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The Last Christmas of the Century
Hope For A New Beginning
Through The Eyes Of Children
December 5th, 1999
by columnist
David Lawrence Dewey
"Reading provides knowledge...
knowledge leads to answers."
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Note:10-10-2001 - from: DL DEWEY
I first wrote this in December, 1999. At this time in the world, October, 2001, I offer it as a healing tool for all of mankind in the world. I ask that as you read it, please listen to your heart and God within. You will see the truth that these children are saying!

When I was growing up, a Lakota Sioux medicine woman recited this passage to me, "and the children shall lead them". Sound familiar from a bible passage? Through the years, this passage has become ever so true to me. Here's why.

One of the most joyous things that I do is visit children in children's hospitals from time to time. These are children that are terminally ill and are between the ages of 6 and 16. It is through their truly remarkable and innocent eyes of how they see the world that I too have grown spiritually to see the world in its' simplistic truths. Many of the truths are not pleasant to admit. That is because mankind (adults), would have to see something within themselves that they truly do not want to see. These children somehow see them so easily though.

These children know they do not have much time on this earth. I believe it is this that somehow elevates their whole being to a higher state of consciousness where we should all be at. What I mean is this. These children have asked me questions that we as adults should be asking ourselves everyday. We should be more than just asking ourselves, we should be doing something to correct them. The children have usually been told that I am a writer and I believe this opens up the doors so to speak. This is why I believe they are so open with me. I've also been told by people that for some reason I have a special gift of getting children to open up and talk about things. The following is a list of the most common questions that I've been asked by these children.

Why do people kill one another?

Why do people hit one another?

Why do people call people of other colors by other names?

Why are there children going hungry in the world?

Why do men in uniforms kill children?

Why do white people hate black people so much?

Why do black people hate white people so much?

Why doesn't everyone just speak one language, English so we can understand one another better?

Why are people from other countries sneaking into our country?

Why are people put death for crimes?

Why do other kids make fun of other kids if they aren't wearing fancy clothes?

Why do kids make fun of other kids if they look different or aren't smart?

Why do kids call kids other names like, geek or nut?

How come my parents wouldn't let me be friends with a friend because my parents don't like the other kids parents?

How come the President got away with lieing? - That's what my parents say he did.

Why do other countries hate us so much?

Why are their starving children in the world?

Why don't people care bout the oceans, trees, the forests?

Why do they make cars that put out gas that kill things and make us sick?

The water is my town is so bad we have to boil it. Is the water bad all over?

Will the air one day be so bad we won't be able to breathe?

Why do other people kill their friends at work?

Why does my parents usually come home from work with a headache and all stressed out?

My parents say the world is going to hell? Is that true?

Why do my parents always fight over money?

How come my parents never tell me they love me, but always yell at me for doing something wrong?

Why are people afraid of dieing?

Is there a heaven? Is there a hell? Is there a devil? Is there a fire that I will be put into when I die if Jesus hasn't saved me?

Why do people hurt people by saying bad things about them?

Why do I have this illness? Why can't they find a cure for it?

Why don't people just love everybody and go around just give everybody a big hug?

Why do the Arabs and the Jews kill one another? Don't they each believe in God? If they do, then they shouldn't be killing one another.

What I have found amazing from among all these children in their questions is simple. If you look at the questions I've been asked by these children, most center around negativity. Negativity dealing with anger, hatred, fear, lying, death. Love on the otherhand is a central issue for them. What they are simply saying is, why does mankind go around doing all these bad things to one another instead of just simply loving one another. They are also asking simple questions out of their concern as guardians for Mother Earth, that we as adults should be asking. Why are be cutting down the rain forests? Are we that stupid to see we are diminishing our oxygen supply? Why do we call people of other color, names that are negative in tone? Why are we letting innocent children being killed and murdered in countries? And the list goes on and on.

Why are we adults not caring about the right stuff anymore? These dieing children see the truth for what it is. Is it time for us take a cold hard look within ourselves and honestly answer that question within ourselves. Why is it so hard so us adults to do this? These children have so easily and beautifully displayed what we should already believe in.

