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Election '08
What You Should Also Know...
And Think About
October 22, 2008
by columnist
David Lawrence Dewey
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knowledge leads to answers."

October 22, 2008
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Election '08 What You Should Also Know And Think About
David Lawrence Dewey - October 21, 2008 © copyrighted

The election is less twelve days away from what many are saying is the most important of this century. Is that an understatement? I don't believe so.

You have been listening to all of the negative commercials from both sides and I could bombard you with more details concerning both candidates Senator Obama and Senator McCain, but I believe there are other issues that all of us need to also be thinking about.

Many say our world is changing in many ways. This is partially true but in fact, it has been continuously changing since man arrived on earth due to advances in technology along the way. The problem is, man has never really addressed many of the social problems, instead using those problems, those differences for their own selfish reasons. reasons. Not only do we here in the United States have many problems that have been festering and left untreated for decades, the world has for the last 2,000 years. Let us focus on recent events for now.

What Changed That Caused The Financial Crisis

Our present financial crisis is simply a repeat of history. It isn't anything new. This very thing, mortgages and loss of jobs in America is what caused the Depression in 1933. We also saw another repeat of the same things when major Savings and Loans Associations failed in the 1980's. And now we find ourselves in the same mess again. Why?

This is what started it. In the 1980's, under President Reagan's administration, the de-regulation of the banking industry opened pandora's box so to speak that lead to this financial melt down again. The Depository Institutions Deregulation and Monetary Control Act, a United States federal financial statute law passed in 1980, was suppose to give the Federal Reserve greater control over non-member banks. Remember the words non-member banks. What that meant was banks that were not really banks. Investment funds, hedge funds and what was today would be called sub-prime lenders. Its main purpose was to force all banks to abide by the Fed's rules. It also allowed banks to merge. It also allowed insurance companies to own banks and banks to sell insurance. Bad move! President Clinton in 1999 made the situation worse by signing into law allowing Hedge Funds Act, actually called the GRAMM-LEACH-BILEY FIANCIAL SERVICES MODERNIZATION ACT to buy and then to sell mortgage assets to overseas investors.


Phil Graham is the Republican Senator who got voted out office in 2006. He also was the one that recently said on Larry King Live, "Americans need to stop whining."

But What Was The Real Reason For the Financial Crisis?


What Actions Has Man Used Out Of Greed

Man has used excuses to fight wars because of his GREED. What are they?

Mankind from all faiths of religion, Christianity, Islam, Hindu, Buddhist, even American Indians have used these actions since the dawn of time.


Because every religion, including Christianity as evident in this country justifying slavery by using Old Testament text...every religion has created wars and kill their fellow man over religious difference. An example of this was this week in Afghanistan, the Taliban killed 34-yeard-old dual British-South African, Gayle Williams. Williams was an aide worker in Afghanistan helping the handicapped in Afghanistan and there are many, especially children that have been injured because of the war. Why did the Taliban kill Williams? She was simply a Christian. They accused her of spreading her false beliefs in Afghanistan. Another example is in the northern part of Iraq. Thousands of Christians are fleeing that part of the country because they are systematically being murdered by religious terrorists because they are Christian. When is this madness going to stop. It won't stop until these people that are being used by the Taliban and by Osama Bin Ladin are educated. It is proven throughout history that the least educated are the very segment of a society that is used by men like the Taliban and Osama Bin Ladin. Hitler was another example. Hilter murdered over 6 million Jews? Why? Religion. He preyed on the least educated in Germany, making them believe the Germans were the superior race, that they were the chosen people. And Hitler wanted to be the "KING" of the world, just as Caesar did in ancient Rome.

People are suppose to be equal right? Wrong... man is not equal even still to this day in the U.S. and in many places of the world.


PROFIT has always been behind the scenes in every war man has fought. Mankind has had democracies, dictorships, theocracies, and what is interesting is, if you study history, all of these different societies eventually failed throughout history. Why? Because mankind still has not learned how to "love thy brother as he loves himself."

How do this things tie into this election? It is the issues and things that have been wrong in this country for so long and it is because of these reasons I've explained that CHANGE MUST TAKE PLACE if our society is to survive and does not fall apart.

You ask what issues and things? Here are just some of the deep issues that have been facing our country for decades.

I could continue to list issues and problems that we have been ignoring in this country for decades... but there is not enough room in this column to list them all. Besides, you know what the other problems are. And that is why "CHANGE" must take place. Every politician in Washington, whether it be from any political party, if they don't start doing what is needed in Washington, then they need to be voted out. This includes all the "old-timers" that have been there who more or less have been sitting on their behinds not doing a thing about these problems and issues for decades.

Below however are the Voting Records of Obama and McCain on issues. Read them - they may help you to decide who to vote if you are still undecided.


Voting Record
Barrack Obama on issues.

Voting Record
John McCain on issues.

So...I end this column with these last thoughts. I have been writing about all of these issues for years. I forewarned people back in 2004 of rising gasoline prices and who would cause it, CHINA. I also have written numerous times about the impending financial melt down that would occur and why. Read my column, Eyes on China - The Price of Oil

The 2008 election is about much more than the candidates or who is the best qualified. It is about the issues that I have mentioned in this column and about you, the American citizen and what is best for all of us in this country. I stress all of us, not just certain segments of our country. Why? As our forefathers wrote our Constitution, they wrote it with this in mind.

Our country is based on, "By the people, of the people and for the people." The latter part, "for the people".... we have forgotten due to crooks who have taken over Washington for GREED and PROFIT.

I am speaking of the corporate control of our politicians. We can no longer ignore the issues that I have written about int his column.

And make sure you get out and VOTE It is not only your right, but your responsibility for living in a FREE country.

~David Lawrence Dewey

More Food For Thought

Woman BoardOkay, if you have not read my columns on hydrogenated oils and aspartame, read them, they will save your life. I am going to ask you these questions. Do you care enough and want to do something that will make a huge difference on your health, the health of your children and grandchildren? Then get involved in the American Health Reform Petition Campaign that I and housewife Greata Ferebee have started.

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Do you think you can take the time to do this. Come-on, its' time to be a real American and stand up for something that right and larger than yourself! Make a difference! It is time to get these chemicals and other deadly poisons out of our food supply.

Read more about this Petition Campaign in my article:
The American Health Reform Nationwide Petition Campaign

Also visit our other website for this Petition Campaign to save your life and others.

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We need to outlaw the use of any plastic bags in this country. Some European countries banned them over 20 years ago. England banned them ten years ago. People will simply have to start taking cloth bags with them to the grocery store. Do you know that a plastic trash bag takes 1,000 years to degrade in the trash dump. Do you realize the amount of land being used to dump these in and the energy it takes to make them? Do you know worldwide who is the largest user and polluter in my opinion, Wal-mart. Hello Walmart, when are you going to truly become concerned about our environment? Do a self ban yourself and make people bring cloth bags. And hello politicians in Washington, where is your head with this serious problem. I think we all know where it is.

For years I have said that truth and hope is seen through the eyes of children, especially dying children. Read my column, Hope Through The Eyes of Terminally ILL Children

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