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Is The World Heading Towards
A Massive Trainwreck?
May 1st, 2000
by columnist
David Lawrence Dewey

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knowledge leads to answers."
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As people worldwide live in a mad rush just to keep up with the fast lane daily, some very serious matters concerning not only our mother earth, but mankind's actual survival are being ignored. The issues that are being ignored are setting the worldwide stage for a trainwreck of such massive proportions that will lead to disease and death. What are the three most serious concerns that mankind should not only be looking at but doing something about. What are they?

Clean air that does not have high levels of carbon monoxide and is free from chemicals and other pollutants.

Over the last thirty years, global warming has occurred by one simple fact, alarming increases in carbon monoxide levels that has raised the average global temperature by approximately 1.5 degrees. The proof you ask? Simply look at what is called the great North pole ice shelf. Thirty years ago, this ice shelf was the size of Texas and approximately 250 feet thick. It has lost approximately 75 feet in thirty years due to global warming. And there are still people and especially politicians that argue this is not an important matter to address in worldwide quality air control measures. Please, give me a break. What are we going to do, wait until the whole ice shelf melts and then say, "Oh my, now what should we do?" Mankind can no longer afford to simply take the let's wait and see stance, it has gone way pass that. Look at the rain forests worldwide that provide nearly 50% of the oxygen we humans consume. Over the last thirty years, nearly 35% has been cut down for greed and profit. This has caused a substantial reduction in oxygen being produced. Not to mention all the possible cures from species of plants and herbs that have been lost forever because of greed. Shouldn't we humans be concerned about this or will I be branded simply an alarmist.

Look at the recent findings by scientists that have discovered that large metropolitan cities are literally creating their own weather systems around the cities. Thunderstorms, tornados, massive rain storms, snow storms and all usually at the wrong time of the year. These large cities are generating heat from concrete, exhaust from cars that rises, mixes with cold air, and guess what you have. Storm fronts created around large cities have been seen on radar as far as fifty miles from the city where it was created. Here again mankind has screwed around with mother nature. No wonder she doesn't know how to respond and why our mother earth is slowing dying. Chemicals in colognes and perfumes are deadly. Did you know these chemicals cause all types of cancers in animals!

Check out my column, Colognes, Perfumes, Are They Slowly Killing You?

Foods with additives or foods altered from their natural state are contributing to diseases and killing other species of life.

We now have foods, corn for one that has been genetically altered that kills monarch butterflies if it eats it. Here again is man's attempt of playing God, screwing around with mother nature that could very well cause major health issues. If these genetically alerted foods kill another living species on our mother earth, then what is it doing to the human body? The human body has spent several thousands of years through genetic evolution, adjusting to the natural food chain.

The human body derives its' energy from the way foods are biologically constructed. The human organs, the liver, pancreas, kidneys, and others that produce key hormones, digestive enzmynes and other important biological needs depend on these naturally evolved foods for our body to function properly and most importantly for the human immune system to work correctly. This slow genetic has occurred based on this natural biological structure of foods has evolved over not just a few years, but in many cases, hundreds of years.

Water free from parasites, microbes and bacteria, especially one called giardia has become a serious problem worldwide. Did you know that in Mexico, that this parasite is so bad that many Mexicans have to take Fasigyn, a drug not available in the United States several times a year to get rid of the parasites in their bodies. Flagyl is the equivalent to Fasigyn in the United States and is available. The problem is with Flagyl, the parasite has mutated because of its' overuse, and in some cases Flagyl will not kill it.

Several countries are reporting large outbreaks of health problems related to drinking water that is not clean. Chlorine in water has been increased gradually so much by water treatments plants to try and cope with this. However, chlorine has been shown to cause cancers in animals. In addition, many areas on the globe are experiencing drought conditions and it does not look any better for the next several years. We are starting to enter a twenty year cyclical drought period that occurs approximately every 60-80 years. Because much of our natural water supply has been overused, misused, we have depleted much of the natural minerals and trace elements in it. And if you understand the importance of minerals and trace elements for the immune system, you should be taking liquid supplements even if you drink bottled water. Reverse osmosis, bottled water removes many of the natural minerals and trace elements. To learn more about this, read my column, Hydrogenated Oils-Silent Killers.

