Portals To Destiny Portals to Destiny
A New Book
By Author: Dr. Hildegarde Staninger
With Images by Rick Dubnov
Unlocking God's consciousness within you
and within your body's cells
© copyrighted - July 11, 2011
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Postscript from David Lawrence Dewey: I first wrote about Staninger in October, 2006. Dr. Hildegarde Staninger, Ph.D.,RIET-1 is a world renowned industrial toxicologist who, in 2006-07, was principal the investigator of a privately funded project to identify the composition of Morgellon's fibers. Her original research revealed the environmental impacts upon man, environment and other life forms from exposure to nanotechnology, a work she continues to pursue. You can read about this in my column, Morgellons Disease, New Lab Findings Point To Silicone/Silica and High Density Polyethlyene Fibers

In addition, another article about Staninger, Dr. Staninger Presents Findings to Convention

Dr. Staninger may have just broken the code for spiritual awakeness in her new book...
"Portals to Destiny"... - I high recommend it for those seeking answers within oneself.

- David Lawrence Dewey

Staninger wrote the book Portals to Destiny after she saw Rick Dubov's paintings called Portals. She saw in the paintings of Dubov's portals that can unlock cellular gates that manifested into a written text of what the paintings were expressing, as one would glimpse at the creation of life throughout our universe and the galaxies. They saw actually the doorways into the various dimensions of the universal world and an actual instrument - a tool - that allows one to take thought, energy (spin) and the heart's intent and manifest it into physical form as blessings. Staninger's text was divinely written to allow one's own DNA to unfold and send a signal within the universe. Staninger says the universe in turn will open the needed portals for you to utilize as you receive your blessings as a response to that signal.

Here is a brief recap of Staninger's findings:

Portals to Destiny can be the key to unlocking God's own consciousness within oneself and the body's cells.

Watch this trailer about Portals to Destiny

Portals To Destiny

I have read the book myself, and I must say, there is something to what Staninger has discovered based on what I have experienced.

There are those that may say, "this is just another occult book", but to those I say, no this is not an occult book, itstead it provides the keys to unlock God's consciousness within to manifest creation for yourself, for our fellow man, for the universe. We are all part of God, we are all interconnected on a higher plane of exsistence. What I believe Staninger has discovered is that energy so to speak of our divine consciouness of God within us. Because of that, I recommened that everyone should read the book and view the images of Dubov's paintings. It will take some work. If you think by just reading the words and looking at the images something miraculous is going to happen, that is not going to happen unless to go deep into your higher spiritual self to let the words and images unlock the rest of the keys for you.

According to Staninger, Portals to Destiny is the "golden key" to opening the portal to change your own life, families and ancestors as well as to lift mankind and the world back into God's own heart. Staninger communicates that she has always looked at herself as a soldier of God, to do His work in the fields of science and industrial toxicology where no other would dare to go. Portals to Destiny is God's way of showing that He also created all that we have to offer as if God were us and we were Him; we are from the same universal star seed of creation, as all of us are within the heavens.

About Rick Dubov, the artist who has painted the images of Portals to Destiny

Rick Dubov is a Los Angeles artist. His mother was a screenwriter, and his dad was an actor and writing collaborator. Together they created the '60's show, "Honey West", starring Ann Francis, and in the '50's, they worked for "Alfred Hitchcock Presents."

Dubov was an actor himself for a number of years, but veered off the theatrical path. There was something bigger beckoning to him as he says, "I had been studying with a medical doctor, a Qigong (Chi Kung) master, learning about esoteric Taoism and doing energy work. Lots of metaphysical ideas came out of it." The result is a series of fantasy-like doorways, "The Portal Series," which looks into the limitless future where anything and everything is possible. "The old formulas for life - the ones we grew up with - just aren't working for anybody anymore," says Dubov.

"I got to create these imaginative spaces that can take you through time and space, iIt leads me to a discourse of what is old, (and) what is now," says Dubov. "The floating atmosphere is what is relevant . "Red Portal," (second in the five-work Portal series) is a substantial 30 to 40 pound work (27" X 53") painted on Baltic Birch so it won't warp. Dubov leads your eye into the vast unknown. It's open sesame, beckoning us onward. It becomes a marriage of heavy, tangible weight and weightlessness.

The cover below is one of Dubov's "Portals To Destiny" paintings.

Portals To Destiny

You can order the book through:

Below are just a few of additional information and work of Dr. Staninger.

Staninger has her own radio talk show and presents guests with vaulable information on many subjects - check them out.