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Say No To Irradiated Foods
Here's Why...
Now Do Something About It!
August 22, 2008
by columnist
David Lawrence Dewey
"Reading provides knowledge...
knowledge leads to answers."

August 22, 2008
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A Very Urgent and Important Message From
Author/Columnist, David Lawrence Dewey

Say No To Irradiated Foods...Here's Why -
Now Do Something About It !

Irradiated Food Symbol Look for this Symbol (in any color) - If it is a fresh product - Don't Buy It ! ! ! !

The irradiation industry, and governments world wide, have touted the effective irradiation of food products as a means to kill various and harmful bacteria and viruses. Unfortunately, what they are not telling you is that in study after study there have been a plethora of negative side effects of FRESHLY irradiated products in test animals. Signs exhibited ranged from weakened immune systems, to weight loss, to other aberations in the test subject. those of you who take the time to read this email will quickly realize what is about to be done on the unsuspecting public.

The FDA has basically sided with Big Business at the cost of your health.

This means it is up to you..... ONLY YOU WILL INFORM YOUR NEIGHBOR.

Why? The FDA, the Media, the food industry will do NOTHING to tell you the truth about the dangerous side effects of freshly irradiated food.

It is up to you to email your family and friends this article and share with as many people as possible. Then when enough people know the difference can serious pressure be exerted with our elected officials to keep our food un-irradiated and simply get the food industry to simply use GOOD HYGIENE PRACTICES and other methods already safe on foods.

As you email your family and friends about this article, please tell them to go to both the U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives websites, look up their Senators and House of Representatives from their state and email their elected politicians that they DO NOT WANT irradiated foods and they need to do something about it. Links to both Houses are listed at the end of this article.

Here are the facts and bottom line - good food doesn't need irradiating.

Federal regulators, the FDA has announced that they will allow food producers to zap spinach and iceberg lettuce with radiation to kill E. coli and other dangerous germs in an attempt to curb increasing food illness outbreaks.

In case you don't know it, irradiated meat has been around for years, particularly ground beef and after you read the scientific facts of how harmful irradiated foods are, you will then understand why we have seen such an increase in cancers in this country the last ten years.

Food irradiation has been promoted by international bodies and industry groups as the answer to the growing problem of food poisoning and as a means to combat world hunger by reducing spoilage and extending food shelf life. Remember the later part about extending shelf life but that also represents what? More profits for the food corporation and to what expense in health to the consumer is the question?

Food irradiation can result in loss of nutrients. For example vitamin E levels can be reduced by 25% after irradiation. Vitamin C by 5-10%. This is then compounded by the longer storage times of irradiated foods, and by loss of nutrients during cooking, which can result in the food finally eaten by the consumer to contain little more than empty calories.This is potentially damaging to the long and short-term health of consumers, particularly for sections of society already failing toobtain adequate nutrition.

When food is exposed to high doses of ionising radiation, the chemical composition and nutritional content of food changes . Radiolytic by-products are often formed in irradiated food. Very few of these chemicals have been adequately studied for toxicity. One such chemical - 2-DCB - has been shown to can cause DNA damage in rat colon cells at high doses.

Food irradiation does not inactivate dangerous toxins which have already been produced by bacteria prior to the irradiation. In some cases, such as C. botulinum, it is the toxin produced by the bacteria that is not destroyed, instead just the bacteria itself, the toxin is what poses the real health hazard.

Irradiating fruit and vegetables to extend their shelf life can mislead consumers by making old food look fresh. The greater the age of fruit and vegetables, the lower their nutritional value, not to mention the effects of ageing on their tastes and flavours. Do youself your own test. Purchase fruits and vegetables, both fresh organic from a local farmers market that has not beenb irradiated and them some that have. Let both groups sit for a few days, but remember how long it has already taken that irradiated fruit to get from the farm, some of these fruits and vegetables are coming as far away as Mexico, Brazil and Chile. After they sit for a 2-3 days, simply take a taste of each. Be your own judge, but remember that fresh organic fruit or vegetable from your local farmers market contains more nutrients, vitamins and minerals that the irradiated ones, substantially more. And know that all of the so-called safety tests that various government agencies have done on irradiated fruits and vegetables have been done right after they have been picked, not after they have taken days to get to market and then sitting in warehouses before they finally reach the consumer. What has happened to that irradiated foods during that time no one knows!

