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Shady Hook - How Many More Must Die ?
Hope Through The Eyes Of Children

December 18, 2012
by columnist
David Lawrence Dewey
Merry Christmas

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Shady - Hook
How Many More Must Die? and...
Hope Thru The Eyes of Children

David Lawrence Dewey - December 18, 2012 © copyrighted

Before I get to my Christmas column, I'd like to comment on the tragedy of Shady Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.

First, my heartful thoughts go out to the parents and family members of each of these children and to the spouses and the family members of the adults also slain.

When I first saw this on the news the other morning as a Special Newscast, I sat and was horrified as the details came forth. My first thought was, "How Many More Must Die?"

This is not the first time that this incidious evil acts have been done towards toward children and I hope it is the last time. There is no need for this evil and that is what it is.

There is a old saying, "Those that do not remember and learn from their past are doomed to repeat it." What have are we going to learn from this once again and what are we going to do about it so that this never, ever happens again in this country. Did you know that the United States is the only westernized country that kills is own people like this 12 times more than any other westernized country? We've got a huge social problem here and it starts with the parents, and frankly, there are some parents that simply should not be raising children. Studies show that the increase of violent offenders and the increase of these inmates in the prison systems is directly related to how these people were raised as children.

The other day, I was in a major department store, and there were these three teenagers, a male and two females, about 16-18 years old standing behind me waiting in line. However, standing in front of them was a very nice elderly woman probably in her 70's. These teenages had colored hair, pierced ears and noses, tatoos all over their body, but that is not what disturbed me. It was the foul language they were using.

Every other word was MF this or MF that, and that FU this, and that B***. The lanugage was worse that a sailor may use. I could tell this was bothering this elderly woman and I spoke up. I said to these teenagers there were people present that did not appreciate that type of language and you are upsetting this elderly woman so either shut up or leave. Well, I got a visicous foul language verbal attack on me and it got so bad, the clerk has to call security and escort these teenagers out of the store. There were even cussing and throwing fingers at the Security Guards as they were being escorted out of the store.

This is what I am talking about. Where are these teenagers parents? They certainly are not being raised properly with manners. If I ever spoke words like that, my parents or grandparents would have washed my mouth out with soap. This is what this country has to get a grip on, raising children properly and all this technology needs to start being limited to them. All this social media like FACEBOOK, TWITTER and other so call social media outlets, they are doing nothing but destroying the social fabric that truly makes us humans who care about our fellow man. These teenagers are becoming a product of the technology and machines. Does this remind you of something like the movie, TERMINATOR and what caused the downfall of mankind? We are getting close people !

I'm sorry but when I look at this recent event and similar acts of violence towards children, I look for answers and this is my opinion of what I think is the problem and causing these dysfunctional sick young minds to committ such horrible acts.

I believe that this generation that this young man comes from has become socialized NUMB to interact with fellow human beings. What is causing this? I feel it is due to all the social media networks that have cropped up over the last ten years, the technology of text messaging has caused the loss of verbal exchange where humans are inter-reacting on a personal level more with machines that humans. This personal level is void of certain emotions. Combine this with the loss of emotional bonds that are not developing between parents and children because of this and my opinion is you wind up with children like this young man, not able to cope in the real world, inter-react with fellow humans beings in a socialized way of developing last and deep friendships through the use of verbal human contact. A machine, a text message has no emotion other that whatever funny symbols the user puts in the text message.

I believe these fourth generation of games that have come out where the user can actually create a virutual commmunity world of their own including giving looks to the character, as well as character emotions to the characters in the games, even down to developing sexual relations between the characters they have created and also gay, straight and bi-sexual characters, they can even add medical problems to the characters. This is my opinion is dangerous. This is NOT teaching young people how the real world functions and how they are suppose to inter-react with their fellow human beings. I'm sorry, but many of this generation have become spoiled by the their parents, giving them everything they want, not setting a foundation for them through human emotion of the real different of what is right and wrong and not what they want the world to be in their own selfish visions, Where has human emotion gone? Out the window.

