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August 25th, 2003
by columnist
David Lawrence Dewey
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American IDOL Update 8-25-2003

This is an update for the 1,253 people that filed complaints regarding the American Idol telephone voting problems. As of August 25, 2003, there has been no reply from the FCC regarding the 1,253 complaints that I sent to each of the FCC Commissioners on July 3, 2003 with my letter. We are still awaiting a reply. I will keep you updated. Now to updates on politics, health and consumers alerts.


ENRON... Remember the energy giant that literally stole millions of dollars from investors using fraudulent companies by falsely increasing the price of the stock? Why is it that there has not been anything in the news about the key insiders in ENRON? For example, Kenneth Lay, the Chairman of the Board who made $37,683,887 million, Jeff Skilling, former CEO, $14,480,755 million, Lou Pai, Unit Ceo, $62,936,552 million and Andrew Fasto, the fired Chief Financial Officer, $30 million? Jeff Skiing has taken the fifth. Andrew Fasto was finally charged by the Justice Department. And what about Lay and Pai? Poor Martha Stewart has been charged concerning a mere $340,000.00 while Lay has walked away with nearly $38 million and Pai, nearly $63 million and both have yet to be charged with anything. Something wrong with this picture you asked? And, as you know, Rockefeller's Exxon/Mobil (formerly Standard Oil) is the world's largest corporation, with his JP Morgan Chase and Citigroup. These two banks financed the Enron scandal.

Did you know that ENRON, ( executives named above ), contributed in various ways over $2 million to President Bush's campaign. Not to mention that Bush had the use of one of ENRONS's huge private jets during his campaigning across the country. And after the election and before the ENRON scandal, Vice-President Cheney met six times with ENRON executives under the auspices of the Energy Task Force. And now, Vice-President Cheney has used executive privilege and also in the name of national security and refused to release the minutes of the those meeting to both Senate and House member Committees investigating the ENRON scandal.

And don't forget Senator Phil Gramm's wife, Connie, who was on the board of ENRON. Mrs. Gramm also received $50,000 for a "special charity" shortly before the ENRON scandal hit. Mrs. Gramm joined Enron's board in 1993 after helping to get new rules written,( during former daddy Bush's Presidency), exempting some energy trades from government oversight, particularly the type of energy business that Enron was doing. The exact type of trades that led to the little guy getting milked out of millions. My last comment concerning Kenneth Lay and Lou Pai? Why are they not being charged by the Justice Department with fraud? I think everyone should be writing their Congressmen asking this question.

This leads me to Governor Davis's recall problem in California. Now you are asking, what in the world does the above have to do with Governor Davis's recall problem? Before I explain, I want to make it perfectly clear that I am not pro Democrat or pro Republican. I am registered as an independent. I am only reporting the facts and my opinions based on the facts.

Governor Davis I believe is getting a bum rap. The financial woes of California can all be traced back to the ENRON scandal with California residents paying the highest price for electricity in the country during that time period. This problem was also caused by California deregulating public utilities, which I admit Davis had a hand in. However, at the same time, this did pave he way for a bunch of crooks and thieves to come along and take advantage of the poor working class. Governor Gray has since said that deregulation of public utilities was the worse thing the state could have ever done.

You see, with de-regulation, energy companies can pass on whatever "costs" they want to come up with along to users along the transmission lines. And this is exactly what ENRON did. They bilked the system making millions for themselves and leaving the little guy holding the bag. How much in California? Some estimates say it is nearly 1 billion dollars. All caused because of the ENRON scandal. I also believe it is an attempt by the Republicans to "get" California's electoral votes secured before the election in 2004.

What you don't hear about is what Governor Gray has done for California since being elected Governor. Here are just ( 16 ) of some of the "good" things he has done. By the way, Governor Gray originally got elected by 3.5 million voters. The most turnout in California for years for any candidate.

