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Are They Making You Sick?

June 7th, 2001 - Updated Dec. 15, 2009 - May 5, 2010
by columnist
David Lawrence Dewey

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Parasites Are They Making You Sick?

Parasites can cause serious health problems!

Parasites, you hardly hear anything about them, but they are around, including in and on our foods. Can they cause high blood pressure, chronic fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome, colon problems, other health problems and even some types of cancers? Yes, they can and I'll explain why. But first, let me give you some background.

Congress recently passed a series of laws that has and will seriously damage many years of valuable health and environmental laws. There has been a serious easing of the Clean Water Act, The Safe Drinking Water Act and the Meat and Poultry Products Inspection Act. The Federal Meat Inspection Act was last rewritten in 1967 and lacks any real enforcement not to mention funding for enough meat inspectors. One result of this has been a higher incidence of parasitic infection among the American public. This year, the National Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that food borne pathogens cause 325,000 hospitalizations and 76 million illnesses resulting in 9,000 deaths annually. This is an increase of over 20 million illnesses and 4,000 deaths from two years ago. Congress has done nothing to correct the problem. There are over a dozen agencies trying to interpret some 35 different laws that are over 100 years old. Here is a typical problem. Cheese pizza is regulated by the FDA, while pizza pepperoni is regulated by the USDA. Shell eggs are regulated by the FDA, most processed egg products by the USDA. And the worse problem, meat slaughtering and packing plants which fall under USDA daily inspections, ( at least that is what the USDA says they do, daily inspections ), it can be years for plants to be inspected that fall under FDA supervision. In 1994, the Northwest experienced a serious food contamination problem with hamburger meat that was loaded with the bacteria E-Coli. Who was inspecting the plants that made this hamburger?

What Are Parasites?

Parasites are organisms that live in another host, much at the expense of the host. They compete for the very nutrients that the host needs. In this case, the human body. Over 100 common parasites are known and the body can have more than one parasite at a time. Parasites excrete waste products that are toxic to the body. Parasites are transmitted via contamintated water or food, contact with infected animals or humans via fecal-oral contact. Worldwide, parasites that cause diarrhea are the greatest single cause of illness and death. Few know the enormous adverse health problems and diseases that parasites cause. Doctors only hear about a few of these cases because many people with food poisoning think they have the stomach flu and don't go to see a doctor. And I would like to stress this point, parasites are no longer a disease of the lower class or third world countries. They are here in the millions in developed countries.

Parasites multiply at an incredible rate. They lay thousands of eggs in a day in the colon and major organs such as the liver, kidneys, and even the heart. Parasites eat different diets in the body. Some thrive on sugar or simple carbohydrates, while others thrive on protein. Some actually get their food from the cells in the body. They attach themselves to the cell and are more dangerous than those living in the colon. Serious damage can be done to vital organs. They can remain in the body twenty, even thirty years. Here is a case in point. A study done in 1979 of 600 British former POWs from World War II found these disturbing parasites in the POW's bodies. Thirty years later, 15 percent of these veterans were still infected with a parasite called, Strongyloides during the war. Parasites are smart. They learn to adapt to keep from being detected. All life wants to live and reproduce, parasites are no different. So, they learn to adapt and mutate when necessary.


In the United States the most common parasites other than head lice are protozoa varieties that are transmitted by air, food, water, insects, animals and people. Giardia lamblia, found in waters of lakes, streams, wells and oceans is a common nightmare of traveler's diarrhea. Keep in mind that most cities supply water via piping. These pipes that carry the bulk of water from wells or rivers into cities are anywhere from 50 to 100 years old. They have cracks in them where parasites can enter. Entamoeba histolytica causes dysentery and injury to the liver and lungs. Blastocytis hominis is linked to acute and chronic illnesses. The parasite Dientamoeba fraglis causes diarreha, abdominal pains, intense anal itching and loose stools. Intense anal itching that comes and goes is a usually a definite sign that you have parasites living in you. Cryptosporidium has become a significant threat. There are parasitic worms, pinworms, roundworms and tapeworms which usually are acquired from eating contaminated meat, however, they can be acquired from water.

