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An Organic Kitchen Sink Of
Natural Radiation Detox Information

March 30, 2011
by columnist
David Lawrence Dewey

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A DL DEWEY Exclusive - BREAKING NEWS - March 30, 2011
In Depth Special ReportReport

An Organic Kitchen Sink Of Natural Radiation Detox Information
And Why You Should Not Take Potassium Iodine

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Dr. Apsley Radiation Toxicity Antidotes

Note From David Lawrence Dewey - - -

The following article below was sent to me by the authors.

It provides much needed information during this time of the Japan nuclear crisis.

I am posting it on my website.

Permission was granted by the authors for copying this material and distributing to the World.

In addition to this article below, please read
Dr. John W. Apsley II M.D. article, Radiation Toxicity Antidotes.

What Dr. Apsley provides confirms the article below and provides additional critical information for your safety.

This is a well researched article and provides the truth of possible radiation exposure from the Japan nuclear crisis that you are NOT hearing about. A must read.

Click on the image or the link below.


Barefoot Radiation-Exposed Person’s Guidebook:
An Organic Kitchen Sink Of Natural Radiation Detox Information

Authors: Ben Colodzin, Ph.D, Dr. Hildegarde Staninger, Ph.D, RIET-1,
Dr. Janet Starr Hull, Ph.D, and Shoshanna Allison.


Hello to all fellow beings sharing this predicament of breathing the latest Japanese emissions, combined with many years of other toxic emissions, to place us all in a possibly, only slightly elevated, and possibly, extremely elevated, health risk. We just don’t fully know yet. The possibility that spent fuel rods may already have been destroyed at the accident site in Japan and released unknown amounts of extremely toxic radioactive particulates that are not yet being measured and reported to the public cannot be discounted.

So many of us, in our concern, are asking, "What can I do?"

From Shoshanna Allison:

I am no expert in this field. I am just an information gatherer trying to stimulate the conversation and awareness among ‘we the people who live downstream’ of all this.

So, I asked two women who ARE experts in this field, Dr. Hildegarde Staninger and Dr. Janet Starr Hull, to give me a crash course in what they know about options that may be useful in encouraging your body to maintain efficiency in detoxing whatever toxins may come…with special emphasis on things that may help and are widely available, and where possible to emphasize anything useful that is available to all.

I personally believe that our individual spiritual practices and beliefs will be a very important factor in influencing our personal health, The prayer in my heart is that the information gathered here will be helpful in your journey to calm fear, make more informed choices about your detox options if you do have radiation exposure, and thereby help you to maintain the vitality to practice the spiritual practices and beliefs of your choice.

Along with other detox experts whose work I have read and who I have interviewed, Drs. Staninger and Hull have each developed their own product lines and specific ways of going about detoxifying. I think their strategies and products, used the way they recommend them, are very efficient ways to remove toxins, with strong scientific research to validate their claims. These are good and time-tested ways to detox.

However, mindful that we may be facing a situation where there is global impact, and that very many people will not have funds to buy commercial detox supplies or the very best quality foods even if they were available for all who may desire them, Dr. Staninger and Dr. Hull were asked to help imagine what one can do, even if one cannot access any storebought products, or only a few basic ones, which will surely be the situation for many, as it is already in Japan.

With more limited supplies one has fewer options and perhaps less efficiency in moving toxins out of the body at the most efficient rate; but one can still encourage the body to detox with the best that is available to you.

We really are all in this together, we really do all live downstream, and we must each make do with what life-supporting natural foods and medicines that are available where we live.

To restate: In this situation of uncertainty, no one can be absolutely sure what exactly will guarantee your health, what specific exposures you will have, or how you individually will react to them. In the midst of this uncertainty, these experts are offering up this compendium of ideas found to be helpful in aiding the body to detoxify after exposure, to mobilize the body’s miraculous natural ability to move these materials back out of our bodies after toxic exposures. May this be useful to you in your quest for good health for you and your loved ones.

What exactly do we mean when we say "detoxify:?

The actual definition of detoxify as a verb is:


There has been much spoken about radioactive iodine and the need to protect the thyroid by taking iodine pills, and there has been panic buying of this substance in many places.