This Christmas is actually not the last one of this century. It simply marks the begining of a new century for mankind. Its' more than just marking the beginning of a new century, it is marking the opportunity for mankind to not embark or embrace on the same negative paths he has taken in last century. Is this new century filled changes that will help heal the many problems that mankind faces? I believe so. However, I believe, the healing changes will only come about once mankind has begun to see the world as these children see it. If these children who know they are dieing can provide the simply answers, then we as intelligent adults should know also. What do I think is the difference between us adults and these children that are dieing? I believe it has to do with heart. Each one of these children I have spoken to over the years have shown their heart. Has our hearts as adults been so hardened that we have forgotten these simply precepts and truths within us? This has nothing to do with any specific religion or faith. God is God, regardless if one is a Christian, a Buddist, a Islamic, or whatever. It simply has to do with what is truly simply right and wrong. People of any faith or religion are hyprocrites if they do not "live" what they believe in. If you talk the talk, you must walk the walk. Like I said though, I believe people have lost heart. They've lost heart because of what we have allowed the world to become. We've allowed those negatives to slowly creep into our daily lives so that now they seem a normal part of it. Nothing is normal about the millions of homeless we have in this country. It is not normal to have hundreds of thousands of people going to bed hungry in this country, the richest on earth. It is not normal for rich wealthy nations to let thousands of people in other countries go hungry. If mankind truly is God loving, then they need to learn to live by the goldren rule. Love thy neighbor as thyself. And all this killing over religion. Please, does God, regardless of what religion or faith your practice, whether it is Christian, Muslim, Islamic, Buddist, do any of us have a God thinks that killing innocent people is okay to do? I don't believe so. And if you think it is okay, then you are deluding yourself and are nothing more than a hypocritical liar that justifies the killing of innocent people or just people for the sake of a religion, you are do so for your own selfish justifications. There is Karma and God does not condone killing of any type for any reason! It is not normal to let the continued pollution of our water supply by corporations. A recent government report estimates that nearly one-third of our nations water supply has been polluted with dangerous cancer causing chemicals. The heavy use of commercial fertilizers for farming has leeched into underground water supplies. How much longer are we going to stop lieing to ourselves. It is not normal to allow politicians to remain in office that are only self-serving. Must I go on, I think you get the picture.

This Christmas may I ask you this? Instead of worrying about what you're going to buy Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister, and all those on your shopping list, would you stop a minute and reflect on where you are in your life. Would you think about how blessed you are and how others are not. And last, think about how you can do things differently in the next year how you can make things better in this world. I don't mean to sound as if l am coming off like a self-righteous I'm gonna tell ya what's wrong with you speech. I am simply trying to share with you something that I've learned to be truth. That is... And a child shall lead them. Could that passage also mean that it could be our own inner child within us that also knows the truth. And for doing something this year, for Christmas... maybe instead of buying all those gifts for everyone, donate just one half of the amount you would spend on each person in their name to a charity in your area that feeds and houses the homeless or some similar charity you feel worthwhile. It will also save you the headache of trying to figure what to buy each person. The main thing is that you have chosen to make a difference in making this world as better place to live in. And by the way, don't stop with just donating this Christmas to a charity. Get envolved and make a difference throughout the year!

I hope that mankind in the next century embarks on a glorious spiritual re-birth. A re-birth simply in the sense of knowing that we all can truly make a difference to make this earth a better place to live in. The truth of the matter is even though I titled this column, "The Last Christmas of the Century," it actually is not. The last Christmas of this century will actually be next year despite what all the other major news media outlets are trying to sell the public. So, this actually provides a whole year to work on this spiritual re-birth. It provides the time for all us to truly reflect, to see where we've been and where we need to go as children of God. If we are ever going to fulfill the glory and beauty of our creation that God made us in his image, then we as children of God must not only talk the talk, but walk in the light of what we preach and proclaim. It is actually very simple. The passage, "treat your fellow man as you would like to be treated," means to love our fellow man not hate him. I believe there is still hope for us all.

Each year, I like to share the following poem that I wrote a few years ago. I hope that it gives you something special to think about. I dedicate this to my Mother, who was killed by a drunk driver on Christmas Day in 1986.

"A Special Journey"
by David Lawrence Dewey
© February, 1993

All rights reserved
Angel Dove

My life is a special journey,
Between my God and Me,
I chose not always the path he sets before me,
Those of joy, pain and sometimes sorrow.

Not until the last songbird sings its last song,
And the doves of peace cease to fly,
Will God pull down the curtain before heaven,
And explain the reasons why.

Until that day arrives,
I will be one with Him,
For in Him, I have found my light, my peace, his love within,
And without that, I would certainly be no more.

~ ~ David Lawrence Dewey

Angel Angels

I will be writing my last column for this year right before New Years. Until then, I wish you and yours a Joyous Holiday! And to these children, Annette, Christopher, Minda, Paul, Sandi, Carrie, Steven, thank you! You are truly lights unto the world and have so much to give to others, if only they will listen. ~ ~ God Bless.


~ David Lawrence Dewey ~


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