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Kosovo Agreement
Does it Protect Kovosars?
June 12th,1999
by columnist
David Lawrence Dewey

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Over the last several weeks, the powers to be have been negotiating with Milosevic concerning Kosovo. Finally an agreement is reached and who is the first in, Russian Troops, not U.N. or Nato Troops. If you ask me, something smells in Denmark and it isn't tulips.

However, the finally agreement is nothing short as if we were to have asked the Jews of Hitler's era to go back and live under him! This is exactly what the Kosovar Albanians are being told to do. Almost all refugees interviewed by the media are refusing to go back to live under Milosevic and Serbian rule. So why did the politicians making the agreement with Milosevic allow this? Good question!

During the recent Serb-NATO agreement, questions about the long term political future of Kosova have received no attention by any of the members of NATO in concern for the Kosovars. Yet, these are the most important questions of all in my opinion.

The official press release of the NATO governments goes something like this: "Under the protection of an international force, Kosova will develop its own autonomous administration, while remaining within the federal Yugoslav state." What this literally means is that the Kosovars will have Yugoslav passports, be liable for call-up to the Yugoslav army, pay Yugoslav taxes and pass through Yugoslav controls at the borders (the same borders where the Yugoslav police robbed them and drove them through minefields a few weeks ago).

Kosovar Albanians voted for their independence in 1991 when the Yugoslav Federation disintegrated. The world accepted Bosnian and Croats referenda and votes for independence. Why ask or did NATO have the moral decision for the Kosovars to send the Kosovar Albanians back and live under Serbian rule when that tried to wipe them out as a race? If you ask me, this is the most insane agreement I have ever heard of that our world politicians have ever made. Milosevic has been charged with war crimes, is a mass murderer. Would our judicial system make such an agreement with a mass murderer. I don't think so! The international role must be totally clear, that after a million have been expelled from Kosova, after a million and two hundred thousand others are still in Kosova without food or shelter, that have not received any assistance from the international community for 75 days, after 75 mass graves, rape camps, concentration camps, after rivers of blood, and the use of human shields, Kosova and its legitimate leadership, the Provisional Government, led by Hashim Thaçi, and the victims have the right to choose the future of Kosova, and that right can not be taken away from them. There is no solution that can resist the demands of the people. The wishes and demands of the Kosovar Albanians are to govern themselves independently. Yet, the world sleeps as if this is nothing. As if what has occurred in the the most horrible way since Hitler's era has to a race of people means nothing but ignoring the peoples own wishes.

I am calling on my readers worldwide to participate in the media discussion and raise the following questions:

How long will NATO be there to protect them? Why not let Kosova be independent, defending itself.

Call Your policy makers to tell them that there is no peace without justice for Kosovar Albanians. Recognize their independence which they voted for in 1991 which we have evidently forgotten. If we do not do something about this to help the Kosovars to become an independent country as they voted in 1991, we will surely be sending them back to their own eventual destruction by Milosevic, despite what any politician worldwide says. Also, ask your politicians, why is it that the Russians are the first to get into Kosovo? Was this a "secret" agreement we had to go along with to satisfy Russia. If so, I say bull-honky!

Kosovar Albanians are not part of this Serb-NATO agreement. No where in this agreement does it actually have any measures to insure that this race of people will govern themselves as a independent country. The agreement does not include the recognition of Kosova's independence that they voted upon in 1991, which is the only long term solution to ensure Kosovar dignity and security, end of conversation in my opinion.

Here are contacts for for my readers in the United States, please do something to stop this insane agreement that will eventually complete the final destruction of Kosovar Albanians. Call, fax, email and speak your thoughts about this.

President Bill Clinton
ph: 202-456-1111

Secretary of State Madeleine Albright

Senate Foreign Relations Committee
Senator Jesse Helms
ph: 202-224-4651

If you are tired how our politicians are conducting business in Washington about any issue, voice your concerns Write, call, email your Senators or House of Representatives. click here for a listing to find your Senators or House of Representative.

One last comment. The brutal slaying of cats and dogs of their pelts for profit continues. The countries allowing this horrible crime are Russia, China and the Phillipines. I am asking my readers to write their elected representatives immediately to invoke trade sanctions against these countries until these practices are stopped. Mankind's in-humanity is only as bad as mankind allows it to continue. Help stop this brutal horrible murder of what we consider family members and pets.

God Bless and have a terrific day!

~ David Lawrence Dewey ~

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