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"Monday Morning"
A Film That Brings To Light The Real Suffering of the Homeless
July 25, 2012
by columnist
David Lawrence Dewey
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A DL DEWEY Exclusive
In Depth Special ReportInterview and Film Review

Monday Morning...
A Film That Brings To Light...The Real Suffering Of the Homeless

David Lawrence Dewey - July 25, 2012 © copyrighted

Monday Morning

Nat Christian delivers a new film that brings to light the stark truth and real suffering of the homeless, something that Americans and Politicians alike can no longer ignore.

Despite the common belief among many that the homeless are worthless people, the truth is, many were only one paycheck away or not being able to get disability from being homeless.

Every American needs to stop and think about that, only one paycheck away from being homeless.

The film is a characterization of the homeless. It is based on true stories that we see all the time in real life. Stories that range from a Mother with a child who has lost her husband with no means to support herself, to a war veteran whose testicles were blown off in a war or a veteran suffering mental health from the horrors of war. With no support from any source, these people become homeless. Yes, some become alcoholics and drug users. What a sad state of affairs that our country has allowed this to happen. It is growing daily and no one is pay attention. Hopefully this film will wake people up that we must fix this.

With a budget of only $65 thousand, which would classify this as a low budget film, the film delivers with strong acting talent and a story line. I must warn viewers, there are graphic scenes in this film that depict what truly goes on in the land of the homeless.

The film should not be viewed by minors since it has not been rated yet. There are some very graphic scenes and graphic language in this film that some may find digusting, however, the stark truth is appalling and disgusting.

Nat Christian wanted to deliver a message about the sad graphic truths of the homeless and how they must live. He was not concerned about making an "artistic" film, he wanted to deliver a message, the stark reality and truth of the homeless and that he did in Monday Morning.

I understand though from Nat Christian, that a final editing cut will be done, and a few of the most graphic scenes will be re-edited. What I viewed to write this review of the film is called a "for screening purposes only", before a final edit has been done.

The film thus far has received mixed reviews, mostly positive though. It is amazing how... when the truth is presented, a few will not even review a film because they don't want to see and admit the truth that is there. And the truth is what it is... and that we truly must start to do something about this atrocity of mankind's inhumanity to an ever growing population of the homeless.

The Reviews - - -

"Bold and haunting... Nat Christian amalgamates the elements of drama, thriller politics, social commentary and magical realism" ... Avi Offer, NYC Movie Guru

"Complex and deep, and will leave viewers thinking" ...Caress Thirus, Film Monthly

"A Wonderful Life turned inside-out,... powerful, often upsetting" ... James van Maanen, Trust Movies

"A timely film & a rarity in today's political climate"... Edward Yerke-Robin, Film Critic

"A powerful and engaging movie"... LA Councilman, Bill Rosendahl

"A truly inspiring and riveting film"... Booker Pearson of Upward Bound (Homeless Rehab Center)

"Thomas Bach (Victor Brown) is on top of his game"...The Rotten Tomatoes Review

"A unique story, dives beyond its political exterior"...Stephen Davis, College Movie Review

"A timely film & a rarity in today's political climate...Weekend Movie Guide

"An eye opening film"...Nick Leyland, Movie Review Room

"Complex and deep, will leave viewers thinking...Carus Thirus, Film Monthly

"A wonderful life turned inside out"...James van Mannen, Trust Movies

And my review of "Monday Morning"...

"Brings to light the real suffering of the homeless...
something that Americans and Politicians alike can no longer ignore...Monday Morning is a definite thumbs up !"

...David Lawrence Dewey - Author, Columnist

Monday Morning has received two film awards:

2012 Film Festival Hudson Ohio New Yokr Film Makers Award

The Characters - - -

Victor BrowneActor, Victor Browne, known from the soap opera, One Life To Live plays the lead character, Thomas Bach in Monday Morning. Browne's films include, The Cottage, Closure,The Invited. Also the film series, Love's Unending Legacy, CSI, Crime Scene Investigation and ER. Browne plays a diabetic politician. He gets attacked in Los Angeles with an injury to the head, loses his memory and becomes one of the homeless for several days, almost dying by not taking his insulin shots.