Consumers will be dangerously misled trying to convince consumers that irradiated foods are better for them. The problem is... irradiation also unavoidably kills off bacteria that produce warning smells indicating that the food is has gone bad and may have actually re-grown bacteria harmful to them.

Greed - Saves Money For Corporation and Masks Poor Sanitation Practices in Food Production

Food irradiation can and has been used to mask poor hygiene practices in food production. With irradiation, contamination can be sterilized, meaning they don't have to be as concerned with hygiene in their plants. This reduces the incentive to clean up sloppy food processing operations. The industry is touting the safety of irradiated foods as a quick to deal the sources of the contaminated produce or meats from bacteria. Have you kept up with all the recalls of beef and produce the last year? Do I need to say more? The consumer has a right to clean food, but the irradiation of foods will lead to the increased production of food contaminated with dirt, but what they term as clean dirt, but is it really clean?

Irradiation can be used and has been found to maintain or even worsen poor standards of animal husbandry. More overcrowding of animals to have more output of meats, as well as the use of cheap and inappropriate feeds such as animal protein in cattle feed not presently allowed, all contribute to contamination of animal products such as meat, poultry and eggs. Cleaning up these products at the end of the production line removes the incentive to improve animal welfare.

The use of irradiation to sterilize meat at the end of the production line allows slaughter lines to be run at dangerously high speeds. Since greater contamination occurs during high speed carving of carcasses can now be cleaned up at the end of the line, this mentally increases the risk of accidents and fatalities by forcing meat packers to work faster than ever, again more profit for the corporations, greed.

Food irradiation is not a low-cost method. Irradiation plants are expensive and could and will help large multinationals to eliminate smaller and more local producers. Requirements for improved security measures at all facilities holding radioactive materials, will have to increase, leading to an increase in the prices of irradiated foods.

It has been reported that numerous unrecovered losses and thefts of radioactive materialsoccur each year. Recent events have raised concerns over the potential for terrorists to obtain these materials for use in dirty bombs. A dirty bomb uses conventional explosives to disperse radioactive materials. Such an attack could cause radiation contamination over several city blocks, but probably no deaths from radiation because of the low doses as the material is dispersed. Such an attack could spread panic and have significant economic impacts. It would require lengthy cleanup operations, although these materials are fairly easily detected. Do you know what workers are mostly employed at meat plants, illegal immigrants. In just the last year, which is the first time in several have meat plants been raided by U.S. Immigration. At one plant over 100 illegal illegal aliens were working there, and not all were from Mexico.

Accidents at radioactive irradiation plants have already led to radioactive spills and contamination of surrounding land and water resources has already occurred. This could and will happen again.

The construction of more irradiation plants will necessitate more transportation of radioactive materials, entailing risks of accidents and radioactive leaks over a wider area of the country as well.

Irradiation allows food to be transported over greater distances, leading to greater air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions which contribute to global warming.

Here is just one research study on what irradiation does to immune cells. This was published in the Journal Immunology. Keep in mind, we already know that radiation damages DNA. There are thousands of studies of what radiation does to the human body, even residual or small particles of it over time.

UV-Irradiated epidermal Cells Produce a Specific Inhibitor of Interleukin 1 Activity

Here is a .pdf copy of this this study in case it is taken down on the Journal Immunology website. Study

This is what it basically says in this study of what irradation causes in the human body.