1:) Improved student academic test scores
2:) Built new power plants
3:) Approved paid family leave
4:) Enacted tough gun controls
( the NRA can't stand him and the NRA is basically Republican backed )
5:) Protected old-growth redwoods
6:) Has protected the California coastline from expanded oil drilling
7:) Expanded Cal Grants for college students
8:) Raised the minimum wage
9:) Improved teacher training and accountability
10:) Expanded the Healthy Families medical insurance program
11:) Boosted investments in public safety and highways
12:) Restored relations with Mexico
13:) Preserved women's right to choose
( the anti-abortionists can't stand him, again, mainly Republican backers )
14:) Approved a holiday for Caesar Chavez
15:) Increased rights for gays and lesbians
( every citizen in America whether they are black, Hispanic, red, yellow, gay should all have the same rights, this is a country of "freedom" for all isn't it ? )
16:) Restored the eight-hour workday
( corporations can't stand him because of this - again mainly Republican backers )

So, my advice to California voters. Should Governor Gray be recalled in my opinion? No. Why? By asking this one simple question. Through all this name calling, can anyone really tell me exactly what Governor Gray has done wrong? And one cannot use the ENRON electric crisis as a beating drum. That was not Governor Gray's fault. It was greedy executives and in my opinion some greedy politicians that also profited from that scandal and Governor Gray as not one of them. Governor Gray's hands have also been hog tied by Republicans in the state legislature with mandated propositions that have crippled and made worse the financial crisis in California. My point is very simple. California voters, make very sure of what you are being told about Governor Gray is true before voting to have him removed.

As far as the ENRON scandal. Here's a tip for Congressional investigators and federal prosecutors:

Start by looking at the India deal. Closely. Enron had a $3 billion investment in the Dabhol power plant, near Bombay on India's west coast. The project began in 1992, and the liquefied natural gas- powered plant was supposed to supply energy hungry India with about one-fifth of its energy needs by 1997. It was one of Enron's largest development projects ever (and the single largest direct foreign investment in India's history). The company owned 65 percent of Dabhol; the other partners were Bechtel, General Electric and State Electricity Board. This then ties into Unocal oil, Harken oil and Halliburton, the company that Vice-President Cheney was once the Chief Operating officer.

And as far as Arnold hiring self made millionaire, Warren Buffett and George Schultz from the Reagan period as financial advisers. God help you all out there in California if these to get in there. Did you know that Warren Buffett, ( Birskhire Industries) has invested heavily in China's major state owned oil company, Petrochina Co. Ltd. Buffett is also a major stockholder in Coco-Cola and Gillette. Educate yourself further. You can view the companies that Buffet's Birkshire Industries owns at this SEC Edgar URL:


Here are latest polls results from the Zogby polls. Zogby is the most accurate unbiased poll measuring firm in the country. Zogby has predicted the correct election of every President since 1952.

Bush Job Performance

August 16-19, 2003 Current 52% approve 48% disapprove
July 16-17, 2003 Current 53% approve 46% disapprove
June 10, 2003 Post Iraqi War 58% approve 41% disapprove
March 16, 2003 Pre Iraqi War 54% approve 45% disapprove
September 25, 2002 One year Post 9/11 64% approve 36% disapprove
September 23, 2001 Post 9/11 82% approve 17% disapprove
August 27, 2001 Pre 9/11 50% approve 49% disapprove
April 26, 2001 100 Days in Office 52% approve 44% disapprove
January 16, 2001 Pre Inauguration 42% approve 36% disapprove

Something has changed dramatically. The "down" trend is seen in the percent of voters who say it’s time for someone new in the White House (48%), compared to (45%) who said the President deserves to be reelected.

Re-Elect or Someone New ?

August 16-19, 2003 45% re-elect 48% someone new
July 16-17, 2003 46% re-elect 47% someone new
June 10, 2003 49% re-elect 38% someone new
January 27, 2003 49% re-elect 41% someone new
October 25, 2002 49% re-elect 35% someone new
September 25, 2002 49% re-elect 38% someone new

Nearly three in five (58%) respondents say they have a favorable opinion of the President as a person, while 40% say their opinion is unfavorable. In Zobgy's July 2003 polling, his rating was 57% favorable, 42% unfavorable. In Zogby's February, 2001 polling, 64% said favorable, 14% said unfavorable.

You can view the entire results at Zogby's,


Hydrogenated Oils Does Cause Diabetes Type II

In 1998, I wrote my column, Hydrogenated Oils-Silent Killers" and showed how hydrogenated oils cause diabetes type II. Well, the proof is in the pudding finally. A recent study Researchers from Harvard School of Health examined the long-term relationship between different types of dietary fat and the risk of type 2 diabetes.