It is true that radioactive forms of iodine, which can bind to the thyroid and cause thyroid cancer, are blocked from binding to the thyroid if the body has sufficient supply of non-radioactive iodine at the thyroid before and during radioactive iodine exposure.

However, from this fact many people have generalized two incorrect assumptions:




Both Drs. Staninger and Hull recognize the need to protect the thyroid with natural forms of iodine. Both recommended getting iodine from kelp, other sea vegetables, and other natural sources as being much safer than using iodine pills.

Below are Dr. Staninger’s post of March 19 2011 - titled : “WHY PEOPLE SHOULD NOT TAKE POTASSIUM IODIDE – Natural Remedies For Radiation Exposure” and a list of foods that are natural sources of iodine. If you are going to use something like kelp capsules, follow the recommended dosage on the container. Dr. Staninger mentioned that a sufficient daily amount of nori sea vegetable, which comes in dry sheets approximately 8 by 11, would probably be equal to approximately two sheets per day. Dr. Staninger mentions that all dosages are standardized to fit the profile of a 150 pound adult. If you are calculating dosages of anything for a 50 pound kid, adjust the dosage downward proportionally. If you are calculating dosages for a 300 pound adult, adjust the dosage upward proportionally.

(Dr. Staninger writes) Date: 3/19/2011 12:35 AM PDT

Why People should NOT take Potassium Iodide
Natural Remedies For Radiation Exposure

In light of the latest news about the Japanese nuclear reactor meltdowns, there is a wave of panic as potassium iodide (KI) supplies are sold out in the US. I am not taking KI, nor am I recommending it for my patients, family or friends. I urge people not to take KI supplements because KI should be only taken under the supervision of a physician, as it needs to be dosed every 24 hours to be effective when there is a documented exposure to radioactive iodine and dosing iodine over long periods of time may suppress normal thyroid function. Lastly, some people may experience side effects or allergic reaction to KI and the ingredients in the pills. Nonetheless, I do believe taking steps to maintain a healthy immunity will help one to reduce the effects of radiation exposure:

In addition to sea vegetables, natural iodine is available from a wide variety of fresh foods, try to include some of which ever of these foods are available in your area. As noted below, if there are no other sources available, one can use sea salt to feed the body iodine. I copied this list from a natural healing website of Dr. Denice Moffat, and confirmed with Dr. Staninger that, in fact, all the listed foods do indeed contain some natural iodine:


First, I will cite the general dietary recommendations of Dr. Staninger and Dr. Hull, and then discuss some of their suggestions on specific helpful foods and how to use them.

It is very important to practice some kind of colon cleanse in the early stages of any detox protocol to increase efficiency of elimination. Without cleaning the colon first, there is a risk that the acculumulated toxins already present in the colon will create a situation where toxins moving through the body are re-absorbed rather than eliminated.

The best advice from the natural experts says to remember this step if you want to mobilize the full miraculous powers of your body to flush out toxic materials.

There are lots of methods to do a colon cleanse. Eating mostly fresh foods is important, as is drinking lots of water. Dr. Staninger uses a product called Happy Tummy to aid in colon cleansing; Dr. Hull recommends French green clay. They both note that activated charcoal is also useful in absorbing toxins while cleaning the colon.

Both Drs. Hull and Staninger advise to do one’s best while detoxing to eat a 75%—80% raw foods diet. That is what is optimal. Both advise against the consumption of genetically modified products, refined sugars, artificial sweeteners, and chemical preservtives. Minimize your intake of these things and eat more food in its natural state, directly as delivered by Mother Earth, that is the suggestion. This was stressed as extremely important for detox because, the body’s natural detoxifying mechanisms can become overloaded by the chemically processed food additives. Everyone has to work with the foods that are available, just do your best to incorporate as much fresh and locally grown foods in their natural state as is possible in your situation.

