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Genetically Modified Foods
The Documentary Monsanto Does Not Want You To Watch

March 9, 2011
by columnist
David Lawrence Dewey

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A DL DEWEY Exclusive - BREAKING NEWS - March 9, 2011
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Genetically Modified Foods
The Documentary Monsanto Does Not Want You To Watch

By: David Lawrence Dewey
© copyrighted March 9, 2011

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Before we get to the column...
Are you sure...about what you are eating in packaged goods ? - In dairy products? Meats?

Do you think ORGANIC is really ORGANIC ? - Think again !

These deadly toxins are even in over the counter prescription drugs and regular prescription drugs ! !

If you are taking any type of a prescription drug I strongly advise you to ask your Pharmacist for a list of the "inactive" ingredients in your drug prescription. You will be amazed what you are ingesting and poisoning your body with. I have compiled the following information to help educate you on what you are ingesting that is poisoning your body.

Your Food Is Being Sprayed With Viruses And The FDA Is Okay With That
Read this from Organic Health about how the FDA allows viruses to be sprayed on meats you are purchasing. SPRAYED MEATS

Presently, the FDA has approved over 14,000 deadly additves to be used in the food supply. They are comprised of chemical preservatives, dyes and colorings. Let's just take hydrogenated oils. If they were completely banned from the food supply like they have been in some countries, this would not only save lives, but save trillions of dollars in the treatment of the diseases they cause. Here is an analysis of tha data from the CDC ( Centers for Disease Control ) statstics.



Let's say play the devil's advocate here. Let's say by banning them completely in the food supply it only saves 25% of lives of cost - result - 1.25 million lives a year saved and 1 trillion dolllars in health savings a year in the treatment of just these two diseses.

Read more about this and about the new documentary, inGREEDients,

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Now to the current column...

Genetically Modified Foods
The Documentary Monsanto Does Not Want You To Watch

The USDA Paves Way For GM Takeover With Help From Monsanto Friends

The nightmare of more genetically modified foods in our food has been ramping up at a horrendous rate thanks to the USDA and their friends at Monsanto.

The frankenstein food assault worldwide by Monsanto continues with the USDA’s deregulation of GM Alfalfa in January came the approval of two more bioengineered crops in February; Ethanol Corn and Sugar Beets. The news is very upsetting to those who have been fighting against GMO crops for years. Thankfully consumers are becoming more aware of GMO foods, but it is going to take a huge effort by consumers or educating their family and friends to combat this and reverse this with politicians in Washington. The pressure must be begin NOW or there will be no natural food left within five years.

Here are the severe problems with GM crops.

The USDA also have taken no real measures to protect against cross-pollination of already approved GMO seeds that has been ruining natural corn and soy crops. Starlink corn, a genetically altered corn in 1997 that was only approved for animal feed was eventually taken off the in 2000 after a backlash rose up concerning these deadly seeds where the corn was showing up in Taco Bell tacos and other grocery store produced items. This seed, gentically alter, contained an inserted herbicide into the gene of the cord seed. It caused severe allergic reactions in humans. There are still court cases pending over the severe injury of people that ingested this GMO food that was to never reach human consumption. That didn't stop Monsanto was eventually getting a GMO corn which is being used in the U.S. but banned in (6) European countries including England, Germany and France. Monsanto's GM soy beans are also banned. However, as recently as December 2010, a shipment of corn arriving in Japan and inspected and if was found to contain Starlink corn. There is some evidence the now banned Starlink seeds are being sold on the black market. The Japan Health Ministry sent the ships back containing this gentically altered corn would not allow it into the country. Why is Monsanto still making these banned seeds? Yet, out FDA allows this in out country.

In 2009, approximately 95 percent of all soybeans and 80 percent of all corn in the U.S. were grown from genetically engineered seeds. Monsanto now dominates the production of GM strains. Sinister ploys of Monsanta such as making to buyers to cut out the competition, display the corporation mega-giant’s push for a monopoly on the food supply to control all seeds worldwide. They are also known for going after farms not using their seed by sending out “investigators” to test for Monsanto’s patented strains. If one is found, that farmer will face action from Monsanto, even if the seeds or pollination was carried out by nature. Monsanto claims the crops were made from their seeds and the farmer has not paid Monsanto for the GMO seeds for their crops.