Molly KidderActress Molly Kidderhas appeared as Intern Megan in the television series, Grey's Anatomy and Seattle. She played characters in the TV series Outsourced and The Unit. Kidder plays Katherine Sands, an aide to a U.S. Senator who is trying to help the homeless. She is also Thomas Bach's love interest and conscious in Monday Morning. This is Kidder's first major film role.

Jessica SpottsActress Jessica Spotts, who has appeared in several short films and the 2006 television series, Birnkrant 616, plays Beth, a young woman with a son who has become homeless. She becomes a prostitute to support her son and herself and her drug habit she acquired after becoming homeless. She is raped, beaten and there is a sad ending for both she and her son.

Nat ChristianActor Nat Christian was in the daytime soap operas, General Hospital and The Young and The Restless. He played characters in the Mike Hammer and Falcon Crest television series as well as appeared in the movie King Kong Lives and the recent movie, CHANNELS with actress Joan Van Ark and actor Ed Asner. Christian plays the character, Damn in Monday Morning, a war veteran who had his testicles blown away in a war.

Nat Christian - Victor Browne

Victor Browne as Thomas Bach, the politician who loses his memory and Nat Christian, the homeless war veteran Damn

Nat Christian not only wrote and produced Monday Morning, he also plays the character, Damn in the film, a character who was in the military and who had his testicles blown off in a war. Christian adds the craziness so to speak of what would be termed a "crazy homeless" person, but once you get to know the character of Damn, one can only feel sorry for him and what the system has done to him being a veteran.

The overall acting in the film I give a thumbs up + 5. Victor Browne, Molly Kidder, Jessica Spotts and Nat Christian deliver their characters with much realism. Some may find the story line at times not "thrilling" with excitement, but the actors provide depth to the characters they are playing, simply showing what does and I should say, doesn't go on within the homeless. What I mean by that is this. The homeless become the way they are because they have "nothing to do". They have been thrown away by society, made to feel worthless, their minds melt away in their despair.

Browne and Spotts make you believe they are truly homeless. Molly Kidder adds a touch of class to the film as being the conscious in the film, playing a character who is an aide to a U.S. Senator who is trying to help the homeless. Nat Christian shows the sadness of a war veteran that the system has forgotten about. After watching these characters, no wonder the homeless wind up with such a feeling of hopelessness and depair and become what they become, human beings tossed aside and forgotten about from the rest of humanity in a very inhumane way. The truth is, a large part of humanity has basically walked away from these poor souls who will simply die before their time because they have been forgotten.

I encourage every adult American, if you truly want to know the truth and the plight of the homeless, along with all the negatives of how they live which many will find repulsive, then I urge you to watch this film so that it is a call to arms to correct this horrible atrocity that America is allowing to occur and allowing to grow.

Monday Morning, despite that the film is a low budget film, it delivers the message of what America needs to wake up about, this includes all Americans and Politicians.

Nat Christian agreed to do an interview with me. My questions to him and his answers follow. In this interview, you will get to know Christian and his purpose for making Monday Morning.

My Interview with Writer/Director/Producer/Actor, Nat Christian


You produced and wrote Monday Morning as well as acted in it. Why did you want to do all three? When did it come to you that you wanted to do such a movie as Monday Morning. Was it your original thought to also be one of the characters in the film and why did you want to portray one of the characters in the film.



What was your motivation or desire to do Monday Morning? Was it because you felt human beings who had become homeless were being discarded, ignored and forgotten about because they had become homeless?


Are the characters in Monday Morning based on a composite of actual homeless people you have seen on the streets that are struggling with the following issues? I.E., Veterans being forgotten, not being given adequate health and mental care. People losing their jobs/homes. People having tragedy hit them in their personal lives and having no support from family/friends. People with mental health problems that have been thrown out into the streets because of budget cuts?