Both Drs. Hull and Staninger speak eloquently about the blood sugar imbalance issues that come from using refined sugars and white bleached flours, and how they complicate and make less efficient the body’s natural detox pathways (we’ll skip their technical explanations for our purposes). Natural sugars like honey, maple syrup, blue agave syrup, and stevia are considered healthy and may be used in quantity during detox. Refined sugars like bleached white sugar, high fructose corn syrup, and artificial sweetners like aspartame are considered damaging to the body, as is refined white flour. (MSG and preservatives can be included here.)

Dr. Hull has studied and written about the introduction of white sugar and white flour into indigenous diets around the world with the encroachment of Western civilization and its dietary habits. She notes that wherever white sugar and white flour were integrated into the common diet, inevitably blood sugar imbalances, diabetes, and alcoholism have developed and soared. It is challenging these days to find processed or prepared foods that do not contain these highly refined products which definitely are not helpful in boosting your body’s detox abilities. To maximize the healing power of the foods you eat while detoxing, do the best you can to eat fresh foods and natural sugars, and minimize your consumption of heavily processed, chemicalized, genetically modified foods, and those with MSG and preservatives. Dr. Staninger is a strong proponent of using Jerusalem Artichoke or Jerusalem Artichoke Flour as a natural means to stabilize blood sugar and give the body a bunch of probiotic or helpful bacteria in the gut.

To quote Dr. Staninger’s basic food guidelines:

Dr. Staninger gave three food recipes she shares as part of her detox strategy. They are called “Dr Hildy’s Cellular Tonic” (which nourishes cells and helps restore their integrity after toxic exposures); “Dr Hildy’s Detox Soup” (which pulls out toxins and helps clear lungs); and what she calls “Monkey Juice” (which pulls heavy metals out of the body very effectively).

The recipes and instructions for making these healing foods at home are included at the end of this section. Dr. Staninger also sells very high potency natural medications for similar purposes, including a “monkey juice” capsule from the ingredients listed in the recipe below. For those interested and able to make use of these high potency products, contact Dr. Staninger’s office – Integrative Health Systems, LLC - . Using the recipes below is good, too.

Dr. Staninger’s full professional detox protocol strategy, as best I understand, includes the use of raw foods, natural herbal medicines, colon cleansing, lots of alkaline waters, vitamin supplements, digestive enzymes, probiotics, and the use of far infrared radiation-emitting medical devices.

Dr. Hull’s full professional detox protocol strategy, as best I understand, includes the use of raw foods, natural herbal medicines, colon cleansing, lots of alkaline waters, vitamin supplements, digestive enzymes, probiotics, and the use of french green clay.

If you can find a way to make use of healthy pure vitamin supplements, that is a good way to go. Dr. Hull has shared her copyrighted listing of foods that give the body a significant amount of vitamins you want to have available to your body while detoxing. She gives us a lot of options of fresh foods that can give us vitamin c and all the b vitamins: (reprinted with permission from Janet Starr Hull):
















Dr. Staninger notes that one tablespoon of pure olive oil daily will supply your essential vitamin E daily need. Alpha Lipoic Acid can be supplied through eating red meat, potatoes and spinach.

Dr. Hull teaches a few old-time wisdoms about eating and cooking that assist in maintaining your body’s acid/alkaline balance:

Foods and medicines that have been recommended again and again for helping detox, and show up in many commercial products for this purpose, include:

Chlorella, Spirulina, Garlic, Onions, Nutritional Yeast, Aloe Vera. Ginkgo Biloba, Cucurmin from turmeric, Miso, Pine Bark Extract, Green Tea Extract, and Grape Seed Extract. Any of these are very good additions to your detox protocol if they are available to you.

Dr. Staninger makes the point that if you are going to radically change your diet for a time from a modern mainstream processed food diet towards a 75% raw foods diet, you have to make it fun! That is, you have to make the foods taste interesting. I noticed I can eat only so many fresh vegetables, but if I make a homemade peanut sauce as a dip, I enjoy them a lot more. So if you can use your spices and sauces and creativity to make these foods delicious, you’ll have an easier time allowing this experience into your life.

