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The Smart Card - A Way To Control The World?
September, 1996
by columnist
David Lawrence Dewey
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knowledge leads to answers."
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Last time, I asked readers to write me their thoughts on the technological advancements in the finance and banking environment that will soon make the world a cashless society. Also how they perceive it will affect their lives.?

Let me begin first with an email from Dan in St. Louis. Dan wrote and asked, "Is it true what you wrote about how our fingerprints will soon be on credit cards?" The answer to this Dan is yes. Here are the details.

The plan of the financial community, who have been working very closely with governments for the last ten or so years is to make the world a cashless society by the end of year 2000. Why? There are many reasons and I'll explain later, but first, let me share how it will work. The plan is to take all your plastic cards, employer ID, credit cards, phone card, Social Security card and even your video store card and merge them into one inclusive card. This will not only save hundreds of millions of dollars not only in the corporate world but governments will be able to keep better tabs on us. Here are the details. And guess where your thumbprint will be. It will be digitized into the magnetic strip on the back for indentification purposes. The Immigration Agency will soon be issuing these type of cards to immigrants.

At the recent CardTech show, an electronic money trade show held recently in Atlanta, Georgia, the details I just gave you is what was presented. An estimated 6,000 decisions makers from the financial communities and governments attended. This was up from 360 attendance from the 1995 trade show. This in itself should tell you something.

Chase Manhattan bank recently completed a trial account in Australia and will participate with Mastercard and Visa in various major city trials including New York in the fall. Mastercard and Visa have been developing what is called the "SMART CARD" for about the last ten or so years. It looks like a credit card, you can use it like a credit card, however it will be tied to your checking account or credit line. It will debit the account the minute something is charged. You will have a line of credit tied to your checking account, i.e., like a credit card. Should you over spend what is in your checking account, you will pay interest and additional fees for use of that money.

The reason why they are calling it the "SMART CARD" is this. Embedded within the card is a micro computer chip, so small that it can store up to eight megabytes of information. That is allot of information folks. The most important feature of the card is this and is in my opinion the most disturbing. Before you can be issued one of these, or if you have existing cards, before they can be renewed, you will have to submit to being finger printed folks. Yes, I said finger printed. Your thumb print will be digitally encoded and placed within the magnetic strip. When you go to purchase anything, you not only will give the card, but will have to place your thumb into an infrared reader to read your thumb print which will compare it to the card. If it doesn't match, the card is voided and held by the vendor and returned to the issuing bank. Does this sound like something very familiar written in the Bible? Something about the mark of the beast and that you will not be able to purchase or buy anything without this mark.

If you study what is called the UPC bar coding that exists on any product you buy today you will see something very interesting. The bars represent numbers of the item. However, the number sequence was developed to be stored on computers in the following manner. There are six numbers, and a space bar code, then six more numbers, a space bar code, then six more numbers. It would look like this, 123456/space/123456/space/123456. This is a number pattern of 666. Sound familiar folks?

If you take our present social security card number pattern you see a pattern of 333 of you leave out the dashes. For those of you in other countries reading this column, look at your government social or identification number pattern. Now let's combine a credit card number which has a total of sixteen numbers in it which is standard across the financial community. You end up with a number like this, 1234567891234567812345678. The first number one thru nine will be your social security number. The two sets of one thru eight are the credit/debit card number. Nine numbers of the social security number and sixteen numbers of the credit/debit card will equal twenty five numbers. If you try and break this down to a number pattern of 666, it cannot be done. However, if you use the social security number, plus the last four digits of your credit/debit card, this totals thirteen numbers. You need eighteen numbers for a 666 pattern. However, if at the end of the number you have five numbers which represent the following; the first two numbers will represent the state and the other three numbers will represent the country you live in. You now have eighteen numbers which now has a 666 number pattern. This is what all the new numbers will eventually be changed to folks. Our own government's new proposed national health card system will have this format. Now here comes the real shocker. Sometime toward the end of 1999 or the middle of year 2000, the present social security numbering system will hit this number 666-66-6666. Break this down and you have 666 666 666. I predict that when this number is reached, there will be in place a one world government that will be completely controlling the world finances and governments.

I know this may sound like I am some nut case coming from left field, but please take a moment and read again what I've just explained. The problem with state and government police authorities is the tracking of people. If you have a common number such as a social security number, social identification number, or whatever you call it, which all industrialized countries have been issuing to their population and combine this with the other numbers, you now have a world identification number. Have you stopped to wonder why when you call to get information on your credit card that you now are only asked for the last four digits of your credit card number to identify you plus your social security number. It is already begun. The last four numbers of this number series along with your social security number will quickly identify you because the number sequence will be so unique that all it will take is the last four numbers to identify you anywhere in the world.

