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Mass Murder and Rape
In Indonesia Being Ignored By Other Governments
July 15th, 1998
by columnist
David Lawrence Dewey

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WARNING! The following column has GRAPHIC photos.

This just in from my source in Indonesia. In Jakarta Indonesia on July 14th, 20 women who were targeted to the systematic rapes and sexual assaults in Jakarta and other towns these past few weeks have died, some in the hands of their attackers, activists monitoring the incidents said.


The activists from Volunteers of Humanity state they have solid evidence of at least 168 rapes of women and children dating back to the riots that broke out in May as recently as July 3. 152 women were raped or sexually abused in Jakarta and its surroundings, while 16 others were raped or sexually assaulted in Solo, Medan, Palembang and Surabaya. Led by the Catholic priest Sandyawan Sumardi, the group visited the National Human Rights yesterday to present the report which gave grisly and explicit details of the rapes. The Volunteers of Humanity further state that 20 women and children were either murdered by their assailants, burned to death after the rapists were through with them or subsequently died of their wounds. A nine-year-old girl who was gang-raped in her house and then had her genitals mutilated. The girl died in a hospital in Singapore later.


Based on the interviews with victims, their relatives and witnesses, most of the attacks happened in North and West Jakarta where a large ethnic Chinese community lives and works. Many of the survivors, relatives of the victims, witnesses, doctors, hospitals as well as the volunteers had received the phone calls or letters threatening them if they disclosed their ordeal to the public or the authorities. The Volunteers for Humanity was the first organization to raise the alarm about the systematic gang rapes during the May riots. The activists urged the government to immediately disclose the masterminds behind the sadistic and uncivilized acts. The human rights commission last week put the blame squarely on the government for security lapses that allowed the rapes and sexual assaults to become wide spread. It has also demanded a public apology from the government for its failure to protect the people.


A teenage girl who was found dead on Jl Pegangsaan II in kelapa gading , North Jakarta, has been identified as Layla Juliawati, an 11 years old Chinese Indonesia girl. Parents and relatives of the murdered girl collected her body for cremation from Cipto Mangunkusumo General Hospital yesterday. None of the family were willing to talk to journalist, but hospital staff revealed that Layla's parents live on Jl Kerajinan in Taman Sari, West Jakarta. A forensic expert in the hospital, Agus Purwadianto, said the cause of death might have been strangulation. "judging from the bruises around her neck, we believe that she was strangled by her killer," he said on Monday. Agus, who examined Layla's body, also disclosed that the girl had suffered a serious sexual assault. Meanwhile, in contradictory development, Kelapa Gading police said yesterday that they were still in the dark about the identity of the dead girl. Kelapa Gading Suprecint chief Capt. Asep Suhendar said that four families had reported loved ones missing and were anxious to view the body for identification. "We're currently cross checking the data and hopefully we'll then get some leads," Asep said. Jakarta Police Spokesman Lt. Col E. Aritonang confirmed this report, saying that the police were still trying to gather more information. "We cannot rush things in this kind of matter. What if it turned out that the body was given to the wrong family for burial ?", he added.

The mass murder and rape of children and women in Indonesia is occurring at at an alarming rate. The government of Indonesia is doing nothing about it, nor is the American government voicing a complaint to the violation of human rights in Indonesia. This is information is probably being suppressed because of the civil unrest in Indonesia that can have further financial impact on other countries worldwide. Indonesia has become the place for large corporations worldwide to build manufacturing plants because of cheap labor. The International Monetary Fund has great influence in this area because of the bail outs that it is trying to do with the Asian/Japan financial crisis. Combine this civil unrest with this ethnic cleansing using mass murder and when this type of news gets out would have dire consequences on many stock markets across the world. You would be surprised how many U.S. major corporations have plants in Indonesia. When will the American government react to this inhuman atrocity and demand and end to end with the Indonedian government. If you want to help, I urge you to write the White House and your Congressmen about these atrocities.

Update on Japan Financial Crisis

The state owned Japan National Oil Corporation liquidated 7 billion of oil futures contracts on the New York Mercantile Exchange on June 15th caused more than a one dollar price difference of a barrel of oil when it began trading in July. This state owned oil enterprise of Japan is liquidating assets to take care of over 7 billion in bad loans and investments. This is the beginning folks of the financial mess that is going to hit us eventually. Interesting, does anyone remember when Hirohito at the end of World World II said that Japan would one day bury us, but not by war. We've allowed it to happen by allowing a foreign country such as Japan the ability to buy not only our valued treasures like Rockefeller Center, but a movie and record studio, and thousands of pieces of other real estate and corporations in the U.S. I wonder what the impact will be when they have to start unloading investments in America, or worse yet, closing them down. Japan cannot purchase from the U.S. like it has been for the last seven years.

The Truth About India And Pakistan's Nuclear Testing

The reason why the the major governments of the world did not stop India and Pakistan from conducting nuclear testing, ( they all knew well before hand that they were going to do it, despite what you are being told that our intelligence sources did not know - Israeli intelligence notified many countries of this a month before it happened ). The truth is this. India and Pakistan are providing the bulk of computer programmers to solve the world year Y2 problem, when it rolls from 1999 to 2000. Most world governments, including our own, and corporations around the world, including banking financial concerns waited too long to fix the problem. The U.S. government alone has contracted out over 90% of these needed program fixes to fix government programs to programmers in India and Pakistan. There was a worldwide shortage of computer programmers to fix the Y2 problem when governments and corporations around the world realized the severity of it. However, both governments of India and Pakistan started government programs 5-7 years ago to train thousands of their college graduates in computer programming, offering them special incentives to do so. It is estimated that India and Pakistan programmers are providing over 93% of the needed world programming changes to fix the year Y2 problem. Do I need to explain anything further as to why governments worldwide have sat idle and let India and Pakistan explode nuclear weapons that have done nothing but pollute our environment!

~ David Lawrence Dewey ~

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