In addition, recent findings of authorities going over papers in Nancy Lazman's home, the Mother of Adam Lanza who did this horrible act, show that Adam suffered from Asperger's Syndrome. People who suffer from Asperger's Syndrome, violent behavior is not a symptom of Asperger's,but it is entirely possible, and in my opinion very likely, that Adam Lanza had other mental health issues in addition to Asperger's. He most likely have had antisocial personality disorder, paranoid personality disorder, or schizoid personality disorder, just to name three possibilities. I hope an autopsy is being being performed on Adam Lanza to see if the drugs he was on has done any damage to his brain. And his mother Nancy Lanza was a "doomsday prepper," which indicates something of a paranoid tendency. The Mother did not want to leave a 17 year old boy alone in her divorce papers. But she still taught him how to shoot and at 20 he kills 26 innocent people. Why does a young man whose Mother says needs 24/7 care because she knows he has a mental condition and is on medication and then teaches him to shoot a gun ? I am not trying to attach the Mother here, however, this causes serious questions that should be asked on whether parents such as this should be allowed to has custody of such children suffering from mental conditions.

With that said, I will now direct and dedicate the rest of this column to these children and adults who have so needlessly lost their lives and for what? I strongly believe mankind worldwide must sit back and take a deep spiritual look inside concerning this tragedy and everyone needs to ask themselves one simple question, "How Many More Must Die Before We Wake Up and See The Problems Causing This?" I end this special column with my usual Christmas column about Hope Thru The Eyes Of Children.

candle....I light a candle for these children and adults...and for their families...


Madeleine Hsu, and Allison Wyatt, both 6 years old.

Nancy Lazman, Mother of the gunman Adam Lanza who shot his Mother at home and then himself at the scene after doing these horrible acts of violence.

Charlotte Bacon
Charlotte Bacon - Age 6
Photo credit: AP
Darrel Bacon
Darrel Bardon - Age 7
Photo credit: New Haven Courant
Olivia Engel
Olivia Engle - Age 6
Photo credit: Hartford Courant
Josephine Gay
Josephine Gay - Age 7
Photo credit: Daily Mail

Anna Marquez-Greene
Age 6
Photo credit: ABC NEWS
Dylan Hockley
Dylan Hockley - Age 6
Photo credit: UK Mirror
Catherine Hubbard
Catherine Hubbard - Age 6
Photo credit: ABC NEWS
Chase Kowalski
Chase Kowalski- Age 7
Photo credit: Danbury New Times
Jessie Lewis
Jessie Lewis
Age 6
Photo credit: Danbury New Times
James Mattoli
James Mattioli - Age 6
Photo credit: UK Mirror
Grace McDonnell
Grace McDonnell - Age 7
Photo credit: WKTV-TV
Emilie Parker
Emilie Parker- Age 6
Photo credit: FACEBOOK
Jack Pinto
Jack Pinto
Age 6
Photo credit: FACEBOOK
Noha Pozner
Noah Pozner - Age 6
Photo credit: UK Mirror
Caroline Providi
Caroline Providi - Age 7
Photo credit: ABC NEWS
Jessica Rekos
Jessica Rekos- Age 6
Photo credit: New Haven Register
Avielle Richman
Avielle Richman
Age 6
Photo credit: FACEBOOK
Benjamin Wheeler
Benjamin Wheeler - Age 6
Photo credit: ABC NEWS
Victoria Soto
Victoria Soto - Age 27 - Teacher
Photo credit: ABC NEWS
Dawn Hochsprung
Dawn Hochsprung- Age 47
Photo credit: Daily Mirror
Mary Sherlach
Mary Sherlach
School Psycologist
Photo credit: AP
Lauren Rousseau
Lauren Rousseau - Age 30
Substitute Teacher
Photo credit: ABC NEWS
Victoria Soto
Rachel Davino - Age 30
Photo credit: ABC NEWS
Anne Marie Murphy
Anne Marie Murphy - Age 47
Photo credit: FACEBOOK
New York News Day

Now to my Christmas column...I hope people will learn from these children. I get requests every year from my readers to re-run this column that I have re-ran each year around Christmas for 15 years.

In Search Of God...
Hope... Through The Eyes Of Terminally ILL Children

December 18, 2012
- © copyrighted


Over the last decade, there have been many people around the world who have started to "think" about their spirituality. Many have left the churches from all of the faiths, including, Christianity, the Islamic faith, Hindu and many other faiths. Many have joined such religions. And many that have remained in their faiths, are looking deeper into themselves of what spirituality is and or what is their belief in something greater. And there are some who are simply searching for another way of truly being spiritual.

What has caused this exploration into the higher spirituality of oneself and in search of truth and of God? Before I get to the children... who, through their eyes offer much wisdom and hope for mankind... if mankind will truly listen... Let's first explore some of the possible reasons of mankinds spiritual quest in these troubled times.

