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Nasa Finds Fossils On Mars That Proves Life Existed On Mars
December 3rd, 2004
Updated July 20, 2009 - Dec. 15,
May 5, 2010 - July 2, 2012
by columnist
David Lawrence Dewey
"Reading provides knowledge...
knowledge leads to answers."
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Mars Fossil

What you are seeing in this image taken by the Mars Land Rover on Mars a few days ago is a fossil which proves life once existed on Mars.

You can view the entire series of images on the NASA site here:

For some reason, shortly after the images were taken and the Rover arm took a sample, the arm for some reason ground the fossil into dust. Was this to destroy evidence that life on Mars had existed?

It has been reported that the religious right wants this information crushed.

What is this fossil?


It is similar to a what is called a crinoid. These were filter feeding marine plant-like animals, a type with a calcium carbonate exoskeleton found on earth as shown in this image of an earth crinoid. It actually shares an amazing number of specific characteristics with one species called "Ordovician Crinoid Retercrinus Alvealatus" . These marine life stood above the sea floor on a long, segmented "stem" and gathered food from the surrounding currents with a waving set of tentacles (rarely preserved) called "pinnules" as seen in the depiction above.

These sea creatures were the first ocean life on earth. Crinoids first appeared in Earth's primeval seas over 500 million years ago, in the so-called "Cambrian Era," climbing to dominance over the next 150 million years, before receding once again into earth's terrestrial fossil record.

Mars Fossil In this image of the rock on Mars where this fossil was found, the blue color objects are the "heads" of these ancient crinoids.

This discovery on Mars proves that life has "existed" in this universe other than on earth. This proves that GOD or whatever supreme being you want to call him or her did not just create life on earth. And because of this...does this now call into question the books of the Bible of the creation of earth?

Mankind I feel is on the threshold of a new religious rebirth, nothing ever seen on earth with this discovery. This rebirth will elevate mankind to a higher source of spirituality...that is...if those that want to control religions which control the masses on earth don't crush this information before it is widely known.

I am a deeply spiritual person and have never believed that life only existed on earth. I also believe that anyone that does not want to accept that is denying the very creation of GOD within themselves. To deny that higher forms exist on other planes of existence or other planets is denying our creation within. The creation of GOD. We are all interconnected in this creation and until mankind truly understands that, mankind will continue to have wars, hunger, disease on earth. Mankind has the intelligence capacity to overcome these things...but...mankinds ego and greed get in the way creating darkness where there should be light. Mankind has denied their spirituality in truly making a heaven on earth.

Ask yourself this question...why is it that you have not heard anything of this on the network news?

I leave you with this question. If tomorrow, a spaceship landed somewhere on earth and "froze" those killing each other in wars.... and out walked a human form of life so far advanced spiritually and technologically...and they said, "what you have been led to believe is not the truth of light, of the Creator,"...what would you do? I believe we are on verge of something like that happenning before it is too late for mankind. Why?

Mankind is slowly killing mother earth in pollution and draining her natural resources. In forty years, the known oil reserves will almost be depleted. Unless strict air pollution controls come into existence immediately, in just twenty five years, the air we breathe will not be breathable. Unless we stop cutting down the rain forests for greed and "energy", we will deplete our oxygen on earth even quicker. Unless we curb global warming, weather on earth will continue to worsen, extreme wetness in certain areas and extreme droughts in others. Population on earth has exploded and will hit levels that mother earth will not be able to produce adequate food supplies in just 30 years, famine will become a common place event in many places on earth. Mankind has already farmed the oceans of fish where in just the last ten years over 40 species of fish are gone.

Do you think I am exagerating? Do think I am a nut? Think again...everything I have just mentioned has been disclosed in prestigious scientific reports and documents prepared for world leaders.

There is a crisis on earth people. Wake UP!

Until next time,

~ David Lawrence Dewey

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