Dr. Staninger also advises that in addition to a colon cleanse, it is a good idea to flush the gall bladder as well, to clean out any sludge. She says you do a gall bladder cleanse simply by mixing one half cup of pure virgin olive oil with the juice of three lemons, and taking this internally. You don’t have to gulp it down, but the idea is to get that into your body in a relatively short time, over a few hours at most. If there is a sludge buildup, this will encourage it to break up and evacuate. Dr. Staninger reported that many individuals pass gall stones from this simple gall bladder cleanse.

Dr. Hildy’s Cellular Tonic Recipe©


6 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
4 teaspoons diced garlic
1 level teaspoon red cayenne pepper

Cook together in a small pot for one minute then add the following ingredients:

½ cup brewed green tea, preferably Japanese green tea.

Brewed color should be lime green. If the color is yellow/golden then the water is too hot; suggest ½ boiling water and ½ cool water for perfect lime green color.

2 tablespoons red wine vinegar.
½ cup honey

Mix all together in the small pot with the previous ingredients, cook until the garlic makes a scum on top, or 4 minutes. Watch temperature because the honey will make the pot boil over if you do not watch what you are doing. Once the scum comes to the top remove from heat and strain into a glass container. Cool and use 1 tablespoon or more per day. Refrigerate after cooled.

(Note : Olive oil will harden in the refrigerator. When you take it out leave it to warm on the counter at room temperature, then shake and pour your tablespoon. This tonic has been known to increase muscle strength, skin texture, and build muscles. It was used by the Mohawk Wrestling Team of Kahn:awake – Mohawk Territory.

Dr. Hildy’s Detox Soup Recipe

2 cups water
1 bullion cube (organic) of beef, chicken, or veggie
(may substitute canned organic stock)
handful of fresh parsley
1 diced small onion

Cook all ingredients in a small pot until the onion is glassy, then strain and drink. This soup pulls toxins and opens the breathing passages of the lungs.

Dr. Hildy’s “Monkey Juice

MONKEY JUICE (a cellular flush formula)

Blend together:
1 lime with skin not removed
2 stalks celery
6 sprigs cilantro (cut in whole leafs and stems, use scissors)
Dash Olmec salt or other high grade natural salt
Dash red cayenne
¼ cup honey or blue agave sweetener
One peeled prickly pear cactus fruit, if available, fresh or canned;
if not available, may substitute another sweet red fruit of your choice, such as raspberries

Add water to blender for desired consistency
One drop chac mool minerals,
A dash of Olmec natural salts, or dash of other healthy salt.

Chop up celery, cilantro, lime, put in blender.

Add other ingredients

Blend, strain and pour over ice. Drink once daily.

(Caution—You need a sturdy blender to chop up lime skin. It is easier, if you chop the lime into small pieces or only blend a little at a time.)


Clay is one of the natural earth substances that is possibly of widespread use due to its wide distribution and availability. As Dr. Hull mentions in the following article, it is quite well established that clays are effective agents in pulling toxins from the body, including radioactive toxins. She is particularly experienced with French green clay, and gives links to a wealth of information about its use, where to get it, and where to get other commercially available pure clays from reliable sources. I asked Dr. Hull, if people do not have access to French green clay or the other clays, what you can recommend as safe and effective? Can people use the local clays from their area?

She responded that any clay that powders when dry is the healthiest to ingest, with the least potential for clogging the system. She said bentonite clays are also useful, however they have a higher potential for clogging up one’s elimination.

There are several dangers and warnings that apply about using clay products where there is no quality control on their purity. First of all, clays are useful because they absorb toxins. So, if you dig clay from somewhere where there has already been pollution in the area, that clay is going to absorb the toxins from the surrounding pollution and be very unhealthy indeed. So one would want to be very careful, even where one can find a good local source for clays that powder when dry, to make sure that the area the clay is coming from is not already polluted, coming from the most unspoiled area available. Where this cannot be assured, it is not safe to assume that local clays will be helpful, they could do more harm than good. With this caveat in mind, one would still be advised to dig down in undisturbed ground at least two feet in depth to avoid airborne and surface contaminants. Once a clay deposit is open to the air, it may also become contaminated by whatever emissions are airborne, so it would seem wise not to use the same open hole more than once to avoid this possible contamination source.

