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Let There Be Peace On Earth
And Goodwill Towards Men
December 22nd, 2001
by columnist
David Lawrence Dewey

"Reading provides knowledge...
knowledge leads to answers."
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Merry ChristmasMerry Christmas

Let there be peace on earth and good will towards men. Will it ever happen? Not until all of mankind truly begins to corrects what it wrong in their own countries. Certain countries are still living in the dark ages pertaining to even basic human rights.

For example, what if I were to tell you that there were hundreds of schools in the United States teaching over 15,000 children to hate Muslims. Well, that it not true, however it is true in Pakistan, the country in which the United States has gotten into bed with. In Pakistan, there are hundreds of schools that teach orphaned young men hatred of Americans. They look upon Americans, Christians or Jew as "infidels". This is what these schools teach to these young boys who will one day become men. President Pervez Musharraf of Pakistan has done nothing to close down these schools. How can the President of Pakistan say he is friends with the United States when these schools are still allowed to remain open teaching hatred. There is a double standard here, a hypocrisy.

And where have the Taliban gone? According to Mohammed Naeem Safai, as reported in Time Magazine, December 10th, 2001, "Most Taliban leaders are now in Pakistan." Safai, who was the Taliban's former Director of Information in Afghanistan, snuck across the border himself and is now in a refugee camp outside Peshawar along with other Taliban leaders. Has Pakistan turned over these leaders to the U.S.? Furthermore, Safai says that when the U.S. stops bombing Afghanistan, the Taliban will go back to Afghanistan. There are about 8,000 unaccounted Taliban after Kunduz and Mazar-Sharif fell. According to sources in Time, all snuck across the border to Pakistan and are still there. Has President Musharraf done anything to eliminate the people that are in his security division that remain loyal to the Taliban? A Pakistani official stated, "If America hands over power in Afghanistan to those tribal warlords, the Taliban will be back in six months and the Afghans will welcome them back even it if means reburying their television sets." My question is this. After the U.S. stops bombing and the new government of Afghanistan tries to take control of the country, will the Taliban return and will the war continue?

In India, the Indians are having to fight terrorism, terrorists that are supported by groups in Pakistan, some the Taliban. This has been on ongoing problem for India for many years and yet Pakistan does nothing to stop this madness in their own country that directs terrorism towards other countries. And India must realize that they also must do certain things in their countryas well. One is not to blame an entire nation such as the peoples in Pakistan, many whom are good people for the terror acts of a few madmen. I call upon both leaders in both countries to see the truth, to act upon the truth and bring about true lasting peace for their countries. Please, are we not intelligent human beings that are suppose to be spiritual? If we truly believe in God, despite whatever religion, we will know that these are truths to deal with.

Here is another example. Did anyone catch the six page advertisement about Saudia Arabia and King Fahd celebrating the 20th anniversary of the reign of King Fahd back in November? This was a paid advertisement the royal family paid for in the Newsweek issue of November 26th, 2001? In this advertisement, former President George Bush Sr. stated, "An extraordinarily, cooperative, determined, principled monarch. He's a wonderful man. O have known him personally. I have known him in a most respective way." What is wrong with this statement know that we know of certain things the Saudi government has refused to help with in fighting terrorism.

The Saudi royal family consists of about 30,000 people who live the life of the rich flying all over the world in their private jets while nearly 70% of the population in Saudi Arabia live in poverty. What is wrong with this picture? Did anyone see the gold chairs when Secretary Rumsfeld visited the King back in November. Did did anyone notice how the King DID NOT get up to greet Secretary Rumsfeld, but remained seated? Someone once told me, actions from a person always speak louder than any words they may mouth.

In Saudi Arabia even today, women still do not have the right to vote. They have very few legal rights. Men can have as many wives as they can afford. Executions still take place where people are beheaded. King Fahd has done some good it was stated in his advertisement. Before he became King, there were no hospitals. Today, there are over 300 hospitals with over 45,000 beds. However, it appears the wealthiest 30% of the population has use of them. People in poverty has very little access to continuous medical care for themselves or their children. The government of Saudi Arabia has for many years looked the other way when it comes to terrorism. The reason is, Saudi Arabia is known for either ignoring a problem, or paying to not have a problem. This is why they most likely let the continuous flow of millions of dollars go from wealthy arab families to Osama Bin Laden. They did not want to have problems with Osama.

