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Nine Pathways To Good Health
March 10th, 2002
by columnist
David Lawrence Dewey
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Over the course of the last few months, I have received many emails asking me to write a column about what I term is the healthy way to eat. Here are my thoughts.

Many people don't remember when DDT was used in this country as a pesticide. The use of this deadly chemical is still detectable in soil in various parts of the country. This is just one of the numerous pollutants that the human immune system as been bombarded with over the last fifty years. In addition the mis-use of antibiotics for treating illnesses caused by viruses has created some strains of bacteria that are resistant to certain anti-biotics. That is why reseachers are developing anti-biotics called fifth generation anti-biotics. We are literally running out of anti-biotics to fight certain serious strain resistant bacteria. Anti-biotics should NEVER be taken for the flu or a cold! There are anti-viral medications for this.

The immune system is the gatekeep so to speak of how healthy we are. If we have a normal functioning immune system, are organs are working in harmony. If it is sluggish, the body breaksdowns and is unable to fight off infections. A hyper immune system can lead to auto-immune diseases or even cancer. And there is the role of genetics that have apart in all of this. However, I firmly believe that despite genetic weaknesses one may have, keeping the immune system balanced and healthy is vital to good health. Over the course of the last few years, I have written on many health issues. These articles can be found on my website in the previous columns section. Here are my thoughts on keeping the immune system healthy.

We are what we eat. I've said this for years. The human body is no different than a computer so to speak, garbage in, garbage out. Here is my list of what I refer to as my Nine Pathways To Good Health.

1) On the top of my list are hydrogenated oils, anything that says hydrolyzed, mono-diglycerides. These deadly oils are shown through research to cuase coronary heart disease, interfere with how insulin works in the body, causing diabetes type II, causing auto-immune diseases and even cancers. If you have not read my column, Hydrogenated Oils-Silent Killers please do. You will learn how these deadly oils are causing a host of disease states in the human body.

2) Refined sugar. White processed sugar is the worst thing one can consume. If you must use sugar, at least use turbino brown natural sugar. What is amazing, children in Hawaii that would suck on pure cane sugar stalks had the lowest incidence of cavities. The reason, pure cane sugar has an acid that "cleans" the teeth. This acid is removed in the processing of sugar to make it white. My first choice of a sweetner to use though is honey or mollasses. Stay away from any artificial sweetners like Aspartame, otherwise known as Equal or NutraSweet. Aspartame is a deadly chemical that causes a host of illnesses, including brain tumors. If you have not read my column, Aspartame - Sweetness or Death please do. You will learn how this deadly chemical has shown to cause a host of disease states in the human body. You'll also learn how it got approved by political corruption. Avoid products containg high fructose corn sugar or even regular corn sugar. Check your bottled juices at the grocery stores, they are loaded with them The body has a very difficult time in breaking this down. It cannot be utilized by the body and it is my opinion, one of the negative foods that have contributed to the ten fold increase in diabetes type II in the U.S. Honey and mollasses can be used in any bakery product, breads and so forth. Hydrogenated oils are the number one culprit.

3) Bread products, bakery items and other foods containing gluten and whey. There has been way to much of this used in everything. If you read food package labels, food companies are putting this in everything, even dairy. It has been shown in research studies that too much of gluten and whey can inflame the colon linings and very well cause irritable bowel syndrome, colitis, Crohn's disease and celiac disease. Celiac is a disease where the person develops food allergies to foods they have eaten for years. Celiac disease has increased substantially in countries that have taken to the western type diet over the last twenty years. Western type meaning, high in fat, sugars, bread products. The problem is, way too much of certain foods all the time will cause stomach disorders. Guten and whey are two leading culprits. The human body is not a cow. Humans through evolution are meat eaters. The human body metabolism, the way it digests food nutrients is based on a diet of proteins whether it be from meat or a vegetable source. Gluten or whey are very difficult to digest. Bread purchased at the store is made with hydrogenated oils. Combine this with high levels of gluten and you have a major assault on the colon. Putting gluten or whey in the digestive tract will be like starting world war three against your immune system and health of the body. The human body can only digest very small amounts of gluten and whey safely. If you have not read my column, Hydrogenated Oils-Silent Killers please do. You will learn how these deadly oils are causing a host of disease states in the human body.

