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Look Carefully at Bush Accomplishments
Is This What You Really Wanted America?
November 10th, 2002
by columnist
David Lawrence Dewey
"Reading provides knowledge...
knowledge leads to answers."
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I have learned to judge public officials by their actions. I keep records of the voting records and performance records of politicians. They come very useful in evaluating the impact their behavior has on the lives of Americans, citizens of the world and its’ inhabitants.

The following is only a small a list of accomplishments of George W. Bush as President of the United States:

1. Cut funding for research into cleaner, more efficient cars and trucks by 28 percent.

2. Cut funding for research into renewable energy sources by 50 percent. Has abandoned funding for wind turbine projection of electricty, where studies has shown this renewable power source could generate as much as 20% of our electrical needs in the U.S., thus making us less dependent on middle eastern oil.

3. Announced his plans to allow oil drilling in Montana’s Lewis and Clark National Forest. Why is this needed? We have the means to produce 20% of our electrical needs from renewable sources, the wind for example.

4: Canceled the 2004 deadline for auto makers to develope prototype high mileage cars.

5. Appointed oil and coal lobbyist J. Steven Giles as Deputy Secretary of the Interior. Giles is not a protector of the Interior.

6. Proposed the selling of oil and gas tracts in the Alaska Wildlife Preserve. If we start raping our precious national preserves, what will we have left of natural beauty?

7. Allowed Secretary of the Interior Gale Norton to request suggestions for opening up national monuments for foresting, coal mining, and oil and gas drilling. The foresting is desperately needed to reduce fires. This mess was created by the Clinton adminstration. However this should be done on an open bid basis from companies wishing to do this, not not “giving” it to a company they chose. Coal, oil and gas drilling should not be allowed period. This creates a nightmare of providing adequate protection to these national treasures of beauty.

8. Abandoned his campaign pledge to regulate carbon dioxide emissions, a major contributor to global warming. Carbon Dioxide emissions are not declining!

9. Nominated Lynn Scarlett, a global warming skeptic and an opponent of stricter standards on air pollution, as Undersecretary of the Interior. Air pollution in some cities has increased significantly.

10. Nominated former mining company executive Dan Lauriski as Assistant Secretary of Labor for Mine Safety and Health. Lauriski has ties to several large mining concerns.

11. Approved Interior Secretary Gale Norton’s controversial plan to auction off areas close to Florida’s eastern shore for oil and gas development. (Bush later abandoned the plan because of its' unpopularity in Florida, where Jeb Bush, his brother is Governor).

12. Pushed through his tax cut, 43% of which goes to the wealthiest 1% of Americans. Do you realize those that make over $500,000 a year are paying 40% less tax now than they did two years ago. The average hard working American with a family of four saw only an 18% average tax relief. Again, Republicans have always been for the wealthy, not the poor working man. In addition, all you have to do is look at the revenues of taxes collected, and the budget that the Bush Adminstration is proposing, you do not have to be a CPA to see there is more going out than coming in. Where will this lead? To a severe depression. We are already in the beginning of it.

13. Cut $39 million from federal spending on libraries. This will have serious impact on the availablity of books to poor children.

14. Cut funding for Girls and Boys Clubs of America programs in public housing by $60 million.

15. Cut $200 million from workforce training programs for dislocated workers. This program although it was started by Clinton, has been the most successful program ever to get people off welfare rolls. Will this lead to more homeless people on the streets?

16. Cut $200 million from Childcare and Development grant, a program that provides child care to low-income families as they are forced from welfare to work. We are now seeing the effects of this. Single mothers are being evicted from their homes, living in their cars on the streets with their children.

17. Cut $70 million in funds for public housing repair. We have already spent billions of dollars in public housing, so are we now going to let that investment go down the drain by not keeping these facilties repaired?

18. Cut $35 million in funding for advanced pediatric training. ( The U.S. already has a severe shortage of physicians for children.)

19. Denied college financial aid to students convicted of misdemeanor drug charges (though convicted murderers are still eligible for financial aid, go figure. )

20. Cut $15.7 million from programs dealing with child abuse and neglect. This is severly impacting children that are abused at home.

21. The elimination of “Reading Is Fundamental” program, this gives free books to poor children.

22. Delayed rules that would reduce “acceptable” levels of arsenic in drinking water. Arsenic is a known carcioengenic and in some U.S. have already approched un-acceptable EPA limits. This is sheer madness on the adminstration thinking.

23. Revoked rules strengthening the power of the government to deny contracts to companies that violate federal laws, environmental laws, and work’ place safety standards. This leaves the door wide up for companies to break the law, and still do business with the government.