There is nothing within our laws to prevent the use of the social security number to be used in conjunction with another number series. The law only states that our social security number cannot be used for any type of identification purposes. Just the social security number by itself. It does provide protection of its' the use of it when it is combined with another number series.

Mastercard and Visa alone will save over 450 million dollars a year in fraudulent use of credit card by implementing this "SMART CARD" using the thumb print for identification. This is the reasoning behind all this. The thumb print is just the first phase of the identification process. Eventually, a photo of your retina in your eye will be taken and encoded on the card. You will have to look into a machine to also be identified. Eventually, you will have to be identified by your thumb, (a part of your hand), and your eye, ( a part of your forehead). Does this sound familiar enough now?

These are some of the email letters I've received on this subject.

Greg, thirty two, from Miami wrote, "The idea of me being finger printed, and some company or whatever to have my fingerprint on file just scares the hell out of me. What is this world coming to."

Margery, fifty six, from Seattle wrote,"Seems like there will come a day that we will not be able to buy anything without a mark of some kind, is this the beginning of the end?"

Paul, forty eight from St. Louis wrote,"The government will not be content until they are able to get every piece of information they can on you."

Susan, thirty eight, from Phoenix wrote, "I didn't use to believe in things like the mark of the beast and not really a very religious person, but I have become more spiritual, and this causes me to have alarm for what is truly happening worldwide.

Scott, thirty five, from San Diego wrote, "I hope you will bring to light to others what is truly occurring, and that is a one world government. By the way, I consider me a normal working person, I'm not some religious right winger or fanatic. If you stop, look and really listen to what they are doing, you do see the truth and the truth will set you free."

I could list hundreds of the same responses, but don't have the space here. Overall, I received approximately 7,000 email letters on this subject. Over 6,500 were of the opinions stated above. There were some opinions of how great all this new banking technology is, how it saves them time and money. BE CAERFUL my friends before the lion traps you in his den and you have no way to get out.

Huge banking conglomerates are eating up small banks. In just the last five years, there have been over 560 independent community banks that have been bought up by the banking conglomerates. Presently, there are six banking conglomerates that control over seventy eight percent of the banks in this country. By the year 1999, as estimated by the Federal Reserve, all community local banks will be bought up by one of the banking conglomerates. They will not be able to survive unless they are. Worldwide, there are only eleven major banking conglomerates that control over eighty percent of the world money supply. And who manages this money for these conglomerates? The World Bank in Brussels Belgium. If you have not read my Food For Thought piece that I included in my novel, please do so. It is also available on my website. It provides more details of this and the worldwide trilateral commission.. There are approximately four dozen men worldwide that control nearly sixty percent of the assets of corporations in the world and they are increasing their acquisitions at a fast pace. They not only control the money supply, they control the politics in the world as well. My grandmother once said, "Money talks and it is the people with the money that will always win in politics." If you look at Hitler, and thank God he was defeated, but the only reason why he lost the war was he ran out of money. Did you know that the Armand Hammer, of the Baking Soda, an american company financed the Russian revolution. He provided arms and other supplies to them and our own country did nothing to stop him.

I urge each and every American and every other citizen in every country to write their Senators, Congressmen, or governmen officials, to present legislation to prevent the use of any type of body identification to be used for any means of identification. If what I have shared with you does not have even an ounce of truth to it and if our own elected officials do not see that the passage of such a law to prevent this identification method is a protection our individual freedoms, guaranteed to us by our constitution, then want good is our Bill Of Rights. If what I have shared with you does have some truth to it, I challenge you, write your Congressmen and Senators and see what type of reply you get back. This will be the proof in the pudding by the type of response you receive back.

Next time, I will be writing about a very important issue I feel that is being ignored in this country. Currently, suicides being reported show that over forty percent of all suicides are teenagers under the age of sixteen. And nearly two thirds of these is because they could not cope with being gay. Yes, I said gay. Normally I don't state my opinion in advance, but to me, regardless of what or how you feel about the gay issue, this to me is more than sad, but deplorable. How many Einsteins have we lost, or how many great writers, or even statesmen? Nationwide, last year there were over 50,000 suicides reported, this means that nearly twenty thousand teenagers are killing themselves yearly because they have no one to turn to to talk about their sexuality. What is surprising is that most of these kids come from two parent families and middle income. Should there be some national organization setup to deal with this problem? What are your thoughts? Be sure to write your Congressmen and Senators and find out for yourself concerning the use of your fingerprints for identification purposes on a credit card. Also, thank you the many readers from Australia, England, France, Brazil, Canada and Japan. If you have not received a reply from me, I apologize. The letters I have been receiving are overwhelming. Hopefully, I will get around to answering each and everyone of you.

Have a terrific day!
~ David Lawrence Dewey ~

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