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Should Clinton Resign?
August 17th, 1999
by columnist
David Lawrence Dewey

"Reading provides knowledge...
knowledge leads to answers."
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This indeed was a day that the face of America was tarnished by the Clinton's disclosure of his "technically legally correct" affair with Lewinsky. I am for one am very embarrassed by his disclosure for our nation, and I am also very sad for President Clinton, the First Lady and Chelsea.

There will be the mass rush by the Republicans and "others" to get the President. They will be like rabid dogs, wanting to start impeach proceedings against President Clinton immediately. And for what? Yes, we have a President that evidently did "lie" under oath in January stating that he did not have a sexual relationship with Lewinsky, however, I truly feel that we need to look at the deeper personal issues instead of everyone saying, "Oh the President got caught lieing, what are we going to do next". Maybe we should look at the "whole" picture from the start of this mess.

Let's start at the beginning with Kenneth Starr when he began his investigation. My first question is why was this investigation ever started into the private life of President Clinton in the first place. I'm sorry folks, but this has truly puzzled me from the beginning. Although I do not agree with President Clinton's morals of what he has now admitted, I can certainly feel for anyone that would be placed in this type of a position of their private life being "laundered" in front of the nation, and for what purpose? Was this purpose since they could not find anything illegal in the other investigations of President Clinton and the First Lady, that they lowered themselves into finding the skeletons in the Clinton's closet. If any of you do not have some kind of so called skeleton in your closet that you are not proud of doing, then I applaud you, whoever you are. You must be a saint.

So we now have Starr investigating the private life of President Clinton. Have you ever asked yourself why Starr "zeroed" in on this affair with Lewinsky. And who started this all. Linda Tripp. And why did she start her crusade to expose the President, becoming "chumy" friends with Lewinsky. Did Tripp have a hidden agenda, a revenge to get even with the President, or did she really think she was bringing an injustice to the world, an affair of a President. I am not going to be mean spirited against Tripp, although I have never agreed with her motives in this whole affair, I truly feel sorry for her.

Now we have the "affair" exposed by Tripp and Starr has decided for whatever reason to investigate a private affair of a private citizen. Yes folks, even though President Clinton is the President of the United States, he still is a private citizen who has private rights. It appears that many have forgotten that along the way.

Next, Starr at first tries to get Lewinsky to admit to the affair and that President Clinton tried to use this power wrongfully to hide it Now, what I simply do not understand is this. It is very simple at this point folks. This affair, point blank folks, was no one's business from the beginning. This was a private matter between Clinton, Lewinsky and the First Lady. No one, and I mean no one had a right to air this in front of the nation. Tripp, Lewinsky or Starr.

Does anyone remember JFK's affair with Marilyn Monroe and others? What about President Eisenhower's affair with his aide. This would never had been done this and this should not have been done with Clinton. You certainly did not see anyone going around laundering those other President's private lives in front of the nation. So why now was this done to Clinton? This is the question that each and every American needs to ask themselves. What was the purpose in this?

January has rolled around and President Clinton under oath testifies that he did not have a sexual relationship with Lewinsky. President Clinton may very well be correct when he says that his testimony in January was legally correct. Without getting into lewd specifics about what type of sexual relationship they may have had, it certainly can mean that intercourse did not take place. Whatever did happen is no one's business. So at this point President Clinton testified that he did not have a sexual relationship with Lewinsky. If you have any human compassion, you must understand at this point in time why President Clinton may have answered like this. Here was a private mattter, very embarassing that he was ashamed of doing, and that he did not want to hurt the First Lady or Chelsea. If you can't see the personal emotional pressure that Clinton was under at the time, then you do not have an ounce of human compassion.

