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January, 1998
by columnist
David Lawrence Dewey

"Reading provides knowledge...
knowledge leads to answers."
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This column was going to be about the best and worse of 1997, but I have postponed it for my next column. I have received so many emails from readers concerning the recent Clinton/Tripp/Lewinsky bombshell and after listening to both the President's State of the Union message and the Republican response from Senator Trent Lott last night, I decided to share my readers thoughts and my own on this.

Phyllis, 55 from Michigan wrote, "Why don't they just leave the President alone so he can do his job! And by the way I'm a registered Republican."

Bill, 44, from Colorado wrote, "Just another right wing religious attack, they are trying their best to just get Clinton, one way or another."

Patricia, 47, from Washington wrote, "You better be careful what you may tell a friend, you may be taped by Linda Tripp. This is the most ridiculous fabrication I've heard yet."

Samantha, 42, from Florida wrote, "I'm am so tired of hearing about who Clinton supposedly had sex with now, seems to me like a bunch of busy bodies that have nothing more to do than play Christian crusade time to save the nation from a supposedly evil man. Geez..I'd sure like to know if these right wing Christian fanatics have sex? And if they do, it's not my business or anyone else, so leave the President alone, so what, wasn't big mouth Lewinsky a willing participate in this, even if it really did happen, which I don't believe for a moment it did. Sounds like to me that its' some poor spoiled brat from a wealthy Beverly Hills environment that is simply trying to get her name in press."

The emails above are typical email responses I've been receiving, running about 95% in favor of Clinton. By what I've been reading, it certainly appears to me that this certainly is a witch hunt to try and destroy Clinton, and I also believe it is being propagated by the right Christian wing, who are using their influence with right wing politicians. Let me give a reason for my thinking with this. How many caught the Republican response by Senator Trent Lott after the President's State of the Union address? I listened with an opened mind to Senator Lott, some areas he made sense on, some areas were down right stupid. And when he was talking about Education, then about the drug increase among youths, then about family values, something caused the hair on my neck to stand straight up! It was when he said, "and the family that prays together", sorry folks that did it for me! That statement right there, if you think about it, is a reflection of what is occurring in Washington and it is down right scary!

There is suppose to be a separation of Church and State by our constitution. Since when should a elected government official make such a statement, bringing a religious belief into government matters. He is making a statement that the only true family is a family that prays together, and is this not bringing the Church into State matters? I am a spiritual person myself, however I do not presume for a minute that I have any right to tell anyone, much less a nation that the only way to good family values is to pray together. I'm sorry folks, this is simply gone to far and I'm tired of the religious right wing having such an influence in Washington to the point that now, we are starting to be told that we should start praying by an elected official to have good family values. Does anyone have to be hit over the head to make them see what this really is. I 'm calling a spade a spade and that is simply what it is

The attacks on Clinton are nothing short of an attack from the Christian right wing that are trying their best to change laws in Washington to suit their views, regardless of our constitution. Recently, I was told that one nationally known religious icon was speaking at a huge conference and made the remark, "Maybe its' time that we started looking at our Constitution and seeing the loop holes there to stop all the evil that has been allowed to foster because of the loop holes." This just send shivers down my spine folks. This is nothing short other than a dictator trying to call the shots, using religious beliefs as his weapon of justice, and using the ignorant sheep that follow him to do it. (Sorry, if I offended anyone in this group, but if you are a sheep that follows these religious leaders blindly, regardless of what is right or wrong, then you are blind!)

What amazes me is this woman named Linda Tripp. Why does her name keep popping up all the time with new so called allegations against President Clinton. And now the most recent. Taped telephone conversations with this Monica Lewinsky, who purports to have performed oral sex on President Clinton over 20 times. Please don't insult my intelligence. If anyone knows the security presence in the west wing (which contains the residence of the Clinton's) of the White House, you not only have to have a "green" pass to access the west wing, but there are over 100 people working in the west wing. Just where was she supposed to have performed this over 20 times with this many people around. And why is it that not one of these people are saying anything that they saw anything unusual concerning Lewinsky? Grant you, the residence is located in the west wing, and this is where it could have occurred, however, I understand there are maids in the residence, and why is it that not one of them is coming forth to say they saw Lewinsky in the residence. And if anyone tries to tell me that she supposedly performed this in the oval office, then that person must have a brain injury of some kind.

Linda Tripp needs to get a life and stop taping telephone conversations. What is it with this woman? Does she have some sort of hate passion to persecute the President. That is exactly what is appears to me.

Monica Lewsinky comes from the "showbizz" area of the country. She was raised in Beverly Hills, graduated at Beverly Hills high school, and from reports of classmates, was always trying to be the center of attention, even if she had to make up things. When I saw her for the first time on television, I saw something in her eyes. I'm sure you have come across people, and even have friends that do this, do things to seek attention. Most of them have this "look" in their eyes, like, "please notice me", but at the same time a "poor pity me look" of not being noticed, and then when they are noticed the look changes to "Oh, I got noticed, now what can I do to keep the attention". That folks is my impression of Monica Lewinsky.