One study in 1995 was a parasitic nightmare. One West Coast town, despite free worming treatments provided by a Department of Health Clinic and improved sanitation in most of the homes, ( washing hands frequently ), still had many parasitic infections. Whipworm in preschool children increased seventy five percent. The study found the ameba, Entamoeba histolytica. In another study at five primary schools on the East Coast, sixty five percent of infected children had roundworms with thirty nine percent having more than one parasite living in them, Giardia lamblia was the other parasite. Children that are kept in day care centers are at at serious risk if the day care providers do not have health safety procedures in place. Toys, equipment and tables at these centers should be washed daily with disinfectants. Children at these centers need to be taught proper hygiene of washing their hands after each bathroom visit. Children have a nasty habit of sticking their hands in their mouth and slobbering over things. This is how parasites are transmitted at these centers. Menengitis, a terrible disease which can cause death can be acquired at day care centers if the provider provide meals. Proper sanitation of preparation of foods must be adhered to. I will discuss correct preparation and washing of fruits and vegetables a little later on in the column. An additonal problem is that parasites have learned to mutate and become immune to some water treatment methods. E-Coli has been reported to have mutated to where that the amount of chlorine that is allowed by Federal EPA Regulations has no effect on it. The same mutation has occurred with Giardia. That is why one hears on the news at times that communities are having to boil their water. Stronger dosages of chlorine exceeding EPA Regulations have to be used to kill these critters. But only, after thousands, sometimes millions of people have been infected.

Giardia lamblia a few decades ago was not considered a pathogen at all. This is a very severe health implication. Today, it is the leading cause of parasitic infection in the United States. It is considered a serious pathogen. A pathogen is something that causes a serious disease state in humans. Cryptoporidium was considered a pathogen in animals only, now it is in humans. Just a couple of years ago, Blastocytis hominis, ( along with other forms of yeast ) was not considered a pathogen at all . Today it is frequently found in stool samples and considered a deadly pathogen that can kill if left untreated. These parasites can be carried around in the human body for years without any adverse health symptoms other than an upset stomach from time to time. During these months, years, these little critters can be causing slow serious damage to the body and major organs. There are those that have unexplained illnesses. Their doctors can't find anything wrong with them. They are told their health problems are stress related or their illness is in their mind, not a real illness. Most likely though, it is parasitic infection. The doctor does not even think that it could be a parasite. Parasitic infection can cause one to gain weight because the person has to eat more to sustain both himself and the parasite(s). Parasites build a mucus on the inside of the colon wall that requires more and more food to be comsumed so the body can try to acquire much needed nutrients. This mucus prevents the person from absorbing much these needed nutrients to prevent other diseases as well. Parasites consume large quantities of vitamins, minerals and trace element minerals besides sugars and proteins. That is why you need to take a good liquid mineral and trace element supplement like Beres DropsŪ Plus to help prevent other health problems. You can find out more about Beres DropsŪ, HERE. Yes, the company does advertise on my site, but I use them myself.

Where Do Parasites Come From?

Parasites lives everywhere and are transmitted to humans in many ways. Some transmission methods are, insect bites and walking barefoot outside. Children should never be allowed to walk outside barefoot. Eating under-cooked meats or fish. Even handling meats that you think are safe. A recent investigative report in California conducted by a major television station, found that the meat in grocery stores contained several forms of bacteria and even parasites. This same station investigated restaurants in the area and found similar problems. Parasites are found on salads, raw fruits and vegetables. According to the CDC, illnesses linked with fruits and vegetables are on the rise. In California, a ten year old girl almost died from eating contaminated lettuce in a salad at a restaurant. The reason for this increase I believe is that people have become more health conscious the last 5-7 years. People are eating more fruits and vegetables. In case you do not know this, nearly one-fourth of the produce sold in the U.S. comes from developing nations, Mexico for one. In these countries and even in the United States, sanitation facilities are poor. It is worse in developing countries. In addition, the use of human feces as a fertilizer is still used in some of these countries. Food handlers have been mentioned in the news lately because of their role of spreading parasites. Here is the main problem, I believe. You can believe this or not. A study has shown that over 40 percent of humans do not wash their hands after going to the bathroom, even at work. This is the spread of parasties via the fecal-oral route. Parasites can enter the body through the mouth. Sharing drinks, kissing, sexual contact, even inhaling dust that has eggs or cysts in it. Contact with pets, mainly those that are allowed to go outside and other animals are other sources. Some authorities estimate that 55 million children in the United States have some type of worm parasite.

Who In The Population Has Parasites?