More than 84,0000 women aged 34 through 59 were involved in the study. All were free of diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular disease at the start of the study. After 14 years, slightly more than 2,500 cases of type 2 diabetes were documented. This is 3% out of the test subjects that developed diabetes type II.

As they looked at the detailed dietary information that had been gathered periodically over the course of the study, the researchers concluded that trans fatty acids increased the risk of type 2 diabetes in women. Polyunsaturated fatty acids (Omega-3 essential fatty acids found in fish and flaxseed, pumpkin seed, olive oil and walnuts) does indeed to appear to reduce the risk.

The researchers concluded, "Substituting non-hydrogenated polyunsaturated fatty acids for trans fatty acids would likely reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes substantially."

In the Harvard report, eating saturated fats (found in animal-based foods such as butter or hamburger) or mono unsaturated fats (found in nuts, fruits, vegetables, and some oils such as flaxseed, olive, peanut, and almond) had no association on the incidence of type 2 diabetes. Other studies indicate that mono unsaturated fats increase insulin sensitivity, as well as decrease glucose and insulin levels.

IBS, ( Irritable Bowel Syndrome), Crohn's, Colitis can be reversed.

If you suffer from IBS, Crohn's or Colitis, you may want to try the treatment listed below and diet. Many that have suffered from these conditions for years have reversed the conditions. This will even help diverculitis. Aloe Vera gel capules taken daily help diverculitis tremendously, also the other conditions.

First, I want to share with you information I have acquired over the years concerning these diseases.

WHITE and whole wheat flour will irritate IBS, because it increases acidity levels. Purchase some spelt flour, ( spelt is a 5,000 year old Egyptian grain and has only 1/10th the amount of gluten than either white or whole wheat - gluten is what irritates the colon ).   Also purchase organic white flour. But you will only use 1/2 of the white or whole wheat flour in this recipe. Spelt is a grainy grain and you need the white flour, ( you can use whole wheat ), to improve the texture. Don't worry about the small amount of gluten you will be picking up from the white or whole wheat. By using only 1/2 of white or whole wheat, you are reducing the gluten by 50% over store bought bread. And if you use the treatment program below, in time the healing process will take place in the colon and the sensitivity to gluten will no longer be a problem.

Here is an easy but 100% healthy bread recipe for a bread machine.

2 1/4 cups of spelt flour
2 1/4 cups of organic white flour - ( stone ground if possible )
1 packet of Flesihman's Rapid Rise yeast
3 tablespoons of FLAXSEED MEAL - grounded up FLAXSEED into flour like powder
( flaxseed is high in Omega 3 essential fatty acids, the good acids that help to balance the acids in your colon ) 4 tablespoons of HONEY
1 cup + 5 tablespoons of warm water, at least 101 degrees
4 tablespoons of GRAPESEED OIL

Mix dry ingredients together for 15 seconds in bread machine.   Mix the wet ingredients together thoroughly.  Re-start bread machine, pour in wet into dry ingredients.   After baking, load in half and freeze if you do not eat bread everyday.

I CANNOT stress the importance of making your OWN bread at home.  Stay away from store bought breads - PLEASE !

Stay away from CORN OIL - very bad ! as well as canola and vegetables oils that you purchase at the regular grocery store.  These oils have been refined using HEAT, and the color you see, gold, is ADDED COLOR.  If you have ever seen corn oil before the color is added, it is a sick brown/yellow color. Pure oils - unrefined have a very light or distinct very light natural yellow like grapeseed oil, or the light green as olive oil does.

COCONUT OIL - excellent source to mix with GRAPESEED oil for stir frying or using as an oil to make stirred fired scallop potatoes.  PURE coconut and I stress pure, not the kind that has been refined by an excellent oil, you just should mix it with either olive oil or grapeseed oil.   In Hawaii, they have used coconut oil for centuries and the people in Hawaii have a lower rate of heart disease than any other of the states.

Use grapeseed oil in bread recipes. It is 50 times for antioxidant that vitamin E and an excellent source of Omega 3 essential fatty acids that help to build and balance a healthy immune system.  The American diet has way to much Omega 6 essential fatty acids oils like corn, cottonseed, palm oils.  Stay away from these.