In the early 1990's, the impulse for this higher spirituality fueled the "historical Jesus" debates as liberal scholars questioned the historical accuracy of the New Testament and whittled down the remaining books of the Gospel down to a few verses to them that yes, Jesus performed healings, but no to his Resurrection. What was causing this questioning? Ancient texts that were tarred by the early church fathers in 350 A.D. as heresy. What are these ancient texts?

The Christian Gospels in question are, The Gospel of Peter, Gospel of Mary, The Acts of John, The Homilies Of Clement, The Gospel of Truth, The Gospels Of Thomas, ( yes, doubting Thomas ).

In addition, the discovery of the 46 scriptures dug up near Nag Hammadi in Eqypt, The Dead Sea Scrolls of the Essenses changed the views of early christianity with the books of, "The War Between The Sons Of Light and Darkness", and several scriptures detailing how Jesus lived with the Essenses for seven years before returning to Jerusalem.

One of the earliest Christian faiths was the Gnostic faith. This faith was an adaption of Greek philosophy. Christian Gnostics believed that our troubled world and deteriorating bodies were created by an inferior and maligned deity or God, but that at that last instance before birth, a higher, better God inserted in each of us a spark of spiritual truth and light of his divinity, and that if we could attain enough knowledge to conquer our delusional attachment to material reality, we could then free our higher spiritual self to our real Father in Heaven in a better place. And that Christ was the so called alarm clock that awoke this spiritual awakening, however, much of humanity remained deaf to the truth within.

Then came the Ebonites, they were the early jews in Jerusalem. Then came the Macrionites. They were the opposite of the Ebonites, eliminating all references of Judaism from their Christian teachings. Then came the Thomasines in early christianity after Christ. Their basic tenets were that all of humanity shares divinity. Jesus taught to rediscover that divinity within all of us and to live it daily. Understanding that was more important that just believing in his atoning sacrifice on the cross. The Thomasines hierachy. Instead, they taught freedom of personal expression, an openness to the role of women and taught there was no need for guilt in ones life if one truly believed in the teachings of Christ.

Now before and inbetween all these periods and afterwards, you have the Islamic, Hindu, and Buddhist faiths emerging worldwide. Did you know that Peter travelled to eastern Asia where he taught the early christian teachings and where many of the eastern faiths began to emerge from?

Did you know that in Christianity, the Islamic faith, Hindu and other faiths that Abraham in the bible is the early father of all of these faiths? Abraham is stated as the father in each of these different religious faiths. Interesting isn't it? Did you know that all of these faiths teach of the garden, the great flood, Noah and many other events of both the old and new testaments?

So, if this is true, then where and when did all these different faiths, Christianity, Islam, Hindu, Buddhist separate from the one living God they all believed in and went their separate ways? It occurred because of MEN calling themselves prophets, who supposedly were messengers from God. Moses was one, Mohammed was another. Messangers of what is my question, because did they really clear up things so man could live in true spirituality of God? I don't think so, here is why.

What is interesting is that if one studies both the natural history of mankind along side the religious history of mankind, one finds that every war through the ages was caused by this one main controlling evil as I call it, POWER. Power to conquer lands to acquire more lands and riches. Power to place oneself as KING of a nation or empire, whether it be the Christian or Islamic faith. The power to enforce one particular spiritual religion upon the masses of another and in some instances, no spirituality at all. That was the major reason for the creation of the Anglican Church in England and the King James Bible because the Catholic Empire was gaining to much POWER and WEALTH in the world, but more importantly, it was taking away the POWER of a KING. It all had to do with the ego of POWER within man. It had NOTHING to do with spiritual truth of God. And that lust for POWER is still the driving force today and it has not only bred the "evil" in man, but has caused all of the "evil" in the world since creation until the present time. Examples are men like Hitler, Hussein, Amin, Osama Bin Laden and any man that has placed himself above his fellow man and tried to call himself God or wanted to be treated as God with servitude from the masses. And if they did not serve, then they were tortured and killed, or if they did not "believe" as they did, then they were "demons" and had to be killed. What has been forgotten is that only GOD has the right to judge, no mortal man on earth has that right.

The continuous onslaught of the killing of mankind's spirituality throughout the ages I believe has finally caused an "awakening of the soul", that there is something much greater and truthful than what "spiritual religious men", have been abusing for their own POWER, greed and lust of the materiality of this world. This I believe has caused the countless numbers of souls that are now, In Search Of God.