"Exposure in vivo to UV-irradiation also results in local as well as systemic immunosuppression

Here are six more in-depth studies to consider. Pay attention to the areas highlighted in "red". In a few studies, the only time there has been no effect on animals that have been fed irradiated food is when it had been stored for a period of time before feeding to the animals, usually 12 weeks, which is 4 months ! And if it is stored for a period of time, food loses vital nutrients, basically making the food empty calories. On ABC News Friday night, they will air a segment on the dramatic explosion of premature births in this country. Once you read the studies below, could this be the cause since people have been eating irradiated meats, ( beef, chicken and even eggs ) for the last ten years or so? And now produce is going to be irradiated.

These Abstracts Are From The Public Archives of the National Library of Medicine

1): Micronucleus test in mice fed on an irradiated diet.
Jpn J Vet Res 1989 Apr;37(2):41-7
Endoh D, Hashimoto N, Sato F, Kuwabara M.

A mutagenicity study was carried out in mice fed on a gamma-irradiated diet. As an indicator of mutagenic activity, we observed an incidence of micronuclei in erythrocytes. The average body weight of the mice fed on the diet irradiated to dose range of 400-1,000 kGy decreased, and the mice fed on the 800-1,000 kGy-irradiated diet died during the period from 8 to 14 days after the start of feeding. On the other hand, when the mutagenic activity of the irradiated diet was tested by observing occurrence of micronucleus in erythrocytes, no significant increase was recognized. These results indicated that the irradiated diet had no mutagenic activity, even though it possessed a toxic effect on the growth of mice. PMID: 2779058 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

2): Genetic effects of feeding irradiated wheat to mice.
Can J Genet Cytol 1976 Jun;18(2):231-8 - Vijayalaxmi.

The effects of feeding irradiated wheat in mice on bone marrow and testis chromosomes, germ cell numbers and dominant lethal mutations were investigated. Feeding of freshly irradiated wheat resulted in significantly increased incidence of polyploid cells in bone marrow, aneuploid cells in testis, reduction in number of spermatogonia of types A, B and resting primary spermatocytes as well as a higher mutagenic index. Such a response was not observed when mice were fed stored irradiated wheat. Also there was no difference between the mice fed un-irradiated wheat and stored irradiated wheat. PMID: 990994 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

3): Chromosome studies on bone marrow cells of Chinese hamsters fed a radiosterilized diet.
Toxicology 1977 Oct;8(2):213-22 - Renner HW

Metaphase preparations of chromosomes from bone marrow cells of Chinese hamsters were examined for mutagenic effects following the feeding of a radio sterilized diet. No increase in the incidence of structural chromosomal aberrations was observed. As far as numerical aberrrations were concerned, the proportion of cells with polyploidy increased to between 4 to 5 times the control level, irrespective of the moisture content of the diet. This polyploidy effect occurred very early, being detectable within 24 h, if the diet fed had been irradiated with an absorbed dose of 4.5 - 10(6) rad. The incidence of polyploidy remained below 0.5%, however, nor did it rise with higher radiation doses. When the feeding of the irradiated diet was stopped, the proportion of polyploid cells returned to the control level within a maximum of 6 weeks. If the diet was stored (initially) for 6 weeks following irradiation before being fed to the animals no increase in the number of polyploid cells was noted. These results are not interpreted as a mutagenic effect of the irradiated diet. PMID: 929628 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

4): Irradiated laboratory animal diets: dominant lethal studies in the mouse.
Mutat Res 1981 Feb;80(2):333-45 - Anderson D, Clapp MJ, Hodge MC, Weight TM.

In 4 separate dominant lethal experiments groups of mice of either Charles River CD1 or Alderley Park strains were fed laboratory diets (Oakes, 41B, PRD, BP nutrition rat and mouse maintenance diet No. 1). The diets were either untreated (negative control diets) or irradiated at 1, 2.5 and 5 megarad and were freshly irradiated, or stored. The animals were fed their test diets for a period of 3 weeks prior to mating. Groups of mice given a single intraperitoneal injection of 200 mg cyclophosphamide per kg body weight served as the positive controls. Freshly irradiated PRD diet fed to male mice of both strains caused an increase in early deaths in females mated to the males in week 7 and to a lesser extent in week 4. The increase due to irradiation was small by comparison with that produced by the positive control compound. The responses for the other irradiated diets showed no significant increases in early deaths although some values for Oakes diet were high. The effect of storage was examined with PRD and BPN diet on one occasion and produced conflicting results. Thus there was some evidence that irradiated PRD diet has weak mutagenic activity in the meiotic and/or pre-meiotic phase of the spermatogenic cycle which appeared to be lessened on storage; the inclusion of such a diet in toxicological studies would therefore need to be carefully considered. PMID: 7207489 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