Use a mixture of grapeseed oil, olive and coconut oil to baste like chicken breasts for baking, for salads dressing, for pie crusts, anything. Put grapeseed oil in a small hand sprayer and use it for cooking scrambled or fried eggs.

USE 100% BUTTER - NO MARGARINES - period!   Margarines are loaded with trans fatty acids. The only one do I recommend to use here and there, is Smart Balance. It contains no hydrogenated oils or trans fatty acids. It does contain a small amount of canola oil, ( which I am not thrilled about using ), but if you must use a margarine type spread instead butter then this is the only one I recommend.   However, like I said, use it sparingly. Simply use just plain butter.   Natural butter will not cause your liver to start producing more cholesterol.  When you deprive your body of natural cholesterols, your liver will produce MORE, causing higher cholesterol levels. If you have high triglycerides, STOP Using white sugar and eating sweets.

As far as sugar, use NO white sugar.  Use natural TURBINO brown cane sugar. Do not use brown sugar. It must say TURBINO.  This is sugar made from simple natural cane sugar.   In Hawaii, they have used this also for centuries.  Hawaiians that only use Turbino sugar have the lowest incidence of diabetes type II and tooth cavities.

DO NOT EAT dry cereals, they are loaded with hydrogenated oils/trans fatty acids.  I cannot stress enough not to eat anything that says it has hydrogenated oils in it.  At some health foods stores, you can find dry cereals that do not have hydrogenated oils in them. ArrowHead Mills makes a delicious spelt dry cereal free from hydrogenated oils. You pay more for them, but how much is your health worth? You decide.

For snacks, eat celery with NATURAL peanut butter or almond butter. Make sure it does not contain hydrogenated oils in it. Most of the "snacks" you see at on grocery stores shelves contain them.    Here is a simple snack recipe. Get white potatoes, cut in small slices. Spray with grapeseed oil, then sprinkle with paprika, garlic, lemon salt.  Put on flat pan.   Bake at 450 under brown and crisp.   These will keep about 7 days because you use grapeseed oil. Put in plastic air tight bag.

It is also important to get the pH in balance in the body. There are a number of liquid products out there that can balance your pH. Make sure you get pH test strips from your local pharmacy. They can be purchased over the counter.

by Dr. Paul Eck, M.D. PH.D - Internal Medicine/Researcher
University of Natural Healing, University of North Carolina

People with digestive inflammation are copper-toxic and zinc deficient.  This inflammation of the colon produces diarrhea and or chronic constipation.   It's a stress condition that leads to a zinc deficiency But it is not a  simple condition to correct. And giving zinc by itself will in many cases will not produce a result.  When the zinc levels drop due to stress, then you get tissue break-down in the colon. Zinc is needed to produce the long amino acid chains that give proteins their strength.  When zinc is low, you also get inflammation. Zinc reduces body sodium levels, and when zinc is deficient in any tissue,  sodium rises and there is inflammation.  This inflammation reduces absorption of nutrients from the diet, which further contributes to the starvation of the patient leading to colitis, Crohn's, and celiac disease.  This also causes  the chronic diarrhea or constipated  patient.   As zinc levels drop, copper levels rise, because the two minerals are antagonistic to each other. The zinc deficiency allows a copper build-up to occur. Typically these patients are what I call copper-toxic. A recent study involving mineral testing of the fingernails of 150,000 patients revealed that high copper levels are indeed associated with Crohn's disease - just as I have been saying for years.  Standard blood tests do not show high copper levels.  Only live tissue testing will show the copper toxicity.

The high copper levels cause nausea, just like the high copper  levels in the pregnant women. Naturally the nausea makes it difficult for these patients to eat. They tend to pick at their food. As the condition worsens, they often develop anorexia due to the high copper levels.

