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3 Star Site 
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Starting Point Hotsite
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Cool Site!

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47 out of 100
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Jeff Hobrath Award

Jeff Hobrath's
Art Studio Award
Gig Award
Great Gig Sites
Award Winning Site that lists the top sites on the net!
Art Reality Award Artistic Reality
Free COOL Animation.
They just added a bookstore including many Titantic books!
Ravi AwardDL Dewey's site was awarded Ravi's Elite Site
as mentioned
in the Wall Street Journal 2/18/97
Critical Mass Award Critical Mass Award
Bill Darling awarded
Mr. Dewey's site his
Critical Mass Award for
Web Excellance
Critical Mass Award

Police Notebook
DL Dewey's Site Has Received The Conveted Featured Site Year 2000 Award From
DL Dewey's Site Has Received The Featured Year 2000 Site Award From
For Informative Health Information
This Site Has Been Reviewed in The Hersh Web Site Observer
Hersh Web Site Observer

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