5): The effect of ionizing irradiation on sensory changes in feed in relation to their utilization by dogs
Vet Med (Praha) 1985 Dec;30(12):739-48, [Article in Czech] - Smid K, Dvorak J, Hrusovsky J.

To evaluate the effect of ionizing radiation on sensory changes of feeds in relation to their utilization by dogs, four groups of experimental animals were formed. Two groups were fed a ration where the main component (meat feed mixture VETACAN and loose feed mixture VETAVIT) was irradiated by radioisotope Co 60 at the dose of 25 kGy/kg for the period of 90 days. In the remaining two groups a non-irradiated ration was used for the same period. For both diets, control groups of dogs were formed and the feed ration was biologically fortified by a vitamin-mineral supplement to the physiological standard. It followed from the observations that the effect of radiation caused a significant qualitative decrease in the level of energy nutrients, particularly in the protein and lipid sphere. It is assumed that the extent of damage of lipid fraction is also accompanied by deficient vitamin activity and further by significant changes of taste and aromatic properties felt by animals. Irradiation of the feed ration caused a significant 20 to 25% decrease of food intake with a subsequent decrease of live weight and deterioration of physical condition. Irradiated diets without biological fortification caused significant losses of weight from the initial value mean = 39.5 kg to mean = 35.33 kg, in comparison with the non-irradiated rations through which the live weight was stabilized, and at biological fortification positively influenced. Irradiation of the feed ration during the period of study had not caused a response of the organism displayed in changes of physiological values of body temperature and heart and respiration rates in experimental animals. Radio sterilization of feeds had not caused any significant decrease of training ability and performance of dogs. PMID: 3937317 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

6): Immune response in rats given irradiated wheat.
Br J Nutr 1978 Nov;40(3):535-41 - Vijayalaxmi.

1: Rats given diets containing freshly-irradiated wheat showed significantly lower mean antibody titres to four different antigens, decreased numbers of antibody-forming cells in the spleen and rosette-forming lymphocytes as compared to rats given either unirradiated wheat or irradiated wheat stored for a period of 12 weeks.

2. The immune response in rats given 90 g protein/kg diet was essentially similar to that seen in animals given 180 g protein/kg diet. PMID: 568934 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

Hello? Do you need more proof to say NO to irradiated foods? If the above deadly effects occur in animals being fed irradiated foods, what makes you think it is not occurring in humans?

If you want to read the entire proposals that the FDA plans to allow for food irradiation that will make you ill, then read the Federal Register of Proposed Rules for irradiating foods.

Federal Rules For Irradiating Foods

Here is a .pdf copy if you can't access the above website:Federal Register

Dr. Valerie Hunt of the Bio-energy Fields Foundation in California has carefully documented her findings about the bioelectricity of cells. This is done with an ultraviolet film technique that exposes the electrical output of any life form. In vivid color she reveals the changing luminescent fields that surround living foods and the lack of any electrical life around processed, cooked and especially irradiated food, which she finds to be the worse lacking electrical life.

In the irradiation process, foods are placed on a conveyer belt andpass through a long biologically shielded irradiator source chamber,past a cobalt 60 or Cesium 137 irradiator source plaque. The foods are then exposed for one or two minutes to high-dose beams of radiation.One chest X-ray is the equivalent of one RAD (Roentgen absorbed dose) .Exposure to 300 RADs would kill half the people directly exposed and sterilize the rest of them.

