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Why Is Nasa Firing Rockets Into Upper Atmosphere To Make Clouds?
September 15, - Dec. 15, 2009 - May 5, 2010
by columnist
David Lawrence Dewey
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Why Is Nasa Firing Rockets Into Upper Atmosphere To Make Clouds?
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When I first read about this I could not believe what I was reading.....

On September 15, 2009, Nasa shot another rocket into the upper atmosphere to create artificial clouds at the outermost layers of Earth's atmosphere. This has been occuring for sometime under the project called, Charged Aerosol Release Experiment (CARE). There is a huge problem with this. They are shooting aluminum oxide dust particles into the upper atmosphere which will eventually settle back down to lower altitudes on earth. In case you are not aware; aluminium oxide is toxic to animals, humans, [ see these reference studies STUDIES - AND - Illinois and Rhode Island Toxic Substances Safety Data Sheet - this is a .pdf file ] this will contaminate ground water, damage crops, damage forests. It will land on crops for human ingestion. I don't know about you but I certainly don't want to be eating produce that has alumnium oxide.

Thanks to a courageous woman by the name of Rosalind Peterson, this lunancy has been exposed. Below are links to various articles about this issue. Here is a little background on Rosalind so you won't think she is just some nutcase writing about this matter.

Rosalind PetersonIn 1995, Rosalind, now retired, became a certified California United State Department of Agriculture (USDA) Farm Servic Agency Agriculture Crop Loss Adjustor working in more than ten counties throughout California. Rosalind has a BA degree from Sonoma State University in Environmental Studies & Planning (ENSP), with emphasis on using solar power, photosynthesis, agriculture, and crop production.

Between 1989 and 1993 Rosalind worked as an Agricultural Technologist for the Mendocino County Department of Agriculture. After leaving Mendocino County she took a position with the USDA Farm Service Agency as a Program Assistant in Mendocino, Sonoma, and the Salinas County Offices, where she worked until becoming certified as a crop loss adjustor for the State.

You can read Rosalind's latest article on this issue here, US Navy To Conduct Massive Atmospheric Experimental Test

The following are photos taken after these rockets firings. The Space Station has even photographed them at night and they are shining clouds on the horizon as you will see.

Space Station Image Clouds

This photograph was taken by the International Space Station at night.

The clouds "glow" and "shine" at night and they can see them from the Space Station

Space Clouds
This photo of noctilucent clouds over northern Europe.
Credit: Pekka Parvianien

Space Clouds
This photo shows one of the first ground sightings of noctilucentclouds in the 2007 season over Budapest, Hungary on June 15, 2007
Credit: Veres Viktor

Space Clouds

This photo of noctilucent clouds are seen over Mt. Sabalan, a 15,784 ft extinct volcano in northwestern Iran.
Credit: Siamak Sabet

Rosalind has also been writing about the decimation of marine life due to the Navy conducting sonar experiments in the oceans. These experiments are killing whales, dolphins and other marine life by the thousands.

Read her article:

Marine Mammals & Other Sea Life To Be Decimated

According to Rosalind Peterson, it is now time that we, the people, stand up and stop these tests. The Navy and the Department of Defense have to understand that they are not allowed to go to war on us and our oceans for any reason. It is time to make our elected officials aware that we are going to stand against these policies. Take action today – contact your elected officials and stop these new atmospheric tests and demand Congressional Hearings.

For more information about Rosalind and her work:


1 - U.S. Navy & NASA Dust Cloud Experiments May Begin on Tuesday, September 15, 2009 Live September 14, 2009 Article By Clara Moskowitz, Staff Writer

2 - Strange Clouds Spotted at the Edge of Space by Jeremy Hsu, Staff Writer September 1, 2009

3 -Space Station Crew Photographs Mysterious Clouds that Shine at Night by Tony Phillips February 19, 2003

4 - An Update on the Charged Aerosol Release Experiment (CARE) Paul A. Bernhardt -
“…Plasma Physics Division, Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, DC 20375 Abstract. The radar scatter from artificial dusty plasma is space will be studied using at chemical release during the Charged Aerosol Release Experiment (CARE) in August or September 2009. CARE will be launch from Wallops Island, Virginia on a trajectory that takes the care release module to an apogee of 360 km altitude for a release on the downleg at 280 km altitude. 110 kg of aluminum oxide particulates will be injected from a 2-meter long canister with the exit port pointed to the nadir. A 60 degree ½ angle cone of dust will be injected with a velocity of between 2 and 3 km/s. The dust will become charged in the ionosphere to form negatively charged dust particles. The streaming dust will provide a source for turbulence due to charge separation electric fields and to two-stream instabilities. Ground radars operating at HF, VHF and UHF frequencies will probe the release region looking for enhanced backscatter. The HF radar be digital ionosondes be located near the launch site. The VHF radar will be located on Bermuda looking perpendicular to the magnetic field lines. The UHF radar will be located at Millstone Hill in Massachusetts. At late times, the particles will for an artificial dust cloud that will settle to about 100 km altitude. The measurements during this later phase will provide data on the transport of charged dust by lower-thermospheric winds…”

5 - Gelatinous Gelation in Aerosols; Non-Mean-Field Aggregation and Kinetics C.M. Sorensen and A. Chakrabarti Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas NASA Report 2008 Study [Link] [Link] [Link]

6 - Virginia Tech – Wayne Scales Charged Aerosol Particle Experiments September 14, 2009 Search

7 - MASS Spectrometry Talk

8 - Professor Scales – Charged Aerosol Particle Experiments – H.A.A.R.P.

9 - Could the H.A.A.R.P. Project in Alaska, NOAA, DOE, NASA, Air Force, Department of Defense, etc., be the reason for climate changes that have been escalating since the late 1980s, when the funds and technology allowed for the escalation of atmospheric heating and testing programs like NASA’s TMA Night Cloud tests using trimethylaluminum or the advanced testing of military weapons systems like star wars? NASA’s Night Clouds Atmospheric Testing Program:

10 - The NASA / U.S. Air Force CRESS 1990 Press Kit outlines an atmospheric NASA testing program (linked to H.A.A.R.P. and the U.S. Air Force, that could produce the Vibrant Spectrums (auroras), referenced above, as shown in my poster pictures. In this program canisters are loaded with chemicals and superheated at different atmospheric levels. These canisters contain the following chemicals that could be polluting our air and are showing up with unusual spikes in drinking water supplies in across California (California State Department of Health, Drinking Water Division Water Test Results-Public Records, Sacramento, California):
Aluminum, Barium, Strontium, Lithium, Calcium, SF6-Sulfur hexafluoride

11 - Note that SF6 is a very potent, toxic gas. It has the energy-trapping potential of 25,000 times that of Carbon Dioxide. The EPA has taken action to restrict release of this dangerous greenhouse gas and yet it is being used in atmospheric testing programs.

12 - Barium Releases March 22, 1976

13 - Lithium Red Sky April 16, 1979 – Alaska Science Forum:

14 - Alaska's Space Pyrotechnics – Alaska Science Forum – Barium February 18, 1985

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~ God Bless

David Lawrence Dewey

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