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Clinton or Senate Disgraced?
February 5th,1999
by columnist
David Lawrence Dewey

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This column and my next were originally planned for my review of various software programs. However, due to the hundreds of emails I have received from my readers concerning the Senate impeachment trial, I felt that I needed to share my readers thoughts that have emailed me and my own thoughts on this very serious matter before our nation.

William and Esther Dixson, 55 and 56 from Oregon wrote me, "Let us not make a mockery of our justice system by letting Clinton off of these high crimes he has committed."

Robert Brummett, 45 from Kansas wrote, "Can we just get on with the vote and get this mess over with?"

Mary Reynolds, 47, from Michigan wrote, "Our nation has been made the laughing stock of the world, enough is enough, vote and get this over with. As far as I am concerned, yes he lied, but is this a high crime against our nation. I believe we are talking about a moral lie, not a lie about national security.

Sam, 38, from California wrote, "The House and Senate, especially the members from both parties have truly shown their colors, I am disgusted with both parties, let the man alone."

I could give you several other examples of basically the same tone from the 2,142 emails I have received, however, here are the results. Overall, over 95% said, enough is enough, vote and get the trial over with. About 65% felt Clinton had lied, but was not enough to impeach the President? Over 75% were questioning why both the House and Senate had taken it this far because most felt what Clinton lied about was a moral lie, not an issue dealing with National Security or something that would harm the country. Adding to this, most felt great harm had been done to the country by politicians. Over 60% said they would not be voting for a Republican again and nearly 50% were disgusted with both parties. In looking at these comments and comparing the results of the poll where nearly 19,000 of you my readers took in October of 1998 regarding this mess, I have come to these conclusions by listening to you. Too bad your elected officials in Washington are not listening.

Let me begin in first saying that the first column I wrote about this serious matter, I called for Clinton's resignation. I knew from the beginning that Clinton was lieing, especially when he shook his finger in defiance and said, "I have not had sexual relations with that woman." After I learned the implicit details of the affair when the transcript was released, I found myself feeling more that Clinton should resign. However, shortly afterwards, I realized that I had become wrapped up in the frenzy of basically a moral issue. I began asking myself the question, am I feeling that Clinton should resign because of my moral views of how a person, ( Clinton is also just a person), should conduct themselves? Bingo, I then realized I was passing judgement on this man based on moral issues.

Yes, the man lied under oath, but sorry folks, what he lied about is truly a personal moral issue, not one of National Security or of anything else that would harm this country. It has been said that he used his the power of his office to obstruct justice. I had to ask myself, what was it he was trying to obstruct. Did Clinton try to keep people from talking or liein?. Did they eventually lie? If you really look at the truth here based on the facts, no Clinton did not. When Bettie Currie testified, she showed that the President may have used some fishing tactics to find out possibly how she was going to testify about. However, did he tell her to lie or coverup for him? No, Bettie Currie told the truth about the visits, etc.

It has been said Clinton used the power of his office to try and hide the affair and "pay" Lewinsky off by trying to help her through others to get her a job. Do I believe this happened? Yes. Anyone that doesn't isn't living in the real work place of today. If you do not think that this sort of thing doesn't go on hundreds of times daily in the corporate world of today, then you really are out in left field. If you believe this sort of thing is wrong as I do, that is fine also, but again, we are talking about moral issues here. Yes, the people of our nation should conduct themselves with honor. However, have we started a process now that anyone can be brought up on charges of this type of moral conduct? We are not talking about sexual harassment with Lewinsky, she was a willing participant in all of this. If she had not been, it would be a totally different issue and legal matter. They are laws against this sort of thing to protect people that are being abused. However, Lewinsky was not abused, she filed no sexual harassment charges against Clinton. So again, we are back to square one, a moral issue. And folks this scares me to death. Have we reverted back to the Salem witch trials, burning people at the stake because they choose not to believe or live their lives as we think they should? Be careful here with your decision because this deals directly with our freedoms and why our forefathers of this great country wrote what they did in our Constitution. To protect our liberties, free speech, freedom and to pursue our happiness in what ever form we find it even in our sexual lives.

So by now, if we truly are intelligent Americans, we should realize that Clinton has been a victim of what I term the, "moral religious judgement change" that various groups are trying to impose in this country. It is one thing to pass laws based on what is truly basically right and wrong and to protect the citizens, but it is an entirely different matter when any group tries to effect change, pass laws, accuse and take to court any citizen based on a moral religious belief. This therefore should leave us with only one question which is a matter of perjury. Did President Clinton lie under oath and is there a penalty for this?