In food irradiation, fruits and vegetables can receive up to 100,000 RADs under FDA guidelines. The food itself does not become radioactive unless there is an equipment malfunction or radiation leak. Instead, nutritious, living food becomes at once denatured,deranged and dead. The cells in the human body appear to be very sensitive to the gamma radiation-altered digestive secretions produced by irradiated foods. Carbohydrates in irradiated foods impair cell division. Fats and fatty acids are changed into peroxides and other toxic chemicals. In addition, other completely new compounds created during irradiation have not been tested for carcinogenicity, mutagenicity, or teratogenicity, but, restassured, they are destructive to the human organism.

Dr. Edward Maxie performed studies for ten years (1963 - 73) on the use of gamma radiation to control post-harvest diseases in fruits andvegetables, with support from the Atomic Energy Commission. They found that diseases were often worse in irradiated than in non-irradiatedcitrus, because radiation-induced cellular injury and that destruction of the that foods DNA cause reduced levels of that commodity or food's disease resistance.

Research concludes that irradiated strawberries "weep" from irradiation-caused injury when they are cut. Citrus is even more sensitive to this injury. Changes occur in the color, odor,flavor, and texture of irradiated produce, which may then require the addition of synthetic chemical flavoring additives being sprayed on them to make them appeal to consumers, all which, also proven to be harmful to humans.

In addition, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is now proposing to revise its labeling regulations for irradiated foods and supplements, suggestingthat some irradiated foods could be labeled as "pasteurized". The result, you now won't know what is irradiated. Irradiation is basically being crammed down the throats of unspecting consumes worldwide. The same thing is occuring in other countries as well.

The US currently requires all single-ingredient irradiated foods sold in stores to be labeled as "treated with irradiation" and to carry the 'radura' symbol. Under the FDA's proposed labelingrevisions, only those irradiated foods in which the irradiation causes a material change in the food would bear the radura logo and the term "irradiated" or a derivative of that.

The agency said it is using the term material change to refer to a change in the organ oleptic, nutritional, or functional properties of a food, caused by irradiation, that the consumer could not identify at the point of purchase in the absence of appropriate labeling. FDA is also proposing to allow a firm to petition for use of an alternate term to "irradiation" (other than "pasteurized"). In addition, FDA is proposing to permit a firm to use the term "pasteurized" in place of "irradiated", provided it notifies the agency that the irradiation process being used meets the criteria specified for use of the term "pasteurized" in the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. What a bunch of double speak and it is mainly being done by the request of huge corporations so you the consumer won't know what you are eating.

Currently the US has roughly 50 irradiation facilities. Presently, most are being used mainly for medical supplies and other non-food items. According to a reportpublished last year by Food & Water Watch, food irradiation is unpopular among consumers in the country, in part because of federal labeling rules, but as you can see, that has now changed with the recent FDA ruling to allow the irradition of produce.

An analysis by the Centers for Science in the Public Interest found that most outbreaks of illnesses associated with salad are caused by viruses, which are not affected by the doses of radiation that has been approved by the F.D.A.

The irradiation of meat has increased the cost of up to 75 cents per pound since meat plants started doing it a few years ago. I eat nothing but organic meat that has not been irradiated. Consumers say, oh, but organic costs more. All I've got to say about that, stop and think of what you are doing to your health and body.

Virtually all types of food including fruits and vegetables suffer levels of nutrient destruction and loss of quality when irradiated. In many cases, even small doses can result in significant loss of vitamins and other nutrients, and a significant decline in food quality. Further, food loses nutrients as it ages. We can expect the irradiated produce to have therefore fewer nutrients because irradiation kills the bacteria that cause food to rot, thereby this greatly extends shelf life, but as foods sit, the vitamins, minerals and nutrients decay.