What is the percentage you feel of people that are homeless on the streets who do turn to alcohol and or drugs, do so to ease the emotional pain of their problems or do you feel it is because of a genetic predisposition to alcoholism and or mental health issues, or is it a combination of , I.E. , ease the emotional pain of their circumstances combined with a predisposition to alcoholism and mental health issues.


When you dig into the statistics they show a continuing growth of the homeless in certain parts of the country. The figures above that Christian is stating are fairly accurate. A 2010 study by the Center for American Progress shows that a disproportionately high number of youth are becoming homeless. I find this very alarming. Our youth is this country's future. I ask...what are we doing here? Are we slowly setting the country up for failure? This website provides statistics of the homeless:

The organization acquires this data from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and welfare agencies. The problem with this data is that point-in-time count methodologies are used. This means they only "count heads" in the field. This does not represent how many homeless are living under bridges, abandoned buildings and other places that these field head counts don't always get to to count people. These "counts" of the homeless vary and are imperfect and as such the aggregated numbers do not represent a precise count of homeless people in this country, especially when you hear city officials in parts of the country complaining, "the homeless population is growing."

According to this imperfect field "head count", the "data" by HUD is showing the number of homeless people was essentially unchanged between 2009 and 2011, with only a 1 percent decline. This data includes both what is termed "sheltered" and "unsheltered homeless". However, what the data does show is this. The unsheltered population increased 2 percent from 239,759 in 2009 to 243,701 in 2011. I believe this figure is actually much worse. When you look at data over the last ten years, homelessness has been increasing at average of 2-3% a year, especially with the economic problems since 2008. The so called overall decrease they are stating which I feel is inaccurate can only be attributed to an increase of non-profit local charities that have cropped up the last three years helping people to get back on their feet. It was NOT because of government programs, when in fact the last two years, government subsidies for the homeless have been cut by Congress. I find this very ironic that politicians can find money for pork barrel projects like the $11 million dollar bridge to nowhere in Alaska, yet they can't find money to help the homeless or war veterans that need help.

~ ~ ~ Back to the interview with Nat Christian ~ ~ ~


Do you feel that most people turn away from the homeless and if so, what is it you feel causes most people to turn away from the homeless. Do you feel it is because they fear that they themselves could one day wind up homeless?


What was the main message you were wanting to deliver in Monday Morning? Do you feel that what you have presented in Monday Morning is actually occurring in real life pertaining to the homeless and how politicians are dealing with the issue?


Do you feel that other people need to adjust how they view the homeless to correct the ever growing population of the homeless on the streets?


What can the government do and should do to stop this atrocity of the homeless that is occurring? This includes both state and federal government separately.


Do you feel this is mostly a large city problem, or does this occur in small rural cities as well? Do you feel it is larger in the sense of how many people are homeless because of the size of the city, or it is about the same percentage of homeless based on the population of a city, whether large or small.


What can Americans do to help resolve this issue of the homeless. On a local basis and national basis?


Do you feel that unless something is done, that it is going to grow and grow into larger population of the homeless and is this because there is not enough support for the homeless.


What percentage of Americans you feel look the other way when it comes to the homeless.


What percentage of Americans you feel are helping to solve these issues of the homeless by donating money and or contributing their time to the shelters that do exist for the homeless.


Do you feel most Americans think if they ignore the problem long enough, it will resolve itself mainly because without help, support, medical care to the homeless.. many will simply die, resolving the problem. Do you feel this is ordinary people that feel like this, or people in government that feel like this, or both?


If there was one thing you wanted to tell people concerning the issue of the homeless, what would that one thing be?


If there was one thing you wanted to tell the homeless, what would that one thing be?


If you would like to correspond via email with Nat Christian about the movie, you can reach him via email at mondaythemovie (at) Replace the (at) with the regular symbol. This is done to prevent spam bots from spamming this article of email addresses.

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Until next time ........

~ ~ ~ David Lawrence Dewey

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