It is no different in many Muslin countries. In Egypt, President Mubarak still allows the state owned press to print anti-American and anti-Semitic rants, does nothing to end the glorification of suicide bombers. He refuses to listen to other voices in the country.

In Palestine and Israel. Arafat has been done nothing to eliminate terrorists in the Palestine areas. And Sharon in Israel is a war monger that wants to simply bomb and kill every Palestine he can. And therefore, the killings back and forth go on. Iran and Iraq are a hotbeds ready to explode. One country is controlled by religious zealots, the other by a madman who thinks he is to be the world's ruler. Both have not entered the 21st century in truly taking care of their people. Starvation still abounds in these countries. Children die from lack of medical care.

You may think by now by what I have written about that I am anti-arab. I want to make it perfectly clear I am not. These Presidents and Kings of these arab counties have the right to rule their countries anyway they wish to. However, as leaders of mankind they must take the responsibility that whatever they allow in their countries could not only hurt their own countrymen but other human beings in the world. In addition, they must accept that just because America has true freedom for their citizens, they must not hate us for that or allow that type of hate to be taught. In doing so, these leaders are only propagating more Osama Bin Ladens, they must see, that one day, these evil people will one day turn on them as well.

Last but not least, we must look at America and what it is doing in these countries. We are in bed with the Saudi government and look the other way on human rights issues because we need their oil. Without it, 25% of cars would not be able to be driven and 35% of homes would not have heat. We are in bed with Pakistan, ignoring these schools that teach 15,000 orphans to hate America because without Pakistan we would not have been able to do what we have been able to do in Afghanistan. Not to mention the one billion dollars in aid the U.S. is giving Pakistan. Basically, the U.S. must continue to be the "light" in the world for FREEDOM for every human being on this earth. It must when needed to step in and protect the innocent from those that only wish to abuse or harm them. Mankind all over the world must realize that the time for killing one another must stop. If we truly are beings from God, regardless of the religion, then we will stop the killings. Those that continue to kill in the name of God or Allah are nothing more than so called false prophets or down right evil people that need to be dealt with.

There is nothing wrong with the true Islam faith. A Muslim educated in the fine moral teaching of the Qur'an, approaches everyone with the love that Islam expects. He shows respect for every idea. A Muslim lends beauty to the world and improves it. In societies composed of individuals such as this, there will be a higher civilization, a higher social morality, more joy, happiness, justice, security, abundance and blessings than in the most modern nations of the world today. The religion of Islam and the moral teaching of the Qur'an are not the supporters of terrorism and the terrorists. Islam is a religion that came down to offer humanity a life filled with the peace and well-being in which God's eternal mercy and compassion is manifested in the world.

Any American that makes fun of an Arab American in this country for practicing their faith, true Islam, not this madman Osama Bin Ladens version, must not be abused, made fun of in any way shape or form. If we, as Americans are true Americans in whatever religious belief we hold, if we truly have God within us, if we believe in our freedoms, then we must love all of our fellow man that wishes us no harm. And those that practice true Islam do not wish us harm. Americans must understand that. We must understand that there are good people everywhere in any religion! Maybe when enough Mothers in these countries are tired of crying over their dead children will they then rise up against these religious zealot madmen that are killing their children needlessly. Women of the world, you have more power than you think you do.

