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What We Lost and Gained
In 2001
January 10th, 2002
by columnist
David Lawrence Dewey

"Reading provides knowledge...
knowledge leads to answers."
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There were many other news stories in 2001 that have largely been forgotten about because of the World Trade Center attack. The attack changed everything in America. It was the number one news story of 2001 and not just for days, but for months. Politicians are pros at seizing and using such circumstances to take the heat off other stories, events or other important matters facing America that should not be forgotten about. We also lose track of those we have lost that have contributed greatly in many areas of American life.

Here are just some of the stories that were forgotten about in the aftermath of the attacks.

Whatever happened to Congressman Gary Condit and his missing assistant Chandra Levy? He has accused the media of waging a $100 million dollar campaign against him. However, Condit's cooperation, or lack of, still very much at the forefront. In mid-November, he was subpoenaed by a federal grand jury looking into Levy's disappearance and whether Condit obstructed justice. Billy Martin, lawyer for the Levy family made a recent statement, "We wish that Congressman Condit had been as conscientious about providing truthful answers as he has been gathering signatures for his re-election bid."

FBI agents and D.C. detectives are back investigating the Levy case after being deterred by the WTC attacks. However, as we all know, as more time passes, it does not the victim, rather the criminal in getting away with a crime. It seems that everyone has forgotten that Chandra is still missing, but not this journalist. There is a mother and father that still deserves answers to the disappearance of their daughter. I guess what bothers me the most about Condit is that he has had other affairs and has been alleged having an affair with Chandra while still married. This has nothing do do with morals, it has to do with what is right or wrong. When a person does deceitful things behind someone's back, like having an extramarital affair, regardless of the reasons, that is not honesty in any way shape or form. That is lying. And because Condit is an elected official, representing his voters in Congress, my question to his voters or anyone else, is this where the lying stops or does it transcend into the important decisions he makes in while in government office. It appears that everyone has missed this point that lying is lying.

On September 26th, Cincinnati police officer, Steven Roach was found not guilty in the negligent homicide of the shooting of Timothy Thomas, 19. Thomas's death touched off three days of riots last April in Cincinnati. Thomas's death was a result of racial profiling that must stop in this country. Just because a person is black, brown, white or dressed a certain way does not mean they are a criminals. America is still waging a war of racism, despite how much anyone wants to deny it.

Senator Jim Jefford's of Vermont in May of last year was called alot of things last year by many. The reason, Jefford's switched from being a Republican to a Democrat. His action as we all know, resulted in the Democrats taking control of the Senate and out of the hands of the Republicans. Jefford's said he saw the Republicans moving too far right. Jefford's even though he was Republican was known for his moderate views on things. He was one of the good Republicans I liked because of this thinking. I like him even more today because he took a stand. He took a stand on what he believed in. This was a display of tremendous courage in doing what was right. He has been shunned now by his fellow Republicans, taken off certain committees for what they consider his betrayal. And folks, these are our elected officials that are doing thes injustices. Does anyone get what I am trying to say here again, have we lost what is right and wrong, upright and honest to do in America? Our elected officials should be our proud examples of what is right or wrong, not to teach us just the opposite. I applaud you Senator Jefford's for being an honest person and a proud American.

And then we had the power crisis in California last year. What a scandal. For a time, doomsayers were predicting periodic massive brown outs across the country because of California's so-called electrical shortages. There was no shortage, never was. What you had here was a two prong dragon that resulted in a very few of becoming extremely wealthy off this so called crisis. I'm sure everyone has heard of Enron recently, but have you heard about the executives who walked away with millions before the bankruptcy?

California was one of the first states that de-regulated utilities in the early 1990s'. Enron along with Entergy were largest suppliers of electrical suppliers in California. Companies could more or less charge anything they wanted, but first, they needed to create a crisis by saying there was a shortage crisis to justify such a huge price increase. Actually, it would go virtually unnoticed because everyone would be relieved that they had electricity. The result, Californians are now paying twice as much for electricity than the rest of the country due to $43 billion long term contracts that Governor Davis agreed to during the crisis.