24. Broke his campaign promise to invest $100 million per year in rain forest conservation. The world gets nearly 30% of desperately needed new oxygen from the world’s rain forests.

25. Nullified a proposal to increase public access to information a the potential ramifications of chemical plant accidents.

26. Pulled out of the 1997 Kyoto Protocol agreement on global warming, ultimately signed by 178 countries. It is the do as I say mentally, not do as I do.

27. Rejected an international accord to enforce the 1972 treaty banning germ warfare. This disturbs me greatly because of Bush's aggressive campaign against weapons of mass destruction.

28. Pushed for development of “mini-nukes,” designed to attack deeply buried targets, a violation of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty. These last two and other measures Bush has taken, can only give the impression that war is on the minds of who in the government?

29. Proposed to ease the permit process for constructing refineries and nuclear and hydroelectric dams, including lowering environmental standards that could severely injure and pollute areas. Has everyone forgotten Five Mile Island. An area that had to be abandoned by nearly 400 families and will not be liveable for nearly 10,000 years because of the pollution.

30. Reduced by 86% the Community Access Program, which coordinated care for people without health insurance among public hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare providers. There will be un-needed deaths from illnesses as simple as treatable pneumonia these people will suffer from by not having medical access.

31. Eliminated prescription contraceptive coverage to federal employees. (Although Viagra is still covered for men. Most republicans went along with this. Very few Democrats and Independents. Women, you should be outraged at this! )

32. Overturned workplace ergonomic rules designed to protect workers’ health and safety.

33. Prohibited any federal aid from going to international family planning organizations that provide help to middle-class Americans to file for bankruptcy, even when facing overwhelming medical bills. Many elderly will have their homes taken away from them because of illnesses. This is already occuring where hospitals have gone to court and taken homes away from the elderly for illnesses.

34. Pushed legislation that changed bankruptcy laws making it more difficult for people with severe challenges to obtain relief even in overwhelming medical bills. In one case, a mother and fatther tried to declare backruptcy because their child had developed a severe illness. They were not alllowed to. Their son died, and they are now homeless. Both are still working and trying to recover themselves from this tragedy.

35. Has threatened to shut down the White House AIDS office several times and cut off funding for AIDS research.

36. Sought the dismissal of a class action lawsuit; filed in the United States against Japan by Asian women forced to work as sex slaves in World War II, despite ovewhelming proof that the Japanense government enlisted these women as sex slaves. This here shows the mentally that is directed towards women. There is a right and wrong, but yet the what is right is not being stood up for here.

37. Cut billion of dollars from the Environmental Protection Agency’s budget. Many cleanup projects that were slated to be cleaned up are now by the wayside.

38. Tried to reverse regulations protecting sixty million acres of national forest from logging and road building. This would have opened up these lands to any company the adminstration chose to give the contract to.

39. Decided no longer to seek guidance from the American Bar Association on federal judicial appointments. Instead, listens to recommendations from the religious right wing. God help us if the new appointsments to the U.S. Supreme Court that Bush wants.

40. Allocated only 3% of the amount requested by Justice Department lawyers in the government’s continued litigation against the tobacco companies.

41. Appointed aftirmative action opponent Kay Cole James to direct the Office of Personnel Management. James does not believe in affimative action at all.

42. Appointed John Bolton, an opponent of non-proliferation treaties and the United Nations, as Undersecretary of State for Arms Control and International Security.

43. Made Monsanto executive Linda Fisher deputy administrator of Environmental Protection Agency. Monsanto has recently had prior EPA investigations dropped by the EPA.

44. Nominated Michael McConnell, a leading critic of the separation of church and state, to a federal judgeship. McConnell believes there should be no separation of church and state.

45. Nominated civil rights opponent Terrence Boyole to a federal judgeship. Another person that does not believe in the separation of church and state.

46. Named John Walters, an ardent opponent of prison drug treatment programs, as drug czar. How can we rehabilitate prisoners that are drug users without these programs. States that have had such programs and paid for by the states have been a huge success in such programs.

47. Named Hennett Raley, who has called for the repeal of the Endangered Species Act, as Assistant Secretary of the Interior for Water and Science. If this occurs, it is estimated that over 1,000 endangered species will “die-off” because of lack of protection. They will no longer exist.

48. Appointed as solicitor general Ted Olson, his chief lawyer in the Florida voting debacle.

49. Is wanting the creation of the Homeland Security Department at an additional expense of over $200 billion of your tax dollars. This will merge all of the security agencies, INS and other agencies into one gigantic government monster of an agency that is already impeding on civil liberties and more to follow. The creation of this department will also give power to the government to “ban” labor unions.