The government has not guaranteed that for those imported fruits andvegetables that will be irradiated on U.S. soil, invasive pests wonít reach our shores. The new rule will allow non-irradiated products to be imported into 35 states, where the USDA asserts that fruit flies would not survive the winter. However, the USDA made this statement without providing any supporting evidence. In a report on invasive species released by the Government Accounting Office, an APHIS officialis quoted as saying that there is a "general lack of information about the success of different measures to prevent the importation of invasive species, short of an outright ban on products from infested areas." I am explaining this that just because the produce may now be free so to speak of bacteria, the insects/pests that may come in with the produce could very well infect it with new bacteria. The irradiation does not kill the insects or pests unless they increase the amount of irradiation on the produce. Hello?

Why Are We Doing This When....

Why are we irradiating foods when extensive studies show that cold and heat treatment of perishables, not the use of radiation, is the least expensive technique to control pests in imports and also to limit the growth of any possible harmful bacteria on the produce. Numerous studies have shown that cold and heat treatments, which are already in use, can meet the mandated control level for insect control, especially when combined with basic sanitation methods, which is what the corporations want not to be bothered with to save costs, to make more profit.

Small-scale farmers already suffering from the fallout of "free trade"agreements such as NAFTA donít need more imports, which have resulted in the dumping of lower-priced fruits and vegetables onto American markets, all being irradiated now. This rule represents yet another blow to small fruit and vegetable producers in this country and will severly hamper their ability to survive. These ignorant policies are slowly destroying private ownership of small to medim size farms in the U.S.

Here is a video on You-Tube produced by Free Range Films. The movie is called Grocery Store Wars. There is an animation in this video that shows how your foods are being irradiated. It is also a film you should watch !


Those are the facts. Now what are you the consumer going to do about it? If you are a Mother, you should be angry, very angry of what is occuring to your children by eating irradiated foods. I hope that will spur you into action.

Click on the links below to find your U.S. Senator of your state and your House of Representative member from your state. Send them an email, STOP THE IRRADIATION OF OUR FOODS NOW!

I have given you the facts, it is up to you now to do something about it. Just remember, one voice can become MILLIONS to make a change. Are you going to be that one voice that starts it?

I would like to share with you information about a remarkable new invention by a man named, John Joseph. Graham has been working on his devices the last 11 years. Graham developed a deep love for water early in his youth.

Enjoying sailing on the great lakes and exploring many rivers through out the United States, Graham noticed how mankind was polluting this most precious resource. It was then that he decided to make a difference. raham has always been a creator and inventor, developing innovative products for consumers.

During the 1970ís, he worked for such companies as Keiko in Chicago, developing super concentrated shampoos and conditioners for he beauty industry. He co-developed the "The Body Wrap", at Arlington Laboratories and gave talk show host Phil Donohue a body wrap live on Donuhueís television show.

In the 1980ís Graham, invented SEED N SOIL , a natural water based product that bonds seed to soil to prevent erosion and keep birds from eating the seed. He also invented and marketed water based concrete and brick sealers for industry.

During the early 1990ís, he was a consultant for Fortune 500 Corporations evaluating electrical power systems and providing solutions to insure clean power.

In 1997, Graham became involved in numerous projects in cleaning up local rivers and lakes in Illinois. He served as Commissioner on The Air and Water Pollution Control Board in Illinois and worked with the Illinois Clean Streams Commission assisting in the clean up of local lakes and rivers.

As a part time inventor during this period, Graham researched ways on how to improve the quality of water without the use of chemicals or electricity for obvious reasons. Chemicals are not healthy for the human body and using electricity to improve water polluted the environment, both counter productive to society.

Graham took courses in Converation in college and combined with his love of nature and what his father taught him about "water" being the giver of life...and after recuperating from a near death accident, he has devoted the last 11 years in developing devices that would return water back to itís natural state to help mankind. What has come out of the last 11 years are the Genie Water Wands, in May of 2008. Genie Water Wands that work in 20 seconds to energize and balance water back to itís natural magnetic vortex spin and natural alkalinity pH state of 7.5 to 7.7, unlike the pH of of tap water or bottled water.