Wars in these regions have been going on between tribal leaders for over 3,000 years. That will never change until there is a full fledge democracy in these arab countries and that will never happen. Religion has been the major cause of these wars, with tribal leaders fighting for more land, more food, more water. The main problem is that these countries have let religious zealots start wars. They have no separation of religion and government in most of these countries. As a matter of fact, in most of these countries, the religious sector actually controls the government and that is a very scary thought. The only solution I see for the U.S. because of this 3,000 years of continuous waring between these people is this. The U.S. must become energy free of these arab countries. We must employ new technology such as windmill technology to supply our electrical needs instead of relying on huge amount of oil imports to power electric generators. In South Dakota, it has been proven in scale models that if windmill farms were built in South Dakota, the electricity generated would provide all the electrical energy for the east coast and midwest. The U.S. government, our leaders in Washington, are not focusing on our problems and solving them.

Let there be peace on earth and goodwill towards men will only be seen when all of mankind stops its' inhumanity to one another. Men like Osama must be ignored by every country. The teaching of children whether it be in Israel, Palestine or Pakistan to hate others because they don't practice the same faith or religion must stop. The religious battle over land in Israel and Palestine must stop. Instead, mankind must direct its' resources to an ever dwindling water and food supply. They must pool their resources to fight an ever increasing new strain of viruses that one day could very well wipe out mankind. They must work to solve important problems of mankind that they are are missing and ignor the childish things they are still fighting over.

Whether one is a Christian, a Muslim, a Hindu, a Jew, a Palestine, if all of these people truly believe in a God, then they should all know that God is a loving God. He does not teach, preach or does anything to hate or destroy another one of his children.

Mankind I believe in this new century is experiencing a tremendous religious growth period of time. The cleansing of the old which was corrupted is allowing for the new, the truth to surface within every human being. This I believe is why mankind is paying a heavy price in human life now. I only hope that mankind wakes up and sees that together they truly can create a heaven on earth and there will be peace on earth and goodwill towards men.

To all of the military personnel in the middle east and especially those military personnel that have written me recently, I wish you a very Merry Christmas and would like to thank you personally for your courageous efforts in fighting wrong. Our nation is proud of you and you need to know that!

I would like to end this column in a lighter note of wishing you, my readers of my columns, a very Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year. We are entering a new century full of promises if only we see them, and let them grow into something good.

If you have not read my column about children I visit during the year that are dying from incurable illnesses, please do so. What they express and have to say will give you a real eye opener of what I trying to relate to you. The column is Christmas 1999 - Hope Through The Eyes of Children.

This coming winter, many thousands of orphaned children in Afghanistan will go hungry, will not have proper clothing. Many thousands will die. No child anywhere in the world should have to suffer because of the ignorance of the adults that are suppose to be their caretakers. I mentioned earlier that a persons actions speak louder than the words they mouth. Also, a person's actions truly reflect the spirituality that person has. There is a simple right and wrong in this world. Mankind must start living that again. In this instance, we must reach out to these children in Afghanistan. They have done nothing wrong, they are innocent souls of God that have been caught in the evil of man. I implore each of you reading this column to send a check for whatever you can to either the Children's Afghanistan Fund, The U.S. Capitol, Washington, D.C. or the Red Cross, Afghanistan Children's Fund, Washington D.C. If you send it to the Red Cross, make sure you stipulate it is for the children in Afghanistan. In doing so, each of us will be spreading love, and where there is love, there is peace.

If you did not catch my column, Natural Antidotes to Biological Toxins. Make sure you read it. You'll learn about simple natural antidotes can protect from from many biological weapons.

Each year, I like to share the following poem that I wrote a few years ago. I hope that it gives you something special to think about. I dedicated this to my Mother, who was killed by a drunk driver on Christmas Day in 1986.

"A Special Journey"
by David Lawrence Dewey
© February, 1993

All rights reserved
Angel Dove

My life is a special journey,
Between my God and Me,
I chose not always the path he sets before me,
Those of joy, pain and sometimes sorrow.

Not until the last songbird sings its last song,
And the doves of peace cease to fly,
Will God pull down the curtain before heaven,
And explain the reasons why.

Until that day arrives,
I will be one with Him,
For in Him, I have found my light, my peace, his love within,
And without that, I would certainly be no more.

~ ~ David Lawrence Dewey

Angel Angels

~ God Bless ~

See you next year....

~ David Lawrence Dewey ~

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