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If you are one of these sons or daughters
- - - A special note from DL DEWEY
If you would like to communicate with your parents through me, please email me, I will see that your parents receive the message and if you prefer, without the email address you are sending it from - please do the right thing and at least let your parents know you are alive and well! You will need to disclose something personal so that they will know it is from you!

Bob Gray Photo
Bob Gray Photo Photo BOB GRAY

These are the most recent photos of
Bob Gray
Another son taken away by
Robert A. Gray III (Bob)
DOB - July 20, 1971 - will be 28 yrs old
Height 5' 11"
Average weight - 170 pounds
Eyes - Blue Hair - Medium Brown
(Hair is medium length and wavy)
Last reported sighting: Berkeley CA, March 3, 1998
Missing from home since December 1996
If you have seen Robert,
please email his mother,
Judith Gray at
Matt Tomasone Photo
Matt Tomasone Photo MATT TOMASONE

These are the most recent photos of
Matt Tomasone
Before and after he was recruited by
Birthdate: 1979
Height 6' 1"
Average weight - 170 pounds
Eyes -(2) colors
one is dark brown, other green
Hair - Dark Brown
Left campus in the company of members of the 'The Brotherhood', December 1996.
Last seen in New Orleans
the end of February, 1998.
If you have seen Matt, please email his,
Sister at

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