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Food That Heal January, 1998
by columnist
David Lawrence Dewey

"Reading provides knowledge...
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You've probably heard that putting the correct oil in your automobile engine will prolong the engine's life. Well, I have been a firm believer that one should apply that same thinking concerning what we are putting into our bodies. It only makes sense. Now that doesn't mean that one has to do way with any of our favorite foods, we just have to watch what and how much we are eating.

The big concern it appears according to a national survey is the big "C". Cancer is the second leading cause of death. Here is a sundown of the top ten for women and men in the United States with the latest 1995 death figures from the Centers for Disease, Control and Prevention:

1:) Heart disease
2:) Cancer
3:) Strokes
4:) Lung Disease
5:) Pneumonia/Flu
6:) Diabetes
7:) Accidents
8:) Alzeihmers's disease
9:) Kidney disease
10:) Blood poisoning
- All Ages -
1:) Heart disease
2:) Cancer
3:) Strokes
4:) Accidents
5:) Lung disease
6:) Pneumonia/Flu
7:) HIV Infection
8:) Diabetes
9:) Suicide
10:) Homicide
- All Ages -

Now what is interesting is when you compare woman and men death causes, you see heart disease, cancer and strokes are the same top three for both women men. However, look at number four through ten. Men at number four are dying from accidents, whereas women are dying from lung disease. And more men are dying from suicides and homicides than women. Men are dying from lung disease more than women, however, more men smoke than women nationally. And then there is HIV infection. I will leave this up to your own thoughts as to why this is without passing moral judgement, except to ask, are men more promiscuous?

So, what can be done to possibly reduce the top three causes of death for both men and women, heart disease, cancer and stroke? I truly believe it is diet. Here are some examples.,

Americans eat more meat and fat than any other country in the world. It recently has been discovered by medical researchers that homocysteine, is a protein that promotes artery clogging. Also, certain food enzyme chemicals calls ditterpenes can raise cholesterol and triglycerides. This can be found in coffee beans especially, however in this country due to drip filter method of brewering, these chemicals are largely removed. However, espresso drinkers, beware, there are moderate to high levels in espresso coffees. A recent Norwegian study found 20 percent higher homocysteine levels in coffee drinkers where espresso is drunk more than regular drip filtered brewed coffee.

Then there are oils and fats, the biggest culprit. Recent studies show that the main cause of heart disease is saturated fats. These type fo fats oxidize in the blood stream, creating other acids called trans-fatty acids which not only cause heart disease, but also have been proven to effect and lower the bodies immune system dramatically. And guess what food has a high level of trans-fatty acids? Margarine folks! The reason, manufacturers pump hydrogen, ( yes hydrogen folks), into such oils as cottonseed, ( which is one of the highest levels of saturated fat oils), and other high type fat oils to make margarine. By adding the hydrogen, they can expand the oil up to five time the amount, meaning, for every one gallon of these oils, by adding hydrogen, they now have five gallons at the cost of one gallon of oil. Forget what this is going to the oils and the health of the people that eat this stuff just to make that extra buck. Any foods that state they have hydrogenated oils in them should be strictly avoided. Not only are you increasing the problem of heart disease, but God knows what is occurring to the immune system by eating these foods. Recent studies, and especially by a doctor even in the 1950's proved that trans-fatty acids does alter the immune system response and actually produced cancer in animals fed foods with trans-fatty acids. So, now you have the other link that is causing the cancer I believe and all of this is related to diet I firmly believe.

Besides staying away from certain foods, eating the right ones will detoxify your body and provide the needed correct nutrients to help the body properly regenerate itself. And the best foods to eat are foods that contain antioxidants. They prevent or repair cell damage that initiates or promotes cancer. They activate enzymes that detoxify carcinogens and suppress cancer processes. They regulate hormones that help put to bay cancer growth. And as anti-inflammatory agents, they block tumor growth. And this is why if you have food allergies also that you should avoid those foods, because allergies create histamine which causes inflammation in the body cells.