Mankind has been hypocritical and a liar in their faiths. They do not "live" what they learn or "preach". However, today, it appears that those that are "living" their religion are either killing their fellow man or trying to "judge" or make their fellow man believe as they do. There are only two very simple laws from God that all have forgotten and they are, "Treat your fellow man as you would want to be treated, " and "Love thy fellow man as thyself." And it is those two very simple laws that I believe that have been awakening the souls of humanity and are bringing about the "truth" of God. If those two very simple laws were truly lived in the world today by all faiths in the world, just imagine the peace and the garden that would exist on earth today.

So, until mankind of all faiths can reach this spiritual truth, then to me all faiths that proclaim to be of God, whether they be Christian, Islamic, Hindu or Buddhist are hypocrites to their faiths. They are no better than those who sold trinkets in the temple. They are an abomination to God.

On the Barbara Walters ABC special, Where Is Heaven", that aired on December 20, 2005 - ( it is being re-aired this week - check your local ABC listings ) - I noticed something that "clicked" for the very first time. The program showed evangelical youths in the U.S. waving their arms and shouting words of faith and also youths in various Islamic countries basically doing the same thing. If you take a good look at these young people, they are for one, very impressionable and can be easily manipulated. Young teenagers are looking for something, because many from both sides of this religious fence were not raised properly. Many of these teenagers in the U.S. who have found "religion" come from broken homes and or have had serious challenges in their lives as young people. Many of the Islamic youths are orphans due to war over the last fifty years in that region of the world.

Evangelical teenagers are taught that unless you are born again and accept Christ as your savior you will go to hell. Islamic youths are taught from a very young age that Islam is only true religion and death to all western cultures and if they die a martyr they will have 72 virgins waiting for them in heaven. By the way, the 72 virgins is NOT is the Koran. It is something that radical Islamic groups have taught young men and women to bring them into the fold as terrorists.

Is there any wonder why there is so judgemental attitudes thus creating hatred among people who are suppose to be children of God.

Through the years, I have studied every religious faith and teaching known to man since the dawn of ages. What I have come to realize is that children are truly the "spiritual truth" of God. As the old saying states, "Through the mouth of a child shall much be revealed," I am going to close this column with a column I wrote in 1999. It says it all, please see the truth in what these children express.

If you stop and think a minute, the wise men who came to see Christ, sacrificed by traveling many weeks, hardly resting to reach the star where Christ lay. This is sacrifice and love. There are people in this country that help the homeless, not only during the Christmas season, but all year by helping out at shelters. There is a young man, now 17 in Seattle who for the last several years since he was ten years old has collected blankets, clothing, personal hygiene items throughout the year. On Christmas day, he goes out into the city with these items and food he collected the weeks and days before and distributes the items to the homeless. He told his parents that instead of buying him Christmas presents, that they could spend that same money to buy food for the homeless. Now folks, this is what the spirit of Christmas truly is. The spirit of Love, Faith, Hope as given by the example of this young man who brings smiles and these three words to those less fortunate than himself.

The corporate commercialization of Christmas is at its all time high. It use to be that you would not see Christmas decorations or gifts until after Thanksgiving. Have you noticed that the last couple of years that Christmas stuff is put out right after Halloween is over and before Macy's even has had their Thanksgiving parade? The huge conglomerates are hitting us from all sides. For example, take the one hugh corporation for example who owns a chunk of stock in McDonalds. Ever wonder why you've seen so many toys, movies, etc. made by this corporation in McDonalds promotions, that is why. I wonder, could this possible be a monopoly of the market which is suppose to be illegal according to the antitrust laws? The word these days in the corporate world is, multi-level cross marketing. Another words, let's wrap this all up between ourselves and make buying suckers out of the parents of kids who will bug their parents until they get what they want. Sad to say, corporations like this through the years have forced many mom and pop stores out of business. And all for profit. And could this be why so many Americans can't believe in working a lifetime for one company anymore?

I believe we have lost the true meaning of Christmas because we have fallen into the corporate gift buying trap. Is there wrong with buying gifts? No, I don't believe so, but what is wrong is what we feel when we are buying gifts. Are we buying the gift to impress someone or are we buying the gift because we think it will bring a smile on someones face? Or are we buying a gift because it is the latest, newest gadget to come down the pike and I must get this for someone to impress them that I care. What we care about is not the person, but our own self ego of what we are buying. These may sound like harsh judgmental words, but I truly feel that is why Christmas has lost its true meaning. We have forgot Christ. Maybe it is about time that we put Christ back into our Christmas? By doing something for someone else and doing it many times for those we don't even know and not only on Christmas but throughout the year, do we then celebrate throughout the year what Christmas is truly about? It's a reminder that we are suppose to be caring and loving for others all the time, not just during Christmas.