Democrats by far are in favor of regulating utilities, however Democrat Gray favored deregulation. Makes me wonder why? Davis is now trying to renegotiate the contracts to get sellers to refund $9 billion. That could be very difficult since Enron has now filed bankruptcy. Again, the American taxpayer is footing the bill and also got the shaft. All of this could have been avoided if more voters in California had been more involved in not letting deregulation of utilities. This is a very good example of why all Americans across the country need to become more involved in politics in their states and federal government. Find out what your elected officials are doing and how it is going to truly affect you.

In late December, a serious problem was discovered in Mexico. Mexican farmers are horrified of what has happened to their corn crops. And everyone on this planet should also be very concerned about this.

Mexico's corn has been the world's largest supply of the largest number of pure varieties of corn. Over 60 corn varieties. However, Mexico is a net importer of corn, about 6.2 million tons annually of seed, almost all from the United States. Within just the last few years of unlabeled U.S. imports that contained genetically altered corn such as Starlink, this has wiped several of the pure varieties of corn that Mexico and the rest of the world once enjoyed.

Scientists fear that if this continues, within a few years, all of Mexico's variety of corns dating back 4,000 years will be wiped out. Here again is another example of man changing/destroying mother nature, thinking he knows best. But what price have we paid for this. Researchers are now identifying allergic problems with genetically altered corn in individuals. I first wrote about the dangers of genetically altered corn in 1998 and warned people of the dangers of genetically altering our food chain. It has taken the human body hundreds of thousands of years through evolution of adapting to the food sources that mother nature provides. Changing these food sources would alter the biological responses within the human body. No one listened, and now we are seeing the physical aftermath of genetically altered foods. Genetically altering foods must cease. If it does not, mankind will destroy itself through its' own food supply. Some will think this an extreme viewpoint. My answer, read the research material, the proof is there.

In writing about the previous subjects, I am hoping to bring to attention the issues that we must not forget about simply because we are now engulfed in battling a new terror in our lives. Terrorism. Americans and mankind cannot forget that we also have more important issues at hand. Our economy for one. I wish President Bush and the Congress would stop playing these political games that they are doing and getting down to truly solving the problem. The arguments they has slinging at one another not only childish, but ridiculous. We elected these people to office hoping they would be intelligent mature adults. President Bush said, "No tax increase over my dead body." Please, this reminds me of a 4 year old child out in the playground saying, "If I don't get to swing on the swing, I'm going to hit you." And now he is saying that it is normal to run a deficiet in time of war. Republicans are known for running in the red to justify their war efforts. In my opinion, just another ploy not to have a balanced budget on both sides of the fence. And as for the Democratic controlled Senate and Republican controlled House of Representatives. The elecfted officials remind me of nothing more than two street gangs protecting your turf. The only difference is you are not using guns, the attacks on one another are than injuring Americans way of life and comfort. Come on Senators and Congressmen, we have a serious problem here. It is time to stop this foolish political doublespeak and games you are playing and get down to business. Tax or not to tax. Spend or not to spend. You all are wrong and only have half the answers. Find the answers. That is why we elected you. One thing for sure, you will not find the answers on the path you are. You will only in the long term make things worse. For example, I bet no one has heard about this. Did you know that homelessness in this country increased 13% last year and is still climbing. Hello...anyone out there that cares enough to do truly do something about this instead of just sweeping it under our subconscious rug of ignoring it.

Last year, we lost innocent people in the World Trade Center attacks. People who were loved by family friends and who all contributed to being an American. We had the heroes of the Fire Departments and Police Departments who performed way beyond their duties during this crisis. This is America. In 2001, we also lost many Americans from all walks of life, from the arts to the science. All contributed greatly to this Americas way of life. Here are a few of those we lost.

Katherine Graham, Publisher/Owner of the Washington Post. Katherine a great woman, who took a business thrust upon after her husband's early 1963 suicide death. Instead of letting others run the paper, she jumped in, working in many jobs at first to learn the ropes. Katherine was the woman who brought forth the truth of the Watergate coverup and exposed the political corruptness. When no other paper would touch the story, Katherine forged ahead. You could say she brought down an administration. Katherine did what was right. Many in Washington hated her, because she always did the right thing. I personally will miss her. Katherine was a great example of how we all should live our lives.

