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Global Warming-Fact or Fiction?
August, 1997 - Updated May 5, 2010
by columnist
David Lawrence Dewey

"Reading provides knowledge...
knowledge leads to answers."
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Global warming has been an on going heated debate between scientists, politicians and the general population since the early 1970's. Many scientists will argue that the mean temperature of the earth will increase 3 degrees to 8 degrees over the next 100 years. While some will say it will not happen. To understand what global warming is, let's first explore the definition of climate change and the possible causes of it.

Steve, 45, from Los Angeles wrote, "If you can't see that something is occurring because of the unusual weather changes we are seeing all over the globe, then those that say there is not a global warming should open their eyes wide." Steve has made an interesting comment which I agree with. My opinion is that we have ignored this problem for too long like we humans do with everything else that we have screwed up our planet with. Let's take a look however at some explanation for part of this.

Climate is an average weather, usually a 30-year time period in which constant readings have been taken over those 30 years. Scientists changes in many areas of weather patterns since the last 30 thirty period. This 30 year period of data collecting will end in the year 2,010. Weather patterns, (i.e. mother nature) goes thru a weather pattern change about every thirty years if you look at this data. The globe has experienced warmer, colder, wetter, dryer periods during these changes. Look at what happen during the Oklahoma dust bowl crisis in the 1940's. I do believe though that humans have injured Mother Nature and that she has been reacted negatively to what we have been putting into the atmosphere over the last 100 years or so.

Cynthia, 40, from Iowa wrote, "We have had the worst floods in our part of the country in the last sixty or so years. We have somehow injured our climate." Cynthia is correct. In some parts of the country, they have seen the worst flooding in 30 to 60 years. However, is this caused by global warming or simply Mother Nature replenishing the water supply in artesian oceans under us. You know, our population has increased by 30% over the last thirty years and therefore are demanding more water for usage, growing crops, etc..... Maybe Mother Nature is simply saying, "Gotta go up and make same rain clouds, those humans are using more water than I've been making." Or is it?

Most of the causes of global warming many have argued is caused by a combination of events over the last 100 or so years. The industrial revolution brought machinery that usually was powered by oil in the 1800's and early 1900's, (fossil fuel combustion), has increased dramatically over the last fifty years according to the Goddard Institute for Space Physics. This is due to the rising sea levels and the retreat of ice glaciers at both both poles since the mid 90's. Over the last 200 years, fossil fuel combustion have caused significant emissions of anthropogenic, (i.e., human-induced) greenhouse gases, primarily carbon dioxide. Combine this with the the loss of as much as 60% of the world rain forests and the effect is made even worse. Trees extract carbon dioxide from the air and replace it with oxygen. The more carbon dioxide that remains, especially in the upper atmosphere, allows more incoming solar radiation to pass through the earth's atmosphere and prevents much of the outgoing infra-red radiation from escaping into outer space. The Earth's' "natural" greenhouse effect, (meaning provided by mother nature), keeps the Earth's average surface temperature approximately 60 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than it would be. Observations from many scientific sources have measured a global average temperature increase of about 1 degree over the past century, while some say it has increase 3 degrees.

Paul, 42, from Canada wrote, "If you can only see what has been done to the worlds' natural rain forests like I have, you would then understand that we are choking ourselves and killing Mother Nature." Paul has made a very good point which I have been an advocate for years about. We have been cutting down our rain forests which provide over 30% of the world's replenishing of oxygen. This percentage is now down to less than 10%, because we have cut down over 60% of the rain forests worldwide. In addition, we have lost the ability of discovering new medical treatments through the use of exotic herbs that have now been completely destroyed forever. Did you know that many medicines today are made from extracts of certain herbs, and I'm talking about prescription medicine folks! We humans should really have our heads examined for doing this. All it takes is using a little common sense in knowing that if we cut down an entire rain forest, we will have more flooding, the air will become smoggy and so forth. Why is it that we humans simply do not use our common sense? No, we have common sense, we let greed get in the way and this is what this is all about. Corporations worldwide have made billions of dollars by cutting down the rain forests folks, and you and I will pay the ultimate price, not having clean air to breathe. If you have ever gotten behind anything in your life, I plead with you to write letters to your Senators and Congressmen about this issue. Laws need to be passed to prevent corporations that utilize rain forest wood be prohibited from selling in the United States. The U.S. can use the embargo leverage of placing embargos on any country that uses such wood. There are means to stop this and very quickly, but who in our Congress will have the guts to do it. I challenge any member of Congress to take up this cause. I will mailing by snail mail and by email a copy of this column to every Senator and Congressman. I ask you my readers, to do the same if you agree.