The best grain to consume are bread products made with Spelt or Ezekial grain. These are whole sprouted grains where the kernel has not been crushed in the processing. It is the crushing of the grain kernel that produces the excess gluten in wheat grain products. Avoid store bought bread products, fast food products made from refined white flour and hydrogenated oils. Even breads marked as whole wheat grains contain gluten.

4) Oils. The type of oil and how you use it will have a great deal to do with how healthy you are. The reason, they provide natural occurring essential fatty acids. My choice of oils are in this order. Olive oil, Grapeseed oil, Flaxseed oil. Actually I recommend a one third mixture of all three. Olive oil and Grapeseed oil are high in mono-saturated fats. Grapeseed oil is a high anti-oxidant, fifty times more powerful than vitamin C. Flaxseed oil provides the missing Omega3 essential acids needs in our diet that has been sorely eliminated by food processing over the last thirty years. Omega3 essential fatty acids are very important in insulin prodution and sensitivity. Eskimos have the lowest incidence of diabetes. Why? They consume adequate daily amounts of Omega3 oils. The American diet is lucky to provide less than one third of these important fatty acids. Do not consume margarines. They are loaded with trans fatty acids the deadly by-products of hydrogenated oils. Use butter in small amounts. My grandparents used only butter all their life and had low cholesterol and triglycerides even in their 90's. Margarines high in trans fatty acids have actually been proven to increase triglyceride levels as much as 40% in humans. Oils should never be heated to no more than 400 degrees. You can use them to stir fry vegetables, but not at high heat. Wok cooking is out. Frying chicken is out because it changes the molecular stucture of the oils. However, you can bake the chicken at 350 degrees using the oils as a coating. In my column, Minerals, Essential Fatty Acids and the pH Factor, you can read how reseachers have proven by varying the amounts of minerals we can either prevent or correct an abnormality or disease.

5) MSG, otherwise known as Monosodium Glutamate and Sulfites. MSG is a flavor enhancer that is used in foods. Sulfites are used in fruits and baked goods to keep them from turning brown. Sulfites are linked to causing asthma conditions, especially in children. Sulfites also destroy the good bacteria in the colon. Without sufficient good bacteria in the colon, stomach disorders are seen, irritable bown syndrome, yeast infections and what appears to periodic continued flu illnesses and colds.

MSG is a deadly additive according to Dr. Angela M. Fraser, Ph.D., a food and nutrition specialists at the North Carolina State University. Many think they only find this in chinese food. Wrong, if you read package food labels, it is everywhere. For example, it can be listed as such on food labels. Glutamate Textured protein, Monosodium glutamate Hydrolyzed protein, Monopotassium glutamate (any protein that is hydrolyzed), Glutamic acid Yeast, extract Calcium caseinate Yeast food, Sodium caseinate Autolyzed yeast Gelatin Yeast nutrient, Malt extract Flavors and Flavorings, Malt flavoring Natural flavors, Barley malt Natural pork flavoring , Bouillon Natural beef flavoring, Stock Natural chicken flavoring Broth Seasonings, (the word "seasonings") Carrageenan Soy sauce, ( more about carrageean later ) Maltodextrin Soy sauce, extract Whey protein Soy protein, Whey protein isolate Soy protein isolate, Whey protein concentrate Soy protein concentrate, Pectin. Anything that says Protein fortified and anything that says Enzyme modified usually contain MSG. And these food additives can create MSG in the body. Protease enzymes, Protease Fungal. Did you notice that whey is listed many times with MSG. Whey usually has to be used so that MSG binds to it to be utilized in the food.

MSG can cause headaches, even migraine headaches that come and go, flushing, dizziness, nausea and stomach disorders. The reason why the headaches never go away because a person is consuming it almost daily from various packaged goods and foods, especially fast food. And even soaps, shampoos, hair conditioners, and cosmetics can contain hidden MSG. The most obvious common hiding places are in ingredients called "hydrolyzed protein" and "amino acids." Drinks, candy, and chewing gum are also potential sources of hidden MSG. And watch out for aspartic acid, found in aspartame (NutraSweet or Equal). Check with your pharmacist. Binders and fillers for medications, nutrients, and supplements, both prescription and non-prescription, including enteral feeding materials and some fluids administered intravenously in hospitals, may contain MSG.