Although a dozen state attorney generals and the Department of Justice have launched investigations towards Monsanto regarding antitrust violations. Still, the government, our USDA and FDA gives this company the green light to have more control over the food supply and prices when they approve more GM crops.

Serious Definite Conflict Of Interest In These Approvals

Keith Mudd, President of the Organization for Competitive Markets issued a supportive statement of the attorney generals’ investigations of Monsanto. Here are some highlights from the release:

  • “We believe the company uses transgenic trait licensingagreements with independent seed companies as a tool to put smaller seed companies at a competitive disadvantage, marketplace.

  • “Farmers are already struggling with rising fuel and chemical prices, as well as planting problems,” Mudd added. “And now they mustcontend with higher prices for crop seed with less choice in the market.

  • ”Monsanto maintains a dominant position in the marketplace byacquiring smaller competitors and merging with other companies. Last year, the department of Justice agreed to allow Monsanto to acquire Delta & Pine Land Company, giving it a 90 percent share of the transgenic cotton seed market.The company also enters into restrictive licensing agreements withseed dealers that are designed to gain market power, restrictcompetition, and prevent future innovation and market access by competitors.“Independent seed companies are essential distribution channels forseed technologies, making up more than a quarter of the market,” saidFred Stokes, OCM’s Executive Director. “We believe Monsanto’s licensing agreements prohibit stacking its transgenic traits with non-Monsanto traits without any scientific reason. Farmers who prefer regional seed companies and their locally adapted varieties can’t access non-Monsanto traits restricted under these contracts."

  • ”Monsanto is also known to aggressively enforce its licensing agreements through lawsuits that seek to protect its patent rights. Attimes Monsanto mistakenly targets innocent farmers who undergo unduefinancial and emotional stress in their effort to avoid costly lawsuits from Monsanto.

  • “Monsanto’s behavior has dramatically altered our rural communities,” Stokes said“We hope the state attorneys general will aggressively press thisinvestigation. Control of crop seed must be diverse. This issue is of fundamental importance to the future of American agriculture,” Muddsaid. “Farmers and independent seed companies deserve an open and fairseed marketplace. Consumers should not have to shoulder any furtherincrease in food prices.”

  • “As a result, farmers and smaller seed companies face higher prices, fewer choices and less innovation in the crop seed."

The First Lady Michelle Obama broke ground on the White House lawn in 2009 to make way for an heirloom vegetable and fruit garden to feed her family and to show children the importance of eating local organic foods, it seems the President and his administration are bent on destroying such opportunities for the rest of America and the First Lady is completely in the dark about GMO seeds and food. Monsanto tells you that GM seeds are the key to feeding the continual population boom. Government plays right along, paving the way for the company to continue decimating the health, rural farmingcommunities, bio-diversity and the very ability for the Earth to sustain life, as the thin layer of topsoil that nourishes us isdestroyed. This is no way to sustain life and its failure is already evident. GMO seeds has NOTHING to do in feeding an over populating world. It has to do with GREED to control the seed market.

The doublespeak being used by Monsanto and their public relation arms worldwide, including the Bill Gates Foundation, who by the way recently bought 500,000 shares of Monsanto stock... that genetically modified crops are intended for feeding the hungry is easy to see through when the USDA-approved crops are not even geared towards nutrition.

GM Alfalfa will be feeding cows, not people – the amount of land and energy it takes to raise animals for food is incredibly inefficient and more people will go hungry so that others can continue their pursuit of GREED. Futthermore the meat from these cattle consuming GMO crops is putting toxins in the meat which humans will eat, thus causing a host of diseases as shown by lab animal studies being fed GMO crops.

Feeding animals for food consumes huge amounts of energy and water. It takes two to five times more water to grow grain for ananimal then for a human. During global food shortages, while 800 million people a day are living their lives hungry, the majority ofcrop-producing energies goes to this inefficient practice.How about the sugar beets?