What are the best foods to eat and possible supplements to take? Let's break it down into these areas first, Breast Cancer, Lung Cancer, Colon Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Stomuch Cancer.

Matthew, 48, from Florida wrote, "My wife has been told she has breast cancer. Are there any food that can help this?"

Breast cancer is becoming the leading cause of death in women. Fruits and vegetables rich in what are called carotenoids, ( pigments) are the best. Recent biopsy studies at Harvard show that women with high breast concentrations of these are up to 70% less likely to developed breast cancer. The foods are, carrots, sweet potatoes, leafy green, kale, spinach, tomatoes, corn. Combined with these foods, cabbage, broccoli, brussell sprouts, cauliflower, which stimulate excretion of cancer fighting estrogens and you have a double whammy against breast cancer.

Beth, 52, from Salt Lake wrote, "My husband has developed lung cancer. He smoked for a few years when he was younger, but has smoked for over 20 years. I thought lung cancer was the smokers disease? Are there any foods that could help?"

Lung Cancer which has become the disease known as the smokers disease, however, is showing recent figures which indicate that just has many people that have never smoked are dying from lung cancer than smokers. Some research is pointing that lung cancer may be a vegetable deficiency and some studies are going on analyzing the diet of people with lung cancer, both past and present. Studies show that yellow, orange and leafy green vegetables, high in carotenoids like beta and alpha carotene and zeaxanthin are preventives, blocking cancer growth. Also, they have found a high number of people with lung cancer have severe deficiencies of folic acid. And because most women are deficient in folic acid, maybe this accounts for the higher percentage of lung deaths in women. Folic acids is found in spinach, oranges and dried beans.

Samantha, 44, from Seattle wrote, "My sister has developed colon cancer. They say they have caught it early enough and there is only one small growth. Are there foods that can help prevent this?"

Colon Cancer. I just lost my Uncle due to colon cancer and let me tell you what a painful disease to die from this is. Research definitely shows that diets high in high-fiber foods, omega-3 oils (salmon), and folic acid dramatically lowers the risk of colon cancer. Recent Harvard studies shows that one of the best ways to prevent polyps from growing and the risk of colon cancer by at least 20% is to eat more fruit. Other studies showed that sugar, animal fat, red meat especially when fried - ( here we go again with the trans-fatty acids - I forgot to tell you that when oil is heated, over one-half of the oil turns into trans-fatty acids - only two oils do not do this, grapeseed oil and olive oil ), processed meats, especially bacon. Make sure you read my column, Hydrogenated Oils-Silent Killers.
Also, colon enemas are very good in detoxtifiying the body. Some natural health care doctors recommend coffee enemas. A liver and gall bladder flush will remove gallbladder and liver stones. It is interesting, my Uncle was not only a daily bacon eater, but ate nearly third of his cooked food fried, but he only used a mixture of olive oil and coconut oil. He lived to be 86 and did not have any heart disease due to these natural oils.

William, 56, from Minneapolis wrote, "I've been told that I've developed prostate cancer. Are there any foods, or supplements may help."

Prostate Cancer. New studies show that diets high in soy, tomatoes and especially garlic have only half the risk of developing cancer, even into their 90's. It also showed that beer, because of the malt, increases this by as much as 50%, especially after the age of 30. It is interesting how the largest increase of men developing prostate cancer are in their thirties are are beer drinkers when polled. Also, Saw-Palmetto been used in several countries for years to treat prostate cancer.

Dex, 49, from Phoenix wrote, "I've been told I have stomach cancer. I an searching for anything that may help, food, supplements etc."

Stomach Cancer. Raw vegetables are best. Steamed next best, but don't overcook. They loose they antioxidant enzymes by over cooking. Garlic, onions and especially tomatoes are the best. Italy has one of the lowest stomach and colon cancer death rates in the world. I wonder why? Also, research has shown that garlic does lower blood pressure. High salt, and processed or fermented meats are a no-no. High in nitrates which have definitely been shown to cause cancer in animals.

