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Aspartame Fact Sheet
Equal®, Nutrasweet®
The "Real Facts" - Are You At Risk?

May 8, 2008
Updated July 20, 200, April 25, 2010
by columnist
David Lawrence Dewey
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Press Release
on Asparatme
May 8, 2008
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A DL DEWEY Exclusive
In Depth Special ReportReport
Aspartame Fact Sheet
Equal® - NutraSweet®
The "Real Facts" - Are You At Risk?

The safety of aspartame has been an ongoing controversy for over 27 years. Despite claims by the sweetener industry that aspartame is "safe" because it is FDA approved, the information in this fact sheet clears up any disinformation and sets the record straight.

The consumer advocates listed in this fact sheet have been informing and educating consumers about the dangers of aspartame for many years. They are some of the most reliable sources, providing the most updated research confirming aspartame is a carcinogen and should never have been approved by the FDA to be used in the public food supply.


Aspartame is in over 6,000 products including 99% of all chewing gum and children’s medicine.

The American FDA first approved aspartame (NutraSweet ® /Equal®) Aspartame's initial approval was quickly rescinded, nonetheless, because it was shown in laboratory studies to cause brain lesions and carcinogenic tumors. After 10 years of corporate research studies, final FDA approval was secured in 1981 shortly after President Reagan appointed new FDA Director, Dr. Arthur H. Hayes.


Aspartame breaks down into:

Reported psychological symptoms are:

The methanol in aspartame breaks down into formaldehyde (embalming fluid) and formic acid, which is the same as the chemical compound of venom in insect stings. At temperatures exceeding 86 degrees Fahrenheit (the average human body temperature is 98.6 F.), methanol is implicated in birth defects and fetal alcohol syndrome in newborn infants. Before aspartame approval, 1 in 1500 infants were born with autism. Today, the number has risen to 1 in 150.

Methanol expert, Dr. Woodrow Monte, PhD, writes in Aspartame: Methanol and the Public Health: "For every molecule of aspartame, there is a molecule of methanol released." Classic signs of methanol poisoning include: lethargy, confusion, leg cramps, back pain, severe headache, abdominal pain, slurred speech, fainting, visual loss/blindness, labored breathing.

Because of its ability to pass into the brain, aspartame exacerbates or can cause the following medical conditions:

In animals tested from 1971 to 1974, the results showed that 13 out of 320 lab animals developed brain tumors. In addition, 73 of 145 female rats developed gross mammary tumors. Dr. Adrian Gross, FDA toxicologist, in a letter to Congress, Oct. 30, 1986, stated, "In any such study of even a few hundred test animals, it takes no more than a dozen or so of them to exhibit a particular lesion... to associate with the test agent, aspartame or its related chemicals." In addition, Pathologist Dr. Charles H. Frith spent 3 days with the FDA to review the 145 animals from this toxicity study. Sufficient slides substantiated 73 female animals with grossly observed tumor masses.

"The Bressler Report" can be read at

Current aspartame research findings:

In the last two years, the Ramazzini Cancer Institute, led by Dr. Morando Soffritti, Bologna, Italy, released two studies confirming the toxicity of aspartame and its carcinogenic effects. The results of the 8-year aspartame study (March, 2006) in which 1,800 rats were exposed to different doses of aspartame over a 36 month time period concluded that aspartame, even at low dosages, is multi-carcinogenic, including the formation of leukemia and lymphoma in the laboratory animals.

The latest study at Purdue University, Artificial Sweeteners Increase Weight Gain Odds, showed that diet products increase hunger and cause weight gain. The Framingham Study showed the increased risk of heart attack and metabolic syndrome disorders.


Very Important...
If You Care About Your Health
The Health of Your Children and Grandchildren...
Get Involved-Spread The Word !

The following are the most reputable websites available on the worldwide web to educate consumers on the true facts about the dangers of aspartame. Visit these websites to learn more about the dangers of aspartame and the other artificial chemical sweeteners on the market today. As Paul Harvey said, "The Rest Of The Story."

Let the facts speak for themselves...

If you suffer from aspartame poisoning, be sure to visit these other sites educating the public on dangers of aspartame.

Splenda®: Is It Safe Or NotDr. Janet Starr Hull, PhD


Splenda®: Is It Safe or Not?
Dr. Janet Hull has a new book. Splenda® is just as deadly as aspartame.

What is the chemical makeup of Splenda®?

Sucralose also known as Splenda® is synthesized by this five-step process:

So sucralose becomes a low-calorie sugar with a complicated process that results in Splenda’s® chemical formula:


This is Splenda®. Are you sure now you want to be consuming these deadly chemicals?

Sucalrose is also in many food products, including over the counter drug medications, like Rolaids antacid. Also, Listerine's new Citrus mouth wash. Make sure you read the labels.

In addition, it contains these deadly chemicals, some known to cause cancer in animals, some are even listed on the EPA as poisons:

Acetone - Acetic acid -  Acetyl alcohol - Acetic anhydride - Ammonium chloride
Benzene -  Chlorinated sulfates - Ethyl alcohol - Isobutyl ketones
Hydrogen chloride - Lithium chloride
Methanol - Sodium methoxide
Sulfuryl chloride -  Trityl chloride - Thionyl chloride - Toulene

You can read the rest of details and research findings explained in laymens terms in:

Dr. Hull's new book - Splenda®: Is It Safe Or Not? can be purchased through

~ Click Here To Order ~
This is a must read -
Mothers - make sure you read this for your children's health!