You may not believe this also. One-half of the population carries at least one form of parasite. Disturbing is that twenty five percent of people with an active infection have symptoms. This could be as simple as a continous upset stomach or irritable bowel syndrome. And you do not have to travel to foreign countries to acquire parasites. In the United States, the problem of parasitic infection has become a nightmare. In the warmer humid climates, the infection rate exceeds the rest of the country. One study found that one-third of people with chronic fatigue that were tested, were found to be infected with Giardia lamblia. Another study found one-half of people tested were infected with Candiada albicans, which is yeast. A study at the University of Virginia found that an ameba called, Entamoeba histolytica produces a toxic subtance in the body that attacks the very immune defense cells that INACTIVATE the HIV virus. Malaria infects 300-600 million people and kills approximately 3 million a year, 1 million a year in Africa alone. This has doubled in the last ten years.

What Can Your Doctor Do?

Parasites or worms can be seen easily as they die off and pass through the stools. Most parasites and worms however can only be detected through microscopic means. If you go to a doctor without seeing any parasites in the stools and still feel you may have them anyway, you will probably be talking to someone who has had very little or no training at all in diagnosing or treating parasitic infections. If you go to your doctor with diarreha or fever, you will most likely receive medication to stop the symptoms without finding the cause. People can go for years with doctors running test after test, trying to find the cause of their illness. People may even be hospitalized, but yet are still sick. The problem is that no one thought that it could be a parasite or worm causing the unexplained illness.

Testing for Parasites

Sadly, at the present time, many medical testing procedures for most parasites are only positive twenty percent of the time. The reasons? Poor laboratory standards, not enough stool samples, using the wrong test or not even tests of the stool to catch the parasite in a phase where it can be detected in the stools. Parasites excrete toxins that can be detected in the stools. The problem? If one has one or more parasites, these toxins may not be in the stools every day. The other problem is that there are over 1,000 different parasites with only about fifty tests available to detect fifty different parasites. There are specialty parasite laboratories thought that have accurate methods of detecting these parasites, but your doctor must use one of these labs.

Treating Parasites

What if you found that you have one or more parasites living in you? Would your doctor know which medication to treat you with and how much of it? Usually, there are only a few physicians, even in a large city like New York that are familiar with parasites. There is different medication for different parasites. There are some herbs available like Wormwood oil to treat certain parasite. The minium adult dosage is 15 ml. daily. Too much can cause headaches, trembling, stupor and convulsions. This and other herbs should only be used under the care of a Naturopathic Physician. It should not be given to children. There are prescriptions medications that kill parasites like Flagyl for Giardia, Metronidazole and Abendazole for other parasites. Again, these should only be used under the care of a Physician. If there is more than one parasite, it could take anywhere from several months to a year to kill them all. These medications cannot be given all at once because it could be harmful to the body. If you do not use the correct medication and most importantly the duration, taking one to two pills one to three times a week for several weeks off and on, because eggs are still hatching, the parasites continue to live in the body. And yes, one can become re-infected by any of the means previously explained.

Symptoms of Parasite Infection

No organ or human tissue is immune from parasite infection. Many people with long term health problems have been told they have chronic digestive problems, gas, constipation, skin rashes, pains in the stomach area, fatigue and other vague symptoms such as joint pain just to name a few. The problem is in many of these cases, there is a parasite infection. Parasite infections contribute to a host of major diseases. Allergies, Crohn's disease, ulcerative colotis, arthritis, rheumatoid symptoms, chronic fatigue symptoms, irritable bowl syndrome, Fibromylgia and AIDS. In one study, fifty precent of people with irritable bowel syndrome were found to have intestinal parasites. This percentage is even higher for those with chronic fatigue syndrome. Any person with chronic gastrointestinal complaints such as bloating, diarrhea, abdominal pain, excessive gas, chronic constipation, multiple allergies including food allergies, unexplained fatigue should be tested for intestinal parasites. Can parasites cause Cancer? Dr. Hulda Clark, PhD. N.D. who has a doctorate degree in physioloogy and naturopathic medicine says that parasites can cause significant disorders, not just mere symptons or signs of their presence. Dr. Clark has stated that parasites may be the real cause of Cancer because they trigger the immune system into an abormal attack mode in the human body. She states, "it is the intestional fluke parasite that is causing cancer". She says if you kill this parasite, the cancer stops immediately and the tissue and cells return to normal. I many cancer physicians test for parasite and especially this one?

What Puts Us At Risk?

