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Naturopathic, Herbs
and Alternative Treatments
February, 1997
by columnist
David Lawrence Dewey

"Reading provides knowledge...
knowledge leads to answers."
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Finally, the National Institutes of Health has begun to recognize the evident benefits of Naturopathic, herbs and alternative treatments for illness. Last year, funds were appropriated to study these areas of health care treatment. And thus far, the results coming in have been more than promising.

Most of you that have written in have asked about possible treatments you have heard about or read about. In this column, I will try to cover as many as I can.

Kathryn, 50, from Chicago wrote, "I have terrible arthritis, and I have heard about a new enzyme that is suppose to really help, it ends with sulfate. Do you have any more information on this?

What Kathryn is referring to is the enzyme supplement called Glucosamine Sulfate. There is a new book just out written by a Medical Doctor entitled, "The Arthritis Cure". This doctor completed several double blind studies in addition to extensive lab research and found that this enzyme does indeed tremendously help arthritis. This enzyme is normally produced by the body in adequate amounts until about the age of forty. In others, not enough if produced. This enzyme helps in the production of bone cartridge and bone, reduces the prostagalins that cause inflammation of the joints and reduces the degeneration of the joints. I strongly urge everyone that has arthritis to try this supplement. And of course, exercise helps with any form of arthritis.

Bob, 42, from Washington wrote, "I have high cholesterol and triglycerides. I've begun reading about the different possible herbs and so forth that can help this. What are your suggestions?

The main cause of high cholesterol and especially triglycerides according to Dr. Mary G. Enig, P.H.D., one of the most foremost authorities on fats is what the food industry has done to our food supply. Dr. Enig has testified several times before panels of the Senate and the FDA on this subject. She states," Trans-fatty acids are simply poisonous. They induce heart disease, cancer, immune system disorders, high cholesterol and especially triglycerides. " Dr. Enig analyzed over 600 off the counter food products containing what is called hydrogen oxygenated oils. The food industry pumps hydrogen into various oils to increase the volume of the oil by has much as 100%. This means that they can take a gallon of say corn oil, oxygenate it with hydrogen and now they have two gallons. Why? Stop to think about it, they've cut their cost in half. But what is the health negative result. This hydrogen breaks up the oils into what is called trans fatty acid oils, which the liver and other organs have a very, very difficult time in breaking down and in some cases, certain grouping of these fatty acids start to accumulate in vital organs and the diseases process takes control. All margarines on the market have some form of hydrogenated oils in them. Look at the labels on food products and you will see, hydrogenated oils. Despite Dr. Enig's efforts, her findings and testimony has been ignored by the very government agencies that are suppose to protect our health through the food chain. I strongly urge every American to write their Senators and Congressmen to in act legislation to forbid the use of any hydrogen or any other chemical into our food products.

Now, what can be done to reduce cholesterol and triglycerides. First, stop eating any foods that contain hydrogenated oils of any type. This will also help heart problems, immune disorders, cancer, kidney disorders. Here are a few natural products that can help. Omega-3 Fatty Acids. You get these from fish, but can them in supplement form. In 1937, Dr. Szent-Gyorgyi Budwig won a bowel prize for her discovery of the role of "linoleic acids combined with sulphur rich proteins of the body." What she found in her human studies was, that people with these various disease states had very low levels of linoleic acids. What did Dr. Budwig find to help rebalance these in the human body. Flaxseed oil. In her various clinical trials on humans with cancer, high cholesterol, triglycerides, immune disorders, heart disease, diabetes, kidney disorders, that the addition of this simple oil to the diet eliminated and even cured many of the diseased people. It has just been in the last two years that researchers in Belgium, Scotland and the U.S. has used Dr. Budwig's early findings, verified them, and have now begun expanding them into more extensive studies.

Joseph, 52, from Tampa wrote, "I had developed an enlarged heart and a friend told me about an enzyme CQ-10. I started taking it, and much to my surprise and my doctors, the heart returned to normal size within three months. I have not been able to find much written about thi, do you have any suggested reading material?"

Yes, Joseph, Dr. Emile G. Bliznakov, M.D., Director and Scientific Director of the Lupus Research Institute has some startling findings, which she has written in her book, "The Miracle Nutrient, Coenzynme Q-10"," regarding the enzyme, CQ-10. Her her ten year long clinicals, she has found in both mice, primates, and humans that this enzyme is required to have a healthy heart, boost and balance the immune system, and extend life naturally. In her book, she talks about a 100 human trial of heart patients that were scheduled for heart surgery within four months for various heart conditions. At the end of the four months of being on CQ-10, only six of the 100 actually had to have the surgery. All the other patients hearts has regained a healthy status. She has found it to rebalance and correct the immune system in immune disorders. And the third amazing thing she found was that it extends life. CQ-10 is made from our bodies, using the other CQ enzymes that we absorbed through diet. As we age, due to lack of proper diet and our system being able to produce this enzyme, our vital organ, the heart, liver, pancreas, thymus, kidneys do not have enough of this. It is a required enzyme, for it is the key nutrient of the microcardia part of the cells. It is what gives our cells the energy to regenerate themselves and produce healthy ones. If the cells in our tissues within our vital organs are not getting the "energy" they need to be a healthy cell, then we wind up with various disease states.

