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Election 2000 Issues
The Real Issues Of The Election Fiasco in Florida
October 17th, 2000
by columnist
David Lawrence Dewey

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The 2000 election was one of the most crucial elections to occur in the last forty years. The election of the new President would determine many areas of government that would influence many areas of American lives including the social conscious. This new President would appoint several to the U.S. Supreme Court which in effect sets the moral consciousness of this country. However, nearly two weeks after the election we still do not have an elected President. I have seen politicians do many things, but this fiasco beats anything. I have never seen more political hypocrisy from politicians. Bush, who as Governor of Texas signed into law last year in Texas a law that permits hand re-counting after elections and makes them valid to be included to totals. Gore is acting like a politician that has had his pork barrel project taken away from him. Secretary of State, Katherine Harris has been called every name in the book for being a crony of Bush's.

What I find amazing is that all of this could have been avoided by just a couple of things. The idiots on the canvassing boards in those counties that had butterfly ballots would have confused anyone. Why were these screwy ballots allowed to be used? Was this done purposely because most of the voters in these counties are the elderly who probably had a hard time reading these properly organized ballots and also there are large black communities in thse counties. Why were these counties that were primarily Democrat registered voters had these type of ballots? And why after several thousand voters were largely ignored in expressing their outrage by complaining to the Secretary of State and calling for a re-vote that a re-vote in just these counties in question did not occur. It would appear to me that under these circumstances that all the Secretary had to do was order a re-vote for all those that voted on election day in those counties. They have lists with telephone numbers that show who voted. All they had to do was call up these people up these counties, release it to the press and tell them they would have to re-cast their vote on a special re-voting day for just these voters. This election will decides these issues for the next several years to come. Abortion, Budget, Economy, China, Civil Rights, Crime, Defense, Drugs, Education, Environment, Families and Children, Foreign Policy, Free Trade, Immigration, Government Reform, Health Care, Juvenile Crime, Kosovo, Principles, Values, School Choice, Social Security, Tax Reform, Technology, Welfare and Labor. You would think that every politician who truly believes in the power of the vote would want a correct and accurate vote.

This is the sort of thing that the Americans need to see how screwed up our political system is. Here we have two politicans with a host of attorneys that have made America look stupid in the eyes of others around the world. I have received so many letters and emails from people around the world that state more or less the same thing. "No wonder you Americans have so many can't even elect a President."

It is time to realize that a major washing of our political system is needed. I truly believe that after this ridiculous mess is over with, and I base this opinion on several thousand emails from Americans, this is the last straw. They are so fed up with Democrats and Republicans and their ways, don't be surprized that Indepenent candidates running for office are elected more and more.

If the Justices on the U.S. Supreme Court were smart, they would order a complete re-vote in the counties in question. They should order the Secretary of State to have a re-casting of votes by all voters that voted according to the sign in sheets that day. I state this not to support either Gore or Bush, but to correct quickly a problem is crippling this country and if left to continue in the courts, we could very well end up without a President come January. This in my opinion is what Katherine Harris should have done at the very beginning of this mess. She complains that no matter what she would have done she would have taken heat from either side. I totally disagree with her because if she had ordered a re-casting of votes in those counties in question....none of this would be going on today. And by the way, Harris is the co-chairman of the Republican party in Florida and if you did not know it, Bush's brother is the Governor there.

Hopefully, the Justices at the U.S. Supreme Court will solve this problem in the most logical, costing saving and efficient way by ordering a re-casting of votes in the counties in question. This will save both parties from legally fighting and especially on which cards to count, dimpled or not dimpled. I can't believe they are still using technology that is fifty years old in Florida for voting. Maybe Katherine Harris instead of spending hundreds of thousand of dollars annualy on traveling throughout Florida to get to "know" the people better should spend it on getting new technology for voting. Evidently, she hasn't gotten to know the people, because thousands of voters in certain counties have demanded a re-casting of votes. There are too many bug-a-boos that are occurring in this mess with these re-counts. A complete re-casting of votes would solve the matter in a couple of days! Period! The American voter would have spoken who they wanted as President with no question. Many will argue this cannot be done. Many will argue that this is then giving the voters in these counties the ultimate power to elect who will be our next President . That this is not correct or justified. By reply to that is...are we then going to keep this thing going in the courts forever?

I would like to hear from you your those on this matter, so be sure to email me.

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By next and last column of this year will be my Christmas column. Hopefully by then Americans will know who their President is.

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~ God Bless ~

~ David Lawrence Dewey ~

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