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Mankinds Eternal Struggle
With Love, War, Peace and GOD
March 4, 2003
by columnist
David Lawrence Dewey
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knowledge leads to answers."
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The world today is in a sad state of affairs. What is even more spiritually disheartening is that nothing has really changed since mankinds presence on earth as a spiritual being. Since that day eons ago, when one brother killed another, Abel and Cain, man has not grown spiritually enough to deal with the same issues of love, war, peace and most importantly, GOD.

If you look at those four words, the most important is GOD. Out of those four words, what has been the issue that man still has not dealt with in other areas? What stands behind the meaning of GOD. GOD means two of the three remaining words, love and peace, not war.

All of the religions on earth are hypocritical in their teachings. Christianity, Muslim, Islam, Buddhist, all of the religions are. Why do I say this? Because if they were not, mankind certainly would not be facing the evil that it is having to deal with in the man of Saddam Hussein and like the many men before him that mankind has had to deal with.

When I say mankind is hypocritical, I am not talking about the politicians who govern the races, ( even though many politicians are very hypocritical ), I am talking about man himself. Mankind, who in their gullible and weak moments, believed in such men as Attila the Hun, Hitler, and now Saddam Hussein. I am very sad for the people of Iraq. They put their faith into a man many years ago who they thought would be their savior, but instead turned out to be evil in its' purest form.

Saddam Hussein has murdered and killed his own people. During the 1990's he murdered thousands of this own people, women, children with chemicals in northern Iraq. My question is, how can anyone, who is truly spiritual whether they be a Christian, a Muslim, a Hindu, a Buddhist, even an atheist simply not stand up and say, this is wrong, this must stop, the evil must be purged?

I have always been opposed to war on the basis that war itself is evil. Even though there have been those throughout history that have used GOD as there foundation to justify war, God is not about war is he? God is about love. However, there are much deeper issues here that mankind is not facing within spiritually. Man as truly not learned how to live in peace and harmony with their fellow spiritual being. And the most important, man has not truly lived the teachings of their GOD, whatever religion they follow. If they had, we would not have wars, we would not have evil in the form of such men as Saddam Hussein. One thing that everyone must see, it is EVIL that has created all wars. It has been the evil of men for power, lust, greed and all of the negative spiritual virtues that has created wars. Therefore, it is a plain and simple truth that one must see. EVIL exists on earth and must be dealt with. It cannot be allowed to thrive.

Abraham is the father of all present day religions if you do not know that. The prophets that have come since Abraham brought spiritual messages to mankind to define their spiritual presence on earth. Instead of defining true GODLY like spirituality, mankind created evil. It has been man that has changed the words of these prophets throughout history to justify their evil actions towards their fellow spiritual beings.

2,000 years ago, the man known as JESUS CHRIST after saying goodbye to his mother and father, Mary and Joseph, travelled the land until he was 32 years old. For nearly seven years, he lived with a spiritual group called the Essenes in southern Judea. The Essenes left behind many manuscripts that were discovered in 1947. They are known as the Dead Sea Scrolls. They write extensively about Jesus and his teachings. Jesus left them with several teachings. There is a book within the Essene teachings called, "The War Between The Sons of Light and Darkness." This book is the most spiritually enlightening of any religious texts on earth, of Jesus teachings or any prophet. It teaches not only why man has had this war between the sons of light and darkness, but teaches how to stop it. EVIL exists because man allows it to exist and thrive. It is MAN, not God that allows EVIL to exist. I encourage everyone, if you are truly seeking spiritual truth and the meaning of GOD, your spiritual presence on earth, then please read "The War Between The Sons Of Light and Darkness."

Here is a truth. War goes against any and all religious teachings not to kill thy fellow man. But what defines a man? Is man not suppose to be a spiritual being? And if he is a true GODLY spiritual being, he does no harm to his fellow spiritual being, correct? So, if a man who murders his own people for ANY REASON, is he a GODLY spiritual being? No, he is not. Does this justify war to stop these UNGODLY acts? Yes and No. Man has to use spiritual wisdom and guidance to decide this.

For the past several weeks, I personally have been struggling spiritually with this issue of war with Iraq. I am opposed to all war, but looking within spiritually, looking at a man called Saddam Hussein and the acts that he has done towards his own people, my heart and soul has reached another conclusion. And that is, Saddam Hussein must be removed from power. He is evil plain and simple.