Animals can pass parasites on to humans. Children should not kiss or be kissed or licked by pets. This is a very easy pathway for parasites to enter the human body. Keep infants and toddlers away from pets that have not been wormed. Hands should be washed after each and every contact with a pet, otherwise one is putting self at serious risk. Am I saying do away with loving pets? No! We all love our pets, but we must be practical and wise also. I have two cats and love them dearly. However, I am wise about their care. Animals that are strictly indoor animals and that do not come into contact with the outdoors are a much lesser risk, but still a risk. Animals that come and go from the outdoors into the home pose a serious risk, especially to children. Cats and dogs for example clean their anus with their tongues. If they lick you, they are transfering parasites to your skin. If they lick your face, it does not take long for the parasite to find its way into your mouth and your intestine. One particular parasite, a roundworm causes a disease called toxoplasmosis and is usually acquired from cats. A small stratch from a cat or dog can also transmit the parasite. Cats use a cat box. They are moving around feces and urine that has been prior deposited in the cat box. This dirt that has parasites. Cat boxes should be scooped daily and throughly bleached and washed on a weekly basis. Make sure you use gloves, put two pair on when doing this. Use HOT water with the bleach. If you do this is in a bathtub, make sure you bleach and disinfect the bathtub afterwards to kill any bacteria or parasites. Its' best to clean the box outside. Mechanical cat boxes are a breeding ground for bacteria and parasites because you cannot easily disinfect them.

Dogs are no different because they also lick their anus. If you have a pet that is stratching its' behind on your carpet, you better get that pet to a vet to get wormed. You should also steam clean, at least three times a year, your carpet. Parasites can be transmitted to carpets from shoes and animals. Never walk barefoot on carpet, especially near doors. Cats should definitely be kept away from new borns and infants less than three year olds. A parent that gets that sweet little kitty for their one year old is playing Russian roulette with their child's life.

Parasites can exist on the fur as well. Indoor animals should be bathed regularly just like animals, twice a month, at least! And if it is an outdoor animal that comes indoors, do not let the animal lay on furniture, you are only inviting health problems. You may think this is taking things to an extreme, but believe me, these deadly little parasites are on those dear loving pets of ours. If you own a cat, keep in strictly indoors, never let it go outdoors.

If you practice the following recommendations, you will find you will have less health problems.

Do not under any circumstance, give your pet raw meat of any kind. You are providing the means for a parasite infection in the pet which can easily be transmitted to humans, especially children. Do not let your children play in areas where animals have defecated without spraying the area with bleach. Animal feces should be picked up using a shovel daily and gloves should always be worn and hands washed throughly after any yard work. Wear a air filter mask while you do this if they area is dusty. The dust you breathe in will contain parasites. By the way, any garden work, always wear gloves. There are over 100 different parasites in soil that can be transmitted from the soil. Never work in soil if you have a cut on your hands. The little critters will get into your bloodstream via the cut. Do not flush cat box liter down the toliet. The parasites can cling to the bowl and crawl up to the seat. Once on the seat, they find their way into you. If you see rice like particles coming out in animal feces, they have worms or parasites. Fleas are carriers of tapeworms. Recently a woman in New Jersey had severe lower colon pains and severe blaoting. This went on for several months. She had two dogs in her house that she let outside every day. Several months after trying to cope with the colon pains, she then developed rashes and itching. Nine months later, they found through exploratory surgery, a large 3 and 1/2 foot tape worm inside her and several smaller ones. Upon investigation at her house, fleas were found in the carpet. Do not walk barefoot around animals unless they are strictly an indoor animal.

Laboratories That Specialize in Parasite Testing
Most of these labs offer comprehensive parasitic testing

The Great Smokies Diagnostic Laboratory
18A Regent Park Boulevard
Ashville, North Carolina 28806

The Center for the Improvement of Human Functioning
3100 North HIllside Ave.
Wichita, Kansas 67219

Medical Diagnostic Laboratory
3250 Westchester Ave.
Bronx, New York 10461

Institute of Parasitic Diseases
Diagnostic Laboratory
3530 E. Indian School Road, Suite 3
Phoenix, Arizona 85018

The Director at the Institute of Parasitic Diseases is Dr. Omar M. Amin, Ph.D. He was a Professor of Parasitic Epidemiology at the University of Wisconsin and currently is Professor of Parasitology at Arizona State University and have over 100 major articles published in journals in human parasitic infection.