Dr. Hull's new book is getting rave reviews for exposing this deadly chemical!
I give it a TEN ! Outstanding - well written and researched !
Visit Dr. Hull's website, Is Splenda Safe Or Not?

More on Dr. Janet Hull PhD

Dr. Janet HullDr. Janet Hull PhD - is an aspartame victim herself. Her aspartame expertise is based on her professional background. She holds a Doctorate in Nutrition, a Master's Degree in Environmental Science, is an international geographer and geologist, a former university professor, firefighter and Hazardous Waste Specialist and Emergency Responder. She is a Licensed Certified Nutritionist, certified fitness professional and author. Dr. Hull's diverse background supports her unique approach to contemporary nutritional issues. She has dedicated the past ten years to sharing with others her life-threatening experience and natural recovery from aspartame poisoning.

Sweet PoisonSweet Poison, written by author Dr. Janet Starr Hull, is a book exposing aspartame dangers. provides a variety of aspartame information including nutritional advice on aspartame detoxification, aspartame side effects and up-to-date information on aspartame dangers.

Order the books through Barnes and Noble or Amazon.Com

For more information, go to:

Detox BookDr. Hull has also written the book:10 Steps To Detoxification

Dr. Hull has combined five primary nutritional components that remove toxins, replace nutrients depleted by toxicity, and restore a natural state of health. It is like peeling the layers off an onion, as each layer is removed, the underlying layers reveal what’s really behind disease symptoms. The deeper you go toward the ‘core’ of the problem, healing becomes long-term reality.

How Can the Detox Program Help You?

The Detox Program identifies the toxin or toxins present within the body and removes the toxins via the water stores, urine, fecal wastes, and the bloodstream. Most toxins can be removed if the program is followed for the duration the toxinsare present within the body tissues, and The Detox Program is so natural, it can be used for your lifetime as a maintenance program for future chemical exposures.

Cancer BookDr. Janet Starr Hull also presents The Richardson Cancer Diet, an alternative cancer diet to help the body fight cancer. The book features cancer fighting foods, tools, nutritional recommendations, resources and more. Learn more at:

Make sure you visit Dr. Hull's sites for further information:

Read about Dr. Hull's hair analysis tests:

Subscribe to Dr. Hull's Healthy Newsletter:

And this is the person that first alerted Consumers about this deadly chemical... Aspartame Consumer Safety Network
Aspartame Consumer Safety Network

Mary Stoddard and Washington D.C. Attorney, Jim Turner's
Aspartame Consumer Safety Network .

Mary was the first consumer advocate in 1987 before all others
in educating consumers about this deadly chemical sweetener.

Stoddard's and Turner's site provide eye opening information about the artificial sweetener, aspartame - presented in a rational, intelligent manner. Both are the original pioneers of the international anti-aspartame movement. Journalist, Mary Nash Stoddard and Washington attorney, James Turner, Esq. have been instrumental in educating the general public around the world as to the reported dangers of aspartame. Their website is where people go to when they have questions about this issue and need answers from the experts.

Mary StoddardAbout Mary Nash Stoddard
Author/Broadcast Journalist/Expert Medical Witness/Food Safety Consultant

Mary co-founded the massive international anti-aspartame movement in the mid 1980's, following the brain tumor death of her forty two year old husband, Mike.

In 1985, Ms. Stoddard suffered a life threatening aspartame-related blood disorder, whereupon, The NutraSweet Co. offered her an all-expense paid vacation for two anywhere in the world, if she would agree to be tested by their doctors. She declined, with the blessing of her doctor, and the rest is history. She has conducted multi-national lecture tours and is a popular visiting professor at colleges, universities and medical schools.

Stoddard's efforts over the past nearly two decades has led to the present rejection of the sweetener by many of the food and beverage giants of industry. These companies rush to distance themselves from the liabilities associated with use of a neuro-toxic substance in their products. She has testified in court as an Expert Medical Witness and like her famous counterpart, Erin Brockovitch, has helped with a number of lawsuits on behalf of consumers. Her powerful message has reached millions around the world through the airwaves on radio and television, in print and personal appearances.

Stoddard also wrote "Deadly Deception - Story of Aspartame", a toxicology sourcebook, edited by Ms. Stoddard. The book was the first book written about the dangers of aspartame. The book documents the harmful effects of the world's most toxic artificial sweetener. The 250 page toxicology sourcebook is endorsed by doctors, scientists, medical reporters and mentioned by Dr. Robert Atkins on his radio show in New York. The companion one hour "Deadly Deception" video is further documentation - taped at a prestigious scientific conference. You can purchase both, as well as audio tapes and CD's at Stoddard's website.

Make sure you read Stoddard's recent article concerning her warnings of the recent decision of the IADSA to increase food additives in foods, even in babies foods.
ARTICLE: Reckless Endangerment of World's Food Supply By IADSA

And here is the online Support Aspartame Group Message Board:

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