Another caution about the use of clay without medical supervision, is that you can use too much and plug up your elimination system. Or you can use the right amount but not drink enough water, and in this different way plug up your elimination system. If you begin to use clays and notice a serious reduction in the quantity and quality of your bowel movements, it would be advisable to reduce your clay intake or increase your water intake, or both.

Dr. Hull recommends how much green clay to use in her March 19 2011 Radiation Remediation Protocol. Basically she recommends one level teaspoon daily, in 8 oz of water, once daily and up to twice daily during times of presumed heavy exposure. She notes that one does need to drink plenty of water and to monitor one’s bodily reaction to using clay in this way, and advises that if elimination is affected negatively, then one should lower the amount taken.

Her full report follows:

French Green Clay – Radiation Remediation Protocol
Dr. Janet Starr Hull
March 19, 2011

The radiation leaking from the nuclear power plants in Japan have raised new awareness in many countries around the world, and that’s a very good thing because awareness brings change, and positive change keeps mankind moving forward. As a result of the nuclear disaster in Japan, people are learning new ways to prevent exposure to man-made radiation using natural clays.

The radiation circulating the planet is moving across many borders; it is circulating in everyone’s air and water; it is impacting plants and animals in different countries, moving over miles of oceans, over islands, and crossing national borders. An important point to remember is that all people and every animal must find a way to detox from these global pollutants bridging manmade “borders and constructs.” MANY people around the world have been ingesting natural clays for centuries to maintain general health and for detox purposes, and there is no better time than now to learn about the benefits of French Green clay.

“Growing up in Provence, South of France, the use of green ILLITE clay was a part of our lives. Mom made me drink it, would spray her plants with a clay/water solution, it was given to dogs, cats, horses... internally and externally.

“After moving to the US and becoming fully involved in the horse world, I became aware of how little was known about the benefits of the green illite French clay. It is my hope to bring the clay and its healing properties into public awareness,” writes Walter Badet, founder of French Clay For All:

Since 1996, French Green clay is the only clay approved for food use by the Conseil Superieur d'Hygiene de France. (French National Health Superior Counsel). The American FDA knows little of natural clays, but that does not mean they are ineffective or unsafe within US borders.

Whether ingesting food grade clays as a daily detox regimen or using natural clays when exposed to toxic radiation, all animals worldwide benefit from its natural ability to absorb toxins. When ingesting anything – from a strawberry to prescribed medications – every individual needs to be aware of how their body reacts to any substance, and most importantly, never overdo anything you eat or drink.

I use one-teaspoon of clay daily on an empty stomach to cleanse my body, and I give a teaspoon of clay to my house pets and to the animals on my Wildlife Preservation.

I mix the purest French Green clay in 8-oz water and drink it down. I brush my teeth with it, too. If I am exposed to an unusual high level of toxins, such as radiation, I increase my daily intake of clay to once in the morning and again before bed, both on an empty tummy so the clay has nothing blocking its pathway to reach toxins circulating inside my body. Give your body about 20 minutes to absorb the clay, and then you can put food or drink in your stomach. Leave a bowl of clay water for your pets to drink throughout the day. Animals know when to drink the clay, but don’t be surprised if they lap it up.

It is best to introduce clay to your body gradually if you have never used clays before. For Days 1, 2 and 3, use 1/3 teaspoon; Days 4, 5 and 6, use 2/3 teaspoon, and Days 7 and on, use 1 teaspoon.

If you experience any unusual side effects after ingesting health clays, simply cut back on the daily amount you are using, but never stop trying to help your body excrete toxins quickly and safely.

For more information go to: or -

Dr. Hull’s website: for more information on the French Green clay. Walter’s French Green clay is the purest that I have ever seen! This is an education into a lifestyle change learn all that you can.

Dr. Staninger said that she endorses Dr. Hull’s characterization of the usefulness of both French green clay and clays generally for detox purposes. She noted that because many people have a tendency to take too much of a substance if they believe it is healthy to use, that she had some concern that many people might in their unfamiliarity with proper use of clays plug themselves up unintentionally. She felt that this could be addressed by using clays in an alternating cycle, such as 3 days on and 3 off, or a week on and a week off, to make sure that the body is moving it through and not caking up internally. She felt that the clays could work effectively used in this manner also.