Physicians Referral Service

If your regular physician is not familar with parasitic infection, you can find one possibly in you area by calling the American Association of Naturopathic Medicine. You physician can also acquire some drugs from the CDC to fight parasites. The National Institute of Allergy and Infectcious Dieases has available to your physician some of the drugs used to treat parasitic infection. Contact them at 800-537-9978.

American Association of Naturopathic Medicine
601 Valley Street - Suite 105
Seattle, WA 98109
Phone 206-298-0126, Fax 206-298-0125

Your Drinking Water

Our drinking water has become less safe. That bottled water you think is safe may be loaded with parasites. There are many methods for water purificatiom. First, there is what is called a simple carbon filter and then there is what is called a carbon block filter. Many filtering plants use the least costly carbon filter. However, the carbon block filter removes most bacteria where the first one does not. It also removes most organic material and chemicals and most heavy metals. And if the filter is not replaced often enough, it builds up toxic matter and guess where it goes. Straight into the very water you will be drinking.

Distillation, not a wise choice either. Problem is that organic chemicals boil at lower temperature than water. After the water cools and, recondenses, the organic chemicals remain. Solve this problem with a fractional distilling system and double boil. Keep in mind that distilling removes all minerals and will cause you other health problems by not getting enough minerals and trace element minerals.

Let me point out, regardless of what type of bottled water you get, much of the minerals and trace element minerals have been removed. Water, or I should say natural pure water without being put through water purification methods, ( but that is not around any more), is where we get most of our minerals and especially trace element minerals. So, one needs to take a mineral and trace element supplement. Yes, the company advertises on my site, but I use the drops myself.

Reverse Osmosis method is a good system if the filters are changed regularly. It can use up to six gallons to produce one gallon of good drinking water. It forces water through a semi-permeable plastic membrane and then through a carbon block filter, ( if the bottling plant uses the more expensive filter ). There have been reports that the Cryptosporidium parasite has been detected in water that has been through Reverse Osmosis. The reason, the parasite has mutated and grown smaller, adapting to its' environment. Because of this, the utilization of ozone light is now being used by water plants, but not all water plants. The water is passed through a tube that has ozone light running through it. Ozone kills 100% all bacteria, parasites, etc. Ask and make sure the water company you are getting your bottled water from uses the ozone light method along with Reverse Osmosis.

Another method, do as my grandmother did. She boiled all water for twenty minutes that was used for cooking or drank. In her later years, she had these huge five gallon plastic bottles that she would pour the water into after it had been boiled. My grandmother lived to be a healthy 94 with little health problems.

Cleaning Your Foods - Fruits & Vegetables

You don't know how many people and especially who has handled those beautiful fruits and vegetables that are so healthy for the body. And to be blunt, you don't know if that migrant field picker who picked those fruits or vegetables had to use the bathroom in the field and then had to continue to harvest produce without having the means to wash his hands with soap. You don't know where they have been stored, in warehouses that may have had mice or rats before they arrived at the grocery store. So, it is very prudent, immediately when you get home from the grocery store and before you place them in the refrigerator, that you throughly wash them. Even potatoes.

A good on the market cleaning solution which is made of citric acids and which kills some bacteria and parasites is FIT. For this next solution, you'll have to purchase an eye dropper. I am not am advocate of using chlorine because of its' links to causing cancer, however because of the more serious health risk of parasites, use 2 drops of chlorine bleach and 1/8 th cup of apple cider vinegar to every gallon of water to wash your vegetables or fruits. It will kill the remaining bacteria and parasites. Please make sure you throughly wash any type of lettuce. I wash all my vegetables with both solutions. And you must have a water filter on your sink faucet. It will do no good to use a solution if you are going to be putting your vegetables and fruits back under water that is not purified to rinse. PUR ULTIMATE PLUS is one sink water filter that captures all bacteria and parasites including Cryptosporidium. Make sure you get the ULTIMATE PLUS Model. Avoid ice cubes that are made from unfiltered water. Also purchase a small Doobie pot scrubber. These little scrubbers are wonderful on potatoes. Throughly wash every fruit and vegetable, even the ones that you will eventually peel. And do this BEFORE you place them in your refrigerator. Some of these little critters love the cold and you'll just contaminate your refrigerator if you don't wash before. You should not handle them as you peel them without washing them first also. The parasites will migrate off the skin to the meat of the fruit or vegetable, cross-contamination. After washing, store them in the refrigerator. And before actually using them, rinse them off again with your water filter on your faucet. You may think this is ridiculous, but believe me, you will have a much healthier colon and stomach. Cook all meats throughly. Microwave cooking frequently undercooks fish and meats. The larvae of parasites survive and enter the intestinal tract.

