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Column In His Novel - Revelations
by columnist
David Lawrence Dewey
"Reading provides knowledge...
knowledge leads to answers."
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This is DL DEWEY'S column article that he included at the end of Revelations. Printing of this column is for personal use only. Any other use is strictly prohibited. Permission for any other use must be in writing from DLDEWEY or the publisher.

Copyright 1993 - David Lawrence Dewey - All Rights Reserved

The world needs a healing, for I strongly believe that if the healing does not occur, mankind will surely drown itself in a sea of mental, physical and spiritual death. In writing the novel, my intent was to portray through the characters the nature within all mankind of both good and evil. Can evil be that which really does not have substance? Does it destroy and prevent goodness from blossoming into love and creativity? For is it love and respect, regardless of race, sex, religious beliefs, that become the instruments to heal the world? Is unconditional love one of the hardest things that mankind has yet to learn? Can the Garden of Eden, which has been the subject of so many religious writings since the dawn of mankind, be a reality? Has religion, whether it be conventional or the "New Age" religions, truly taught mankind how to love and respect each other? If so, then why are people still doing hateful things to one other? Why are countless thousands of our brothers and sisters in this country hungry and homeless? Have we allowed government to dictate our principles and values instead of our dictating how government will truly work? Why are we letting the same old political street manure in Washington to continue to distort and make our government and our lives worse? Do we elect people who truly care about people instead of becoming millionaires in Congress? Why are resources not properly used, such as medical research to find the answers to health problems and not just treat the symptoms to make drug companies richer? Is research on cancer and AIDS really delving into the mechanisms of the diseases or is most research funding spent on developing costly treatments without finding the cause, only to make doctors richer? And who is profiting from this? Why are doctors allowed to own substantial interests in hospitals and diagnostic facilities, thus becoming multimillionaires from such enterprises? Are cancer doctors the wealthiest of all doctors and why? Is this the real reason for the tremendous increase in medical costs the last five years? God help us all is this is not addressed by our government in a national health care system policy change. Why do politicians evade our direct questions when we want to find out exactly how much our government is spending and most importantly, where? Nowadays you have to have the manpower and financial resources of a large CPA firm to get this information from the government. Why are so-called pork-belly projects costing millions of dollars continuously funded? Is it too hard for government to provide an exact accounting system that provides the answers? A confusing accounting system can hide many things (such as I disclose as fiction in my book, but actually in real life is fact - ask any government auditor.)

I may sound like I am on a soapbox, maybe I am. But what I am truly trying to awaken is the courage in all of us is to say, enough is enough. Have we all (I'm including myself) been sleeping too long, taking a long nap in living the so called "American Dream", and in the process lost our right, God-given right and by our constitution, to truly govern ourselves and appoint those to serve us and do what is truly best for us? Are we also about to lose what provides our life-Mother Earth-because of greed, destroying its natural resources and polluting the planet? When all the forests are cut down, how will houses be built, and most importantly, how will we breathe? Each American, grocery shipping once a week, uses the resources of nearly a whole tree a year with paper bags used. Just think how many trees are cut down? Can reusable cloth bags be used instead so we don't fill up our landfills with the trees that have been cut down for paper bags?

Has mankind - American, German, Arabs, Jews, Chinese, Spanish, Indians, and all the other races, each with their fervent religious, political and economic beliefs possibly be missing something? Does all hate and violence in the world show this? Can mankind hopefully begin to understand that to end violence, stop hunger, heal the earth, truly find medical cures and not just treat the symptoms of diseases for profit, and provide an equity among what is defined as wealth, the so called, "evil", man's inhumanity to man, must be confronted once and for all. Can this evil possibly be seven mental, spiritual and emotional pitfalls of mankind, and are they in this order of importance? Fear,Greed,Hatred,Lust,Anger,Deceit,Ego. Is fear the leader by providing the catalyst to breed the other emotions? Does fear breed jealousy of not having enough money? Does the fear then create hatred to another human being who is different,(racism)? Is lust the confusion of not knowing how to truly love, to avoid unconditional love through physical, sexual release? Is it this lack of love that leads to divorce, broken children who then become adults and who, by not knowing how to love, can't love the world and others? Does fear generate anger of something or someone, because it is easier to be angry at the unknown instead of facing it? Does fear breed deceit in ego, which then causes a while slew of emotional problems? Does fear prevent the fulfillment of dreams, hopes and desires?

In the midst of all these negative mental, spiritual and emotional selves, can one become lost, confused? Thereby in not knowing self, can one in kindred spirit truly love his brother or sister, or is fear keeping him from this?

Has mankind been on a glorious adventure of spiritual rebirth the last two thousand years? Have wars, strife, natural disasters tried to force mankind to see that we must truly work and help one another? Or is it obvious in how many times these things keep repeating that mankind just isn't learning the lesson and that is why things keep repeating? The American Indian may have the answer to this.

Has mankind forgotten to listen to the whispers of his heart? Is it through love of self first, knowing self, that one can then love his brother, and most importantly, truly live this love? Is it this that can be one of the healers of the world?

