in New York would better serve the cause if delegates were elected from all of the cities participating in Occupy to vote on issues to present to elected officials of what the majority of Americans want done?

    RESULTS: 99.1% - 61,853 participates of participants said "YES" 562 or .90% of participants said "NO"

  • 4: ) Do you feel that Occupation Wall Street in New York would better serve the cause if they had a spokeperson or spokespersons talking on behalf of the consensus of all Americans as outlined in question # 3above?

    RESULTS: 99.5% - 61,103 participates of participants said "YES" 512 or .50% of participants said "NO"

  • 5: ) Do you feel that Occupation Wall Street in New York is trying to define what the solutions to our problems should be for all of America regarding the issues of which it should not be doing so but instead do so as outlined in question #3 above?

    RESULTS: 99.7% - 62,228 participates of participants said "YES" 187 or .30% of participants said "NO"

  • 6: ) Do corporations need to bring the jobs back home from overseas?

    99.2% - 61,770 participates of participants said "YES"
    499 or .80% of participants said "NO"

  • 7: ) Do corporations control politicians in Washington?

    99.5% - 62,103 participates of participants said "YES"
    312 or .50% of participants said "NO"

  • 8: ) Do strict banking regulations need to be put back into place to stop practices that caused the 2008 financial meltdown.? RESULTS: 99.9% - 62,353 participates of participants said "YES" 62 or .10% of participants said "NO"

  • 9: ) Do you feel green energy efforts, solar, wind and other need to speed up?

    98.4% - 61,416 participates of participants said "YES"
    999 or 1.6% of participants said "NO"

  • 10: ) Do you feel Global Warming issues need to be more aggressively addressed?

    99.1% - 6,1853 participates of participants said "YES"
    562 or .90% of participants said "NO"

  • 11: ) Should we abolish the IRS, thus saving $14 million a year in agency expenses and replace it with a flat national tax where everyone pays the same tax and no more filing of tax returns?

    99.6% - 61,165 participates of participants said "YES"
    250 or .40% of participants said "NO"

  • 12: ) Is Sarah Palin an embarrassment to our country?

    99.1% - 61,853 participates of participants said "YES"
    562 or .90% of participants said "NO"

  • 13: ) Do you trust your elected Senators and Congressman to fix our problems of unemployment problems quickly?

    99.8% - 62,290 participates of participants said "NO"
    125 or .20% of participants said "YES"

  • 14: ) Do you trust your elected Senators and Congressman to address our energy problems quickly?

    100% - 62, participates of participants said "NO"
    0% of participants said "YES"

  • 15: ) Do you trust your elected Senators and Congressman to address global warming quickly?

    99.9% - 62,353 participates of participants said "NO"
    62 or .10% of participants said "YES"

  • 16: ) Do strict EPA regulations need to be put into place to protect our water and natural resources from being destroyed because of GREED of corporations?

    99.9% - 62,290 participates of participants said "YES"
    125 or .20% of participants said "YES"

  • 17: ) Do you feel a Constitutional Amendment needs to be done to remove the status that Corporations are a person as ruled recently by the U.S. Surpreme Court?

    100% - 62,415 participates of participants said "YES"
    0 or .00% of participants said "NO"

  • 18: ) Do you feel that Corporations or any groups funded by Corporations need to be banned from donating to any political candidate running for office, Federal or State?

    100% - 62,415 participates of participants said "YES"
    0 or .00% of participants said "NO"

  • 19: ) Do you feel that lobbyists for any organization or corporation must put their recommendations representing these organizations or corporations to political figures in writing and that it becomes a matter of public record?

    100% - 62,415 participates of participants said "YES"
    0 or .00% of participants said "NO"

  • 20: ) Are you presently registered as a ?

    Participants identified themselves with these parties as presently registered

    Republican - 16,378 - 26.4% of survey participants
    Democrat - 17,601 - 28.2% of survey participants
    Independent - 24,067 - 38.5% of survey participants
    Other 4,368 - 7.4% of survery participants

  • 21: ) Will or has how politicians in Washington been conducting business cause you to change your party affiliation ?

    90% - 56,174 participates of participants said "YES"
    6,242 or 10% of participants said "NO"

  • 22: ) To what party will you change to or stay the same with ?

    Republican to Democrat - 8,538 - 15.2%
    Republican to Independent - 21,121 - 37.6%
    Republican to Other Party - 1,179 - 2.1%

    Democrat to Independent - 23,621 - 42.05%
    Democrat to Republican - 0 - 0%
    Democrat to Other Party - 1,713 - 3.05%

  • 23: ) Do you feel the major news networks do not report all of the facts and they are controlled by the government?