Detox First

You will need to detox yourself first before any treatment of getting rid of parasites. You'll need to detox again after treatment. Consult with your physician or a licensed herbalist in your area. Detoxing is an important process for the body and actually should be done on a regular annual basis. There are too many pollutants in our air and water due to mankind polluting them to not detox our bodies.

Diet and Your PH

Most parasites thrive on a body that is constipated and one that eats alot of sweets, including natural juices. If you crave juices, you most likely have parasites. Even additives and pesticides provide nutrients for these nasty little critters. Parasites keep the body out of balance and in most cases, the food is not completely digested and gets directly into the bloodstream. When this happens, the immune system thinks the undigested food is a foreign invader and destroys it. The problem with this is, our bodies are not designed to handle this type of daily stress. It congests the lymphatic system, decreases the ability of the body to carry toxins out of the body. Everyone has heard about the "proper diet". Eat a balanced diet, high in fiber. Parasites do not like fiber. Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits, ( throughly washed and peel those fruits and vegetables you can before eaitng ). Watch your sugar and salt. Brown Turbino Raw sugar is actually the best sugar to use, its' more of a complex carbohydrate that refined white sugar. Make sure you are getting plenty of natural essential fatty acids with the proper ratio of Omega 3 and Omega 6 essential fatty acids. You can only get these from unrefined, cold expeller pressed oils such as olive oil, safflower, sunflower, garlic and flaxseed oils. Flaxseed has the most balance ratio. The label must state, cold expeller pressed, meaning no heat was used to extract the oils from the sources. Personally, I use a mixture of all five. 50% Olive oil, 10% Safflower, 10% Sunflower, Garlic 10% and 20% Flaxseed oil. And please make sure you drink plenty of water.

Plenty of water and a diet high in fiber will keep the eliminations from your colon going smoothly. Toxins wil leave your body daily. Now this is very important. A diet too acidic or too alkaline causes a host of health problems. Most Americans have indigestion/acid problems. This is due to the typical American diet. That is why you see all those commercials for antacids and why antacids in the top ten of over the counter selling medications. This may bring temporary relief to sufferers, but the body needs acids to digest foods properly. The use of antacids to ease indigeston and acid problems in the stomach will only lead to more digestive problems and provides a perfect environment for parasites to thrive. In addition, getting rid of the hydrochloric acid in the stomach only sets one up for a yeast infection, Candia Albicans. Use a small amount of the ginger powder spice from your kitchen cupboard mixed with about 1/2 cup of water and this will eliminate any ingestion naturally.

Have you developed unexplained allegies? This is most likely do to the undigested food that is entering your body from poor digestion. The contined use of antacids reduces stomach acids including protease digestive acid. Why do you have undigested food, because you have taken an antacid. Antacids should only be used rarely, maybe 2-3 times a year at the most. If you are living on them on a weekly basis, you are developing some serious health problems. You should know what your PH percentage is. And you will probably find that you do not have a normal PH percentage. In this case the fastest way to get in in line while you adjust your diet is to use a supplement to get your PH in normal range for healthy living. It will take you sometime by adjusting your diet to get your PH in a normal range. The best ratio of alkaline foods to acid foods is 4 to 1. You should be eating 4 alkaline foods to 1 acid food.


Figs are very alkaline as are most fruits, green leafy vegetables, root vegetables, herbs and spices. Molasses, olives, soybeans, cucumbers, spinach, real maple syrup, ( not the kind sweetened with high frutose corn syrup ), beets, avocados, almonds, carrots, chestnuts, potatoes, cabbage, cherries, certain types of lettuce, (kale), pineapples, coconut, baked beans. Sprouted seeds and grains become more alkaline in the process of sprouting. A fruit that tastes acidic does not mean that it is acidic. It may break down to being alkaline in the digestion process. Honey and raw sugars, ( not refined white sugar ) are alkaline, however, excessive amounts will cause them to become acidic. Liquid B vitamins are alkaline and are very good to take generally anyway. They provide many benefits for helping stress.