And then all of these rumors of a "dress" with a semen stain of President Clinton's. Just another "leak" from the right wing to try and damage the President, anything to try and injure him falsely. If there is such a dress, why is it that neither Lewinsky or her attorney has confirmed its' existence, instead they just leave the rumor hanging out there, trying to damage the President with just a rumor. What I don't understand is why the Federal Judge is letting this mess go on. Why doesn't he say, either show your evidence or shut up!

The special Prosecutor in this matter, Kenneth Starr. I wonder what his ties are to the Christian right wing, Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell? Interesting what may be found out there huh? If he has so called evidence that incriminates the President and First Lady, then bring it on Mr. Starr, let's stop the childish games and get this mess over with. This has been going on all too long, and you have had more than enough time to investigate the matters. Instead you intimidate people by your constant questioning, over and over again of the same things. How any times do you have to be told the same thing before you get it. Are you deaf? So, bring on your evidence, and once and for all, let the American people decide whether what you have is valid enough to justify all this towards the President and First Lady, not to mention the expense and you keeping yourself in a high paying per day diem paying job!

This reminds me of the Nixon downfall. Could this be nothing but a Republican right Christian wing attack to try and get even for what the Democrats did to Nixon? Something to think about folks!

Regarding the President's State of Union message and Senator Lott's reply. Im my opinion, President Clinton has not been correct on some things he has wanted to change, but I would say he is close to 75% correct. The 25% difference is simply the "how " to change that is the difference in his goals to help the country. Senator Lott, made the statement that the Senate and House want to lower taxes, change the tax laws, eliminate IRS harassment, and provide child tax credits so that a family of four, (with two children), would pay no income tax. I have problems with all of these and here is why.

Lowering taxes: If you lower taxes, the government will have to borrow more to pay for its' operation and "try" to pay down the national debt, now sitting at over ONE TRILLION dollars. When the government has to borrow more, this will cause interest rates to increase, which will cause inflation, which leads to corporations down sizing, jobs lost, increased employment, our Gross National Product Production will decline, causing prices to rise. If you don't believe me, this is exactly what happened when President Reagan was in office, when taxes were lowered. Well, you know what happened afterward. The tax laws changed that benefited corporations, corporations started down sizing, moving factories overseas because of the new International Tax Credits and well you know the rest of the story. The only way that taxes can be lowered is to first balance the budget, meaning you have the same amount of money being spent by the government as it is taking in in taxes, and that there is enough surplus to pay down the national debt WITHOUT having to borrow again to keep government operations going

Changing the tax laws: Let's not have a repeat of the 70's, where who benefited the most was the "BIG" guy, "BIG" corporations and the "little guy", you and me got..well...screwed. We better keep a close watch over this folks

Provide child tax credits, so a family of four, ( with two children) would pay no taxes: I have a real problem with this for the single taxpayer. The single taxpayer has been abused tax wise more than anyone over the last 20 years when tax laws and increases were changed. With this proposal, who in essence will be paying these child care centers, or baby sitters to watch these kids, the single taxpayer mostly. Now is this fair, I don't believe so. If there is going to be a tax cut, the cut should effect every taxpayer, including single taxpayers. Here's one for you, single taxpayers then, especially if they have never had children, pay property taxes out the nose to send other people's kids to school. Single taxpayers under this category should then be able to directly take that amount directly off the tax due at the bottom of the 1040 form, and not have to be included in the standard deduction. However folks, I have a much better solution which is the most fair to all Americans, a single Federal Income Tax, without having to file any tax forms. A single 10% or 12% Federal Income Tax that is taken directly off your paycheck, no filing forms, no deductions, no refunds, no additional payments in April. Corporations would be taxed at 20%. This is the most logical because for the first time in America's history will it know exactly how much it has quarter to quarter it has that it can spend...a BALANCED BUDGET....oh, my, is that exactly what they have been talking about for the last ten years in Washington, talking but never doing! And the best thing of all, the government would have more revenues that from trying to collect the old way. This would also save the government in IRS operational expenses, because the department would be eliminated. But then you will have those politicians saying, "Oh, but we can't put all those people out of work!" Well, this is my comment. If it is true what the Republicans are saying about down sizing government, then they better start believing their own words!

Some of you will probably think that I am pro Democrat and against the Republicans. As a matter of fact, I am a registered Independent. I vote for the man and what he is making sense with. Not all this party talk of this and that. That has been this country's woes and problems the last sixty years, Americans have believed too strongly in the party, and it is the party goals that have ruined this country and in many areas, both Democrats and Republicans. If you care to read about what the both the Democrats and Republicans issue were in 1996, then read my columns, Clinton and Dole, Who Are They? and the Clinton and Dole Proposals. In these columns, I write about the issues, the proposal of each before the election. Here folks you will see just who had this idea or that idea to change things. It is amazing how now, both parties are claiming to take credit for the passage of this law or that law, when in fact , well, read the columns.