Yes, President Clinton lied. What did he lie about? A personal sexual affair very simply. And anyone that tries to make this more than it is, is either an idiot or a religious right winger. Let me ask you a question. Was President Clinton in the middle of a divorce with the United States of America and Larry Starr the attorney for the plaintiff? And the plaintiff being the people who decided that a moral matter concerning Clinton's private sexual affair should be enough to cause a divorce of Clinton from the American people? If you were in a middle of a divorce, and you were asked if you had been having an illicit affair with someone other than your spouse, sad to say, but how many would tell the truth at first. I'm not condoning this or saying this is right what Clinton did, I am trying to wake up everyone that this is a man who lied about a personal sexual affair. Yes he lied. That is perjury and there are fines for that. But is this truly enough to impeach a President and especially to have put this country what it has been through? I don't believe so.

Now, this should lead you to this next question. Should this whole affair of ever gone this far by Starr? Should Starr been given the power to probe into this type of personal matter? No and I will tell you why. If you have not realized it, but by Starr being given to problem and pursue and bring charges against Clinton concerning a personal private matter now means this has opened a pandora's box for anyone the legal right to start probing into citizens sexual lives legally. Starr should never had been given the power to pursue and bring charges against Clinton concerning this matter. His whole case is based on this illicit sexual affair. Starr had lost out on finding anything on Clinton regarding the other three investigations, so now was his last chance in what I feel was to get Clinton.

However, the final outcome was that we found out that a President can lie and did lie. Should he pay a price for this. Yes. Regardless of the question, when you are under oath, you are suppose to tell the truth. Even the President of the United States. Should Clinton's price be that he be impeached for lieing about a sexual affair? No. Has Clinton already paid a heavy price for his lieing? Yes. All you have to do is look very simply on how President Clinton will be viewed in history. In addition, the public disgrace not only he, but the First Lady and Chelsea have had to bear with this affair with Lewinsky becoming public. Should President Clinton still pay a legal price? Yes. After he finishes his term, charges of perjury should be brought against him and the appropriate fines should be leveled against him.

Some have said that if a President will lie about this, he will lie about anything. I cannot believe this logic for one reason. Does anyone tell the truth about the sexual part of their lives? Come on, give me a break.

That is why I changed my opinion that Clinton should not resign and why he should not be impeached. Have we become a nation that is now making moral judgement calls on people's private lives? Look deeply at this situation with Clinton and I truly believe you will see that is exactly what has occurred. And who has done this? We the American public. Yes, the elected representatives in the House of Representatives we put in office started this, but we allowed it to continue. I truly believe this is why. We are a sick nation in the respect of wanting to be "nosy". Wanting to know the skeletons, the illicit sexual details of someone's private lives. Be careful, the next person that they be looking at may be you! Starr never should have been given the power to pursue this. The moment that he did, we the American people should have made such an uproar in Washington with our elected officials that this would have been the last time that anyone would have probed into anyone's sexual life.

When you truly look at the truth of this matter, it is very simply not my place or right nor anyone's else to force any person to disclose matters of such a personal matter. And this was exactly what was done to President Clinton and Monica Lewinsky.

In conclusion, how this whole mess has been handled by our elected officials in Washington has caused me to be ever more concerned of who we have in office in Washington. When election time comes, there is definitely one question I will asked each any every candidate and it is this. "Do you think that the government has the right to investigate or probe into anyone's sexual lives that are consenting adults?" That question alone will tell me a great deal exactly where this candidate is coming from. And that is, if this candidate is elected, will he or she be making decisions regarding laws based on religious views or on what is right to do? Recently, the publisher of Hustler, Larry Flint said, "I may be a porn peddler, but at least I am an honest one." This is what we are talking about, honesty and truth. And I would like to add one important thought that many may not be aware of about Larry Flint. If it not had been for his battle with the Supreme Court, our rights of free speech would have been severely curtailed. If the rights of all citizens are not protected, regardless of religion, religious views, sexuality, race, income, then a nation is truly not a "free" nation of people. It becomes a nation of little "Hitlers", determining the fate of others based on their vies of how others should live.

If you really would like to make a difference in this matter and to do the right thing then start calling, faxing, emailing your Senators in Washington to vote to end this trial immediately. If you understand the very simple truths I have presented here, then you should do so. Click Here for a complete listing of U.S. Senators addresses and email addresses.

God Bless and have a terrific day!

~ David Lawrence Dewey ~

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