6) Vegetables and fruits. Vegtables especially from green sources, are very important for the immune system in addition to proteins. Fruits provied simple sugars that the body fully utilizes. All of the different kinds of immune cells, T, B and Natural Killer cells are formed into healthy cells from nutrients. Those nutrients are proteins that are made into amino acids and from vegetables enzymnes. Natural killer cells are the the cells that attack foreign cells in the body including cancer. Natural killer cells not only need to be produced in adequate numbers, but in their functioning ability as well. Cancer patients are shown to have decreased number of Natural Killer cells and their ability to function properly. Zinc is a supplement that boosts this and recently a new supplement called MGN3. I'll discuss minerals a little later. One should consume at least three portions of vegetables daily and two portions of fruits daily. Fruits should not be eaten with any type of dairy product or bread/sugar product. It sets the body up for a yeast infection. Fruits should be eaten by themselves after a meal as a snack.

7) Minerals and Vitamins. Minerals like calcium, magnesium, maganese, molybdedum, copper, zinc are very important minerals. Vitamins B1, B6, B5 , B12, Folic Acid are very important for the immune system as well. Calcium is found mainly in dairy products. It is found in some vegetables sources, however, if one is having to limit dairy, one must take a calcium/magnesium supplement. Magneisum must be taken with calcium for it to be properly utilized in the body. The B vitamins are very critical not only for a healthy immune system, but for a healthy digestive system and muscle/nervous system. Deficiencies in these can lead to stomach/colon disorders, muscle weakness, fatigue, vision problems and immune system disorders. Folic acid has been shown to decrease homosysteine in the body. High levels of homosysteine in the body can cause heart disease. Zinc bolsters the immune system, especially the production of healthy Natural Killer cells. In my column, Minerals, Essential Fatty Acids and the pH Factor, you can read how reseachers have proven by varying the amounts of minerals we can either prevent or correct an abnormality or disease. Vitamins are also very important to the body. Due to over production and use of soil in growing crops, many of our vitamins have been reduced or lost in some foods. Take breakfast cereal for example. ( I hope you are not consuming these, they are loaded with hydrogenated oils). However, ever wonder they they are fortified with vitamins? I believe if you consuem a proper diet that you only need to consume a small complex mutil-vitamin daily. You might want to throw in some Grapeseed, CQ-10 supplements, extra vitamin E, and possible extra calicum if you are over 40. A little later I will discuss futher the importance of minerals.

For now, I want to concentrate on the importance of Folic Acid, B6 and B12 on good health. A very recent research study at Louisiana State Medical University showed that by taking 600mcg of Folic Acid daily, woman have a 75% less risk of developing colon cancer and men have a 60% less risk. In addition, another study of over 420,000 patients over ten years shows that a diet high in fiber reduces the disk of colon cancer 40%. My thinking, high fiber diet plus Folic Acid, you have now cut your risk of colon cancer by 100% for women and nearly 95% for men. Futhermore, woman have a 60% less risk of developing breast cancer especially if the woman is over 40. Prostrate cancer in men is reduced by 50%. Our present food chain has been greatly depleted of folic acid. This is why they add it to dry cereals. In addition, Folic Acid is shown to reduce the risk of developing heart disease, diabetes type II, Crohn's disease, Alzeimer's and can very well even reverse the damage of these diseases in some cases. One research study shows that if just half of the population took 600 mcg of folic acid daily as a supplement, over 44,000 deaths a year could be saved due to these diseases. Vitamin B6 and B12 are also very important to prevent these diseases and others as well. I have compiled an extensive research study page of over 40 research studies. You can read these studies HERE. I cannot stress enough the importance of folic acid, B6 and B12, please read these research studies. There is an icon on the page that you can click on to print them out for later reading.

8) Dairy products. There has been so much controversy about dairy products. Some say do not consume them while others say that is the only food one should consume. I believe that small amounts of milk, cheese, yogurt, even eggs on a daily basis is good for the body. However, I strongly believe the following. If you are going to eat cheese, it should not be with any meat product. Cheese and vegetables only. Cheese should not be eaten with bread products because it sets the body up for a yeast infection. Fruits may be eaten with cheese, but not with vegetables or bread/sugar products at the same time. Research has finally proven that one egg daily DOES NOT increase cholesterol levels. What increases cholesterol levels is too much fat and sugars! Because of the controversy on soy, my opinion is that soy should be be consumed on a limited basis as well until more research is conducted.