I bet you don't know this one. Egg yolk is one of the most acidic forming foods there is.
People that love mayonaise, (also used in so many other foods ), are loading themselves up with acid. Most grains are acid forming exept millet and buckwheat. Most carbohydrates including noodles, ( made from egg yolks ), are very acid forming. Other high acidic foods are wheat germ, chicken, beef, liver, lamb chops, cod fish, coffee, processed refined white sugars, artificial sweetners, cola drinks, ( because of the high frutose corn syrup ), catsup, ( sugars again ), cocoa, mustard, flour products especially those fried in hydrogenated oils. If you have not read my column, "Hydrogenated Oils-Silent Killers", please do. You will learn how these deadly oils are causing many diseases. Dairy products are moderately acidic. Cheeses, ice cream, custards, and pasteurized or homogenized milk. Some fruits are acid forming, such as prunes, cranberries, plums, juice from fruit, 100% fruit juices in bottles. Aspirin and tobacco are very acid forming. White vinegar is very, veyr acid forming, whereas balsamic vinegar is low in acid. Rice vinegar is the lowest acid in the acidic range of foods. Kona coffee has the lowest acidic percentage of all coffees.

Your pH, What is it?

You should know what your pH is. The optimum pH percentage from your saliva should be around 6.4 to 6.8%. Your urine PH should be around 7.4 or 7.5 If the pH deviates even a little bit, this creates great metabolic problems, even convulsions and death. However, the body has several fail-safe mechanisms to regulate the blood pH and keep it suitable for life, primarily through buffer salts. Many other tissues that deal with the external environment (colon, living skin, vagina, stomach, lymph node fluid), rely on an acid pH for their proper function. However, the bodys' fail safe mechanisms simply cannot be stress out because of an inbalance diet and body. This will eventually lead to a breakdown of various components of the body causing disease.

Acidosis, created over an extended time in the acid pH state, can result in rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, lupus, tuberculosis, osteoporosis and most cancers. If salivary pH stays too low, the diet should focus on fruit and vegetables as well as remove strong acidifiers such as sodas, whole wheat and red meat. A person that is too acidic will show one or more of these symptoms. Anxiety, diarrhea, dilated pupils, extroverted behavior, fatigue in early morning, headaches, (frontal) high blood pressure, hyperactivity, hypersexuality, insomnia, nervousness, rapid heartbeat, restless legs, shortness of breath, strong appetite to the point of gaining weight, warm, dry hands and feet. If you have a child diagnosed supposedly with ADD, I bet you that the child has either parasites, his body is too acidic or both!

Staying in the Alkalosis alkaline state for any great length of time, results in most other diseases, such as constipation, flu, heart trouble, indigestion, and bacterial and viral infections. A person that is too alkaline will show one or more of these symptoms. Bad breath, cellulite deposits, constipation, cold, clammy hands and feet, dizziness, fatigue in mornings, hard to arise from bed, headaches, ( side of head, temples, migraine), excitability of nervous system , indigestion, fermentation, ( yeast infections ), introverted behavior, depression, leg cramps, tetany, low blood pressure, paleness, slow pulse, sluggishness, (typical of most teenagers). There is alot of discussion among several researchers recently that a body that is either too acidic or too aklaline sets the body up for possible cancers. I wonder then.... why people that are on chemotheraphy, doctors are always worrying about their PH percentage?

How do you test, correct your pH

Eat a correct diet. Sometimes this is hard to do all the time for various reasons. That is why you should test your PH factors with PH litmus paper. And you will most likely find you are too acidic or too alkaline.

Last Not Not Least

To learn more about parasites...
Be sure to get Dr. Skye Weintraub's, N.D. book, The Parasite Menace.
It is 208 pages and published by Woodland Publishing, Pleasant Grove, Utah and can be ordered through Barnes and Noble for $14.95 with a 10% discount for $13.45, or from your local bookstore. You can also click on the book cover to order. This book is a revelation. I only covered a small portion of this immense problem of parasitic infection.
So, please make sure you get this book.

What We Also Need To Do!

I urge all my readers to start contacting your Congressmen. We cannot ignor the problems of the poor inspection of our food souces via meat packing plants, etc. Nor can we ignor poor water, unclean air and other environmental concerns in this country. We are on the verge of a massive disaster that is just waiting to occur. The attitude that there is not a problem just isn't going to hold water any longer. Big corporated money says there is not a problem when there is, that must change! And we must not open the North Artic region for oil drilling for any reason. I am extremely opposed to this and we must do everything to stop this. All it will take is one oil spill in that part of the world to create a climate change that will have disasterous weather effects on mankind worldwide. What is our government thinking when they even suggest this? Have we totally lost our minds or is it big oil corporations again having to make that almighty dollar? This is my warning and prediction. If the North Artic region is opened for oil drilling...we will see a immediate disasterous effect on worldwide weather. Please write your Congressmen to stop this lunacy!

