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The film Independence Day-
A Help For Mankind?
September, 1996
by columnist
David Lawrence Dewey

"Reading provides knowledge...
knowledge leads to answers."
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Last time, I asked readers to write me their thoughts about how they felt the film Independence Day could possibly help mankind. The response was overwhelming and interesting in many ways. Let me begin first with some of the comments I received.

Darlene from Denver wrote, "It certainly kept you guessing of what was going to happen next. If aliens who are suppose to be so technological advanced than us, why would they use some sort of death ray to wipe out the human race. The death ray is not new, this was used in "War of the Worlds".

Marc from St. Louis wrote, "The special effects were great, I loved this film, one of the best in a long time."

Margo from Los Angeles wrote,"This film insulted my intelligence. The only thing that made this movie half way interesting to keep watching was the special effects. When is Hollywood going to stop using the same old plot for science fiction?"

Ken from Ogden, Utah wrote, "Loved it and will see it again and again."

Beth from Seattle wrote, "Why does Hollywood always have to portray aliens as these killing monsters. I'm sure we are not alone in this universe. A race of beings that are suppose to be more advanced I don't think would be killing everything in site."

Sam from Dallas wrote,"If we are ever visited from aliens from another planet, the first thing we will probably do is try to kill them. Violence it seems is the only thing the human race knows. It doesn't surprise me that we have not been contacted by a friendly advanced race. But, if you had a neighbor like us, would you like to visit them?"

Overall, from the hundreds of comments I received, approximately fifty percent liked the movie generally. Fifty percent thought the film was not a film they would see again.

Margo from Los Angeles made a very good point. Hollywood is bent on making films depicting aliens as some evil, killing race set to destroy mankind. One exception to this was the movie, "THE ABYSS". This was a movie about an alien race coming to earth to help mankind undo the damage it had done to the earth. The plot of the death ray used in Independence to destroy mankind really isn't new. This was used in the film, "WAR OF THE WORLDS". A more advanced alien race would use some other means far less destructive. They would have the technological ability using a virus to wipe out mankind. The human race already has that capability.

There was a subtle inner message in the movie when the actor portraying the President makes the speech, "Let this be a celebration for the Independence Day for the world." Does this statement reek of a one world order government or not? Is Hollywood trying to tell us some impending change in the world to come? We are heading it appears to a one world government anyway. The financial banking system is heading that way.

The younger generation seeing this film can only assume that any other life form or race is evil and determined to destroy mankind. It is very likely that there is another life form that is evil. There would also have to life forms that have overcome the evils within them. Technology can be used for good as well as evil. During the course of man's history and even in this film, technological advancements have been used for evil, causing damage and destruction. In the film Independence, the alien race has come to earth to destroy mankind and to deplete the earth of its' natural resources. This is very interesting. Technology destroyed the aliens own planet. Are we humans doing the same thing to the earth?

This film can definitely help mankind. It quantifies that when technology is used for evil, destruction is sure to follow. Has the human race become wise enough to understand this? In many cases yes, however, has greed become the leading evil in the world? Was it not greed that brought the aliens to earth? Will greed continue to play the leading role in what mankind is doing to the earth via technological advances? Are we killing the rain forests for greed? The very rain forests that provide over 40% of our oxygen supply in the world. And what about oil spills which make species extinct. Is it all worth it?

Mankind must begin to use its' wisdom that hopefully it has learned concerning its' self destruction. Otherwise, mankind will destroy by several means. In many cities, the air is so poor that it is causing health problems. Water pollution has become such a problem that in some communities water is undrinklable without being purified. My grandmother who lived a very simple life on a farm once told me. "Don't wait until the mule kicks you in the head to realize you shouldn't have been standing there." It appears that regardles of how many times mankind gets kicked in the head, he keeps repeating the same mistakes over and over again. You would think that eventually the headaches would make mankind realize the stupidity of the many things it is ignoring regarding the survival of the species.

I believe in the human race though. I believe that there is one thing that somehow manages to always surface to undo the damage. And that is love. That is the one thing that most of mankind has not lost yet. Hidden in the deep areas of mankinds' minds and hearts, mankind truly knows that love does heal everything. It is sad though that mankind has yet to fully realize that this love brings it's own wisdom. The wisdom of the difference between what is truly right or wrong. And most importantly to do something to change the wrong. I hope before mankind ventures too far into the new technological era, that this is understood. For if mankind doesn't, I believe it is in for a rude awakening.

It is interesting about the new scientific findings about life on Mars. What will all the earth religions do when they are finally faced with another life form from another planet. It is amazing how the human race continues to surprise itself . Maybe for once mankind will truly start to grow spiritually. Could this be a new spiritual rebirth for mankind? Has mankind been told the whole truth by their governments concerning other life forms? Are we truly not alone?

In my next column, I will be sharing information with you about the new smart chip credit card announced by both Mastercard and Visa. Also about the takeover of many small and medium size banks by huge banking conglomerates. This information is ful of surprises of what is store for us down the road. Write me your thoughts about technological advances that will soon make the world a cash less society and how you think it will affect your lives. Here is a tidbit of information about the smart chip for now. Your thumb print will be encoded on the card and tied to your checking account. Be sure to catch my next column folks, you won't want to miss this one.

God Bless and have a terrific day!
~ David Lawrence Dewey ~

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