There are those that will say we can't have a President not only lieing to Judges but to the American people. Where is the trust they will say. Then I have this to ask. What business is it of any of us to question the private personal life of anyone, even our President. Yes, Clinton lied, so what are we going to do about it? Impeach him? I'm sorry folks but I don't think this warrants that extreme measure. I am quite sure what President Clinton is going through personally will have quite an impact on his life and his remaining term in office. Let me ask you this. If someone, say just someone you knew, not a close friend came up to you and asked you the question, "Are you having an affair with so and so?" And let's say you were and you were married. Would you tell the truth or avoid it by not telling the truth or bending the truth by saying, "Yes, we are seeing one another". First of all, I don't know about you, but if I had someone come up to me and asked me that, I would tell them it was none of their business. And this is what President Clinton should have done at the very beginning and the American people should have been behind him in this matter from the very beginning in this regard. The American people should never have let this investigation go as far as it did concerning this. Have we become a nation of hateful people that derive great enjoyment our of destroying people, using information regarding their personal life? Sure looks like it to me folks that we have. I thought we had become a nation of "free" people, is this what you call "freedom". Finally, after much thought, this is my opinion of what should happen next. It is simple. President Clinton did lie, flat out lied. He stated in January that he did not have sexual relations with that "woman". Now, he changes that sworn testimony under oath. I can understand the reasons of why he did not tell the truth from the beginning, the fact is he didn't. I can throughly understand the reasons why, family and so forth, and that really this was no one's business, however, the fact remains, he lied. I do not believe because of all the circumstances that Clinton should not be impeached, however, I do think that Clinton should take the responsibility of doing the "right" thing by resigning. I do not say this lightly, for many will disagree with me, but Clinton has been an effective President. However, his lie now brings an aura of mistrust that to the office of the President, conveyed to the American people and which I feel will probably never be re-gained, or as a matter of fact, was not ever there in the first place. The "correct" and "right" thing that should happen is Clinton should realize this and tender his resignation. For those of you that do not remember, Clinton demanded President Reagan's resignation when Reagan had his troubles. If anyone cares to remember what Clinton stated in a 1974 campaign speech, " If a President of the United States ever lied to the American people, he should resign". HELLO, anyone listening? This will be interesting to see if Clinton does what he has stated. Clinton's resignation would help heal the nation and this to me is the most important of all. Not Clinton, not Starr, not Congress, but the PEOPLE. If you wondering about all those polls out there concerning what the "real" people of America are thinking about this, then you need to read John Zogby's polling on this matter. Mr. Zogby is noted worldwide for his more accurate polls. He was the only one that accurately predicted that Clinton would win by a 49% voter percentage in the last election. You can read what the real polls are saying on - Zogby's current news page. The real polls are saying that if it is proven that Clinton did obstruct justice because of the Lewinsky relationship, then 2 to 1 are saying Clinton should resign. One last comment. What truly amazes me is the moral consciousness America has displayed concerning all of this. It appears that Americans could care less whether Clinton lied about the Lewinsky relationship, they are more concerned about the obstruction of justice matter, regardless of what you are hearing on the major networks or CNN. What concerns me is this. Americans are forgetting one thing. People are stating they don't care if Clinton lied about the Lewinsky relationship. The fact here is that Clinton lied. This isn't about Clinton's sex life, it is about a lie folks! Isn't a lie, a lie anymore? Or does it simply matter what the lie is about. Doesn't America have any moral consciousness anymore about telling lies, or they just use to it by the politicians. Well, maybe it is time for that thinking to change towards all politicians. Hello America, maybe it is time that we realize that we don't have to take any lies or false promises from politicians, regardless what it is about. I have to remember something my grandmother taught me when I was very young. A lie is a lie, period! When you find people that lie, be wary she would say, you won't be able to trust them as far as you can throw them. And believe me, there are several politicians I would like to throw out the window. I could care less about Clinton's sexual escapades or what he does or does not do sexually. That is none of my business, or anyone's. What should be anyone's business about this whole affair is one simple question. Did Clinton lie? Now, here is the second question, when you come across anyone, even a friend that you find has lied to you, what do you do? Do you continue to have the same type of relationship, or do you find yourself not trusting or believing in that person? I believe America, we need to separate all the sex from the truth and realize that this truly is about trust and telling the truth, being honest and and upfront, a straight shooter as I call it. I am sure that once you look at this whole affair in that way, you will see what I have tried to present in this column about this whole affair. And that is, a person's sex life is their own private matter. Starr should never had gone this far. However, when you have the possibility that the President of the United States has used his office to possible obstruct an investigation, then Starr did have to proceed to get to the truth. The bottom line is this. If Clinton had told the "truth" in January that he did have a sexual relationship with Lewinsky but did not ask anyone to lie about it, help Lewinsky as "trade" to keep her mouth shut about it, then I believe my position and many other Americans would be much different today. (Keep in mind that if Clinton had told the truth in January about the Lewinsky affair that this probably would have affected the outcome of the Paula Jones case, so what is self-serving in this situation?) The fact is, Clinton did not tell the "truth". Even though this really was a private matter, the point is he lied folks. Can't anyone see that? Starr had every right to ask that question of Clinton because of the possible obstruction of justice issue. This to me is the real issue before all America. By the way, to set the record straight, I am registered as an Independent. I do not have ties with either party.