As Dr. Hull wrote March 15, 2011, in a paper giving more detail on radiation remediation using clay:

I recommend using natural clays when exposed to radiation, which are safe for all ages and even safe for your family pets.

My favorite recommendation is French Green Clay, which is widely used in Europe and Asia, but less known in the United States. French Green Clay has the ability to remove radiation, toxic metals and chemical residues with virtually no side effects.

The use of clay in absorbing and removing toxins and radiation from the environment is common knowledge to an Environmental Engineer because we use clays to remove toxins from the soil and groundwater. In nature, all animals that eat a rancid kill or a toxic berry rush to a streambed and eat clay to absorb and remove the toxins quickly. The former Soviets have been using French Green Clay to remove radiation from the Russian population for the past sixty years. When the Soviet nuclear power plant, Chernobyl, melted down in 1986, the (then) Soviet government put French Green Clay in chocolate bars and dispensed them to the masses so any radiation they were exposed to would be immediately removed from their bodies. The Soviet government knew the healing qualities of French Green Clay, just as most Europeans have known about its curative qualities for centuries. Westerners think clays are only used for facial masks and bee stings.

As they did at Chernobyl, one of the best things the Japanese government should do is raze their nuclear power plants damaged by the earthquake under a layer of natural clay to absorb the radiation.

Natural clays possess healing qualities that not only attach themselves to and remove toxic substances and radiation from the body, but natural clays activate the body's own immune system through their chemical constitutions. The composition of any healing clay should replenish the body's nutritional needs naturally while removing toxins, especially radiation.

Green clays contain:

Magnesium, Calcium, Potassium, Manganese, Phosphorous, Zinc, Silicon, Organic copper, Selenium, Organic cobalt, Micro-algae, Kelp, Phyto-nutrients

I recommend using French Green Clay above the other natural clays, but it is hard to find in the United States. Any clay that powders when dry is the healthiest clay to ingest. The Pascalite Company has a great montmorillonite clay in both capsule and powdered form that comes from Wyoming's Big Horn Mountains. If you use bentonite clay, make sure to stay well-hydrated because this form of clay can harden inside of the body, but it is not toxic. Here are some links to find these healing clays:

For more information about detoxing from radiation using all-natural clay supplements, contact Dr. Janet Hull at


Waters with a pH above neutral, ( pH = 7 alkaline water), pH above 7 is recommended to aid in detox. Where available, pure natural alkaline water is ideal. Medical devices emitting alkaline water are also useful where available. And there are multiple commercial liquid concentrates that may be added to water to alkalinize it (Dr. Willard’s Water® is recommended for this purpose by both Dr. Staninger and Dr. Hull.)

However, for those with no access to alkaline water through any of the above methods, water can also be alkalinized by adding bicarbonate of soda (baking soda) or even by adding cream of tartar. (Caution should be taken with baking soda for those who must restrict their sodium intake.)

Use baking soda in the proportion of one-half to one level teaspoon of baking soda to one 8 oz glass of water, once daily; use cream of tartar in the proportion of one-eighth level teaspoon cream of tartar to one 8 oz glass of water once daily.

Detox baths are another recommended tool for eliminating toxins. The skin is a huge organ through which a great deal of natural elimination occurs. Allowing the skin to breathe more deeply with detox baths is very helpful and relaxing, and provides yet another pathway of elimination as you are pushing toxins out.

There are many materials useful for detox baths. Dr. Hull recommends detox baths using French green clay, or other useful clays. Detox baths may also be done with baking soda, or with magnesium bath salts, or with sea salts such as Dead Sea salts or Himalayan salts.

Dr. Staninger recommends Opaline® Solutions Wound Care and Detox Bath Granules to increase the percentage of oxygen in the water as it allows oxygen to penetrate the body through the skin and reduce free-radical damage. An initial bath or shower to get the gross particulate matter off the body and then another bath would be healthy for the benefits of oxygen, is recommended.