This, in combination with the colon inflammation and the tissue breakdown, makes Crohn's disease a deadly condition.  Patients can die from it.   The importance of hourly doses of nutrients to cure the colon is very important.  Most physicians in natural healing through nutrition will give doses two or three times a day.  This just won't cut it with colitis, Crohn's, celiac disease or chronic colon inflammation.  I recommend starting with zinc and vitamin B-6 and then the added nutrients until the condition is under control.  Vitamin B-6 was essential to the building up of  proteins. The horrible odors associate with these disorders of the colon is the result of this deficiency. I stress that it cannot corrected by using acidophilus bacteria. What was happens instead is excessive tissue catabolism or breakdown occurs.  Tissues will break down faster than they can regenerate.  Vitamin B-6 is directly involved in the synthesis of proteins. With the correct levels of protein in the colon linings, this will stop the tissue breakdown.  However, without the proper protein levels in the colon, you can't stop the diseases.  This also is what causes the nausea that patients always have with these diseases.

Initially, I recommend using doses of 50 milligrams of vitamin B-6 once an hour. However, in extreme cases,  200 milligram tablets plus manganese may have to be used to get the the disease under control.  Manganese fires up the adrenals.  A total of 1,200 milligrams of B-6 per day spread out hourly, ( 12 hours period ), up to 2,000 milligrams may be needed to get the disease and associated nausea under control.   The addition of  pantothenic acid, 500 milligrams per tablet,   every one to two hours, along with a tablet of zinc and the vitamin B-6 is then followed.  If the following can be found in liquid form, it is highly recommended to use the liquid form in place of the tablets.

Pantothenic acid is another name for vitamin B-5. It is a universal protector against stress. It also has a beneficial effect on copper metabolism.    Pantothenic acid helps copper to be eliminated through the skin.  The last nutrient that should be added is the mineral molybdenum. I have been a pioneer in using this mineral to overcome  copper toxicity.  Over the years, I have found that only about forty percent  of the copper-toxic cases can be helped by using the mineral zinc.

The problem with zinc is that it can depress the adrenal glands.  The adrenals are needed to enhance the production of a protein, named ceruloplasmin, that escorts copper from the body - thus preventing copper build-up.  But if you depress adrenal activity with too much zinc,  the person goes further into exhaustion, and more and more copper  accumulates. This is the opposite of what you are trying to accomplish.

What initially attracted me to the mineral molybdenum was  research relating it to copper deficiency in sheep. There is a condition in sheep in which they develop swayback or scoliosis. It is caused by a copper deficiency.   In one farm in Australia, they determined that excess  molybdenum in the soil was blocking the copper in the sheep's diet.  Molybdenum binds directly to copper in the bloodstream.   It will even bind to ionic copper, which is the most toxic form of copper in  the body.  With molybdenum, it is not necessary to produce proteins to transport the excess copper. Molybdenum binds directly and removes it  from the bloodstream. Molybdenum also acts with the mineral sulphur, which is known as a cleanser.  The reason sulphur is such a cleanser is because of its joint action  with molybdenum in removing copper. That's why I give another nutrient high in organic sulphur at the same time to my patients.  Molybdenum also acts as an adrenal stimulant, for without adrenal  strength, you cannot transport or remove copper effectively from the body.  I believe that copper toxic patients are also suffering  from copper deficiency and molybdenum helps make the stored copper available. The amazing paradox that confounds most health professionals is how a person who is copper-toxic can also be starving for copper. A person who is copper toxic,  can also be copper deficient.  They may sound like a contradiction.  I assure you it is not.  Patients may be loaded with stored copper but at the same time, he cannot get at that stored copper. To use a simple comparison.   It is like having  money in the bank, but it's Sunday and the banks are closed.   It is the same with copper. Copper toxicity may be killing the patient, but the patient can still be starving for copper that the patient can actually use for metabolic processes in the colon.  And here is where the  molybdenum can help by flushing out excess copper, and by making other  copper usable to the bodies' tissues.

Finally with molybdenum,  it drives the body's excess copper levels low enough so that tissue repair can begin to take place.  Without the zinc and available copper, the body cannot form the  polypeptide chains of proteins. That's why colitis, Crohn's, or celiac disease patients have such an extreme problem in digesting and forming protein, and why the disease can be fatal.