There are several books out that provide a wealth of information. They are:

CQ-10, The Miracle Enzyme - by Dr. Emile Blizanakov, Director of the Lupus Foundation

Eat For Your Right Blood Type - by Dr. Peter J. D'Amato

Food - The Cancer Answer - by Maureen Salaman

Now we get to the best supplements to take. Recent research has shown that the best anti-cancer, anti-heart disease antioxidants are vitamin C, (1,000 mg), E (400 mg), Zinc (30 mg), and an enzyme called CQ-10, (30 mg). Research at the Lupus Foundation, doing research on lupus patients because they have a high percentage of heart disease than normal, found by accident that all lupus patients with heart disease are severely deficient in CQ-10. CQ-10 is produced by the body in adequate levels until about the age of 30. By age 40, it is only producing one-tenth. It is produced by other CQ enzymes by the body, which are absorbed through foods. They found by giving lupus heart disease patients up to 90 mg. a day of CQ-10, that within 3 months, nearly 90% reversed their heart disease. It is interesting how recently, three major medical research universities are recommending now to people with heart disease, the taking of CQ-10. My Aunt, who developed heart disease and they wanted to do a double bypass on her started taking CQ-10 three times a day at 60 mg. Three months later, her heart disease was gone and her one severely blocked artery cleared. The doctors were amazed. Zinc is a natural antiviral and will help your immune system ward off colds and flu or make them less severe and duration of them. And make sure the vitamin C is a timed release vitamin C. Regular vitamin C, regardless of the high mg dosage will be washed from your system within two hours. Timed released vitamin C is released gradually combining with other minerals and vitamins, making the work better. Also, if you are not eating fish at least once a week, especially either salmon or herring, which contain the highest levels of omega-3 oils which prevent heart disease. Research just released this last week shows that people that eat fish at least once a week have a 50% less chance of developing heart disease. Vitamin E is a very good antioxidant and will help prevent heart disease. In a few people, (very few by large scale studies), it has been shown to elevate slightly blood pressure. If you find by taking vitamin E that your blood pressure has risen slightly, it is probably because of the type. There is Vitamin E which is called mixed tocopherols and tocopherols. Taking the mixed type of Vitamin E is less likely to cause elevated blood pressure. Again, according to several large scale studies, there are very few people that had this problem. And of course, taking a good B-Complex supplement is encouraged and also minerals. The best minerals on the market to take are Beres Drops Plus. The reason is, this is a patented formula based on free inonic state. This means without any type of ions present, which allows the minerals to not only bind together better, but make them four times easier for the body to assimilate, store and use. They are better than collidials or chelated minerals by far. If you are interested more in these, read the material here on my web site, click here to go to the Beres Drops Plus. Here you will read research material by researchers at the NIH and other facilities about them. I take them faithfully, and no this is not a plug for them because I'm being paid to do so. I have the material on my web site because I want others to benefit from them like I have.

Here are some other supplements you may be interested in also. St. John's Wort, 300 milligrams, 3 times a day, has been used in England for years by medical doctors to treat depression. Recent research has shown that Glycosynime Sulfate and Chrondidite actually repairs and rebuilds bone cartlidge and reduces the pain of arthritis dramatically. Ginkgo Bilboa helps memory and recent research shows it make help people with Alzheimers. I know when I gave this to my father who had Alzheimers, we did see a marked improvement. He was less foggy and more with us until he passed away from a lung infection. As with any condition, consult with your doctor, and if he doesn't know about these treatments, there is plenty of research available to educate both yourself and him on there benefits. And if he doesn't care to know because he doesn't believe they may have benefits, I would suggest you find another physician. Ignorance and arrogance from a physician should not be tolerated by anyone.

My next column will be about the best and worst of 1997. People, events, politics, concerns and more. Write me your thoughts on this subjects and I'll include your comments in my column..

~ David Lawrence Dewey ~

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