The arguments of whether Global Warming is occurring or not need to be put aside. Scientists and leaders worldwide need to come together to solve and prevent this from getting worse in my opinion. My opinion is that Global Warming is occurring, how much of it is attributable to humans needs to be understood and acted upon immediately, or are we going to wait another 100 years and the temperature may have risen 3 degrees worldwide like many are saying.

So, who is correct, let's explore the information. I've provided these links because there is just too much information to write about in this column. I've touched on highlights above, but there is still much to be considered.

The Environmental Protection Agency says it is an average 1 degree average warming. While theNOAA says it is 3 degrees. And there are many other organizations, both government and private worldwide that say it is between these two figures. Here are a few of these sources, which I have also listed on my Other Interesting Websites page.

Explore these site and the information there concerning Global Warming and you decide.

Global Warming Update By The NOAA:This site is administered by the NOAA/NESDIS/NCDC: and edited by Thomas Karol. This site presents research data temperature trends for the last 200 years with image maps of changing temperatures for different regions of the world, including regions of the U.S. Information includes rainfall and tornado data. CLICK HERE for a 301K image graph showing temperatures the last 100 years for the Northern American Hemisphere, produced by the NOAA.

Global Warming: Fact, Hypothesis, or Myth:-By Douglas V. Hoyt Mr. Hoyt is a Senior Scientist with Hughes/STX. Now here is other data that presents information whether global warming is actually occurring or not. Mr. Hoyt presents some very interesting facts that challenges some of the conventional theories of global warming.

Environmental Protection Agency Updates On Global Warming.The EPA site presents the global warming material with trends, statistics, and causes of rising temperatures.

U. S. Global Research Information Office - GCRIOThis site has a wealth of information, new updates on latest research and other data for global warming.

Here is a comprehensive site that has some very good research material. Philip Stott's site

Global Warming Traveling Exhibition Presented by the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. This is a internet duplication of the Smithsonian Travelling Exhibition on global warming. This is a fantastic and educational exhibit - don't miss this!

In closing, Global Warming is an issue that in my opinion, every time it has needed to be addressed correctly by our elected officials, the United Nations and by other governments worldwide, it has been swept aside for various reasons of greed, power influenced by the corporations making billions in areas that is causing pollution and global warming and simple ignorance. I state simple ignorance, because it seems that after so many things that we humans have not done over the last 100 years that we should have, you would think we would have learned something. You know, if another advanced civilization has been observing us to make contact, I can see why they are hesitating. Who in their right mind would want to make contact with a race that is still involved in tribal warfare and still cannot understand the meaning of, "Man inhumanity to mankind".

Thank you, all my readers from around the globe. I hope you enjoy the new additions to my website. I am continually searching for information and other interesting sites for you to visit. For those of you that I have not yet answered via email, hang in there and I will get around to you. I received so many email letters on this subject that I decided to do more research on the subject and provide links to sites for other information for you. Explore, gather the information for yourself on Global Warming, and hopefully you will become someone who cares about our Mother Earth like so many are doing finally today.

UFO'S. The Roswell crash, the Majestic M-12 Records,(the secret group formed by Roosevelt because of the Roswell crash), black helicopters and the men in black, and about a new manual recently discovered issued by the Army in 1954 for the recovery of UFO ships and bodies. This is interesting folks, because the Army stopped printing the War Office logo on their material except for their manuals in 1949. This was not a known fact to anyone, which further validates that this manual is genuine. I will also have the latest reports of UFO sighting from around the globe. If you have seen one, please email me with your description. I will be including all of these sightings on a separate site page. I will also be forwarding them to a producer at the FOX Television Network Show, SIGHTINGS.

~ David Lawrence Dewey ~

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