There comes a time when GODLY spiritual beings, those from the light, must eventually act. There comes a time that they can use just the fear of force of war to stop evil for so long. At some point, evil in its' false sense of superiority simply begins to laugh at GOD and at those men that represent the light and truth of GOD. This is what Saddam Hussein has been doing to the world for the last ten years and especially the last few months. He is laughing and toying with all of mankind, not just the United States. He is a serious danger to all of mankind. And Saddam is not the only one I have come to see this evil presence in. The evil dictator of North Korea is another example of pure evil that I have come to the conclusion must be dealth with.

Now, do I approve of what President Bush wants to do if the United Nations does not approve the new resolution to remove Hussein. Do I approve for just the U.S. and Britain to go it alone. No, I do not, only as a very last resort. Mankind though must look at this issue deeper. There are another spiritual matters that must be dealth with.

Mankind must begin to see the pure evil that exists in Saddam Hussein. A nation of people that supposedly believes in GOD, truth and light, must sadly then if needed, go it alone to remove such evil. There is no other way. That has been the case many times throughout history where there has only been one nation of GODLY people that has removed evil when it had to be removed.

I strongly believe though that all steps and efforts must be taken through the United Nations to get Hussein to disarm, but at the same time I ask this question. Is mankind suppose to let Hussein keep toying and laughing at them? That is exactly what he is doing. That is what EVIL does. It laughs at GOD in desperation of his existence, because it does know its' time ir short. This evil is simply laughing at all of mankinds spirituality. A man that allows the brutal torture and murder of his own people for whatever reason is not a man of GOD. He is evil any which way you want to look at it.

War is not spiritual. Many innocent people, women and children will lose their lives when people go to war. I have not changed my mind easily concerning this. It has been a very deep spiritual struggle concerning this, but it must be done. If this evil is left to grow, it will soon consume the world and cause its' destruction. That is the truth of this matter.

I know many of you, my readers will disagree with me concerning this. But I hope you will see though what I am presenting to you. I leave you with this simple question.

If Saddam Hussein lived next door to you in a massive golden palace, laden with gold, built while thousands of his own people go hungry, but then, at night, you hear the cries of people being tortured and murdered coming from this palace, would you sit idly by and do nothing? Hussein has put up the money for the suicide bombers in Israel. If a suicide bomber will kill himself, Saddam sends thousands of dollars to his relatives. Is this not evil I ask you? It is murder for hire, plain and simple.

Here is something to remember that George Washington, the father of this great country said:

"A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined...
but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of...
independence from any who might attempt to abuse them,...
which would include their own government."

~ George Washington

The common people of Iraq, just like you that live in free countries, do not have this freedom, this peace. They live in constant fear of their lives whether from Hussein or from being attacked. This must end one way or another so that peace can come into these people's lives. But the nations of the world must come together to create this peace, even if it does take war. For the rest of humanity, they must see that although war is not the first choice, sometimes after all avenues have been exhausted, it is the only choice to remove evil.

If the nations of the world had not stopped Hitler, the world would be a completely different spiritual world today, it would be a living hell on earth. Thank God that the light of God prevailed then, even through the horrors and evils of war towards their fellow spiritual being. I leave you with one thought....Not all spiritual beings are from the light, some are from the darkness, and men like Saddam Hussein are from the darkness, they are evil.

I pray that all people around the world will pray for the light of God to shine through in the world today. It is greatly needed. Even if that means going to war. Sometimes, for the light to prevail, it must break through the darkness and evil in the world. Mankind does that by doing what is needed to preserve the light of GOD. Is mankind suppose to idly sit by and let evil win and destroy the light, the peace, the true LOVE OF GOD? I do not think so.

Ask yourself that question and I believe you will find the correct spiritual answer for yourself. Hopefully, there will come a day on earth and I pray for it, that mankind with all of its' intelligence, all of its' spirituality will see that they truly can live in harmony with one another, they can live in peace with one another, because, very simply, do we not all come from one seed? And that seed is GOD? Remember this. God does not create evil. Man does! And man also has the power to destroy evil.

Here is an excerpt from a very good and in-depth article written by Will Thomas concerning:
"Is The 'President' Nuts?" asks Carol Wolman, M.D. "Many people, inside and especially outside this country, believe that the American president is nuts, and is taking the world on a suicidal path."

You can read the Mr. Thomas's article at

I strongly urge you to read it.

~ God Bless ~

~ David Lawrence Dewey ~

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