By no means do I have all the answers, and I have not meant to come across as such. Simply, my fellow earthlings, is it time to take the blinders off and truly work together to resolve our problems, to end hatred of all types to respect others, to heal our precious earth in every way? Have I simply presented what is whispered in all hearts, but fear is keeping it from being shown in the world? Have hearts become so hardened that these things cannot be and is it the fear holding us back again? Fear of the unknown is mankind's worst enemy, especially the fear of death. Is death feared so much that truly living life is made simple by the shadow of our fear of it?

In writing my novel, I strived to express all of the different aspects of man, good and evil, and to present what mankind has fought for ages. I hope that I have shown, however, that in all things eventually, despite whatever odds are set against mankind, mankind does surface with a new spiritual path of awakening and that "good", so to speak, prevails. I wanted to show how man can destroy his brother by other means and not just by physical death alone. I hope I have written a novel that not only kept you, the reader, in suspense, but hopefully that I have imparted a special awakening through my characters for you, to see that the world truly can become a Garden if we love and to stand up for those good things and to correct the injustices that are done to anyone.

Before I close, I would like to share with you a few facts. There is a real worldwide commission, called the Trilateral Commission. It was formed in 1944 and is composed of about three hundred of the wealthiest men in the world and leaders of nations. They meet in Brussels, Belgium once a year to determine what they call world economic conditions. (For more detailed information on the Trilateral Commission, see Anthony C. Sutton and Patrick M. Wood, Trilaterals Over Washington, Scottsdale Arizona:The August Corporation, 1979.)

And presently being installed in Europe is a massive, interconnected computer system being tied to a central computer. Where? Brussels.
( NOTE: I wrote this column for the novel in 1989, please note what I am about to explain and this new technology was not made public until 1994). This computer will have what is called point-of-sale machines at stores. Purchases will made by using a card, something like a credit card (but actually tied to an account at a central bank),and your thumb print, which will be read by an infrared machine for identification.

Quickly the purchase will be deducted from your account. In other words, if you have money, you'll be able to buy things; if not you won't. The plan eventually is to do away with checks and credit cards-a cashless society. Look at your own federal electronic deposit system, automatic Social Security deposits, Civil Service deposits that go directly to banks. Employers or recipients never see a check. Out banking system, working with the Federal Reserve, has such a plan for a checkless society. They have already implemented one phase of it with electronic debiting and crediting of amounts to banks instead of checks. They are doing this today. (NOTE: I wrote this in 1989). Instead of sending checks to banks for processing, they are shipped after account information and the amount of the check is recovered by reading the magnetic strip on the check through what is called a throughout the Federal Reserve System. Some checks are never actually sent. This is why many of you are not receiving your actual cancelled checks in your bank statement each month anymore and why so-called checks paying quicker at banks against your account. Within the next seven years, all of the bank holding companies will own the entire U.S. banking system. Does this put too much power and control over the masses in the hands of just a very few? Just look at how many banks in your community are still locally owned and ho many are owned by some huge banking conglomerate and which one. The answers will surprise you. Even the Federal Reserve has released such estimates they give banking executives. How do I know these things?

I was in banking for over ten years and an officer of a bank. Why am I sharing these things with you? Hopefully to cause the question to be asked, "What and Why?"

Another example is each bank is required by the government (since 1990) to comply with what is called the community Reinvestment Act. What this is, each community is divided into zones based on real estate values linked to incomes, which can represent minority areas, as they term it. However, every account a bank has is broken down into one of these zones, listing the names of the account, amounts, and so forth. In addition, using census information, these zones can provide the number of residents in that zone by age, race, housing information, and much more that is available from the U.S. Census. Is this scary stuff? Will eventually every name with account information end up on lists to the government by census information? How do I know this you're asking? I developed and designed a computer tracking system for the bank that I worked at. It was so elaborate that the bank was the first bank in the entire U.S. to receive an excellant rating from the government for reporting. It was noted in many banking articles, and I received calls from presidents of banks all across the country on how my system was designed. It is only now that I regret designing it, for I truly understand now the intent of the information.

Finally, in closing, I would like to share something that I close my conversations and letters with to most everyone:"Go in the spirit of light and love. Be a light unto the world." And please, one last appeal, love and nurture our children, provide the real things they need, for they are this world's future. All children in every part of the world will someday be adults. God help us if we don't provide a foundation for them to properly grow with love, wisdom, and that which is truly good. I leave you with this poem. I hope it inspires the higher self in all mankind.

"A Special Journey"
by David Lawrence Dewey
copyright - February, 1993
All rights reserved


My life is a special journey,
Between my God and Me,
I chose not always the path he sets before me,
Those of joy, pain and sometimes sorrow.

Not until the last songbird sings its last song,
And the doves of peace cease to fly,
Will God pull down the curtain before heaven,
And explain the reasons why.

Until that day arrives,
I will be one with Him,
For in Him, I have found my light, my peace, his love within,
And without that, I would certainly be no more.

~ ~ ~ David Lawrence Dewey

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