Proteins hold the body together and are the basis of  hormones. If proteins cannot be manufactured, you will not have the  enzymes you need to support life.   Most physicians use cortisone/predisone to suppress the inflammation, but without  the proper mineral balance, you cannot restore the breakdown in protein metabolism or prevent tissue death in the colon.  The physician is only treating the symptoms and not the source of the problem.   The use of antacids that contain any form of aluminum should be strictly avoided.  Aluminum only adds to tissue death and interferes with protein synthesis into cell tissues

In lab animals experiments where animals have ongoing tissue inflammation and necrosis, forms of aluminum such as in antacids only contradict and worsen tissue death.  These mediations will temporarily eliminate gas problems, reflux and some pain associated with these diseases, however the overall result is by adding this element that will only worsen the condition in the long run.   That is why I recommend the liquid  calcium/mangesium nutrient several times a day.  This will eliminate most of the reflux problem, gas and will sooth the colon linings and reduce pain.

In my opinion,  Molybdenum is an important breakthrough.  Without it, there would be many patients I simply could not have helped.   In addition, most patients are deficient in calcium.  I recommend dosages of calium with magnesium, with Molybdenum.   Liquid is the best form of this nutrient to submit to the body for assimilation properly.   Research has shown that correct amounts of calcium in the colon linings substantially prevent colon cancer, which in these patients are approximately 30 times more at risk of developing colon cancer.  Physicians must keep this in mind when treating these patients and must use the approach of balancing the colon lining with the proper nutrients to promote healthy colon tissue. 

The use of vitamin E and especially B complex vitamins should be avoided during the above recommended treatment. These nutrients will only increase the tissue inflammation.  The use of timed released vitamin C or pure grapeseed extract is highly recommended though. Grapeseed is fifty times for powerful as an antioxidant to rid the body of free radicals that are being produced at high levels in these diseases.   Lab results usually will show high Westerngreen ESR and C-Reactive Protein during the course of these diseases. 

If the colon is infected, the patients WBC will be high.  However, in patients that have a immune disorder or immunodeficiency disorder, the WBC will never be elevated when infection has infiltrated the colon. This is why many times Physicians fail to prescribe the drug Metronidazole, 250mg to 500mg two or three times a day for a period of 5-7 days.  Raw Pineapple maybe used in place of the Metronidazole in the patient can tolerate pineapple.  The patient must eat nothing but raw pineapple, as much as they like with plenty of water for three days.

he enyzmne bromelain is effective in destroying most parasites, even parasites that have a protective coating and forma little cyst. The enzyme destroys the cyst including the larvae.   This should be followed by a broad spectrum anti-biotic such as Zithromax or Levaquin for several days.

There is usually more than one type of bacteria present.  The patient should avoid all foods that could possibly harbor parasites.  In recent studies,  parasitic infestation has been been seen in many cases of colitis, CROHN's, and celiac disease.  Flora enzymes should also be followed to eliminate any yeast infection caused from these drugs.   The use of flora enzymes is highly recommended, but only after the treatment of zinc, B-6, B-5 and  Molybdenum has been in process for several days.   It is important to remember that the higher the ESR and C-Reactive Protein values, that continued and excessive tissue death will occur in the colon.

It is important for Physicians to remember that unless the source of the problem is gotten under control, these diseases cannot be cured.  The source of the problem is the tissue death that is occurring in the colon linings and the non-regeneration of healthy tissue and the proper balance of flora bacteria in the colon.

In addition, I suggest the use of the herb slippery elm.  It is an old Inca remedy to stop bleeding.   It is taken in powdered form. Mix a large tablespoon in a dish of purified water. It makes a jelly-like gruel that is not only soothing to the colon,  anti-infective as well. A woman became a patient of mine. She had been diagnosed with chronic inflamed colitis from tissue biopsies performed during a colonscopy.  She had serious bleeding from the colon wall.  Her other Physician tried several shots of cortisone over a month period to stop the bleeding.  This treatment did not stop the bleeding. Within one week on the slippery elm, once a day  the bleeding stopped and remarkably over the course of 4 weeks taking the slippery elm and by other recommendations, her colon healed completely and she was off drugs.  She had been fighting this disease for nearly two years.  If physicians have a hard time finding the recommended nutrients, they can be obtained through Endo-Met  Laboratories at (602) 995-1580,  8650 North 22nd Avenue, Phoenix, Arizona 85021


B-6 (50mg)  ( split into quarters, 12.5  each - take 1 every hour not to exceed 6 hours )
* not to exceed 1,200 millgrams over 12 hour period except for extreme cases)
* in extreme cases to stop nausea, gas, or pain, up to 200mg per hour, not to exceed 2,000mg 12 hr period
* be sure to drink lots of water when taking additional B6