During 1997, Graham invented and manufactured his first devices calling them Fluid Excellerators. The method employed in his devices use passive water treatment for consumer and commercial applications. Since 1997, Graham has successfully developed many new products for both personal and commercial applications.

Also in 1997, Graham setup his corporation, Dearborn Industries to market his devices now called Genie Water Wands and filters for commercial use. All of his devices energizes and returns water to it's natural state of magnetic flux rotation and raises the pH to itís natural normal alkalinity pH state of 7.5 to 7.7 . His newest device, Genie Water wands, introduced in May, 2008 returns water to itís natural state in 20 seconds. The wands which are placed in water dispensers. In addition, Graham has and is developing larger devices for commercial applications use to restore water to itís natural pure state.

All I can tell you is what I have experience and the testamonials that I have read from people that are using his water excellorators. I have noticed positive changes in my health in many ways. More mental clarity. I attribute this to the water that has been put back into it's natural pure magnetic vortex spin so to speak. If you understand anything about body chemistry and the intracellular and microcellular levels of the body, cells and tissues and how water is the most important giver of life, you will see why we must drink water that is how is was meant to be and not how we have damaged water by processing it through electrical motors, adding chlorine to it, not to mention the pollution that man has done by dumping chemicals into lakes, stream and even down drain pipes. Water is alive, it actually is, but we have tried to kill it by what we have done to it. However, we can't completely kill it, it is stronger that we are, but we have change in a way that is not beneficial to our bodies. That is what John Joseph has invented, water wands that you can balance water in a glass of water that you can place in your water dispenser to also cook with and drink from.

Do yourself a favor, purchase just the wand at first and drink the water that you transform and balance using it. I really don't have to try and sell you on it, you will sell yourself on it once you start drinking the water from using the wand. I really had to pass this on to my readers. Graham's invention is going to make such a impact on people's health, I can't even begin nor do I have the time or space to keep listing the impact the water will have on their lives. And I am NOT making a dime by telling you about his wands should you purchase a wand by clicking over to his website and purchasing a wand.

I am providing this information and the writeup below and link to Graham's website because of what I have experienced and what I know you will experience and what I know about John Joseph and why has invented these, to help mankind. There is a HUGE need for Graham's devices. People need to know about Graham's wonderful invention devices that are going to have such an impact on humanity, their lives and health. That is why I am sharing this with you!

Last, below are some links to some of my previous article you may wish to read.

Here are the links to find your U.S. Senator and Congressman to email to stop irradiating our foods!

U.S. Senators

U.S. House of Represenatives

More one thing. Buy your produce from your local farmers market, it is not irradiated! Support your local farmers that sell at local farmers markets and stop buying the irradiated produce and foods at grocery stores and especially at Wal-Mart ! They are loaded with food coming in from other countries!

Have a good day!

~ David Lawrence Dewey

Have you wondered America why cancer, heart disease, diabetes, auto-immune diseases have increase so dramatically over the last fifty years? Here's why. Our food supply has become corrupted with hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup, chemical preservatives, artificial additives and dyes, deadly chemical sweeteners. Recently in England, the Health Ministry of England has forced Coke and Pepsi and other soft drink manufacturers to stop using sodium benzoate as a preservative in soft drinks? Why? Read this article. Folks, stop drinking or eating anything that has sodium benzoate in it - it can damage your DNA! Again, I wrote about this danger six years ago! Our current FDA is worthless in protecting the health of Americans. They have let food companies over the fifty years just run amok with Frankenstein chemical, additives, dyes and more added to the food supply.

Soft Drinks May Seriously Harm Your Health
Expert Link Additive Sodium Benzoate To Cell DNA Damage
By Martin Hickman, Consumer Affairs Correspondent
Sunday, May 27, 2008

If you have not read my articles on the deadly health effects of these toxins that have been added to our food supply, I encourage you to read the facts and get involved to do something about it.

Hydrogenated Oils-Silent Killers

Aspartame - Sweetness or Death?

And America, you should be very concerned about these issues.

I wrote about the Morgellons Disease in 2006.