When I was growing up, a Lakota Sioux medicine woman recited this passage to me, "and the children shall lead them". Sound familiar from a bible passage? Through the years, this passage has become ever so true to me. Here's why.

One of the most joyous things that I do is visit children in children's hospitals from time to time. These are children that are terminally ill and are between the ages of 6 and 16. It is through their truly remarkable and innocent eyes of how they see the world that I too have grown spiritually to see the world in its' simplistic truths. Many of the truths are not pleasant to admit. That is because mankind (adults), would have to see something within themselves that they truly do not want to see and CHANGE. These children somehow see these truths and untruths so easily though.

These children know they do not have much time on this earth. I believe it is this that somehow elevates their whole being to a higher state of consciousness, of pure spirituality where we should all be at. What I mean is this.

These children have asked me questions that we as adults should be asking ourselves everyday. We should be more than just asking ourselves, we should be doing something to correct them. The children have usually been told that I am a writer and I believe this opens up the doors so to speak. This is why I believe they are so open with me. I've also been told by people that for some reason I have a special gift of getting children to open up and talk about things. The following is a list of the most common questions that I've been asked by these children.

Why do people kill one another?

Why do people hit one another?

Why do people call people of other colors by other names?

Why are there children going hungry in the world?

Why do men in uniforms kill children?

Why do white people hate black people so much?

Why do black people hate white people so much?

Why doesn't everyone just speak one language, English so we can understand one another better?

Why are people from other countries sneaking into our country?

Why are people put to death for crimes?

Why do other kids make fun of other kids if they aren't wearing fancy clothes?

Why do kids make fun of other kids if they look different or aren't smart?

Why do kids call kids other names like, geek or nut?

How come my parents wouldn't let me be friends with a friend because my parents don't like the other kids parents?

How come the President got away with lieing? - That's what my parents say he did.

Why do other countries hate us so much?

Why is there starving children in the world?

Why don't people care bout the oceans, trees, the forests?

Why do they make cars that put out gas that kill things and make us sick?

The water is my town is so bad we have to boil it. Is the water bad all over?

Will the air one day be so bad we won't be able to breathe?

Why do other people kill their friends at work?

Why does my parents usually come home from work with a headache and all stressed out?

My parents say the world is going to hell? Is that true?

Why do my parents always fight over money?

How come my parents never tell me they love me, but always yell at me for doing something wrong?

Why are people afraid of dieing?

Is there a heaven? Is there a hell? Is there a devil? Is there a fire that I will be put into when I die if Jesus hasn't saved me?

Why do people hurt people by saying bad things about them?

Why do I have this illness? Why can't they find a cure for it?

Why don't people just love everybody and go around and just give everybody a big hug?

Why do the Arabs and the Jews kill one another? Don't they each believe in God? If they do, then they shouldn't be killing one another.

What I have found amazing from among all these children in their questions is simple. If you look at the questions, all mostly center around negativity. Negativity dealing with anger, hatred, fear, lying, death. Love on the otherhand is a central issue for them. What they are simply saying is, why does mankind go around doing all these bad things to one another instead of just simply loving one another? They are also asking simple questions out of their concern as guardians for Mother Earth, that we as adults should be asking. Why are we cutting down the rain forests? Are we that stupid not to see that we are diminishing our oxygen supply? Why do we call people of other color, names that are negative in tone? Why are we letting innocent children being killed and murdered in countries? And the list goes on and on.

Why are we adults not caring about the right things? These dieing children see the truth for what it is. Is it time for us adults to take a cold hard look within ourselves and honestly answer these questions within ourselves? Why is it so hard for us adults to do this? These children have so easily and beautifully displayed what we should already believe in and be doing.

This Christmas can mark the begining of a new spirituality for mankind. It is an opportunity for mankind to embark or a new glorious spiritual awakening with love or... continue to embrace the same negative paths man has taken the last 5,000 years. Will mankind make the changes that will help heal the many problems that mankind faces? I believe so. However, I believe... the healing changes will only come about once mankind has begun to see the world as these children see it and as adults all around the world we effect this spiritual awakening of these simple truths.