And if you did not catch my last column about those silver fillings in you mouth, then you can read it HERE. Make sure you also read my, "Hydrogenated Oil-Silent Killers" column. You read about Leanne Ely, C.N.C. and her new book, Healthy Foods. Leanne provides over 100 quick and easy recipes that DO NOT USE hydrogenated oils! Her book is not just a recipe book, she includes many healthy ways to healthy living. And you can catch a few of Leanne's recipes in the The Recipe Korner here on my site.

~ God Bless ~

~ David Lawrence Dewey ~

Click Here for a list of food companies that manufacture oils and foods
that do not contain hydrogenated oils.
Get your local grocer to start stocking these foods,
many of the companies you can order direct from the company.

Make sure you read about the new documentary
Ingreedients DVD CoverIngreedients
Read About the Film - Click Here

Do you want to die young with a diseased heart?
Develope needless high blood presure?
Develope diabates type II ?
Then keep eating the crap that is in processed foods!

Below is an example of a healthy and diseased heart.
Notice how enlarged the diseased heart is ! !

The diseased heart is from a 32 year old man who died from heart disease
who ate nothing but junk foods and processed packaged foods !

normal heart normal heart fat children Are your children fat or overweight?

This is not funny !
It is NOT a hormone problem ---
But very life threatening !

fat children die youngerDo you want your children....
to die young before you?

ingreedientsAre you sure...

About what you are eating
in packaged goods ??

In dairy products??

They are even in...
over the counter prescription drugs
and regular prescription drugs ! !

toxins in foodConsumers are drowning in over 14,000 toxic chemical additives in the food supply!

Are you sure you want to put these into your body??

For Example...Read my column:

Aspartame - Sweetness or Death?

New Trailer from Movie about Aspartame

fat womanmans fat belly
Do you want to develope diabetes, high blood pressure
and heart disease by the time you are 30?

If you keep eating foods with hydrogented oils, high fructose corn syrup, soft drinks, aspartame, Splenda, junk or processed packaged foods - - this is why you gain the fat and can't ever get rid of !

With excess body fat - you will develope 1 or
all of these diseases by the age of 30 !

The pictures above are extreme examples of obesity, however, recent research from leading medical universities shows that even 10 or more pounds of being overweight with "brown fat" around the stomach can increase the risk of coronary heart disease and diabetes by as much as 50% !
It also increases your risk of developing CANCER !

toxins in food
Almost 1/3 of Americans are considered Obese
Over 23 million Americans have Diabetes and...
it is climbing at 1,400 people a day!

Children under 14 are the largest group
developing Diabetes Type II - WHY?

High Fructose Corn Syrup and the consumption of hydrogenated oils ( chicken nuggets ) ,
even if it says trans-fat free on package
don't eat anything that says! -

Hydrogenated Oils or High Fructose Corn Syrup!

850,000 Americans die year year and...
is climbing at 1,000 people a day!

Do you want to look like this below eventually?

Then stop eating this crap in the food supply!
Buy all natural WHOLE FOODS and cook from stratch !

Make sure you read about the new documentary
Ingreedients DVD CoverIngreedients
Read About the Film - Click Here

Do you want to die young with a diseased heart?
Develop needless high blood presure?
Develop diabetes type II ?

If not - then you need to watch this new documentary !


Do you care about your health, the health of your children, your family?
Then make sure you read my column:
Hydrogenated Oils - Silent Killers
Learn the truth about these deadly oils in our food supplies

Read about Greta Ferebee's and my efforts in a nationwide petition campaign to get these and other toxins out of the food supply. VISIT our website:

DoWeCare logo

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The water wand introduces passive natural energy waves into clean drinking water, fruit, vegetable and vitamin drinks. This process causes water molecules to shed excess minerals and other substances, which break down into finer more usable nutrients. Since the water molecule becomes lighter, you can drink more liquids. This process balances pH, transports nutrients, and absorbs more waste in the body at a faster rate. Drinking more water and fluids helps increase your rate of hydration, assimilation of nutrients and elimination (detoxification). This subtle energy is discernable and gives a feeling of well-being.

Watch actual videos of how this transformed water affects
red blood cells before and after use.


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