Recently in Arizona, analysis of HEPA filters showed disturbing findings and the FDA finally admits Mercury Fillings are a neurotoxic hazard.

Phosphates are finally banned in one state.

Here are more details on these items you probably have not heard about.

FDA Confesses Mercury Fillings Neurotoxic Hazard

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has asserted for years that mercury in dental fillings is harmless, but has changed its position following a class-action lawsuit settlement this month regarding the safety of silver fillings. Now why has it taken this long with the FDA over this issue? Politics and BIG MONEY by the American Dental Association.

In February, 2001, I warned readers about the dangers of silver fillings. Even though new medical research back then showed the dangers of silver fillings, the FDA did nothing.
Read my column from 2001, Could Those Silver Fillings Cause You Health Problems?

Dishwashing Detergent Ban Starts In Washington State July 1.

Finally, a state that cares about its' citizens. It has banned detergents that contain phosphates which are deadly to the human body. The state discovered toxic levels in water supplies around the state, a direct result from these products.

October 17, 2006

Chemtrails - Shocking Phoenix Air Quality Test Results

In May of 2008, a group of concerned scientists analyzed HEPA FILTERS in the Phoenix area. They used HEPA filters as the air collection method, running HEPA air purifiers 8 hours a day. The results were shocking. Aluminum was 6,400 times the EPA toxic limit, Iron was 28,000 times the toxic limit, sodium was 15.9 times the toxic limit and other toxic levels of cooper, magnanesse, etc.. All of these are used in what is known as cloud seeding to make rain by spraying these chemtrails in the sky.

Have you seen these in the sky where you live?

This is what they are, this is being done by our own government. Are you absorbing toxic levels of the above? Arizona has one of the highest rates of Alzeimer's. I wonder, could it be the alumimum toxicity in the air?


Here is a site that has a world clock. It provides continously updated statistics on disease, population, oil and more. I have never seen anything like it. It is amazing. I applaud this website!

Woman BoardOkay, if you have not read my columns on hydrogenated oils and aspartame, read them, they will save your life. I am going to ask you this questions. Do you care enough and want to do something that will make a huge difference on your health, the health of your children and grandchildren? Then get involved in the American Health Reform Petition Campaign that I and housewife Greata Ferebee have started.

WomanIt is a simple Petition campaign where we ask you to collect only (12) signatures on a one page Petition, ( you can do this easily most likely by getting your fellow employees to sign it ) and mail it to the address show in Washington and to your Senators and Congressman. Then simply give a blank Petition to each of the (12) you are getting signatures from and ask them to do the same. Greta and I are striving for a minium of ten million signatures at least to be mailed in. You also come back to the website to record the number of signatures you collected and mailed.

Do you think you can take the time to do this. Come-on, its' time to be a real American and stand up for something that right and larger than yourself! Make a difference! It is time to get these chemicals and other deadly poisons out of our food supply.

Read more about this Petition Campaign in my article:
The American Health Reform Nationwide Petition Campaign

Also visit our other website for this Petition Campaign to save your life and others.

Two last things. First, email this article to your friends.
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Second, we need to outlaw the use of any plastic bags in this country. Some European countries banned them over 20 years ago. England banned them ten years ago. People will simply have to start taking cloth bags with them to the grocery store. Do you know that a plastic trash bag takes 1,000 years to degrade in the trash dump. Do you realize the amount of land being used to dump these in and the energy it takes to make them? Do you know worldwide who is the largest user and polluter in my opinion, Walmart. Hello Walmart, when are you going to truly become concerned about our environment? Do a self ban yourself and make people bring cloth bags. And hello politicians in Washington, where is your head with this serious problem. I think we all know where it is.

For years I have said that truth and hope is seen through the eyes of children, especially dying children. Read my column, Hope Through The Eyes of Terminally ILL Children


Love-Light-Peace and May God Bless!

Have a nice day and I am sure I will be hearing from many of you, but maybe not, just maybe you've gotten the wake up calls.

~David Lawrence Dewey

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