There will be those that will not agree with my comments. We should not forget this affair for one simple reason, to remind us how not to let something get so out of hand. We had a great part in this, all of America. The hype of the media from the very beginning. Starr's news leaks of "stories" that simply were not true concerning details, especially about the "dress". And this one really gets me folks. Why in God's name is Starr having DNA tests done on the the so called stain on the dress. Is this to prove that Clinton had an affair with Lewinsky. My God, we truly have become a nation of destroying people, prying into their personal lives to destroy them, this we also need to remember, and know that this is not the way to do things.

There has been over 40 million dollars and nearly a year spent on this investigation. Our nation has suffered in many ways. There is work that needs to be done in Washington and this needs to come to an end. I call upon Americans, truly ask yourself this question from your heart. Would proceeding any further with this matter serve this nation as a whole. If pursued in my opinion, it would do nothing but destroy our foundations even more of what this great country is suppose to stand for, and that is freedom. Personal freedom that you as a private citizen have and that one does not have to answer to anyone about. But yet, we have demanded a President to do so. WHY?

I remember a passage that one spiritual leader spoke to the masses nearly 2,000 years ago. He said, " He who is without sin, let him throw the first stone." I sincerely pray that we have not become a nation of stone throwers. However, I hope we have become a nation of consciousness to not acept anything that is not right or true. That is why I say, Clinton needs to take the responsiblity in resigning. By the way, don't be surprized if in the next few days, some major world event that the United States will become envolved in does not happen. This might be another "Wag The Dog" scene.

In closing, all I can add is let your heart be your guide. Not your mind, not what you will be hearing from the right wing, the Republicans and yes even probably some Democrats. For once, do you think it would be possible to simply let our nation heal from this. Or do we as a nation want more blood? God, I hope not, for all our sakes.

Maybe, just maybe, our nation as a whole will do the "right" thing here.

This column was suppose to be about health and nutrition, that will be my next column. I will have a guest commentary. Rosemary Fisher, and 89 year old youngster who has written several health nutrition books. She has proven what I have been saying for years, you are only as healthy as that what you eat. If you want to find out more about Rosemary, she has her own website at

In case any of you did not catch my June column about the Stock Market/Japan Asian Crisis, you may want to read it since the major news networks have finally started reporting what I reported a two months ago.

I would like to end this column with a plea to the people and my readers in all countries. I call upon the loving grace of God that each of of have within us to help stop the killing of innocent children such as in Indonesia. Do innocent children have to die because adults cannot sit down and talk among themselves like adults to resolve their differences? How many more innocent children have to die in a senseless act of proving ones' political/religious views. My God, have we not grown into a more civilized form of life under God's creation.

~ David Lawrence Dewey ~

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