9) Water, the most important nutrient of all. But most important, from what source is your drinking wter coming from? Tap water is not healthy to drink. Tap water can contain various bacteria and parasties even though there are filtration plants supposedly controlling this. According to the EPA, there is a water purity problem in some areas of the U.S. Water drank should be from either reverse osmosis using ozone filtration to kill all bacteria or even distilled water. Check with your local water company to see if they use ozone filtration and how often they change their filters. I strongly advise not to use these machines to get your bottled water from. The filters may not be changed as they should. The small little bottles of water that are listed as pure spring water in grocery stores has also been found to contain containments. There is another problem though in drinking purified water. The loss of minerals and trace element minerals. I cannot write enough about the importance of minerals and trace element minerals. Water purified from reverse osmosis has had nearly all of the minerals and trace element minerals removed. Distilled water has NO minerals or trace element minerals. Boiling water also removes minerals and trace element minerals. One should consume a total in onces of water equal to one half your body wight daily. If you weigh 160 pounds, at least 80 ounces of water daily. This is on top of anything else you drink. Avoid caffeine products. You are increasing your risk of heart disease by consuming caffeinated products. Green tea, 100% fuit juices. Avoid carbonated soft drinks. Everytime you drink one of these, you are dramatically affecting your pH factor in your body. Drinking one carbonated drink daily will take your body 3 days to re-balance your body to a normal pH factor. High acidic pH factor in the body increases the risk of cancer by 50%. Besides, most soft drinks are sweetened with either high frutose corn syrup or aspartame, both which you want to avoid. A daily liquid mineral and trace element supplement should be taken daily to replace these much needed lost minerals and trace elements. I stress liquid because nearly 40% is loss if you take them in tablet form. If one is limiting dairy, make sure the liquid mineral and trace element supplement contains calcium, magnesium, maganese, molybdedum. If you need the extra calcium and other minerals, I then suggest Ionic Minerals from Innovative Pharmaceuticals. Having the proper amount of calcium has been to shown to decrease the risk of colon cancer substantially.

Last and most important! Eat on a regular timely basis if you can. However, eat a small snack when you are hungry. And do not eat more than what you are burning up in calories per day. The average american is 15-20% overweight. Losing these excess pounds will decrease your risk of heart disease and diabetes by 50%. It has been proven you can develope diabetes type II by merely being overweight. The reason, the winds up with so many at fat cells as extra wieght, it cannot produce enough insulin or the insulin becomes resistant in controlling blood sugar.

Those are my Nine Pathways To Good Health. I'm sure I did not cover every subject in each area I've presented, but I've provided the major points to lead you to good health.

In my next column, I will be writing about Diane Sawyer from Good Morning America and her recent visit to an orphanage in Afganistan. I have always said, "Children are the hope of the world". This orphanage has over 700 children to feed daily. These children have lost both parents in the war. The children are lucky to get one piece of fruit a year. If we are god loving people, we must reach out to these children. I have awarded Diane Sawyer my Angel Award for her courageous efforts in bringing us stories, even at the risk of her own life. You can read more about Sawyer on my Angel Page for her. You'll also find information on where you can send donations to help these poor orphans at the Afghanistan orphanage.

It's tax time. There is a new area for you on my site. A TAX CENTER. You can find links to all federal forms and state forms for filing your taxes. Look for the link in the right frame or CLICK HERE.

Last, but not least. Are you eating right for your blood type? There are four blood types, O,A,B and AB. Do you know there are certain foods you should be eating and some foods you should be avoiding because of your blood type?

For example, if you have type O, your risk factors for ulcers and inflammatory diseases such as arthritis increase if you eat incorrectly for your blood type. If you are type A, your risk factors for cancer and heart disease increase if your eat incorrectly. If you type B, your risk for slow-growing viruses that attack your nervous system increases if you eat incorrectly. If you are type AB, you have the friendliest immune system of all blood types and have most of the intolerances of type A and B.

Eat Right For Your Blood Type
I have said for years in my columns that what you eat is what you are.
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If you have not read my column on Hydrogenated Oils-Silent Killers and Aspartame, Sweetness or Death, also known as Equal, make sure you do.

David Lawrence Dewey

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