District Court Judge Jeffrey White banned the planting and sales of Monsanto’s Roundup Ready biotech suga rbeets last year in August after determining that their USDA approval in 2005 was illegal. The government never conducted a thorough environmental review before approving the crop. Shortly after White’s ruling, though, the USDA issued permits allowing companies to plant seedlings for future GM sugar beet crops. Earth justice, a consumergroup, brought a case against the USDA and asked the judge to order the plants be destroyed, Judge White ordered that the seedlings "shall be removed from the ground"; the action was the first court-ordered destruction of a GM crop.The ban on planting the Monsanto beets has since been revoked and planting will begin this spring. This puts non-GM crops in jeopardy,all just to feed an unhealthy demand for sugar!

The ban on planting the Monsanto beets has since been revoked and planting will begin this spring. This puts non-GM crops in severe jeopardy,all just to feed an unhealthy GREEDY demand for sugar! And of three is ethanol corn. Obviously a crop that is not being grown for human consumption, this approval masquerades as a balance to the corn shortage caused by it’s use to create fuel. The folly is that ethanol has become an incredibly inefficient fuel that uses more energy to create than it actually produces. A study by ES&T researchers at Michigan State University found that, ( a study paid for by Monsanto ) "It’s 36% more efficient to grow grain for food than for fuel." Here is the truth though. Author Ilya Gelfand goes on to say "We found that it’s not energy-efficient to produce ethanol from grain crops that can serve as food,” and that “It’s more efficient to produce ethanol from cellulosic feedstocks such as grasses not corn."

Strangely enough, the report also found that the most efficient crop for biofuels was alfalfa and the least efficient alfalfa use was for cattle feed. The stupidity is staggering! All of this shows the horrendous inefficiency and irresponsibility of what is wrong in our government. There are idiots at the FDA and USDA and idiotic politicians in Washington who allows this to continue.

President Obama promised in his campaign's, "change we can believe in", still packed the USDA and FDA and other governmental brances with Monsanto men and bio tech cheerleaders such as former Iowa Governor, Tom Vilsack. And this bio techj cheerleading goes all the way back to President Reagan's adminstration with then Vice President Bush visiting Monsanto and after listening to Monsanto exectutive complain about the hold up at the FDA of approving GMO seeds said and this is on film in a documentary, "well you've come to right place, we are in the deregulation business." And folks, look at what deregultion has done to us not only in agriculture but banking deregulation that Reagan/Bush through in the 80's that set the stage for the 2008 financial crisis and meltdown in this country. I wrote extensively about that and warned consumers what would happen and it did. I'm sorry, but President Obama is a hypocrite.

If you have not seen this documentary that Monsanta does not want you to see, I strongly, strongly urge you to take teh 1 hour and 48 minutes to watch it. The film was made by a French woman who felt the world needed to know the truth of what Monsanto has done and is doing. The information she provides is shocking with actual proof from leading reseachers and whistle blowers from even our own FDA and USDA officials who were fired for letting out the truth of these horrendous toxic GM seeds Monsanto has been producing for the last 30 years. She also shows the political corruption of Washington politicians and their friendly profitable unholy alliance with Monsanto for the last 50 years.


Please watch this documentary and I strongly urge and request that you this send link to your family and friends ! We must spread the truth NOW and stop this madness before we will no longer have no natural seeds of any kind to grow our food.

The film was produced by a French woman who felt the world needed to know what Monsanto was doing to the food supply. It goes all the way back to President Reagan,when then Vice President Bush visiting a Monsanto plant is heard saying in the film after Executives of Monsanto were complaining about the FDA holding up approval said, "well, you came to the right place, we're in the deregulation business." Well, we all know what Presdient Reagan's and then to be President Bush's continued deregulation of the banking industry has caused in this country, the near economic destruction of this country not to mention a depression that would have made the 1930 look like a visit to Disneland. Think again about wanting government deregulation after seeing this documentary. You will learn the corrupt politics because of GREED. There are FDA whistle blowers in the film that tell you the truth of what has been going on for the last 50 years with Monsanto.