Coleen, 42, wrote from Kansas City, "I am having liver problems my doctor says. He says it is sluggish and not performing properly, probably due to genetics. Is there anything you know of that might help?"

Coleen's problem is not that unusually. Over two thirds of Americans today have a "dirty" liver and gallbladder. What I mean is that the liver and the gallbladder are the two primary organs besides the kidneys that filter out all the poisons out of our blood supply and body. Think of them as huge filters. There is something that can and should be done for our livers and gallbladders at least once a year. It is called a liver and gallbladder flush. What will happen by taking this mixture is that you will cleanse and eliminate liver and gallbladder stones. It has been reported that some people have passed as many as 200 liver and gallbladder stones. The mixture softens them so that it is not painful to pass them. Dr. Tucker with the University of Natural Healing, Charlottesville, N.C. provides this formula if you are interested:


3 quarts of apple juice ( must be natural!)

1 cup of olive oil ( pure Italian virgin oil. NOT LITE OIL!)

1 cup(not can), buy bottle, of CLASSIC temperature

1 lemon, to be used at mixing time

Ultra Phosphates Drops

Turkey Rhubarb formula

1: )Drink one quart of apple juice per day with 90 drops of Ultra Phosphate Drops in each quart. (May be drunk at intervals during the day). Drink one quart each day for three days. Eat normally, but try to reduce excess fats, sugars.

2:)Wait for three hours after eating dinner on the third night/day of taking apple juice. Take the following mixture. Never take this mixture in the morning hours, for the liver works better in the evening hours for this.

3:)Thoroughly mix the following: 1 lemon, juiced, 1 cup Classic Coke, 1 cup Italian Olive Oil. Mix it by hand or in blender for 30 seconds until fairly mixed. QUICKLY drink the mixture down, don't wait or the oil will settle to the bottom and the secret is having the mixture all mixed together when you take it. You will feel very full. The oily feeling on your lips can be removed by using the lemon rind.

4:) IMMEDIATELY after drinking the mixture, lie down on your right side for 30 minutes. NO CHEATING on the time. Draw your knees in to your chest during this time, or stretch out full length, but lie on your right side.

5:) When 30 minutes have passed, move around a bit and resume normal activity. It will take approximately 8 hours for the flush to work.

6:) If you want to see what and how many stones you are passing, use a colander on your toilet to catch your bowel movements. Use tweezers to pick out the stones. There will probably be a soft stool the first time and nothing will pass. It is usually the second and third bowl movement that you will see the tones. They will be a emerald/grey green.

7:)That evening, take the Turkey Rhubarb supplements for three days to cleanse out the remaining stones from your colon.

This is where you can order the Ultra Phosphates and Turkey Rhubarb supplements:

Western Herbal Supply, P.O. Box 26815, West Valley, Utah 84126-0815, phone 801-538-0044

The Herb Finder, P.O. Box 3868, Salt Lake City, Utah 84110-3868, phone 801-575-6247

There are so many herbs, enzymes and natural treatments that can help the body that I can list them all here in this one column and explain the in detail. So, below is a quick list of the important ones with a brief explanation of what diseases they may help.

Eye Problems - Billbery, used in England for thirty years for all sort of eye problems

Prostrate problems - Saw Palmetto

Stomach problems - Fenugreek

Stomach gas - Charcoal

Respitory problems - Coltsfoot, Yerba Santa, Garlic, Wild Plum, Ginger

Colds, flu - Echinecea and Goldenseal combinations, tea has quick results

These and over 200 other ailments are listed in various herbal books found at books store or your local library. One book in particular is very good, Miracle Medicine Hers, by Richard M. Lucas, Herbalist. I urge everyone, that if you would like to have a healthier body, try picking up this book or any others and read about the many herbs that can and do work for hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. Did you know that Aspirin is made from a plant herb? It is sad that we may be losing some of the greatest cures by the destruction of the rain forests in the world. Maybe the day will come when so called modern medicine will unite with nature's treatments of the world instead of all the man made chemicals produced being the treatment procedure of norm, and then maybe, we will have a truly diseases free world.

My next column will be about what you the reader would like to see what the news media reports on. Are you tired of all the violence reporting. What exactly would like you like to see, hear, written about on television, in newspapers, magazines and even in columns like mine. Write me your thoughts.

Until next time, take care, God Bless, stay healthy! And thank you all for your letters. If for some reason I have not answered you yet, please be patient, with so many writing, it may take a week or so to reply back to you, but I will.

I would also like to take this time to thank the Australian World Announce Web service for listing me on their search engine as a top 50 site in the United States. And thanks to all my Australian readers and friends!

~ David Lawrence Dewey ~

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