In closing, I really need to express these comments. I am so embarrassed for our country. Just imagine what people in other countries are thinking about all this. If you don't believe me, here are some emails from my readers overseas.

Mack, 48, from England, "I thought we had our things in the closet with our royal family was something, but what you have going on over there is a mess, by the way, who is running your country with everyone with their lawyers are having to defend themselves?"

Christine, 42, from Canada, "I feel sorry for you Americans, it seems like all you have anymore are people, (evidently mentally sick people and right wing Christians), are gaining control of your country, seems like all they like to do is bring allegations of whatever, simply to cause confusion and hurt people. You may want to ask yourself the real question, who and why are they doing this to destroy or cover something else up?"

The above two emails from people in other countries are typical of the ones I have been receiving from readers in Australia, Japan, Ireland, Mexico, Brazil, China just to mention a few.

This is why I am embarrassed for our country. When you really look at this things folks, we really should not be letting these things occur, now should we?

UPDATED - 1-29-98 - Below is a transcript supposedly of one of the taped conversations that Lewinsky had with Linda Tripp that I have received from a source on the internet. I understand this is about to be "leaked" to the press. You heard it here first. I find this quite amusing for the simple fact that this reminds me of two teenage girls fantazising about something that really didn't happen. You be the judge. For me this only convinces me that this whole thing is one huge attention better being used by Ms. Lewinsky.

Tripp: Whats up, Girlfriend?
Lewinsky:The creep is really beginning to piss me off....
Tripp:W( this is not clear here) wit dat, G?
Lewinsky:Well, I entered the White House through the secret door Kennedy put it for Marliyn, you know the one, right?
Tripp:You mean the one that leads to the makeout suite?
Lewinsky:Yeah, that's the one. I got my dress caught on one of those giant crates stored there, and it ripped.
Tripp:Yeah, then what?
Lewinsky:The creep just started laughing that stupid slack-jawed yokel laugh of his and said, "well, it's ruined. You should probably take it off." And -
Tripp:What a slimeball! Oh..sorry..didn't mean to interrupt.
Lewinsky:-then he was like, "you make my knees knock."
Tripp:He couldn't even come up with a new line! He used that one on Paula!
Lewinsky:Oh yeh, he told me about that...said it was an "improper relationship". I guess that means she didn't go down.
Lewinsky:Anyway, then he said, "get over here and give me a "proper relationship."
Lewinsky:It's not funny.
Tripp:I'm sorry, please continue..
Lewinsky:So, then he started his stupid, "Go baby" thing..that drives me nuts.
Tripp:I got real mad and decided I wasn't gonna let him act like a jerk all the time...I ate his...(XXXX), Linda, and they were damn good.
Tripp:You what?
Lewinsky:I ate his..(XXXX). Took a big f...... bite out of them and chewed. Squishy, but a chestnut.
Tripp:WOW! - what else happened

Updated Image


1-29-98 - 8PM EST

After reviewing today's recent events, and after receiving the above, I have decided that I am now 50-50 on this situation. I'm not too sure now whether something did or did not happen between Lewinsky and Clinton. Clinton's press secretary was not avoiding questions by the press today, he simply did not know the answer. (or so he said). I find this very unusual, since he is suppose to be the President's press secretary, especially when a reporter asked him, "Do you know whether Ms. Lewinsky was allowed in on December the 28th or not?" His reply was, "I do not know." I find this very unusual again, because all gates that provide entry into the White House are computerized that show not only who was checked through, but who approved the person to be checked through.

At this point folks, I think the best thing to do is to wait until all of these people decide to either cough up the evidence to prove this one way or the other. And the President I feel should make a public statement regarding this situation. This is a matter of grave importance to this country. This has to do with the abuse of power, and that folks is the truth that needs to be found out, has there or has there not been an abuse of power?

If you want to write, call or email your elected officials concerning this situation or any other matter, here are links for you to do that.

For a Senator's email address, go to Senate House. Here you will find a complete listing by state of Senators.

For members of the House of Representatives, go to House of Representatives. Here you will find a complete listing of the members of the House. At these sites you can also look up the voting record of any member of Congress. Check it out, you might be surprised on what you find regarding how your elected politicians are voting. If your writing via snail mail, you can also request your politicians voting record.

Want to write the President? Visit the White House.

Want to read the United States Constitution?

If you are not on the internet, then call your local district court clerks office. They list every elected officials regular mail address and telephone numbers

Also, if you want to vote to express your comments on this situation, go to, ABC NEWS. They are running continuous polls on this situation, asking Americans their thoughts

Well, there are my comments, and I am sure I will hear from you concerning them. So email me your thoughts, and I will follow up in a column after my next column which will be about the best and worse of 1997. I hope by then this Lewisky charge will be a thing of the past, but still continue to write me your thoughts on the issue.

~ David Lawrence Dewey ~

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