Dr. Staninger pointed out that radioactivity passing through the body may release many free radicals which can damage body systems. To remedy this, it is recommended to oxygenate the body. She prefers to use a concentrated stable oxygen formulation internally in a capsule called Opaline ® Dry Oxy. This is a very concentrated, pure product for oxygenation, which produces only oxygen and water in the body.

When these products are not available, she recommends oxygenation through diet by avoiding the food groups mentioned in the food section above, and selecting a high percentage of very green foods: dark green leafy vegetables, anything containing lots of chlorophyll, chlorella, spirulina, wheat grass and barley grass. With a few seeds you can grow barley grass or wheat grass at home, indoors or out, in a planter box; the green leaves may be regularly harvested and juiced or simply chewed if you don't have a juicer. This is a basic and natural food source one can produce at home to help oxygenate the system.

However, mindful of the immediate exposures in Japan, and the fact that in Japan there is some popularity of using oxygen bars for oxygenation, Dr. Staninger also mentioned that where oxygen bars are an option, this is another valid pathway to protect against free radical damage by keeping your system well oxygenated. If this were one's only pathway for oxygenaztion, she recommended this as frequently as every other day; ("one day to breathe in oxygen, a day to let the body breathe out"), or it may also be used as an oxygenation supplemental method, combined with using the natural green foods mentioned above.

Use what you have available to you. If you have insufficient access to clean water or hot water or a bathtub for baths to be possible, you can achieve a similar effect with a footbath. Find a small container, heat the water however you can, and use the above materials in a similar manner to soak your feet. A great deal of toxins release through the feet.

Far Infrared Radiation via Sunlight

Far infrared radiation is a natural component of sunlight, and a natural emission from our own healthy cells. Dr. Staninger is a pioneer in the field of cellular resonance, and she has been acknowledged for her groundbreaking work demonstrating that the application of far infrared radiation to the cells of the body dramatically increased cellular detoxification. In her clinic this is done with medical grade far infrared emitting technologies. This technology can be purchased for home use, and can greatly increase the efficiency of detoxification. Dr. Staninger explains that using a far infrared device is like jump starting a car when its battery is dead—after the initial boost, the car again generates its own power. The idea behind using far infrared radiation is similar; when our health is compromised by illness or toxin load, we emit less far infrared from our cells. When we “jumpstart” ourselves with frequent use of far infrared, our cells again emit energy in the far infrared range. The drawback is that the equipment is expensive and not widely available.

I mention far infrared radiation here in this “Barefoot” Guidebook because there is a cheap and accessible way to use far infrared radiation in your detox protocol options. Far infrared is a component of sunlight. Stand and face the sun. Expose as much skin as you are comfortable to do in your personal situation and appropriate to your cultural norm. Ask the energies that emanate from the sun that support all life on earth to “jumpstart” your body energy. How long and how often to do this? There is not one definitive answer. Some say solar exposure these days is dangerous; how much is too much? A few minutes? An hour? You will have to judge that for yourself. Be conscious not to overdo, in discovering your own personal body limit for how much is enough and how much is too much. Start slowly. Whatever solar exposure you feel comfortable with, you will be increasing your body’s vitamin D production, and letting in at least a bit of the far infrared.

Dr. Staninger reports that the optimal daily exposure time for a sun bath for the purpose of far infrared body stimulation would be 45 to 60 minutes. Repeat: start with a limited exposure and listen to your body response as to what your body can handle. It is better to get too little than to cause burning/dehydration. And of course you are going to need to choose your times for outdoor exposure with awareness as to air quality; there may be times in radiation emergencies when it is best to limit exposure to air flows with high toxic particulate. In this emerging situation, all we can say here is: Please learn what you can about air quality in your area from the sources you trust to bring the most accurate picture to the people.

Wisdom keepers from all over the world throughout history have recommended giving thanks and respect to the sun as the source of energy that nourishes all life on earth.

Taking a sun bath is a good time for each of us to find our own way to do that.

Many of us already know that radiation can damage our genetic communications systems. Because the fear of this consequence is now so stirred up in the world, we felt we should mention some facts that are relevant and hopeful as we each have to deal with the impact of unknown radiation exposure on our psyches.