Also check out Beres Drops Plus, a natural liquid mineral and trace element supplement that has been used for years by millions in Europe because of bad water.

These three main issues, good quality air to breathe, adequate clean drinking water and natural foods are the what sustains life in that order. Without them, the human body cannot survive.

We can no longer allow indian reservations or anyone else to dump raw sewage, chemicals in our natural streams or on open ground causing these pollutants to be absorbed into ground water. In many countries, even the U.S., raw sewage is still being dumped in natural living springs that humans derive their drinking water from. We must start immediately to issue tighter clean air standards for automobiles worldwide. We must stop cutting down the rain forests. We must stop genetically altering the food chain. We must begin not only begin strict water conservation methods, but maybe it is time for large cities to think about building larger storage reservoirs. We must expand our technology, devote more research resources to bring forth technology to reduce energy consumption and to harness the power of the sun for clean energy needs.

Energy needs such as electric cars powered by rechargeable cells. And for one thing, the three major auto manufacturers need to release the inventions of carburetors they purchased fifty years ago that got nearly 70 miles to a gallon. They need to stop this collusion with the major oil companies for profit. Ever wonder why the major auto manufacturers own stock in major oil companies?

We need to stop the overuse and abuse of using antibiotics not only in humans for every little cold, sniffle, ache or pain. They actually don't do a thing for these types of viruses. They only weaken the immune system further. If you have the flu, you'll just have to put up with the aches and pains. And look at animals bred for meat consumption. Our beef and poultry is loaded with anti-biotics and research now shows that eating this meat is causing problems with the human immune system. It is creating bacteria that is immune to known anti-biotics. Look at the flesh eating bacteria that has surfaced in England. Only one known anti-biotic is only 80% effective in killing it, and it is very expensive. People have actually died from this mutated bacteria. And if you have to go into the hospital, forget it. Your chance of contracting a mutated form of bacteria that will be hard to kill is now 50%.

For those that are against environmental protection I tell you this. You better stop and think about what you are saying. It is an unintelligent thought process that is not based on facts as I have presented. Instead it is based on selfish reasons and most likely greed or profit. And I also don't want to be hearing your complaining in 5-10 years when all of these conditions get worse because you and self serving and lazy politicians worldwide sat back on your behinds and ignored these crucial matters.

Mankind can no longer afford to say, "Oh that's not my problem," or, "Someone else will take care of that," because you know what? It is all our problem and all of mankinds. Every living and breathing soul has to start taking responsibility that we are human beings on this mother earth and must insure her continued healthy survival. The "jig" is up as my grandmother use to say. The free ride is over. I only hope it is not to late, that we have not injured our mother earth beyond repair and that she cannot recover. So with you being empowered with this information, what difference are you going to make? Are we going to start making politicians do the right thing with it comes to protection of our environment? Are we going to get them off the pay wagon of corporations that protect their interests for them? Are we going to start re-cyclying what you can? Are we going to spread the word about how serious these matters are and get others envolved? Well, if you do, I applaud you. If you don''t, then again, I do not want to be hearing all your complaining, moaning and groaning in 5-10 years when all this gets worse because you didn't care and did not envolved to make a difference. Its' up to you mankind. You can decide to stay on this runaway train that is heading towards a massive train wreck of massive proportions, or you can start to do something to slow the train down so that the wreck doesn't happen.

Make sure you read my column, Hydrogenated Oils-Silent Killers to learn how these oils are causing you everything from premature heart disease, high cholesterol and triglycerides levels to diabetes type II.

~ David Lawrence Dewey ~

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