Also, please take another 46 minutes and watch this video recently made by Geneticist Engineer Scientist, Dr. David Suzuki.

Dr. David Suzuki

Dr. David Suzuki presents
What are Roundup Ready and Pesticide GMO crops? What You Need To Know !

Dr. Suzuki was a Geneticist Engineer Scientist for 25 years. He has recently decided to speak out against GMO ( Genetically Modified Organisms - Foods ) and narrates this 46 minute documentary to educate people on the serious issue of genetically modified foods. You have a life to live that goes well beyond 46 minutes. I strongly recommend that you watch this documentary since it is in regards to our global food supply, our planet's health and the health of human beings which include you, your children and their grand children, we are creating GMO foods that causing diseases!

After watching both, help spread the word, since emails to you family and friends of these articles.

The links are :

It cannot be said any simply that this of what GMO foods does to the body.

pesticides in GMO foods

One voice can become MILLIONS !

The World According To Monsanto - Click on the Image to Watch

Monsanto Documentary

The World According to Monsanto Documentary

GMO Foods Damage DNA GENES

In 1997, Dr Andrew Chesson, vice chairman of European Commission scientific committee on animal nutrition stated:

"Potentially disastrous effects may come from undetected harmful substances in Genetically Modified Foods."

"The fact is, it is virtually impossible to even conceive of a testing procedure to assess the health effects of genetically engineered foods when introduced into the food chain, nor is there any valid nutritional or public interest reason for their introduction."

Professor Richard Lacey, microbiologist, medical doctor, and Professor of Food Safety at Leeds University, famous for his prediction of the dangers of "Mad cow disease" many years ago and who has spoken out strongly against the introduction of genetically engineered foods, stated; GMO foods have unlimited health risks"

GE Disrupts Host Gene Functions and Possesses Inherent Unpredictability

(Excerpt from "Genetic Engineering and Traditional Breeding Methods: A Technical Perspective" by Dr Michael Antoniou)

Clearly GE represents a great technological advance. However, as we have already discussed, genes have evolved to exist and work in families. Therefore, the claim that the reductionist approach of GE which moves one or a few genes between unrelated organisms, is a precise technology is highly questionable.

Furthermore, the generation of transgenic plants and animals is currently an imperfect technique. Once injected into the cells of the organism, the introduced gene is randomly incorporated into the DNA of it's new plant or animal host.

In fact, the manner in which GE animals and plants are produced, always selects for the splicing of the foreign gene into regions of the host DNA where other natural genes are trying to work. Given the interdependence of gene function within any grouping of genes, this random splicing of the foreign gene into the host DNA will always result in a disruption in the normal genetic order in the "string of pearls". Therefore, GE of animals and especially plants, always results in a loss, to a lesser or greater degree, of the tight genetic control and balanced functioning which is retained through conventional cross breeding.

With GE, host genes can be silenced (inactivated) or inappropriately switched on resulting in either a deficiency in a given protein(s) or the presence of the wrong protein(s) in the wrong place or in the wrong quantity or all these combined.

In addition, it is also assumed that the introduced gene and the protein that it makes, will behave in exactly the same way in it's new host as it does in it's native environment which frequently will not be the case. As discussed above, gene and protein functions have evolved over millions of years to work together in any given organism. The anti-freeze gene/protein in the arctic sea flounder has evolved to work together with the other genes/proteins in this fish. It is purely an assumption that it will work in exactly the same way with no unwanted side effects in it's new hosts where it will now be surrounded by plant proteins!

These effects combine to produce a totally unpredictable disturbance in host genetic function as well as in that of the introduced gene. The resulting disturbance in biochemical function can unexpectedly produce novel toxins, allergens and reduced nutritional value.

Hazards with Genetically Engineered SOY

Monsantos RoundupReady Soy has been widely used. It turns out that it is VERY problematic.

A human feeding study found that parts of the gene which was articially inserted (called the "transgene" below) into RR-soy turned up in the DNA of gut bacteria.