If these children who know they are dieing can provide the simple answers, then we as intelligent adults should know also. What do I think is the difference between us adults and these children that are dieing? I believe it has to do with heart. Each one of these children I have spoken to over the years have shown their heart. Have our hearts as adults been so hardened that we have forgotten these simple precepts and truths within us? This has nothing to do with any specific religion or faith. God is God, regardless if one is a Christian, a Buddist, a Islamic, or whatever. It simply has to do with what is truly...a simple right or wrong.

People of any faith or religion are hyprocrites if they do not "live" what they believe in. If you talk the talk, you must walk the walk. Like I said though, I believe people have lost heart. They've lost heart because of what we have allowed the world to become. We've allowed those negatives to slowly creep into our daily lives so that now they seem a normal part of daily living. Nothing is normal about the millions of homeless we have in this country. It is not normal to have hundreds of thousands of people going to bed hungry in this country, the richest on earth. It is not normal for rich wealthy nations to let thousands of people in other countries go hungry. It is not normal to allow corruption to flourish and allow our elected officials to participate in this corruption without punishment. If mankind truly is God loving... then mankind needs to learn to live by the goldren rule. Love thy neighbor as thyself. And all this killing over religion. Please, does God, regardless of what religion or faith... whether it is Christian, Muslim, Islamic, Buddist, do any of us have a God that thinks that killing people is okay to do? I don't believe so. And if you think it is okay, then you are deluding yourself and are nothing more than a hypocritical liar that justifies the killing of people for the sake of a religion, you are doing so for your own selfish justifications. There is Karma and God does not condone killing of any type for any reason!

Corruption is destroying much in our lives. For example, a recent government report estimates that nearly one-third of our nations water supply has been polluted with dangerous cancer causing chemicals. The heavy use of commercial fertilizers for farming has leeched into underground water supplies. How much longer are we going to stop lieing to ourselves. It is not normal to allow politicians to remain in office that are only self-serving. Must I go on, I think you get the picture.

This Christmas may I ask you this? Instead of worrying about what you're going to buy Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister, and all those on your shopping list, would you stop a minute and reflect on where you are in your life. Would you think about how blessed you are and how others are not. And last, think about how you can do things differently in the next year how you can make things better in this world. I don't mean to sound as if l am coming off like a self-righteous I'm gonna tell ya what's wrong with you speech. I am simply trying to share with you something that I've learned to be truth. That is... and a child shall lead them. Could that passage also mean that it could be our own inner child within us that also knows the truth.

And for doing something this year, for Christmas... maybe instead of buying all those gifts for everyone, donate just one half of the amount you would spend on each person in their name to a charity in your area that feeds and houses the homeless or some similar charity you feel worthwhile. Go out to an animal shelter and adopt a homeless pet as well. Mankind has forgotten that we are the keepers of our animals, we are to protect and care for them. Start charities in your areas to help the homeless, the hungry and to setup no kill animal shelters.

The main thing is that you will have chosen to make a difference in making this world a better place to live in. And by the way, don't stop with just donating this Christmas to a charity. Get envolved and make a difference throughout the year!

I hope that mankind in the coming months embarks on a glorious spiritual re-birth. A re-birth simply in the sense of knowing that we all can truly make a difference to make this earth a better place to live in. If mankind is ever going to fulfill the glory and beauty of our creation that God made us in his image, then we as children of God must not only talk the talk, but walk in the light of what we preach and proclaim. It is actually very simple. The passage, "treat your fellow man as you would like to be treated," means to love our fellow man not hate him. I believe there is still hope for mankind.

Each year, I like to share the following poem that I wrote a few years ago. I hope that it gives you something special to think about. I dedicate this column and this poem in hopes of bringing lasting peace and harmony among mankind.

"A Special Journey"

by David Lawrence Dewey

© February, 1993

All rights reserved

Angel Dove

My life is a special journey,

Between my God and Me,

I chose not always the path he sets before me,

Those of joy, pain and sometimes sorrow.

Not until the last songbird sings its last song,

And the doves of peace cease to fly,

Will God pull down the curtain before heaven,

And explain the reasons why.

Until that day arrives,

I will be one with Him,

For in Him, I have found my light, my peace, his love within,

And without that, I would certainly be no more.

~ ~ David Lawrence Dewey

If you would like to write me about this column, please use this form to contact me.

Do let me hear from you - your thoughts about this column.

Until next year, God Bless - keep safe and be kind to one another !

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