B-5 (200mg) ( split into quarters, 50 mg each -  every hour for up to six hours do not take more than 600 MG over 24 hour period

ZINC 50mg   * not to exceed more than 100mg daily, and not for more than 3 days at this dosage)
* take 50mg tablet, split in quarters, 12.5mg each quarter.  Start with 1 (12.5mg) tablet every hour for 4 hours.  If nausea persists, take (1) additional tablet, every hour for two more hours.  Not to exceed (6) 12.5mg quarters over 12 hour period.  However, most liquid minerals as listed below contain ZINC in them.  Dosage levels will change according to ZINC levels in liquid minerals.
The above recommendations for B6, B5, Zinc are only to be taken for up to 6 hours in 24 hours period and not more than 3 days to alleviate symptoms.  Maintenance levels should then be (1/2) tablet daily of the recommended dosage levels.  An additional B-Complex must be taken to eliminate deficiencies of other B vitamins, especially B1 and B12.

Liquid Mineral Supplement containing the following: Begin with 1 tablespoon every hour for up to 6 hours for first 1st day. Then decrease to 4 times daily for three days, then three times daily for 5 days, then once daily as preventative maintenance.    May take up to (6) tablespoons daily to eliminate symptoms.  Innovative Naturals makes the following liquid mineral and can be found at most health foods stores.

Calcium 200mg  - 20% of RDA
Magnesium 80mg - 20% of RDA
Manganese 50 mcg - 25% of RDA
Zinc 5mg - 20% of RDA
Molybdenum 25mcg - 33% of RDA
Phosphorus 25mg 3% of RDA
Chromium 25mcg 20% of RDA
Boron 25mcg
Germanium 25mcg
Vadium 1.5 mcg
Selenium 15mcg
Copper 10mcg - 10.0% of RDA
* Innovative Naturals make a good liquid mineral above -found at health foods stores*
If the liquid supplement has Zinc as above 5mg,  take only (12) maximum 6.25mg quarters of Zinc daily.

Do not take more than 100mg of zinc daily and not for more than 5 days.  Although copper toxicity is a problem, however the copper above in the liquid mineral will be utilized by the tissues via the blood because of the zinc and magnenese, whereas the Zinc will eliminate toxic buildup of copper toxicity in tissues. Take B6, B5, Liquid Minerals together and extra Zinc if needed together every hour as explained.

Vitamin C - 500mg timed released (2) tablets daily, one every 6 hours  OR
Grapeseed Abstract - 100mg gel capsules (2) daily, one morning, one afternoon.

Avoid B-Complex Vitamins and Vitamin E during treatment course of the above.  May resume these supplements after colon has returned to normal functioning.  Taking of these supplements during tissue inflammation of colon will only worsen inflammation. Patients will need to alter their diet during this period according to their symptoms and or disease state.  HOWEVER, after symptoms have subsided, resume or start taking a LIQUID B complex.  Liquid not tablets!  


Recent research from two leading medical research facilities have shown that 1 GRAM of Omega 3 essential fatty acids,(flaxseed oil has the highest level of them ), have shown to work better than PROZAC for depression and for arthritis sufferer's, it reduces the pain and morning stiffness substantially.


If you purchased (HDC) brand, Homier Distributing Co. extension cords, portable lights or flourscent work lights, stop using the products immediately. They pose significant electrical shock or fire. 384,000 products sold form Jan. 2000, to May, 2003 via traveling HDC sales shows. The products include 50 and 100 foot outdoor orange extension cords. They are three prong and the plug says made in CHINA. Also the Handyman's Trouble Light and 16 inch fluorescent lamps. Mail the product to the company for refund of purchase price. Send to:
Homier Distributing Co.
Customer Service Center
100 Commerce Dr.
Huntington, IN 46750.
Call 800-348-5004 or send an email to

If you purchased the drug Cardizem CD or any of its generics between January 1st, 1998 and January 29, 2003, you may be entitled to a recovery. Visit or call 1-800-372-2406.

You can also find other consumer alerts in my Consumer Alerts section.

If you would like to write me about this column, please use this form to contact me.

~ David Lawrence Dewey

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