Although, in this study, the whole transgene was not incorporated into the bacteria, we find it justified to assume that whole transgene can be incorporated as well. Please note that it is enough for this to occur in one single case so as to have serious consequences, because this bacterium may multiply by thousands, and in addition it can transfer the gene to other bacteria through "mating" (horisontal transfer).

If this occurs, it might have potentially have problematic consequences:

The bacteria are then enabled to create the foreign protein. If it is toxic (like in the case of Bt-toxin) or allergenic (as in the case of RR-soy protein), they may continue producing the harmful substance for years after you have eaten just one meal of the GE food.

For example, the RR-Soy gene produces a bacterial protein which is partly identical with an allergenic shrimp protein. Consequently a person with shrimp allergy would get lasting problems from eating RR soy.

A disturbing and ignored fact is that other studies have shown that the genes don't stay in the intestines, but may be taken up by the body and end up in the DNA in your genes".

Pieces of DNA from GM Bt corn have been detected in chicken tissues including muscles (the meat), liver, kidney and spleen.

The chicken had eaten only the Bt corn for 32 days. The DNA polymerase technique (PCR) was used. This is a standard method for identifying DNA. The Bt-gene itself was however not found. But this depends on special properties of the used examination technique according to professor Jahreis, who leads the research group at Friedrich-Schiller-Universität in Jena, Germany. "You can however reckon that there were also pieces of the Bt gene in the chicken tissues" he said.

Professor Jahreis states that no consumer can protect himself from absorbing foreign genes. "We take up genes from all nutritiens through the so called Peyer Plaques in the gut."

Source: German 03-11-2000

Another german research group has demonstrated traces of Bt corn DNA in cows milk and in cow blood immune cells.

Source: German-Bauernstimme 11-2000, s. 8.


1. Netherwood, et al, Assessing the survival of transgenic plant DNA in the human gastrointestinal tract, Nature Biotechnology, Vol 22 Number 2 February 2004.

2. Michael Hansen, “Possible Human Health Hazards of Genetically Engineered Bt Crops: Comments on the human health and product characterization sections of EPA’s Bt Plant-Pesticides Biopesticides Registration Action Document,” Presented to the EPA Science Advisory Panel Arlington, VA, October 20, 2000

3. Mae-Wan Ho, Angela Ryan

90% of all SOY produced in the U.S. is now genetically modified soy by Monsanto. If you eat SOY, make sure it is organic non-GMO, otherwise you are taking your own life in your hands with tremendous risks.

Want to know more about genetically altered SOY, ead my column Newest Research On Why You Should Avoid Soy

What you can do to stop this madness

Hello Washington....are you listening?

Hello America ....are you listening?

I urge everyone to:

Locate your Senators and House of Representative to write them: HERE

You can call your Elected Representatives at this Toll Free # (1-866) 220-0044 in Washington, D.C. - simply ask for the office of your Senator or House of Representatives office or even the Assistant to President Obama and voice your outrage concerning this. That all chemical an un-natural additives needs to be banned from the food supply. I ask you to do this for yourselves, your children and your grandchildren. We must stop the poisoning of America because of corporate GREED! Email this link of this column to your family and friends to my column. The link is:

If you have not read my column, "Deadly Food Toxins In The Food Supply Exposed", I strongly urge to find out more about the deadly toxins you are consuming in the products you are consuming.

Concerning Global Warming - Update

Global Warming has been an issue of mine since 1997 when I wrote my first columns, alerting my readers to melting ice caps due to carbon dioxide levels increasing in the ice at the poles! In ten years, it has increased over 400%. This is what has been causing the ice caps to melt. All you have to do is view satellite images of the poles from ten years ago to last year, we have lost over 35% of the ice caps. We have lost major ice glaicers all over the world, providing drinking water and water for farming. In China, they are facing huge food shortages because (4) of their major ice glaciers providing water for farming in their main farming area have melted! If you have not read my columns over the years, I urge you to and support measures to end man made global warming. And to this day, we still have ignorant, stupid people out there that still say there is not such a thing as global warming. Good Lord, just look at the weather changes. Do you need to be hit over the ahead to wake up to the truth?

My columns:

My other columns:

~ ~ David Lawrence Dewey

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