50. Look at the resent resignation of Thomas Pitt, Head of the SEC. He became an embarssement to the adminstration over the ENRON and WORLDCOM fraud. He was a Bush appointee.

51. The U.S. economy is at its' worst in twenty years. The stock market has suffered a 2 trillion dollar loss, at the expense of hard working Americans. Consumer confidence is the worst it has been in many years. Un-employment is rising. Inflation is slowly creeping into the scene. We are in a recession.

52. Last but least, without the popular vote of the citizens of the United States, George W. Bush took the office of President of the United States.

Since Sept. 11, many more regulations, deregulations, extension of the powers of the executive branch have been put into place; included are changes in foreign policy, war powers, trade agreements which harm the U.S., civil rights, and international treaties. The outdated electoral system that selects our President must be abolished. The election of any politician should be strictly on the majority of votes, not based on a system that does not represent the true will of the American voter. By the way, if you would like to see a bill that was introduced in July, 2001 in the House of Representatives that would do away with the Internal Revenue System, the present tax system and replace it with a fair added value flat precentage income tax for all, ( it has been held up by Republicans in committe since ), go to Type in HR2525 for the House Bill number to read the particulars. This is what should be done to create a fair tax system for all.

I can only hope and pray that the majority of American citizens are smart enough to make decisions based on independent research instead of being dominated by propaganda experts. However, as I can see by the recent mid-year election results of more Republicans being elected, 50-55% of American voters are still as blind as ever. For those Americans that are smart enough to read between the lines, I strongly urge you to start contacting your elected officials and put a stop to this madness. Especially, the creation of the Homeland Security Department. Please contact your Senators HERE to vote against the creation of the Homeland Security Dept. Addresses, phone numbers and email addresses are listed. And most important, please, concerning this upcoming election in 2004, do yourself, your children, and your grandchildren a favor, find out what is truly going on before you vote for anyone. God help us all in the next few years. I leave you with this question. Is this the beginning of a New World Order?

You Can Make A Difference Concerning This Serious Problem In Our Country !

If you have not seen the movie, John Q with Denzil Washington, I strongly urge you to. Washington should receive an Oscar for his performance. It is a story about a boy who has been turned down for a life saving operation from an HMO. This movie shows the corruption that exits in our present medical system. Over 40 million Americans are without health insurance, and nearly half are not throughly covered by HMO's because of dollar caps on their policies. Have you checked your health insurance policy, I suggest you do. Every politician should be forced to watch this movie. Maybe then we would have swift and effective health care reform. The producers of this movie should seriously think about mailing a copy to every Congressman and Senator. Wait... I have a better idea. I am asking my readers to do one of two things. When the movie comes out on VHS, go out and purchase a copy and mail it to your Congressman with a note, "Watch this, you might learn something, health care reform now!"

If you can't afford to purchase a copy when it does come out on VHS, then at least write your Congressman. Tell them they need to watch the movie and voice your strong comments regarding health care reform is needed now and that you will be watching their voting record on health care reform. Please do this, you can make a difference and do watch the movie yourself. Even though this is a fictional piece in a movie, it will outrage you with the truth that is occuring today concerning this serious problem. It is now on satellite pay per view.. When you do this, please drop send me an email that you did and to which Congressman who either wrote to and or mailed a copy of the movie to. I will have a number count of how many readers mailed copies to which Congressmen on the site.



In 2001, enough new wind turbines were erected to provide electricity to nearly 475,000 homes annually in the country. It has been shown that if wind farms were put on less than 1% of American land, they would provide nearly 20% of our electricity, about what we get from nuclear power or from oil imports. If we used 2% of American land, we could do almost do away with nearly every nuclear power plant and would not be dependent on middle-eastern arab oil or the purchasing of Russian oil. Why are we getting in bed with Russia anyway? Russia is building two nuclear plants in Iran. This would give Iran the ability to manufacture the bomb. Iran provides safe haven and supports terrorists groups including Al-Queda. In addition, Russia has clamped down again on many of their democratic processes and civil freedoms for Russian citizens. I thought our present adminstration has stated that we will not tolerate any country that permits terrorism to breed. Well...Russia is certainly creating the capabilty for one of the most terrorists nations on earth to start World War Three. Could someone tell me if I am missing something here? And thanks to the present adminstrations cancelling of wind farms funding to expand wind farms with grants, we can kiss that goodbye. So...we will continue to worry about global warming, air pollution etc. because someone wants America to purchase oil from Russia. Hello Washington...anyone listening?

Also, if you have not read my column The Facts Of 911 - Who Knew What When,
make sure you do.

~ David Lawrence Dewey ~

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