George Harrison of the Beatles. George was the first major artist of his magnitude to address the issue of starvation on this planet with his all-star benefit in 1972 to feed the starving in Bangladesh. He was a cultural explorer. He caused leaders of nations to stand up and rethink their thoughts. He studies of religious truths encompassed nearly all the religions, finally resting on being an Hindu for its' simplicity of life and God. We will miss his humanitarian nature of living, something we all should strive to do more of.

We lost Ray Walston, actor of My Favorite Martian fame. Walston was the first comedic alien on television.

Pulitzer Prize winner, Eudora Welty who brought us understanding of the deep south cultures. Welty also exposed the injustices that remained even in the 1950's in the south.

Maureen Reagan, daughter of President Reagan and actress Jane Wyman. Maureen spoke up for more research on finding a cure for cancer instead of just treating it with more treatments. Singer Aaliyah Haughton at a young age of 21. Aaliyah brought values to young people again.

Creator William Hanna. William was the creator of Fred Flintstone, Yogi Bear, Scooby-Doo and many other characters that a whole generation grew up on. Director Stanley Kramer who brought up the most controversial movie, "Guess Who's Coming To Dinner," the movie was about a black and white relationship. Gunther Gebal-Williams, the first cat trainer for Barnum-Bailey Circus. He was known for training his cats using only love. He refused using a whip or chair, not even a shirt for protection.

William Masters of Masters and Johnson fame. Together they analyzed more than 14,000 orgasms. This was in the late 60's when the country was entering the free-love era. He never planned to bring sex out of the closet, but he did with his controversial findings that shook America.

Comedienne Imogene Coca. Imogene you could say was the forerunner, the developer of what comedy became in Saturday Night Live or Your Show of Shows. Racer Dale Earnhardt. Mary Kay Ash, the woman who started Mayr Kay and who gave away pink cadillacs to her employees. Political cartoonist Herbert Block. Two Presidents paid him the highest compliment. Stern's work so angered them, they both cancelled their subscription to the Washington Post. Inventor, William Hewlett. Hewlett brought us the ink jet printer, lazer printer and many other computer related products.

Violinist Isaac Stern. Stern mentored such greats as Yo-Yo Ma, Emanual Ax. He also saved the Carnegie Hall from demolition, saving a huge cultural center. Actors Carroll O'Connor who brought America to deal with its' racism problems. Actor Jack Lemmon. Lemmon was the first actor to hold both lead and supporting actor Oscars. His favorite phrase was "magic time". He would say this before each take. Singer Perry Como. County Singer/Actress Dale Evans. Married to Roy Rogers, the couple brought western life to the Americans. Dr. Christian Barnard, the physician who performed the first heart transplant. Actor Anthony Quinn, know for his role in Zorba the Greek.

The reason why I mentioned those we have lost this year is to reflect not on whom we have lost, but rather, what these Americans each gave to us. Without their contributions, would our lives be the same today. No, it would not.

That is why it is so very important for us to realize that what we do, what we contribute, where we stick our noses into, what we stand up for and say, "no that is wrong" is not only needed, but required. For if it were not for those that made us think, fight against a wrong, we would not be who we grow into being. Human beings hopefully, one day, will realize that we truly can have a paradise on earth. When mankind sheds fear, anger, hatred, jealously, envy, false pride and arrogance and replaces those with faith, understanding, tolerance, patience, humility, confidence and most important, love, only then will mankind be free that bounds and chokes mankind from growing into the true enlightened beings they are meant to be.

Hopefully as mankind moves forward into the 21st century, that which has caused mankind sorrow will no longer be allowed to live. That is my hope for mankind.

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If you have not read my column on Hydrogenated Oils-Silent Killers and Aspartame, Sweetness or Death, also known as Equal, make sure you do.

David Lawrence Dewey

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