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Milosevic - Another Hitler?
The World Ignores Kosovo Massacre
April 13th, 1999
by columnist
David Lawrence Dewey

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The following testimony is from a 50-year-old female refugee who once resided on a 2,000 year old family village near Prizren, Kosovo. It was given to a Human Rights Watch representative in Albania recently.

"We were in our houses. It was Sunday. At 5 a.m. we heard a big blast, and saw flames from a distant part of the village. We all went out of our houses. People came running up to us and said `leave, save yourselves, they are shooting people, you must flee! We had a tractor, we drove to the border, 45 of us on the tractor. As we passed through the village, there were Serb policemen in the center. They said: `Go, leave, go to Albania, don't return.' They were wearing green camouflage uniforms. At the border, they took our documents, passports, ID cards. They ripped them up. There are no people left in the village."

The black uniforms have changed to green camouflage ones. Brutal slayings of thousands of human beings in Kosovo have taken place because they have a different religion. An "ethnic cleansing" to round up hundreds of thousands and herd them like cattle out of the country has taken place. And if they can't walk, just shoot them. Large mass grave sites are being dug to bury thousands? Does this sound all too familiar. Are we seeing a repeat of history? Hitler did the same thing in Germany to the Jews? And yet the world still sleeps warmly in beds, ignoring this brutality against mankind.

The following photographs provided by Human Rights Watch are very graphic. I warn you, do not view these, especially if seeing murdered children upset you. Over half a million people of Albanian descent have been brutalized by Serb military forces in Kosovo. These photographs show the brutal killing of children, women and men, their homes destroyed. It is truly amazing how the major news media and governments are calling this an "ethnic cleansing". This is nothing but the genocide of a race of people. No different of what Hitler did to the Jews. And yet, the world still sleeps warmly in beds, ignoring this brutality against mankind.

Kosovo Child

This is Valmir Deljiaj, an eighteen-month-old infant girl, found dead at the Donje Obrinje massacre site in Kosovo. Her mother, Mejahare Deljaiij age twenty-seven, partially covers her daughter, showing that even in the last minutes of life, she was trying to protect her daughter. Both died from gunshot wounds to the head.

Kosovo Child

These are the bodies of seven year old Gentiona and five year old Donietta Deliaj, being removed from the site of the massacre in the forest near Donje Obrinje, Kosovo. Eighteen members of the Deliaj family were killed in the attack.

And yet, the world still sleeps warmly in beds, ignoring this brutality against mankind.

Kosovo Men

Two more villagers from the town of Donje Obrinje, Kosovo, murdered while fleeing from Yugoslav police into the nearby forest.

And yet, the world still sleeps warmly in beds, ignoring this brutality against mankind.

Destroyed Homes

This is just an example of the hundreds of thousands of homes that have been burned and looted by Serb forces against the Albanian ethnic peoples.

And yet, the world still sleeps warmly in beds, ignoring this brutality against mankind.

According to the United Nations Commissioner, over 620,000 Albanians have been forced to leave the Kosovo region. There are no actual figures of the number of people that have been murdered by Serb forces, but it is estimated that at least ten percent of the people fleeing have been killed. In addition, there are over 10,000 refugees that were headed to Macedonia, but were turned back at the border that are now missing. They cannot be located. Have these people been murdered also by Serb forces?

When I first saw these photographs, my heart sank into great despair. What have these innocent children done to deserve to be brutally murdered I asked myself. And what "beast", what man, supposedly in charge of a country would allow his military force to do such thing? That beast is Milosevic. The President of Yugoslavia. Milosevic has shown the same cruelty and crimes against mankind as Hitler did against the Jews. Milosevic, truly is a coward. Milosevic is so fearful of another's belief, that his only defense is to kill them, burn their homes and extract them from their country which has been their home also for over 2,000 years.

While innocent children have been murdered, separated from their families, living in camps and not knowing where their next meal will come from, the world still sleeps warmly in their beds as this brutality against mankind continues.

American and NATO forces have finally started efforts to stop this inhumanity against mankind. But what price has been paid for their delay? Thousands of innocent children, women and men have been killed. Reports of this brutality and inhumanity had been coming in for sometime in isolated areas and cases. Action should have taken place much sooner to avoid the magnitude of death that has now occurred against these people. That was then, but what are we doing today? And yet, we the world still sleeps warmly in beds, ignoring this brutality against mankind.

It is time for everyone in the world to get out of those warm beds and start doing something about this inhumanity. This includes any nation of a civilized people which believe that innocent children should not die for any reason, political or religious. And if any nation of people does not believe this, then that nation truly does not understand the basis of life. Mankind's future rest with the children of the world. A nation of people that is blind to this simple fact, is truly a nation that will finally, one day, destroy itself. If you are a church group, start taking donations for food. Many of the relief organizations desperately need funds to feed over half a million refugees. Take up donations of clothes for care packages. Many of the relief organizations will have the donations picked up.

If you want to help the children, then visit this site: It provides links and news about the Christian Children's Fund to help the children.

If you want to receive updated news about the crisis and this brutality against mankind, subscribe to this news bulletin,

I call upon all my readers around the globe to stand up and be counted against this brutality and inhumanity against mankind. The people of Kosovo have suffered enough and Milosevic needs to be stopped, today! I urge you to write, phone, email your elected officials, regardless of what country you reside in. Urge your elected officials to cut off all oil, energy, and finance to Milosevic and his country. And I strongly urge the countries of Russia and China for once, to stand up for humanity and not a political cause. I urge the leaders of these countries to denounce Milosevic and join with other nations to immediately stop this brutality and return these people to their homeland. It is their homeland also. And I call upon the Pope. Are you going to sit idle and simply watch this massacre of innocent people without saying a word against it? It is time for every human being that calls themselves one, to start acting like one and stop this inhumanity against mankind.

Update: Massacre of Over Sixty Villagers Near Bel Crkva on 3-24-99

To voice your concerns here in the United States, click here for a listing to find your Senators or House of Representative.

One last comment. The brutal slaying of cats and dogs of their pelts for profit continues. The countries allowing this horrible crime are Russia, China and the Phillipines. For the full story, check out my Newsflash section on my website. I am asking my readers to write their elected representatives immediately to invoke trade sanctions against these countries until these practices are stopped. Mankind's in-humanity is only as bad as mankind allows it to continue. Help stop this brutal horrible murder of what we consider family members and pets.

God Bless and have a terrific day!

~ David Lawrence Dewey ~

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