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Please send the text below to your friends and family.
Print this out and give to neighbors and ask them to pass it down the block.
Take it to your grocery store manager, show him.
Take it to your PTA School or School Board Meetings.

To send in emails....Highlight the letter below, then select your edit command in your browzer in Windows, hit copy, open your email system, then place the cursor in your email text areas, select edit again, then paste. This will copy the letter below for you into your email or letterhead so you do not have to type it.

Dear Friend, Family Member, or Next Door Neighbor

It has come to me attention that Aspartame, otherwise known as NutraSweet, Equal, or Spoonful is nothing more than a deadly chemical toxin, called an exocitoxin, meaning a neaural agent that causes brain cell death. It also caues abnormal immune cells. MSG is also a exocitoxin. There are hundreds of research studies showing the deadly health effects of the consumption of these exocitoxins ranging from brain tumors, ( significant increase since the introduction of Aspartame into foods ), to auto-immune disorders, hyperthyroidism and many other serious health problems.

I also know how this toxic chemical got approval from corrupt FDA officials, ignoring their own FDA scientists that the studies that G.D. Searle turned into the FDA were flawed and inconclusive as to safety of Aspartame.

The FDA itself has received over 10,000 letters from consumers having adverse reactions to Aspartame containing products. This is over 75% of the FDA's conplaint letters.

I bet you do not know that Aspartame creates formaldehyde in the body which is very toxic to the human immune cells! MSG is as deadly!

In addition, hydrogenated oils in nearly 90% of all foods now have been proven to cause coronary heart disease, diabetes type II and other auto-immune disorders. Yet, the FDA allows these deadly oils to remain in our food supply. Harvard Medical Research has proven that hydrogenated oils which produce trans fatty acids contribute to a minimum of 30,000 annual premature deaths of coronary heart disease.

How can you as my elected official in Washington sit by and let this continued poisoning of man innocent Americans. Do you realize how much this deadly toxin has already cost in Medicare costs and future Medicare costs of the baby boomers that have been using it? And most importantly, the needless illnesses and death that Americans are getting from this deadly chemical!

If you want to know the truth and complete medical research details about these deadly exocitoxins and hydrogenated oils, then read these articles and research materials at these articles.

"Aspartame, Sweetness Disguised as Disease or Death?
Also Known As Equal or Nutrasweet" author/syndicated columnist, David Lawrence Dewey

"Hydrogenated Oils-Silent Killers"
author/syndicated columnist, David Lawrence Dewey

Please send this email onto your friends, family, or print it out and give to your next door neighbor and ask them to pass it down the block.

We must stop this maddness in our food supply.

After you have printed this out or emailed it to family and friends, please fill out the information below that you have done so. We would like to know how many people are helping to spread this important information.

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Updated September 15th, 2004