We want you all to know that the leading edge of science does now acknowledge that damaged genes can self-repair. This is a real human potential. It is now known that electrical frequencies underlie and inform our genetic communications systems. Under certain conditions, where toxins have been flushed out and vital nutrients are provided, and, most especially, when compassion is in the heart producing peaceful and relaxed states of consciousness, electrical frequencies can be generated within ourselves that access our deep memory of how to recreate healthy growth patterns. This applies to all living things.

Genetic repair after radiation damage is a real human potential. Please do your part to know this is a human possibility and pray with us that this possibility is activated in the imagination and genetic memory of those who ask for it.

These are the tangible methods and tools that were identified, that could be expressed in basic terms and applied by people who are radiologically exposed and without expert guidance on what to do.

May we all cooperate well and support each other in our human journeys as we encounter the consequences of a human-damaged and volatile Mother Earth in flux. May the same quality of loving kindness and dedication to the needs of the people that inspired Dr. Staninger and Dr. Hull to learn all this specialized knowledge about toxicology, be with each of us as we give thanks for our special and unique gifts of life.

Thanks to both of them for showing up and sharing what they know.

Ben Colodzin, Ph.D., is author of
TRAUMA AND SURVIVAL: A Self-Help Learning Guide, and
CHICKEN LITTLE 101: A Brief History Of Aerosol Spraying Operations

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Dr. Hildegarde Staninger, Ph.D., RIET-1 is a world renowned industrial toxicologist, who is the author of the international bestseller, Comprehensive Handbook of Hazardous Materials: Regulations, Monitoring, Handling and Safety, Lewis Publishing/CRC Press. Among the leading international scientist in her field, she has done decades of research and was awarded the prestigious 8th Army and Greater Stuttgart Community Award for her work in preventing increased chronic obstructive e pulmonary disease (COPD) during Operation Desert Shield form the Kuwaiti burning oil fields during Desert Storm. In 2006-2007 she was principal investigator of a privately funded project to identify the composition of Morgellon’s fibers. This original research revealed the environmental impacts upon man, environment and other life forms from exposure to nanotechnology, a work she continues to pursue.


Dr. Hildegarde Staninger, RIET-1
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ntegrative Health Systems, LLC
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Dr. Janet Starr Hull, PhD, CN has a very diverse background with academic degrees and experience in geology, international geography, environmental science and toxicology, fitness training and holistic nutrition. She is an OSHA Certified Environmental Hazardous Waste Emergency Response Specialist and Toxicologist, author, Environmental Engineer, and former firefighter. She was one of the first Americans to work on the remediation of the former Soviet Army bases in Eastern Europe after Glasnov.

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Dr. Janet Starr Hull
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Shoshanna Allison

Researcher and Networker of healthy information for the Good Of All Earth Beings and EDITOR

Soon to be published:
ECHOES FROM THE FUTURE (Can you hear me now?)
‘Twilight of the Gods’ by Robert Ghost Wolf,
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From - David Lawrence Dewey"

Global Warming has been an issue of mine since 1997 when I wrote my first columns, alerting my readers to melting ice caps due to carbon dioxide levels increasing in the ice at the poles! In ten years, it has increased over 400%. This is what has been causing the ice caps to melt. All you have to do is view satellite images of the poles from ten years ago to last year, we have lost over 35% of the ice caps. We have lost major ice glaicers all over the world, providing drinking water and water for farming. In China, they are facing huge food shortages because (4) of their major ice glaciers providing water for farming in their main farming area have melted! If you have not read my columns over the years, I urge you to and support measures to end man made global warming. And to this day, we still have ignorant, stupid people out there that still say there is not such a thing as global warming. Good Lord, just look at the weather changes. Do you need to be hit over the ahead to wake up to the truth?

My columns:

Global Warming - Fact or Fiction - August, 1997
Rain forests diminishing by 10% a year. Worldwide oxygen production decreasing.
Global Warming August 1997

Global Warming: Is It Too Late? - March 2006, Updated April, 2007, August 2008
Ice Shelf Falls Off Into Artic - Is Global Warming Real Enough Now?
Global Warming March 2006, Updated April 2007, August 2008

~ ~ David Lawrence Dewey

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