Help Find These Sons and Daughters

You can help find these people by printing this page out, making copies of it and distributing it to your friends or anyone else! ~ Thank you - DL DEWEY

If you are one of these sons or daughters
- - - A special note from DL DEWEY:
If you would like to communicate with your parents through me, please email me, I will see that your parents receive the message and if you prefer, without the email address you are sending it from - please do the right thing and at least let your parents know you are alive and well! You will need to disclose something personal so that they will know it is from you!

This page is dedicated to the parents that have lost sons and daughters to the Jim Roberts religious group. Posted here are short descriptions of these sons and daughters as well as their photo in most cases. If you can help in any way to help locate these sons and daughters in hopes of re-uniting them with their parents, it would be most helpful. All the parents wish to do is to simply talk with their sons and daughters, to know that they are alright, and that they are still loved. The Jim Roberts religious group, known as "The Brethren", 'The Brotherhood", or the "Garbage Eaters" because they actually eat garbage out of trash bins, have brainwashed these sons and daughters in my opinion in ways that are not of God. God is love, and God does not teach to abandon your parents, to dis-own your parents as this group does. Regardless of how you look at it, this simply is not right. I'm not going to get into religious views regarding this, however, there is a simple right and wrong. What the Bretheren is doing is not God' s work by separating these sons and daughters from their parents. Please help if you can. Some parents have provided email addresses in hopes their children will email them at least. If any of you that are sons and daughters do not want to make contact with your parents at first, but wish to talk with someone, then email me at You can find more information about this group for now and how they work at Larry and Judy Wilcox's website, who have lost their son Bart Wilcox to this group.
Jim Roberts Photo CAN YOU HELP

This is a rare recent photo of Jim Roberts, leader of The Brethern religious group. The parents of these sons and daughters are trying to locate his actual whereabouts. He travels quite a bit, staying in touch with his "leaders" of groups across the counry by telephone and believe it or not, by email on the computer. He carries a small laptop computer.
If you have seen this man, please email anyone of the parents at their website, or myself,
Be sure to visit the group parents website,, for information on more missing sons and daughters

Here is the first list of missing people
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