    100% - 62,415 participates of participants said "YES"
    0% of participants said "NO"

  • 24: ) If you do watch the major news networks, which outlet do you think is the most reliable to believe in?

    ABC - 16.2% - 10,111
    CBS - 7.3% - 4,556
    NBC - 7.5% - 4,681
    FOX - .20% - 125
    CNN - 10.8% - 6,678
    NONE - Don't believe any are reliable : 58.1%

    A full 58% of the participants, 36,263 do not believe the evening television news is the most reliable.

  • 25: ) Are you concerned about the economy that it will never be the same?

    100% - 62,415 participants of participants said "YES"
    0% of participants said "NO"

  • 26: ) Do you feel independent news sources are the most reliable bringing your the real facts and truth.

    100% - 62,415 participants of participants said "YES"
    0% of participants said "NO"

  • 27: ) Do you feel President Obama needs to tell it like it is regarding the corruption in Wall Street, banking and corporation control over Washington and do something about it.

    100% - 62,415 participants of participants said "YES"
    0% of participants said "NO"

  • 28: ) Do you feel President Obama has not been has honest as he could be concerning the issues in the country?

    100% - 62,415 particiapates of participants said "YES"
    0% of participants said "NO"

  • 29: ) Are you un-employed?

    23.2% - 14,516 of participants said "YES"
    42,674 or 68.7% of you said you were employed
    14,516 or 23.2% of you said you were unemployed
    5,225 or 8.3% of you said your were retired

  • 30: ) How long have you been unemployed and can't find work?

    Those unemployed, 14,615, said they have been unemployed for:

    Less than 3 months - 4.9% - 711 people
    6-9 months - 6.1% - 885 people
    9-12 months - 20.1% - 2,917 people
    12-15 months - 20.9% - 3,033 people
    16-24 months - 23.4% - 3396 people
    Over 2 yrs - 24.6% - 3,570 people

    43.3% of you or 6,967 have been unemployed for more than a year.

    completed the survey
    were MALE
    30,645 out 62,415 completed survey.
    were FEMALE
    32,393 out 62,415 completed survey.
    BY OCCUPATION - Number - %
    • Sales/Retail
    • Physician
    • IT Tech
    • Medical
    • Office
    • Retired
    • Auto Worker
    • Fireman
    • Military
    • Police
    • Bus Mgmt
    • Self,Business Owner
    • Housewife
    • Unemployed
    • Govt Worker
    • Food Industry
    • Transportation
    • Factory Worker
    • Media-Publishing
    • Other
    • 12795
    • 718
    • 4369
    • 1872
    • 6148
    • 6741
    • 624
    • 718
    • 1311
    • 1155
    • 2746
    • 1248
    • 6410
    • 3183
    • 1598
    • 3520
    • 2528
    • 2684
    • 687
    • 1361
    • 20.50%
    • 1.15%
    • 7.00%
    • 3.00%
    • 9.85%
    • 10.80%
    • 1.00%
    • 1.15%
    • 2.10%
    • 1.85%
    • 4.40%
    • 2.00%
    • 10.27%
    • 5.10%
    • 2.56%
    • 5.64%
    • 4.05%
    • 4.30%
    • 1.10%
    • 2.15%
    By AGE:

    • 18-26
    • 26-30
    • 31-35
    • 36-40
    • 41-45
    • 46-50
    • 51-55
    • 56-60
    • 61-65
    • 66-70
    • Over 70

    • 2115
    • 4115
    • 4213
    • 7113
    • 9937
    • 9843
    • 9945
    • 8941
    • 3477
    • 2511
    • 205

    • 3.4%
    • 6.6%
    • 6.7%
    • 11.4%
    • 15.9%
    • 15.8%
    • 15.9%
    • 14.3%
    • 5.6%
    • 4.0%
    • 0.3%
    59.02% - 36,838 are between the ages of 36-55

    BY STATE - (34) States Represented

    District Columbia



    North Carolina
    New Mexico
    New York
    South Carolina


    * This was a survey completed by Americans only who said they were registered to vote.

    Participants identified themselves with these parties:
    Presently Registered


    Republicans who will switch parties
    Democrats who will switch parties





    Republican to Democrat
    Republican to Independent
    Republican to Other Party

    Democrat to Independent
    Democrat to Republican
    Democrat to Other Party

    See Above
    See Above
    See Above

    See Above
    See Above
    See Above

    The largest groups switching will be 15.2% of Republicans switching to Democrats
    and 37.6% of Republicans switching to Independents.

    42.05% of Democrats will switch to Independents.

    There was less than a 2% difference in how men and women were voting on the issues.

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